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Twins Coming Home!

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Bringing Twins Home From The HospitalMeeting Their Dog For The First Time!

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Newborn Twins Coming Home from The Hospital | Vlog |

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TWINS are coming home!! | NICU VLOG

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Bringing our Twins home from NICU

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Bringing Your Newborn Twins Home From the Hospital Bringing Your Twin Babies Home in the Car. There’s one thing—well, really two things—that you simply must have in order Get Your Home Ready for Twin Newborns. Speaking of your home, is it ready for babies? Along with those new babies, there.

One of the first things you should do after bringing twins home from the hospital is get them on a reasonable schedule. If your babies had a stay in the NICU they may already be on an efficient feeding and sleeping plan. Either way, most parents of twins agree, life will be much easier if you can regulate feeding and sleeping times. ��Watch In Full HD�� Whats In The Twins Hospital bag: ��Business/Collab inquired email me at: [email protected] S. Your newborn: Bringing baby home from the hospital Healthy, full-term babies (at least 37 weeks’ gestation) can usually go home from the hospital sometime between 24 and 48 hours after birth.

Some late preterm babies (born between 34 and 36 weeks’ gestation) may be healthy enough to go home after a short stay (at least 48 hours) as well. in this vlog we take baby Riley home from the hospital! Baby Riley got to meet Mango the Puppy!! If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up! And SUBSCRIBE if you havent already, so you.

Bringing Home Twins is for moms looking for practical, step-by-step information on what to expect with newborn twins those first few weeks. It’s hard going through a twin pregnancy without a clue on what to do those first few weeks after they’re born. You may not know anyone personally who had twins to turn to or learn from. It’s time to bring home baby.

For this picture-perfect moment, you want your darling newborn dressed all snug and cute. The outfit to bring baby home for the first time will be etched in your memory forever. When I gave birth to my twins, we stayed in the hospital. Mighty Mommy has experienced the bliss and pure craziness of bringing home a newborn 8 times.

In Part 1 of this series, I’ll give you 5 tips to help you transition from the hospital to home with your new arrival. Next week I’ll discuss concerns with feedings, bowel movements, sleep, and, of course, crying. Bringing your baby home from hospital Unless you can push your baby home in a pram or carry him in the baby sling on the bus, you will need a car seat for your baby suitable for a newborn.

Before your baby is born, have a few goes at practising attaching the car seat. This could mean your babies can leave hospital earlier (for example, if 1 of them is still tube-fed). Twins Trust has more information about being in hospital with your newborn twins.

Taking your twins home. Taking your babies home with you is a moment to celebrate. Dividing your time and attention between 2 or more babies can feel overwhelming.

You may miss the help and support you had in hospital.

List of related literature:

Best practice is that twins or more should all be transferred home together from the NICU but this is not always possible.

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Most hospitals promote rooming-in (infant and mother in the same room) from the first day.

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Preparing the parents for the transfer, orienting them to the new hospital, and talking to the staff of the referral hospital about the infant and the parents are important to help ease the transition.

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The newborn visit in the hospital should focus on family readiness, infant behaviors, feeding, safety, and routine baby care.

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For example, some hospitals may have a separate room designated for resuscitation where the infant will be taken after birth, others bring all the necessary equipment into the delivery room when resuscitation is expected, and some have every delivery room already equipped for any resuscitation.

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They see the new baby in the hospital or when it comes home from the hospital.

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If you are in a hospital where it isn’t possible to keep mom and baby together, you head to the recovery room and your baby goes to the newborn nursery for a while.

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Hospital stays for mothers and babies are typically longer for multiple gestations.

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When multiples are delivered, it is best to have a separate resuscitation team planned for each infant.

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Having the couple visit the twins to provide care on a 24­hour basis is not warranted.

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  • Soo amazing when u finally get to bring ur babies home. My daughter spent 122 days in the NICU at Pittsburgh children’s hospital. Yesterday was a year she has been home. Crazy how time flys, cherish every minute!! Loved watching ur journey and the twins omg adorable!!

  • I’m crying gosh I’m emotional I remember how I felt with my baby in the NICU. I’m so happy for you two their beautiful congratulations!

  • I am literally getting baby fever right now so cute!!! They are finally in their home and can be getting love from mommy and daddy all the time <3

  • So nice to see you two so happy, when they told you that the babies are going home! (Sorry for my bad english��)
    So much love for those two beautiful angels❤️
    Love from the Netherlands

  • Omg look at them beautiful boys thank you for sharing with us cant wait to see them grow you guys are going to be amazing parents they are two lucky boys and all the best to you both on this amazing day god bless you

  • New subscriber your babies are so cute❤️ my baby is due in August My first baby I can’t wait to meet my little bean I still don’t know what I’m having almost going into 10 weeks ❤️

  • What a good doggo. So gentle and kind.
    I hope everything works well with the milk and nursing. I’m so glad you two are parents. Those girls are gonna have the best life.

  • Congratulations!! So happy for you. So curious to know how the last month has gone. Obviously you have been busy. Enjoy every moment, even the hard ones. It goes by so fast. ❤️

  • Cuteness overload??? Is there anything more adorable than identical twins with huge binkies??? And there won’t be a better Christmas EVER. So happy for you guys. ❤️����❤️ twintastic!!!!

  • Wow that’s fantastic news, I’m so so pleased the boys are going home with you xxxxxxx your such a beautiful family, sending you all my love and best wishes xxxxxxxx just fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • In my heart ❤ I just knew Lylah �� would love these babies. Her excitement was so adorable. Congrats to each of you and I’ll keep watching

  • Beyond precious. Congratulations.
    The 5 dislikes on this video were obviously the nurses who had to say goodbye to these two angels.
    !!!Yay for going home!!!

  • I found out the other day I’m having twins and was wondering how far long you were when you went into delivery cuz this is my first time having twins

  • The more I see them, the stronger the baby fever gets and the more my grandmother tells me no more kids ���� so incredibly glad they’re finally home ❤️

  • The one with the green outfit was like noon noon the sun is blinding me help he covered his eyes with his arm when the sun was on him. ������

  • Anyone else think of Joan and John (from Ellie and Jared ivf grant ) when they saw not only
    The fox but the fact that is maeves? (John and Joan’s daughter that passed away was names maeve and she had foxy red hair and the have lots of things with foxes on to represent her! Xxxxxx

  • Doubtful this comment will ever be seen, but felt I had to share. <3

    This evening I have been so happy I stumbled across your channel againI watched your family grow throughout the pregnancy and infancy of Lennon and somehow lost and forgot about your amazing family as I became very ill and went through chemotherapy. The chemo made me forget a lot of things, especially ‘smaller’ things in life like my favorite youtube channels. The bringing the twins home vlog auto-played itself as I watched a few videos tonight, and I saw a pregnant mama in hospital bed that I felt I knew.. I eventually realized and remembered who you lovely mamas were and cried like a baby seeing that you had expanded your family even more! Sad to have missed seeing so much for so long, but really, really happy to have somehow remembered the Rosa’s and even happier to see you welcome two more sweet baby girls. <3 I hope you are enjoying motherhood with three, sending you all love and lighthappy holidays <3

    Mariah, xx

  • This is the first video I have seen of you guys and may I say, I smile through the entire video. You have that love that we adore and the relationship we hope for!!

  • Lennon’s speech is so good, I’m amazed at every video! She’s so funny and smart ❤️ You guys are doing a wondeful job with her and the twins…

  • When me and my twin were born we had to stay and then my sister got to go home but they wanted to keep me because I had too many red blood cells, (we were 28 days early) but they let me go but everyday for a month I had to go to the doctor and get blood taken from me.

  • I must admit I haven’t been following your vlog for some time. I’ve been spending more time with my nephew and nieces and with one of my best friends who just gave birth two days ago. I’ve come to realize that due to my mental illness I shouldn’t really get kids of my own, but I’m 29 and there are so many people around me getting kids. I’m kinda jealous, but I don’t envy all the crying and diapers haha.

  • I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am so excited for my baby boy! I have seen a lot of babies and honest to god you have the cutest babies ever. LIKE OH MY CUTE.

  • All Right! There home!! How exciting!! Yay! Davey& Scout are so adorable!! Looks like Zeke warmed up good too,my gosh I’m so happy for all..what blessing this whole thing is l love you Kelsey, Jake Davey & Scout and Zeke too. Those little ones are going to bring you both so much joy,give them both a little pinch on the cheek from their YT Uncle Mark. ✌❤

  • I LOVED this vlog! I swear I smiled the entire time. First, let me say you look ah-mazing! How is it possible you had two babies in your belly just 23 days earlier in this video?? 2nd, those two baby boys are so freakin adorable!!!!! So alert! So tiny and so perfect. I loved when your husband said, I knew I always wanted to be a dad! So happy for you both! I do follow you on Instagram so I know they’ve grown a lot already. So are they identical twins or fraternal? Do they test them to see if their DNA is the same? Or do they just go by how they were situated in the uterus? Just curious! Take care! And don’t forget to eat!

  • Not going to lie I got really really nervous for that dogs face right close to the baby!!!! They are an animal no matter how well you know them they can the in predictable!! I’m sorry to big of a gamble for me. I’m sorry not trying to be mean at all!!!!!! They are so precious I’d worry about everything!!!!! Are you sure they aren’t identical???? Thanks for the update and congratulations x2 again!!!! ❤️����❤️ twintastic!!

  • Dukey is so sweet ������ so happy to see you All happy and home,….. rest enough and youre milk Will come����������big hug Marion