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Just because you are having twins doesn’t mean that you need two of everything. Families may be able to get by with one crib — at least initially. Newborn babies are small, and they don’t move around very much. Or perhaps an alternative arrangement will suffice for the first few weeks or months, such as a bassinet (s) or portable crib.

Stability – This may seem very basic, and it is, it is one of the most important factors you have to take in, before buying a crib, especially for twins. There are some cheap options on the market that don’t have good assembly and are pretty shaky and wobbly even from small movements, and this may affect the sleep pattern of your children. Crib material When your babies start sitting or standing up, they may begin gnawing on the sides of their cribs. Before buying a crib for twins, make sure that the items are free from toxic chemicals like PVC and latex. The paint used should be lead-free and any finish applied should be non-toxic and child-safe.

The last thing here to consider before getting yourself a nice looking crib for the twins at home is the durability. The beds are supposed to be used by the kids for a long time. They need to be durable and long lasting.

You do not have to worry about it when buying cots because cots are used for one to two years only. It may seem like a no-brainer, but you should be able to get your child out of the crib without struggling. Consider your height and check the height of the crib before purchasing. Also take into consideration that many cribs have an adjustable mattress level that can be lowered as the child grows, but also so you can pick up your child easier.

For co-sleeping, the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper is the go-to choice for parents of multiples. There are two issues to be made aware of. First, your twins might not take to well to being cooped up in super-close proximity.

The second is (like bassinets) you can’t use a co-sleeper for that long. Buying two cribs for twins is expensive and before you know it, your twins will need to be sleeping in toddler beds. Buying convertible cribs for twins from the start will save you hundreds of dollars in the future. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents of twins to have then each sleep in their own crib.

That practice has been shown to reduce the incidents of Sudden Infant. Crib bedding / flat sheets / pillows / bumpers (unless they are breathable bumpers!) These are suffocation hazards for babies. The only things in the crib should be a mattress that fits snuggly to the crib (no gaps) and a firmly fitted crib sheet. Mobiles need for twins.

You have several styles of cribs for twins to look at and consider. As soon as your twins are born, be they fraternal or identical, they can sleep in a single crib together for upwards of five months. After that time they start to roll over onto each other or kick each other.

Remember to keep them swaddled and not use bumper pads. When your twins are very young, they are used to sleeping in their own cribs and room. However, when you are traveling with twins, you would be well served with a portable crib for twins. What is the best travel bed for twins?

That depends on your twins’ age and how much space you have as you travel.

List of related literature:

Even more important than the price and decorative style of the crib are the safety elements.

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However, if your child is younger than 2 1/2 and it’s financially feasible, I would encourage you to simply investin a second crib.

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The crib should be checked frequently to be sure hardware is secured tightly and no loose, missing, or broken parts are present.

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• The crib mattress should be firm and should fit very snugly, with no room for the baby to become trapped between the mattress and the crib.

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Safety in the Home The baby’s crib should have a firm mattress that fits snugly in the crib on a secure support.

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• Keep the crib and playpen well away from radiators, heat vents, and portable heaters.

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Just make sure that if you get a used crib or mattress it meets the current safety standards.

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Ideally, information regarding correct crib design should be given prenatally, before parents have purchased or borrowed a crib.*

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Specific standards have been adopted for baby cribs, including rail height, spacing of crib components, interior dimensions, acceptable hardware, finishing details, and instructions to be included with items that require assembly, for both full-size and non-full-size cribs.

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And if you’re having more than two, you may want to look into bunked cribs, which offer an individual space for each baby.

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  • They will have lived together for almost 9 months and then put them separate.
    I personally keep them together. Why not put them into new cot on your side of bed and when Emma is ready to move to big girl bed then put them over to the cots in their own room.
    Ultimately it’s your guys decision. The have that twin bond. Just my thoughts xx

  • I’m a twin & my parents said that we did terribly apart. We slept in the same crib and they would place us apart, but we would inch our way to one another and sleep snuggled up together. I would def recommend the twin bassinet. They would probably do better.

  • In my experience with my twins, they HATED touching each other, they would lay on the floor holding hands crying bcuz they were touching. But a big however, is a lot of twin prefer to be touching each other as thats all they have known is having their twin there. So it ultimately depends on them whether you have a double or even two separate halos ❤️

  • I would do single bassinets because for future use of another baby if one breaks you have an extra, and you probably wouldn’t put one baby in a twin bassinet

  • a Tiffany blue or teal kind of color and yellow are perfect gender neutral colors. i used a lot if those colors with mine since we waited to

  • Hey Rachel! I’m only just starting on YouTube and I’m planning out how I want my channel to be! Do you have any helpful tips for any aspiring new you tubers? Love you xx

  • You need to watch Gabe and Jess she nursed twins and did great with it. Just put in breastfeeding twins shes got it all on her channel.

  • Ok!!! I’m crying watching this shopping excursion!! I truly love you guys and feel Bynn shopping with you. Can’t wait to see genders if you decide. I fell a tad behind because of a loss to my fam. I’ll catch up soon! Can I send a gift to the PO BOX? Perhaps a gift card? Lmk. I know that may sound like a “dumb”question but I’m not able to think on my toes right now… lol! Thank you and can’t wait!!! I love seeing your happiness!! It’s surreal for me a tad… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emma and the twins need a Scripture Lullaby bear: https://scripture-lullabies.com/product/sl-teddy-bear/ No affiliation just think these are amazing and make great gifts!

  • Omg I have been so busy these past few months and your BUMP!!! Girl!! I also remember last time I saw your guys channel you were talking about speech therapy or something for emma and how she might start blabbering at this age and wow she is SO talkative!! I seriously cannot wait for the twins and to find out their genders when you guys have them ���� I know twins usually are tinier but my cousin had 8 lb twins and I can’t help but be curious of their weight since emma lol.

  • I think u should get the twins basanett. U look so beautiful �� pregnant..n also yellow n mint green r also colors for boys or girls.. love u guys, ur just the cutest little family..many blessings to you and your family ♥️♥️♥️

  • i don’t have kids yet lol but i would get the twin bassinet and put that on your side of the bed and put your single one on justins side that way if for what ever reason one of you wouldn’t be home that night both babies could be on one side and you don’t have to move much to get to one or the other

  • If they are girls Eva and Emily had been super cool:-) and if it they are boys James and Jakob and if they are boy and girl sarah and thomas❤❤

  • I just started watching your channel. I cannot wait to see what you guys are having!!!!!!! Did they say if they’re identical or in separate sacks? My sister had twin girls, but didn’t find out until she was almost 7 months along and only found out because she had a test done to detect down syndrome and it ended up coming back inconclusive due to the extra chromosomes from the extra baby. She was minutes away from having an amniocentesis done and it was then that they detected the other twin on 4D ultrasound. Their hearts were in sync with each other at all her spots. My moms mom was a twin as well, but she had a twin brother. I wasn’t blessed with twins, but we were blessed with 4 sweet girls and our last was a boy ����������Congratulations to you all!!!!!!!!��������������������������������������������

  • I have twins we skipped the bassinet and they share a crib there 3 months old now once there a little older I will separate them to there own cribs and yes you only need one bath tub ��

  • My daughter nursed twins for 2 years. They were never given formula. She used baby led system. to introduce solids. She was also nursing a 2 year old son. You can do this. I stayed with her for a month. She delivered at 39w5d. The boys weighed 8 lbs. her first son was 9 #15oz. They wanted to deliver her at 35 weeks, but due to positive NST’s and biophysical profiles she waited to deliver at term.

  • Twins tend to be much more comforted when they are close to each other so I would recommend the twin bassinet! My twin niece and nephew slept in the same crib until they started rolling over.

  • I had the hatch changing pad and it was not accurate at all. I was super excited about it but I ended up returning it. I would weigh my daughter back to back and it would be off significantly which makes things difficult when what you are weighing doesn’t weigh a lot to begin with.

  • I have twin sisters and personally I feel that a bassinet together would be good because they hated to be separated so we just put a blanket in between to keep them semi separate.

  • I would definitely do separate bassinets. We loved having them on each side of the bed. Also made it easier when traveling. One of our girls slept a lot better than the other and It wouldn’t have worked having them together. Plus it will also be easier to resale, re use, or store than a twin one which is something to keep in mind since twins are so expensive.

  • I have 6 year old twins, they’ve always slept separately and that’s always been my preference. Generally, they dont disturb each other when they cry, though they obviously also feed off of each others moods occasionally. In the end, it’s up to you guys, you know your babies better than anyone else! Congratulations and good luck!

  • just from my experience with my twins, we kept them together in a pack and play they didn’t have the fancy ones then that they do now, but they also were in the same crib together laying next to each other, they slept a lot better being together because they grew in the womb together if that makes any sense at all. they slept in the crib heads facing the rails and not the head board until they got too long and started rolling around then their cribs were together head board to head board

  • every time i rewatch this video i think of all the adorable baby colors i WOULD NOT be able to refuse.. i would be sayin “oo pink and blue and red and green and PURPLEEE” just in case!

  • You should get the single bassinet, it will.be a lot easier for one is sick you can have them separated so he or she doesn’t get the other sick.

  • I really liked how you approached Emma and calmly asked her what’s wrong when she started screaming in the store. You’re such a good mum! So patient and able to keep your cool when the baby is getting stressed, and showing her she can just tell you what she wants is so important. I love seeing good parenting lol

  • My sister didn’t find out the gender of her baby until she was born. She bought I want to say 10 white onesies and a few grey pants and then a few swaddle sacks. She didn’t spend much money on clothes, she just got enough to last her a few days and then she ordered clothes for her daughter the day she had her. I believe she ordered from target and then did the target pick up so she didn’t have to get her daughter out of the car. Just some ideas to make things easy on you guys

  • Im looking for a bed Rachelle. I recently moved to Hemet from Temecula because of my divorce so let me know if you decide to sell your bed. I cant really afford a new bed but at the same time buying a used bed is kinda scary so I would prefer to buy off somebody I know whom is clean. I know I only know you from youtube but I can tell your clean, lol……Im so excited for your babies and you are looking really well but I can tell your out of breath a lot so please dont over do it. Maybe you should start taking a nap when Emma goes down for her nap. Lol……I know you will if your tired enough. Just a suggestion cos girl your going to have your hands full. �� No worries if you have no plans to sell your bed. I just thought I would ask just incase.

  • Do twin bassinet on one side… if he is sleeping or out of room your rolling over to other side to get other baby…
    Also get a twin bed to save money but buy the safety rail so Emma doesnt roll out of bed…she gets use to one bed not a toddler then a twin…
    Good luck… your so cute..

  • I think you should get 2 bassinets so they can be near each other and sooth each other or “hear” each other when convent but you can also move/separate the bassinets for when one is awake and one isn’t? Or for night feedings when you have 1 baby and Justin has the other? I just feel like it gives you a lot more options.

  • You 1st popped up on my feed bcs I had watched a video of a mom you lost her baby early on like you & I. My firstborn my only daughter passed away from crib death when she was 3 and a 1/2 months old. Then I lost another daughter at 22 weeks she was stillborn. On since the day I popped up on my feed I have kept up with you guys. I’m 55 Im a grandmother I live in Texas like your mom. I have 3 ginger children (adults now) you have one right now but if you’re twins have red heads you’ll be just like me with 3 redheads running around lol… they say now only between 1 and 2% of the population have red hair….they’re special. I just wanted to tell you I think you are the closest thing to a perfect mother I’ve ever seen and I mean that sincerely. You’re a great wife & all around just an adorable kind loving woman…. I don’t mean to leave your husband out hes a great guy lol but God is blessing you because you really deserve it..& more! Your mother must be so proud of you to call you her daughter. I’m going to keep up with you guys I can’t wait for the twins to get here hopefully they’ll be close to term. Has your doctor talked about putting you on bed rest closer to the end of your pregnancy because you’re high risk?. I’ll be following you guys.. Just keep being you..you’re both awsome people!!

  • After being together so long sleeping separately might be jarring for them. I’d definitely try the double first. Itd probably be more comforting for them to still be near eachother

  • my aunt had twins and the newborn diapers were big for the first few weeks so i would get a couple preemie diapers! twins are so fun!!

  • id get the twin bassinet it has a divider if wanted use because even if in sep they still can hear each other if one cries so id go with what you feel is best for you what will work for you in those long nighttime feeds xx

  • I am a nanny and I have worked with multiple sets of twins. In my experience twins, especially as newborns, sleep better when in the same crib/bassinet. I’ve known so many twin mamas buy double of everything and end up only using one bassinet and one crib because their babies perfer to sleep next to each other. If you think about it, they spend your whole pregnancy snuggling with each other so it can be a whole to separate them when they are first born. There are also health benefits from keeping them together. Often twins are born preterm and because of this they can be more fragile. When you let your twins sleep together it helps regulate their breathing and heart rate. It’s all very fascinating to me, but be sure to do your own research!

  • Buy buy baby is so expensive is that just me???? I love the stuff they sell though the outfits are so cute but when I was pregnant with my son. I bought 1 maternity outfit and an outfit for him and it came out to over $100.

  • Not a mom..
    But in my opinion the twin bed sounds like the best option and the option I would go for.
    Just bc it will make it easier, and I guess the twins can find comfort in each other.
    Save Emma’s in case for some reason they need their own.

    And for the nursery and clothes colours even tho u don’t know gender yet.
    Baby yellow/yellow is such a bright colour always make me happy lol and just gorgeous..
    Green, blue and beige is also neutral colours��❤️

  • As a mum of twins i always used a double bassinet as they would like to be together, they settled better, when they went in their cots in their room they were outwards and pushed together and they slept so well through the night because they used to look for each other xx

  • We use the exact same diapers and wipes. They are our favorite too.
    Try not to worry about nursing two, it may take a while to get in the swing of things but you will figure out what works best for you and your new little ones. It’s gonna be amazing no matter what happens.
    So excited for you guys!!

  • I had twins too they are almost 12 years old when I was buying diapers for the twins I thought that I needed the newborn diapers also but they were so big on them we had to get the preemie diapers I was 37 weeks when I had my twins & I had girl & boy twins my daughter was 5 pounds 5 oz & my son was 5 pounds 13 oz & my daughter was in the preemie diapers for about 6 weeks my son was in them for only 3 weeks he was putting on the weight more faster then his sister I thought that I would let you know that from one twin mom from another also for the bassinet I had the twins together I also got them there own bassinet too but we ended up giving a way the other one we also had 2 cribs but they also didn’t use them separate till they were 14 months old they were so close & if we put them in there own cribs one of them would climb in to the other crib & sleep we had them side by side that is why one of them would go in to the other crib & it was always my daughter that would do that lol we did also have one bath tub too it worked out good we went though a lot of preemie cloths my daughter was in them till she was almost 3 months my son was only in the preemie cloths for a month then in to newborn till he was 2 months then by 3 months he was in 3 months but my daughter was just going in to newborn at 3 months it was just so crazy to me how they were the same age & yet they are in different sizes but each baby grows at their own pace we went though a lot of socks scratch mittens & hats & onesies PJs & blankets we went though so much blankets & the best thing I bought for them was the stroller that you put the car seats on to I didn’t buy a double stroller till they were out of there infant car seats I also got a breast pump breast pads & storage bags for the milk our twins loved there little chair it was the fisher price rocking chair they used it till they were 2 years old that is everything that I can think of right now but if I think of anything else I will let you know on here or i will message you on your Instagram lots of love from Ottawa Canada ❤️���� & sorry for the long message but hope it helps you guys out

  • I would suggest to go with grey paint. And if twins are girls you can do pinkish tones decor and if twins are boys you can do blueish tones decor and if twins are 1 or each then you can do a mixture of neutral tones decor����‍♀️

  • Have you considered putting a nice futon in the twins room? It would be perfect for guests, and for you or Justin if you have a late night with the babies and need to lay down in the same room as them.

  • As a twin mama and a Halo bassinet user (with my singleton), I would get a separate one solely for the purpose of resale! I was able to sell our single Halo for over half of what they cost new on Marketplace. I doubt I would’ve been able to sell a twin bassinet as easily. We actually used two cosleepers in the top of a pack n play next to my side of the bed for the first few months with the twins. It was a much cheaper option for us and a huge space saver. But if you still want to go with Halo, you may even be able to fit two bassinets next to your side of the bed!

  • Maybe two bassinets because you can always move them together but with one you cant separate them if needed! Plus if one cant sleep it’ll be good to move them out of the room for that time if need be

  • Hi Rachelle, I’ve been watching your video since you were pregnant with Brynn. I too had a stillborn about two years ago. I was wondering if you could watch my video, it explains it a lot more and participate in the #ShareYourBox2020. Your support would mean the world to me and this idea a success!


  • I would also recommend for a sleep sack the dream ones. They are expensive but amazing. And for bottles Philips avantare good also doctor browns

  • Have you thought of going with a gender neutral theme instead of colors? So for my fiancée and I it’s going to be elephants, we also believe all colors or gender neutral too so it makes it a bit easier for us. But like having a theme of elephants or anything like that can give you and your friends and family more options when shopping for things, plus it’s super cute

  • When my teins were born 6 years ago we converted our living room as a bedroom abd put two cribs right next to eachother but quickly transfered them to sleep in one since they seemed to be more calm next to eachother and they slept like that till about 5 months old aswell and then we transfered them to their room in two seperate cribs. Ehat helped me keep my sanity in the beginning was getting them on the same schedule for feedings and naps and ut worked because it allowed me some time to nap and get through the day, this being said I didn’t have much help so I had to find a way to make it work. Oh I can go on forever with raising twins but definetely worth it and wouldn’t change a thing.

  • I’d suggest just filling bottles with the appropriate amount of water beforehand then get a formula dispenser (2 for twins, especially in case they eat different amounts) for night time bottles. Get babies used to lukewarm or cool bottles. Keep these bottles in the same room as the baby; all ready to pour, shake, and go. This is so much quicker and prevents meltdowns in the middle of the night. Granted, I’m the mother of a singleton, but I’d imagine this would be a time saver for multiples. It is a bit trickier with breast milk. In that case I’d suggest keeping it in a cooler with an ice pack. That’ll be more than enough to keep it food overnight. Human milk can also be at room temp for 4-6 hours, so keep this in mind. Since newborns are voracious, you can either keep the fresh or refrigerated milk out and give it to them when they’re ready (they eat every 3 hours max so the milk should be good). Some mom’s have milk that spoils more quickly than others, in that case use a cooler in your bedroom. Save yourself trips across the house to make bottles. Night nursing is by far the easiest in my opinion. I have nursed, pumped, and formula fed my 9 month old.

  • I’m a first time mom and I absolutely LOVED your video! I support you! Check out my baby essentials video on my channel and show me some love and support! Thanks!!!:D