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There is more to the college experience than going to class and writing papers. What we remember most fondly down the road are those other college traditions; the mascots, the cheers and all of those quirky activities. The Weird and Wacky Traditions of College Life. Take advantage of visiting other areas of the country (with a free spot to stay) while you’re able to do so! Get a part-time job on (or near) campus A college job not only helps you pay the bills, but also helps you balance time, get to know others and prepares you for your career ahead.

Interning is one of the best ways to get real world experience during your college career. You’ll not only expand your skillset and put your in-class knowledge to the test, but you’ll also get a first-hand introduction to company culture and workplace habits. Research experiences can include working alongside your professor in a lab, writing a thesis, or completing a capstone project for your major.

At Binghamton University, Summer Scholars and Artists Fellowships fund student research and creative projects during the summer. The term “college experience” has always been vague to me, but I am sure of 2 things: it’s some sort of a journey and it happens when you are in college. Some people think that the college experience is living independently, away from your parents, and transitioning into becoming a self-sufficient adult while others believe the college experience is partying and drinking all night.

College life prepares you for all of this. It is a perfect blend of joy and hardships. You meet different people, you interact with them, you learn about their cultures and grow as a person. You will understand how to talk to different people, how to judge their behavior, thus helping you with important life skills. Earlier this week, I wrote about the 12 Things You Will Experience During College.

However, what I failed to mention was the seedy underbelly of the college experience — the terrible moments that accompany otherwise great times. You can’t always have our cake and eat it, too. 15 Experiences EVERYONE Should Have In College.

You only get four years to try the stuff in this video. So make sure you don’t leave school with any regrets. 5) Seeing college as either credit hours or “college experience” is a false dichotomy. There are plenty of opportunities to boost a career outside of class through things like internship partnerships the school has, resume workshops, career advice, entrepreneurship contests, clubs, etc.

For example, including your role as captain of a sports team demonstrates leadership abilities, while your experience as chair of a student club exhibits organizational skills. If you do have paid job experience or relevant internships, list those first with the name of the company, its location and the year(s) you interned.

List of related literature:

You will see things in college that you never thought you’d see.

“Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower's Guide for the Journey” by Jonathan Morrow
from Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey
by Jonathan Morrow
Kregel Publications, 2008

I haven’t noticed many events or any real campus mixers where you can go to meet people, but I also have a lot of classes and studying on top of work, so I don’t have a lot of time to look for things like that.

“The College Buzz Book” by Vault Editors
from The College Buzz Book
by Vault Editors
Vault.com, 2006

I got the chance to live in the dorm for a week, meet the teachers, have a group session, meet my own peers, and learn about different programs and about different majors that the college had to offer.

“Transition to Postsecondary Education for Students With Disabilities” by Carol Kochhar-Bryant, Diane S. Bassett, Kristine W. Webb, Council for Exceptional Children. Division on Career Development and Transition
from Transition to Postsecondary Education for Students With Disabilities
by Carol Kochhar-Bryant, Diane S. Bassett, et. al.
SAGE Publications, 2009

I spent over an hour with each student, asking all kinds of questions about their experiences in colleges and university.

“Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction” by Jim Knight, Learning Forward
from Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction
by Jim Knight, Learning Forward
SAGE Publications, 2011

During college, most of the alumni I spoke with had been immersed in the partying and hooking up scene.

“Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus” by Kathleen A. Bogle
from Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus
by Kathleen A. Bogle
NYU Press, 2008

Meeting people and making friends during the first year of college is a major preoccupation of student life, especially among younger students who have yet to establish families or acquire significant work obligations.

“Reworking the Student Departure Puzzle” by John M. Braxton
from Reworking the Student Departure Puzzle
by John M. Braxton
Vanderbilt University Press, 2000

We had to study during university life, but students now seem to be free to look for more varied experiences.

“Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD from Clinic to Campus” by Erika Dyck
from Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD from Clinic to Campus
by Erika Dyck
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008

I didn’t follow the normal path and attend one college for four years, living in close quarters among peers in dorms where lifelong friendships are fostered.

“Why Did I Come into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging” by Joan Lunden
from Why Did I Come into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging
by Joan Lunden
Forefront Books, 2020

My family members and their friends had described college as the most wonderful experience.

“The Black Student's Guide to College Success” by Ruby D. Higgins, William J. Ekeler, Clidie B. Cook, R. McLaran Sawyer
from The Black Student’s Guide to College Success
by Ruby D. Higgins, William J. Ekeler, et. al.
Greenwood Press, 1994

For students who do go on to college, the other disadvantage of coming from a small town is the one I discussed in chapter 5: college is often a new experience, both socially and intellectually, making it a time of uncertainty and ambivalence.

“Small-Town America: Finding Community, Shaping the Future” by Robert Wuthnow
from Small-Town America: Finding Community, Shaping the Future
by Robert Wuthnow
Princeton University Press, 2013

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  • I was so mad when one of the colleges I was applied to needed my high school test scores from three years ago and I ended up not getting in to that school LMFAO

  • The comments section is these types of videos is always people saying that the list sucks and other other people getting annoyed at people saying the list sucks.��

  • I’m transferring from MDC to FSU (CC to a university in FL) and they really talked about Transfer shock and I’m nervous but excited for something new in my life. Thanks for your video!

  • I am not very impressed with this video, they try too hard to recommend fun things to do in college (when a lot of these things can be done outside of college).

  • 1:35 no stop. “Experiences you have to have” NO. You don’t need to get your heart broken. You deserve happiness. And one night stands are stupid.

  • This is why America is behind so many other countries when it comes to test scores. Instead of promoting failure through the foolish immaturity that’s presented and displayed in this video, how about we improve the ridiculous illiteracy rate in this country and start paying teachers more to educate students in degrees that aren’t completely worthless. Promiscuity and alcohol are not the value of a quality education, that’s a very typically shallow and narrow point of view. Studying abroad means just that, it’s a great experience to become more well rounded and learn about different cultures, while studying. Also, you can build a relationship with your professor by turning your phone off in class and being engaged in your coursework, inside and out of the classroom, that way your teacher knows you’re sincere in passing their class. It’s also encouraging to see that most of the people in the comments disagree with this video. You can enjoy the college experience by taking advantage of the enriching social and academic opportunities that less privileged kids in underdeveloped countries would die for. You’re wasting your money if you give in to peer pressure and focus solely on the social aspect of University. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. If you truly want to be successful, do not follow the “advice” in this video. Don’t conform and fall into this negative stereotype. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, don’t mess it up by making irresponsible decisions. The social life of college is temporal for the most part. Instead, try to network and build long term relationships with people who will benefit your career and help you reach your life’s goals. I just wanted to say this, as a college sophomore.

  • I legitimately think that the “college is just for studying” people are really missing out on what college has to offer. Yes…You are spending tens of thousands of dollars, so you better get good grades, but please make sure your time there is something to remember.

  • International student pro tip, don’t buy and don’t let your parents buy you a language dictionary. Waste of money and it’s cumbersome and you’ll never open it up to check for a word. That’s what Google is for

  • *I’m about to get into the college next month. I’m really confused whether I could survive there. Because, in my high school, everyone(including my teachers) ignore talking to me. They don’t care me so much. I don’t know why they did it to me, but still, I feel guilty unusually. I am 100 percent sure that I have not done any mistakes. But still, it kinda feels guilty.
    I hope these stuffs won’t continue even in the college. But, if it actually happened, what should I do?*

  • *I’m about to get into the college next month. I’m really confused whether I could survive there. Because, in my high school, everyone(including my teachers) ignore talking to me. They don’t care me so much. I don’t know why they did it to me, but still, I feel guilty unusually. I am 100 percent sure that I have not done any mistakes. But still, it kinda feels guilty.
    I hope these stuffs won’t continue even in the college. But, if it actually happened, what should I do?*

  • *I’m about to get into the college next month. I’m really confused whether I could survive there. Because, in my high school, everyone(including my teachers) ignore talking to me. They don’t care me so much. I don’t know why they did it to me, but still, I feel guilty unusually. I am 100 percent sure that I have not done any mistakes. But still, it kinda feels guilty.
    I hope these stuffs won’t continue even in the college. But, if it actually happened, what should I do?*

  • Yikes I’m definitely going to try to work on that “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality because I’m almost certain that’s why I got sick so much last semester:// Also I definitely want to see a video on managing finances and getting rewards!

  • Literally only considering half of this list because I’m in a steady relationship. Plus, the city where my college is has a problem with AIDS, so….. I’m good. Thanks. And it’s only 45 minutes away from my parents.:P

  • Horrible. Why would I to be super heaet broken? Why would I want to have a one night stand and not be ashamed. Whats wrong with you.

  • 15/15 and i’m still doing great in my college with the high GPA, scholarship. Self-discipline and Self control are the keys. Don’t let anything goes into your plan.

  • You know when you go to uni/college you have work to do and deadlines to hit and exams. I just got on with it and went home when I was finished for the day (I commuted from home). A friend of mine got involved in a lot of stuff at university… he dropped out. He said it was because he didn’t like the course but he wasn’t actually doing the work, instead he was putting all his effort into side-projects that weren’t part of the course.

  • Tbh after watching this my heart is broken i never did anything like that im college student in f ksa all we do is study go home and sleep stupid no freedom i hate my life

  • They should rename this video ; 15 things everyone should do in college if you want to live in your parents basement forever and live in a false reality

  • 3am existential crisis the day of your deadline. Chug energy drinks and wipe away your tears long enough to finish you work. Bonus points if the library is open 24 hours.
    After your project is submitted, talk to your tutor and get feedback. Grades won’t be enough to get you a good degree.
    Take selfies at every opportunity. You’ll be amazed how much you can remember from your cute pictures. I regret not taking more selfies because I was shy and scared people would judge me.
    Save train stubs, movie theatre tickets, concert tickets etc. I like to write little notes on mine. I have a year and a bit of my train tickets to uni that I can look at and remember what happened that day. Stick them in a box with printed photos, open it when you feel lonely.
    Study abroad. Lose yourself a bit. It’s the only opportunity you have to be a completely different person, and there’s no reason to keep in touch with anyone you don’t want to after that.
    If you’re like me, a bit uptight, go to a party. Yell-sing along to Mr. Brightside and dance with your friends. Leave before the night gets too late and everyone gets too drunk. Watch your snapchats back the next day and wonder who you were that night.
    If possible, attend some sort of party where your lecturers are. If you are on a course that has exhibitions, DO IT. Especially smaller courses. Drunken lecturer course pep talks are some of the most inspirational things I’ve heard in my life.
    Go for ice cream with your closest friend. Two maximum. Choose a tiny parlour with no other customers and just sit and talk. It’s better than most of the therapy that I’ve been through. Talk about things you wouldn’t normally tell anyone and the next day pretend it never happened.
    On that note, try therapy. Most universities here in the UK have them.
    Failing that, most tutors can double as your therapist. Maybe not explicity, but mention to them that you’re struggling and they’ll make time to talk to you. Even a five minute chat can lift a massive weight off of you.
    Lose all your money and cry for a few days. You’ll get over it. It’s only money.

  • Hey im new here but I also wanted to ask this, say if u had a bf in college with u, when u dorm or whatever it’s called lol can u don’t wth different genders??? I also love ur videos ❤️❤️

  • If your college is special, mean want to a lot of money, this going to be fun dont worry, if its free, mehh, its just a school (in eu universities can be free or cheap)

  • For anyone watching this, DO NOT peak in college. Do not peak in high school. I feel like a good 50% of these rules don’t apply to me because I don’t want to drink, and I don’t want to date. That’s OKAY

  • 15 things to do in college??

    1. Have an old, dusty hat placed on your head to randomly decide your future
    2. Navigate your way through the moving staircases
    3. Stick your wand up a fully grown mountain troll’s nose
    4. Become friends with the ginger and nerd
    5. Befriend a giant
    7. Try pumpkin juice
    8. Collect all of the chocolate frog cards
    9. Fight an evil wizard every year while almost getting killed A LOT
    10. Try wizarding chess
    11. Visit the house elves in the kitchen
    12. Go to hogsmead
    13. Try out for the quidditch team
    14. Compete in a tournament where you have to fight a DRAGON, rescue your closest friends/ significant other from terrifying MERMAIDS, find a cup in an ever changing maze and find out that the cup is actually a portkey where the rat dude that escaped in your third year is going to revive the guy who killed your parents so that he can kill you and he also murders your friend Cedric all because you were going to be polite and share the prize and you bring Cedric’s corps back to the school where your teacher pulls you away and starts changing into a criminal who captured the real teacher in a trunk
    15. Try out some new potion recipes

  • I just stumbled on this video and it’s crazy because…

    I’m a freshman at Fox
    I have been thinking about transferring to go to a smaller school
    I’m also so lonely here

    This vid helped a lot:)

  • Everyone here is talking about how onky privilleged kids are able to do that. Im not from the us, and our college system is different, and i may as well say college here ia free so i dont know if my opinion on this matter should be taken into consideration.
    Study abroad for one semster or taking a hobby really seems like the two least possible, 1. Because of money and 2. Because of no spare time. But all the others? C’mon, its not like you study till 4 in the morning, even if you’re a medical student. With some effort and efficient studying you can actually have fun without spending too much time or money. A night in a friends house, spending time in the city with friends, protesting, dating, are some really humane things that anybody can do, without spending a fortune. Why is everybody talkiing about spending too much when a beer with your friends and a good laugh costs nothing to very little. Its not about the qusntity, but the quality of your time and how you spend it.To be honest, college is all about self growth along with profound knowledge and studying. If you really want it, im sure you can balance things out. Now, as i said, i dont know the us system, this is just me based on my experience

  • Love these suggestions!! My gap year was pretty disappointing as I did camp America and hated it�� still on the gap year now though and going travelling in south east Asia for 2 months so hopefully that will be better����

  • It’s tough to socialize in my college, people don’t want to be friends with you, they just have their own groups. What am I supposed to do if no one is interested to talk to me and ignore? P.s. I assume I’m a boring person.

  • Haha f*ck getting a job. I’d rather lose 4 years to become independent than losing 40 years in a worthless job. So i can buy time and spend it on my fam as a young man.

  • I have transferred 2 times in the past to different college’s and 3 different carreers and this year I was gonna start again at a different school but they were out of spot’s so I couldn’t get into BUT I’m so freaking happy about it cause I needed so badly to take a year off to relax and finally do something for my mental health. So…. yeah, what I mean is that I felt this video deeply.

  • too late for that now. out of school for so long and still suck at social skills. nevertheless manage to learn a little social skills compare to zero back in high school.

  • College is great place to build a Rolodex Of Of influences that you can build a business with. The experiences you gather in college can literally change your life. Great video.

  • I will graduate from high school this month after the hardest exams,i am taking a year gap before going to college (i have to go,i am forced),i want to earn enough before going to college

  • U should have posted this video earlier because I’ve already wasted(time) my college life and I’ve few more days to end my college life (literally 10 days).

  • Why are we acting like attendance isn’t graded? I’m genuinely curious are there some universities out there that don’t grade attendance?

  • Any age any country any job any duration, just do something with the time you have, remember life is a gift! Treat yourself with respect, be generous and have fun!

  • Get off the phone, put down the book and go talk to a HUMAN…. learn to make a friend, overcome social anxiety and increase your ability to connect to people who don’t look like you.

  • Hey Jane! Wowoow I cant believe how similar our travel are, I’m just going where you are exactly 1 year later. Im wondering, how do you find the people you travel with? I’m currently backpacking Australia after having been in Hawaii and California. But I have to travel much slower and dont ver to do alot of activities since I’m going solo, I dont have anyone to do it with or transport and plan with. Currently worktrading in a hostel/bnb so hopefully I’ll find people for short term adventures. But any advice?

  • Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering. ÷

  • Hey can you make a video about what kinds of books everyone who wants to be a millionaire should read?
    Oh, btw I really love your videos.

  • you are amazing!for real��It’ really cool that you’re mature while you’re also having fun,that’s what I’m trying to do too.Yay girl,college is all about learning whether that is about yourself,other people,places,how to have fun and be productive all at the same time!I think it’s really cool finding likeminded people that live on the other side of the world ❤

  • This helped more than expected! I went from a state school to community college because of financial issues and planning on going to a different state school 4 hours away from home and kinda freaking out about that process, I really hope I get the right guidance..�� but excited too��

  • this showing up in my recommendations after I applied to transfer and listening to you has really been a good sign for me! Fingers crossed that I get in and can leave my current school!!!!

  • I know this came out last year but omg thank you for this video. unless you are a transfer student, nobody knows the struggle and anxiety the experience can be. it was super terrifying and I love where I am now, but my goodness it was traumatizing haha.

  • Well this is written by a 40 yr old who still works at buzzfeed….btw buzzfeed is not even close to a real news organization…..get your life back on track

  • I feel lonely at my college to I see everyone happy and I’m just like is there something wrong with me I’m going to transfer I don’t think the school I go to is for me

  • I saw this at JUST the right time. In my first semester of sophomore year and I’ve been feeling like I have no place and I’m just lonely and sad all the time. I now will look into transferring instead is staying complacent. Thank you!

  • I needed this so badly right now thank you!! I’m currently in the process of transferring and it’s such a mess and this made me feel a little better:)

  • The only student who succeed in college are ones that have the option of living at home with their parents while attending…..and those that are attending on a scholarship…..
    scholarship students dont have to worry about taking all those extra general education courses so they don’t have to waste any time and go directly to their majors….students who still live at home have an opportunity to focus fully on their studies without worrying about holding onto a job and paying bills at thr same time��…��its a total waste of time for poor folks…you just dont have any living options and most poor have to attend community college because of their grades…meaning it will take so long for you to take all those general ed courses you don’t need…you have to struggle more to work part time for housing,��if housing is even possible nowadays…..who wants to carry a laptop around with them out on the streets.,, in homeless shelters, sharing your space with gawd knows who….its pretty much a no deal and a waste of time if you are poor.��

  • I’m really late to comment but I just wanted to share my story as I am also a college transfer. I went to a further away school, and dormed there, and after my first semester I transferred to a smaller university closer to home, where I now commute. My transfer experience is a little different, as the school I transferred to many of my friends and fellow classmates from high school went there, so I already knew people. Now I’m coming along to where everyone is getting ready to leave and go to their big universities, and I’m feeling a little sad because I’m not joining them. I’m happy with the decision I made, its just feeling down because that’s where I once was if that makes sense

  • I hope we all graduate and conquer adulting ��������. I’m currently in community college and I was suppose to transfer fall 2020 but unfortunately that’s not happening now. Only God can get me through college cuz this is stressful

  • Omg!! I love your channel! I’m a senior in high school, and I hope to attend UGA next fall! I’m applying on September 1st!!! I want to rush, and it would be so cool if we end up being sorority sisters! I love KD!! My grandmother was one at UGA in the 60s! Your videos make me so excited!!!!

  • I think I experienced transfer shock the full first year and didn’t start feeling better till the end of the 2nd year when I started making friends

  • I’m about to start my first semester after an almost two year gap and I’ll be a transfer this helped me so much as have all your videos. So much is uncertain rn and I’ve been feeling like it’s the worst possible time to go back to school after a break in my studies much less transfer but this gave me some assurance!:) I love you btw and I’m a real one!

  • This is exactly how I feel about my current school. I know many people love my current university, just not for me. Starting the transfer process for spring!

  • I wanna transfer so bad but its looking like it’ll be complicated since I’m trying to transfer from US to Europe, and I don’t have a great GPA in uni so…..:'(

  • I’m about to transfer to a 4 year school but idk when im supposed to start applying for housing like is it after I get accepted or should i do it when I’m about to move in

  • This is CLEARLY a sign, I am in the process of transferring schools right now. Hopefully will be starting next semester back on the east coast!

  • im currently in the transferring process which is so nerve racking but i know it’s going to be worth it!!! this video helped so much, thank you!!!

  • I also don’t feel at home at my current college! I’m debating on transferring but I’m scared about how the credits will transfer over.

  • Well I don’t recommend hanging a one night stand with a stranger or someone you don’t know well because STDs and such. But yeah live your life

  • Lmfaooo the part where u cried in a random guys office for an hour LMAOO idk why I found that sooo funny but cute ���� relatable asffff

  • My community college lied to me and said it was going to take only two years to finish my pre-reqs, then another two years at university to finish my degree. TURNS OUT, it took me three years just to finish community college, and another FOUR YEARS at university. So seven years total for me which I would’ve avoided if they just straight up told me in the first place �� Oh btw, its an art degree

  • Just now seeing this video, but I’m so happy I found It. The same thing happened to me when I transferred and It took so long for me to clear up that I didn’t attend my old school anymore

  • Omggg I really relate to this! Do you regret going to Temple and feeling like you would have been happy going here in the first place?

  • im transferring to a school about 40 mins from my current university. i have a handful of people to tell but im waiting for my aid package bc money is super important in my situation. they have the perfect program for me and i know once i tell my friends i’ll be so at peace and ready

  • you are the first and only transfer college student I’ve seen on youtube. its such an amazing feeling to see someone else going through a similar experience as me. i kinda did what you did but backward, i lived at home and went to community college and now im transferring to a university in the fall. this video was so great to learn about your experience:)

  • Thinking of transferring for the opposite reason. Have WAY too many highschool friends at my current college and I don’t like the fit of where I go now. I wanna go somewhere I don’t know a ton of people at cause I want to branch out more.

  • Hey Hannah! 5 months late but I’m a real one.�� I found your channel a couple of months ago and I am also a college junior and have recently transferred from a community college to now my current university. I’ve been binge watching ALL of your college videos and this video made me feel so much better about my “transfer shock” experience. I love the school I’m at now but so many things are different and I’m constantly feeling stressed and anxious. Thank you so much for sharing your personal transfer experience it has made me realize it is normal to feel this way and it will get better! Love you!

  • I feel your experience 100% but mine is totally reversed lol. I actually decided to stay home & attending the university closest to me. Since I’ve been here for so long, I don’t have genuine friendships, I don’t have a social life, and I hate being on campus (I take as many online classes as I can). I applied to transfer in August ( OOS) & I’m really hoping I can break out of the environment I’ve grown numb to because it sucks that I’ve lived in the same city for almost 10 yrs & living at HOME I feel the loneliest. Shoutout to you for taking that big step for your own emotional stability! I’m also a junior but luckily I finish this spring semester w/ an associates so that potentially “seals” my credits in. We’ll see what happens. Good luck this semester:)

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    Internships/jobs) please reach out. You can read customer testimonials and contact me on Blossom’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/blossom.tutors/reviews/

  • I actually just found your channel and I’m so obsessed! I’m going through something similar in my first year of university. I kind of settled for a university that’s close to my house and I’m even living in a dorm but I totally know I picked the wrong school. It’s like you just have that gut feeling that you’re not at the right place and that your happiness is not at its peak! So I applied for a transfer a few months ago. I remember my parents telling me to wait, to be patient, that I was being impulsive, and I listened to them but ultimately I realized that you have to trust your gut. I’ve been wanting to make a video about it too, and I think I will if my transfer goes well. So crazy the things you have to go through to try to navigate university… And nobody warns you about the challenges!! Keep doing cool thing xx a new subscriber:)

  • Woah, the way you described how you knew you needed to make a change and what you were experiencing… literally how I feel right now. I hate my school so much for all these reasons, I’m just so unhappy and literally don’t have any friends and cherish my time at home so badly… I’m just terrified to actually transfer and take that step?!? I don’t want to make the wrong choice AGAIN, and I don’t want to regret leaving my school (even though I’m not happy there???) I really don’t know what to do because I’m scared to stay but scared to transfer too

  • I had a pretty similar experience transferring closer to home two years in but I am SO happy with my decision and am much happier where I am. I also joined a sorority which really helped me feel like I found my place here:)

  • Holy crap. I just came across your channel and I’m a transfer student too! I actually live nearby temple which is funny. I also didn’t have the best time at my first college. I was pretty lonely and didn’t have a group of friends either

  • Thank You so much. I am an international student in the UK, I am not happy with the people in this uni and the courses are just not for me. I am studying film, but I still think there are too few professional classes…and my anxiety and depression make me just cannot go out normally. I missed most of the seminar cuz the seminar they did just makes me feel so uncomfortable…

  • I just transferred from Augsburg University, which is a private Christian liberal arts college to the University of Minnesota, which is a four year pubic university and I’ve been happy with my choice. I hope you’re doing great.

  • DAMN I so wish I saw this in my second year!!! I’m in my fourth year now, and I literally have hated my school since I enrolled. I tried to switch in my third year but the credits wouldn’t transfer so I just decided i’m more than halfway there might as well just stay. I still have one extra year I have to take to finish, but honestly I still hate this school and now even more than before. Because like you, I don’t really have any friends that I talk to on a daily basis or anything. The ones I did make at first I realized were not genuine and even though we had gotten pretty close I was not going to tolerate bs for the sake of having friends.

  • I’m planning on transferring for the second time! My college experience definitely hasn’t been what I had expected but I hope one day I’ll end up somewhere right for me:) Best of luck to anyone going through the same thing!!

  • wow thank you so much for this video! i’m thinking of transferring out of the school i go to now and the way you felt coming home and just feeling at peace is how i feel and i am miserable at my school right now..

  • Thank you so much for posting this�� I’m literally going through all of what you did and I felt so alone until I watched this. I felt like nobody goes through this and I’m such a failure. I even feel frightened to tell people I know about my decision to transfer but this just meant a lot❤️

  • Am surprised to see that Jack changed my semester grade completely i was advice to leave the university frustrated and meet some fake hacker who scammed me until i met Jack who proved to me that they are still legit Hackers around. he fixed my school grade in less than 18 @t @jack.smith_07 on Instagram he is a genius

  • Most of this things is waste of time,in college you should learn things that help you in your life, not going crazy and doing things aren’t helpful, in this time you are a mature and you should act like this by doing things that make you more successful and responsible.

  • I’m a Chinese from Malaysia and I’m form 2, I was not happy with my current school. I wanted to transfer to a new school which have new environment, new main language and new education system. I may lose everything and became a failure so I was afraid. I didn’t take the risk. Now looking back it was the worst decision I made, I will regret it forever. If there is second chance I will believe in my courage and make the change. Thanks for inspiring me.

  • Well i guess half of these things are more of a dream if you’re an Engineering student!! LMAO!! Must be nice to have time to NOT STUDY in college. #MechanicalEngineeringlife

  • Anyone else want to transfer to get away from parents? I’ve never been in a different place or met any friends and now its weird because everyone has friends and i’m still behind

  • Very helpful Video. I absultely agree: If Professors don’t know you, they don’t care and they will have no sympathy for you when you are in trouble. If you are willing to show that you can do the work, if you are interested and genuinly aks them for advise (for a paper etc) they are willing to help.

  • I stopped going university after 3 weeks going there. That school wasn’t for me and i don’t belong there. Plus the road was reaaalllly long (2 hours from my home. Fun fact: i live in Turkey and my school is in the Europe side and i live in Asia side soo i’m basically changing sides lol). Currently i’m secretly re-studying for university exam. Plus i couldn’t see myself studying economics lol. I’m proud of myself because i realized what other people realize when they’re 25 or something. Live your life however you want people!! ����������

  • I had to fight East Stroudsburg university so hard when I transferred. Now I’m transferring to Kutztown and I’m running into problems too ☹️

  • Number one tip is to enjoy every minute even all the horrible tests because one day you’ll be old like me and miss college so much!
    also does anyone know where Danielle’s top is from? it seriously looks like the most comfy thing everrrrr.

  • Couple of suggested experience are downright trash. Like getting drunk, one night stand, etc. From your suggestions it seems that your channel promotes trash values over goodness & good values which makes you liable. I think you should amend your video or take it down.

  • I’m not even in college anymore and those videos still teach me so much! If there’s any Brazilian here, come check out my channel as well:)

  • The fact that this is how I feel rn. I’m doing my first semester (Sophmore) at like a 4yr college since I just transferred from community college, but I honestly feel lost. My grades are low, I’m studying 24/7, and my mental health is not okay. I’m thinking of switching my career choice/major, but that would mean going back to community college. So at this moment in my life I have no idea if it’s what is best for me or if I should stick around for another semester at the 4 yr college.:( also have no friends, my actual friends are living a life of their own it’s just absolutely terrible

  • I go to my professors office hours ALL the time!! Like you said, I don’t want to go most of the time… it’s definitely worth it. It saved me studying for math tests last semester ��

  • I totally get the transfer shock. I was a transfer student from CC. But my grades actually improved because I wasn’t taking classes I wanted to take. I was an A B C student at CC. At my 4 year school I got All A’s and B”s. And professors were amazing especially the Paralegal Prelaw advisor evem though that wasn’t my major (but it was my original major) but she was so great and she was my Paralegal Studies Minor advisor. And I also was a Commuter.

  • Im transferring from a community college to a uni and I already have so much anxiety with trying to get classes scheduled and find housing on campus but no one is answering me…

  • I transferred junior year as well & got screwed with credits & Ive had to bite the bullet because Im happier here. It feels as if theyre just our for money when credits dont transfer college to college.:/ anyway! Glad you had “Steve”:)

  • I’m almost crying because I can’t wait until I finish high school and can do these things without the pressure of exams and things. But I still have three more years����������

  • To everyone who feels stressed out by this talk: It doesn’t matter if you can tick of anything on this list. Life is not a to-do list. It matters very little if you do these things or not. This is her path and not yours. You might never find “the” professor, start something new or send a cold e-mail. Not everyone can do it and this is fine. The core message of her is about being more proactive. Go out, find a goal (doesn’t matter how small it is) and talk to new people etc. Choose your own path that makes you happy and find your own 7 (8) things that changed your life.

  • Not a fan of this ted talk, it is very specific to her interests and the “common path”. I agree with a couple of the points she brings up, but in her life, it is pretty apparent that a lot of things just fell in place for her, and that just won’t happen to most people. A lot of her talk relied on those things just happening. I agree with the cold email, bet on 5 people, take a practical course and work experience, and adventure. But picking THE professor simply doesn’t work for you unless you’re going into very specific fields, like marketing and starting a business. Starting something new isn’t a very good one either, sometimes you should rehash old things, and I think it’s more valuable to look at the old things, see why they weren’t perfect, and bring them closer to perfection by refurbishing and making them better. Again not a fan, but good talk either way.

  • Those offers from companies out of the blue seem specific to you, however if you truly are there representing your field of interest, I can attest they do come to you in forms of job fairs or attendance optional lectures by hiring company reps. My application to them was turned down, but I only tried with one for the proximity of the drive from my house, but if I had tried all of the offers one was likely to hit. I’m glad this lecture wasnt about wreckless socializing in a frenzy like I had originally suspected.

  • Hi! I’m a senior college student, and few months from now I will be graduating. And right now, I am really pressured, confused and worried about what and how my life will be after graduation.

  • 1. Send a “cold” e-mail. ( 0:46)

    2. Befriend 5 people who will change the world. ( 2:58)

    3. Take a class that teaches a practical skill. ( 3:53)

    4. Start something. ( 5:23)

    5. Find “THE professor.” ( 7:32)

    6. Go on an adventure. ( 9:10)

    7. Get work experience. ( 10:36)

  • Some of these things are rather useless, but if you want to start your career on the right foot, I 100% agree that you should:

    1. Send cold emails to alumni for informational interviews and people who can help you land internships
    2. Take a practical course that interests you and gives you some sort of skill
    3. Land 1-2 internships before your senior year

    It’s a competitive work environment and companies want people with experience. Internships help in that regard. And informational interviews build your network! I didn’t have an internship in college and it really hurt me when it came down to getting a job.

  • I actually tried almost everything she said before I graduate and here I am just graduated 4 months ago and I feel stressed and lost on what to do next. This ted talk stressed me out even more. ����

  • Please do a credit card optimization video! I recently turned 18 and I need to start building my credit in the only way I can, and I don’t want to be in financial traps like my mother has been.

  • I felt very guilty and judged when i decided to apply to transfer, but now im really happy and excited to start at my new school:)

  • 1. Sending cold emails ( emails for seeking help, guidance from significant people you NEVER met)
    2. Bet on 5 people who are always there for you (Surrounding yourself with exceptional people in college that’ll shape the future You.)
    3. Take a practical course on that one thing that intrigues you, that aligns with your aspirations, your dreams.
    4. Start something new. (A business, a club or any initiative)
    5. Find ‘The Professor’ (The one who helps you with his/her knowledge bank, experiences and deliver you substantial career advices. )
    6. Go on a Trip!
    7. Get work experience (Not just pertaining to your then sought aim, but as varied as diverse as it could be. )

  • Google would never hire someone who doesn’t know anything about the field they’re going to work in (marketing). What she talked about just doesn’t happen to most.

  • I just recently “cold emailed” a student at the college I was applying to and she gave me the best advice and I ended up changing my major that I was totally set on because of her advice

  • hey! I’m a med college student…what you have said is amazing… i appreciate it all…☺… but for me i would speak is not easy to do even a single single thing although I’d love to do all this… but i don’t know the right platforms and opportunities for all of this to fulfill my dreams…������ can you help me with it plz…?!

  • I have some question,
    1)How to reach companies so that I can get a work?
    2) Is that true, that in college you should must have a girlfriend?
    “College are meant to be enjoyed ” they say.
    3) i am leaning android development, can you suggest me something, or give me any direction?or should I cold mail you?

  • A very interesting ted talk with some good tips. I do feel a lot of this won’t work though if you aren’t at a very high ranked school like she was her network and exposure (let alone getting job offers for areas you don’t know about and didn’t study) will be so much greater at a school like UPenn than the average.

  • I mean it’s also fine if you just study, don’t think you have to be this awesome person doing everything. Chilling down and creating meaningful knowledge and relationships is some form of art too.

  • My only thing is do people actually go to college and take classes that don’t relate to there career. Learning irrelevant information, that’s what high school was for.

  • 1 cold email, 2 befriend 5 people who will change the world, 3 take a class that teaches a practical skill, 4 start something like a business or a movement, 5 find THE professor(who will change your life), 6 go on an adventure, 7 get work experience as many as possible and try to find out what you want to become, 8 be grateful

  • This is actually a great list of tips! I wish more talks oriented to students were like this…simple, actionable steps to do better in your career.

  • people that what this video and read my comment, tell me, which university degree did you chose?
    Im doing bussines administration in Spain

  • You guys asked for it! I’ll be making the credit card optimization video, but it is better suited for the vlog channel. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it! https://youtube.com/lifeofasurgeon/

  • I don’t plan on doing medical school but I still think this video was very helpful as I’m going to college next week. This video is a good video on life skills.

  • LOL, I took my 10k borrowed student loan, rented a 3x cheaper and nicer apartment than the expensive room and board cost. I invested the remainder of my money in learning marketable skillsets such as business, coding, digital marketing, and investing in forex and stocks. All in all, I don’t regret making my decision. My future is looking a lot brighter as opposed to sitting in a classroom learning old English jargon.

  • Watching med school insiders for a year now about medical uni, I feel like I’m prepared to start medical university in next month and starting my YouTube channel at the same time and sharing it with the world on how it feels to study in one of the best universities in Africa

  • To be fair my High School is like university, or that’s what I’ve been told since I go to a college prep boarding school with college schedule and curriculum, it’s exactly like college in many aspects but at the same time it’s smart to err on the side of caution and don’t start off cocky in college and think it will be a breeze

  • I’m a 16yrs old high school student who can’t imagine myself doing anything beside working in the medical field. Do you have any advice?

  • I love you so much for sharing information that you wish you had… I am still in high school, n I proscratinate n I hated that so much… you really are saving lives here….

  • This was really nice to hear! I am looking at transferring to a school in a different city and it’s just comforting to hear someone else going through a similar situation!

  • 1. Expecting college to be like high school: AP classes will not always prepare you for college courses.
    2. Failing to question your systems: try new study strategies.
    3. I’ll sleep when I’m dead mentality: SLEEP IS IMPORTANT!!!
    4. Not budgeting: prioritize your spending.
    5. Not practice restraint on social media: Limit your time on social media, and don’t post outrageous things on social media.
    6. Poor stress management: Take breaks and relieve stress.
    7. Not picking your friends wisely: you’re an average of the five people you hang out with the most
    8. Not studying like a medical student: (watch his video on study strategies)
    9. Succumbing to procrastination: My personal worst enemy. Watch his videos for help
    10. Poor long term planning: Focus on a narrative based application

  • Budgeting is definitely an important life school but since people don’t like talking about money, it’s difficult to know what to do sometimes

  • You mentioned that you worked 80 hours a week during Residency. I heard that there’s a law in US that prohibits overworking residents. Can you please tell me which states in US has it in effect?

  • Thanks for the vid. Have you guys considered making a video on how to best succeed during your clinical rotations and obtain good letters etc, Last 2 clinical years?

  • Today is my first day at my new school, and I’m already so much happier even though its online. My only issue is I still don’t know what to major in, and I’m almost a junior. But I HATED my first school and now I think I’m going to love my new one:)

  • Though i love your videos, your study strategies and many other things…i felt, while watching this video, that you were just advertising your business way too much:/

  • *I’m about to get into the college next month. I’m really confused whether I could survive there. Because, in my high school, everyone(including my teachers) ignore talking to me. They don’t care me so much. I don’t know why they did it to me, but still, I feel guilty unusually. I am 100 percent sure that I have not done any mistakes. But still, it kinda feels guilty.
    I hope these stuffs won’t continue even in the college. But, if it actually happened, what should I do?*

  • I see a couple of people in this thread asking about how to get involved in research in undergrad. As a recent alumnus who is going into a Biomedical PhD program, here is how I would go about the process:
    1. Look up the research of the professors in that department, and even read some of their abstracts. Find a couple of profs who are doing research that you would be willing to commit hours out of your week to
    2. Email said professors, and even knock on doors. However, there is an important caveat: if you think research is anywhere like a lab class you are wrong. If a professor is going to take you on, you need to show that you can become an asset in their laboratory.
    3. Most research positions are not funded. As a result, if you don’t like the lab you are working in, you can just leave. Personally, I bounced around the labs in my department until I found a solid research home. After you have established a place in a lab, then you can apply for various funding opportunities, both in your school and from outside sources.
    4. Many times, the concepts in the research are going to be way over your head. This is perfectly normal, and these will become familiar as you grow in the field. Just keep in mind the big picture application and how what you are doing is helping to answer a question.

    I hope this helps, and sorry for the novel. Those are my two cents, but I would gladly like to hear Dr. Jubbal’s perspective, as well.

  • Definitely do the video on the credit card rewards. Please.
    Thank you for making this channel so varied/not only focused on medical school topics.

  • Please do a video of what Myers Briggs personalities seem best for what kind of doctor surgeon etc. I don’t care if it’s just an opinion

  • “How To Optimize Credit Rewards” would be a fantastic video. You explain things so clearly that it just “seems natural” the way you’ve explained them.

  • Thank you so much for the time and effort you take on making these videos! I was wondering if you could answer my question or make a video about the option of paying medical school by joining the US Military? I know medical school costs a lot and there’s options of loans. However, would you recommend one to rather receive a loan or try to pay for it through joining the US military? Thank you so much in advance

  • Thank you! For saying don’t take advice from me if it is not working. I used to record and take notes from them, but now I don’t and I can see that it is not working for me

  • Great video as always Dr. Jubbal! Definitely agree with learning how to learn part. What are your thoughts on students just going through life by only following good advice and not figuring out things on their own though. I feel like it’s so easy to get stuck in that checklist mentality and be afraid of making mistakes, such that it makes it difficult to create that narrative in a persons life without them having to figure out what things mean to them on their own.

  • I actually did worse in high school than my first year of college. College really just takes more adaptation than people really expect. I know I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started college and I really had to redo all of my study strategies. I always attended class and made it look like I was paying attention even if I wasn’t and it helped me to finish with a 3.96 gpa for my first year. It’s doable, just prepare to adapt to the new environment.

  • I didn’t even know how much I needed this video up to this moment. Thank you for always keeping it 100% and sharing your experiences with us. We really appreciate it. Some of this hit really hard and that means we’re off to a good start to change them. THANK YOU!

  • Thing is that i took graphics design n animation as an add on in first years and now i have no doubt in taking it again i feel so relieved oh god haha also i have pol sci. 5:00

  • I definitely have to say to get involved at a local church and to not lose sight of the big picture admits all the fun. Great video!:)

  • Literally I’ve had such a similar experience to you! I also dropped my math first semester and switched from business to PR! I 100% agree with the advice you give! I wish i would’ve had your college videos a year ago lol!

  • I love your college videos! As an incoming sophomore college student, your college advice is very helpful! One thing that I wanted to add for all of you college students is that if you’re going to have a part time job during your school year, do not over work yourself. My freshmen year of college I was working 4 days a week, going to school 2 days a week with 2 3hr classes each day, and having only one official off day. It was very stressful, always put your mental health first no matter what!

  • I transferred sophomore year and feel this so hard because I almost transferred a second time due to the anxiety and the people I was living with at that time.
    Also feel this on an adult level because I just quit my literal day job to pursue entertainment and develop my podcast, so to say I needed some encouragement would be an understatement

  • I just recently graduated from college. My best tip is to enjoy every moment because 4 years flies so so fast. I really miss being a student!

  • “If I don’t wanna do it over the summer, I’m not gonna want to do it for the rest of my life.” WOW. MY EYES ARE OPEN. I recently just changed my major and as a result have to transfer schools and the idea of doing science classes over the summer made me want to cry and I wish I had seen this sooner because this really spoke to me.

  • Hey Danielle! I was thinking about how about you try a challenge of cooking at home for a week and see how you feel about cooking everyday or meal prepping.

  • I’m a real one, this just gave me so much inspo. I transferred from a 4 year out-of-state to an in-state community college to save money and plan to transfer again to another in-state 4 year. I’ve literally been through such a similar situation in my transfer experience I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  • maybe wait to get a job until you’re comfortable with your new schedule and get used to college life!! Don’t want to get too overwhelmed

  • This was such a good video! I’m an incoming senior in high school and I’ll make sure to implant these tips for next year when I’m at college!

  • this is my first semester as a transfer student as a junior, I have barely even made any friends and I think mentally I still feel stressed. I was placed into the wrong major as undecided, when I originally wanted in for science to get a biology degree, but now I really want to major in graphic design so now I am conflicted between the two because I enjoy both but I prefer art a little more than science, but the way my college is set up I would have to be in college for another 4 years to get the degree. I literally have never been so stressed out on what to do with my life.

  • Tip: Befriend the cleaning, cafeteria, labor work, etc staff! Say hi to the people that are taking out your trash, keepinng you safe, and serving you. I became close with my cafeteria staff and by the time I got to the counter, they would have my plate half ready and I wouldn’t have to check in.

  • Great tips! Love the one about going to professors’ office hours the majority of professors want their students to do well and are happy to put in time to help if they know you’re sincere and willing to work. My other tip would be to take advantage of ALL THE RESOURCES offered in higher education. Join a club, get an on campus job, utilize academic success programs (tutoring, SI, etc.), take a semester in a new country, talk to the staff in Student Counseling and Career Services. All of the things. Get involved and be proactive.

  • Your hair is looking freshhhh girl I love it ������ have fun this semester!! I start the police academy in 12 days and I am so scared and nervous ��

  • im currently a freshman nursing major @ temple!! so glad I found your videos I’ve been debating for years whether to start YouTube or not, you’ve inspired me ��

  • these were such good tips dani, even as a junior in college i could def apply them more!! especially the office hours one, sometimes i just get so stubborn about it but it def could make my life 10x easier if i just spoke to the professor ���� my biggest tip would be to explore the area around your school bc you never know where you could find the perfect off campus hangout!! theres very often super cute or fun places within walking distance of college campuses! ����

  • BIG TIP!!
    GET INVOLVED AT YOUR SCHOOL! I’m from Canada and we don’t have sororities to get involved in so you have to get involved in clubs and councils. It is so worth it! I only got involved in my third year, now I’m going into my last year and wish I had gotten involved sooner. You meet people with common interests and they become your family.

  • I’m currently taking a GAP year and unfortunately a lot of what you listed is nearly impossible because of covid:/ I’m planning on interrailing Europe for a month next summer but I dont wanna get my hopes up too much.

    For now I’m working in a laboratory 2 days a week, training Thaiboxing 5 days a week (I’m preparing to start my amateur fighting career), getting my drivers licence, learning french and reading a lot.
    I still have SO much free time though, especially since I don’t have a lot of friends to spend time with. I’ve been home since March (My school closed when Covid hit Germany) and being alone so much starts getting on my nerves.
    So I’m thinking I’m gonna start volunteering as well.

  • Literally on my three hour delayed flight watching this. It feels good to have something positive come out of this terrible experience ❤️��

  • Thank you for this video Danielle, I love the idea of The Great Courses and I will definitely check it out! I am a college student myself and sometimes the profesors just doesnt suit me so this could be very helpful! Thanks))

  • I would say getting a job could also break your college experience if you don’t need to! If you’re on a scholarship or prepaid or your parents pay it really isn’t worth it to get a part time job bc (1) there are other ppl that really need those jobs to pay for school, and (2) itll take time away from other resume building things like part time internships or professional organizations on campus!! It also potentially can take time away from your studies. If you can afford to do it just by living a little less lush (not shopping as much, not eating out as much, not going out as much) don’t get a part time job.

  • If your college or university has a career center then I recommend scheduling an appointment for your first semester to start/perfect your resume. The career center may also be able to assist you with drafting your cover letter for an internship or fellowship and practicing for an interview. I would not expect or rely on the career center to find you an internship or a job, but they can assist you in the early stages of the process!

  • These are really good ideas for college experiences. I am taking college classes at a community college for getting my associates of arts degree right now and then I will transfer into a bigger college somewhere that has photography major after I get my associates degree.

  • I’m going to start my second year of my bachelor in september and this video really inspired me to make the most of this time. Also I recommend the app P.Schedule. It’s a great way to keep track of all the assignments and deadlines ��

  • I needed this video!! I’m going into my first year at University (I’m from Canada so college and uni are different lol) and although I’m super excited to move out and explore this next part of my life it’s hard not to feel a little lost because it’s all so new.

  • I leave for my freshman year of college in 4 days so this has been very helpful! Thanks Danielle! Also for a packing tip, instead of taking all of your clothes off their hangers and folding them, put garbage bags over them (sort of like garment bags)

  • “I wanna have good old days to talk about” I FELT THAT IN MY SOUL WOW such an important reminder!!
    I’m going into my sophomore year too and one thing I definitely regret from last year is that I stayed in more than I went out either because I simply didn’t feel like it or because of homework.
    This video was so refreshing though, thanks girl!

  • i’m gonna be a sophomore in college too… and being excited and going all out for college is great, but i honestly wish someone told me that it’s ok if it’s not everything you expected it to be. my advice would be to not compare your experience to any one else’s. it’s ok if your first year doesn’t feel like “the best years of your life” or “the good old days” like everyone says it’s supposed to. give it time. everyone adjusts differently and has different experiences.

  • Big Tip: If your school has an app download it!! My school app lets me know not only bus routes but what events are going on both on campus and in the area. Free taco days, sporting events, college fairs, sports/team meetings to meet more ppl with the same hobby etc. I live in LA so a lot goes on that you might miss/not know about until its too late so i really love the app!!!

  • a huge college tip is GO ABROAD if you can!! I know you’ve mentioned before not wanting to miss out on a semester at UGA but trust me, it’s worth it and I know so many friends that felt the same way and it was a huge regret of theirs not doing it.

  • This is my take on it. Make the most of college because it’s the last time you’ll be living with (almost) all of your best friends a 5 minute walk from you

  • Hi anybody reading this please help!! if i attend a community college in texas, could i transfer to UCLA or UC Berkely? would it be harder than transferring to another uni such as UT Austin?

  • Hey I just had an idea for a video Dani! You post an instagram: Let me know your dare and you just film every dare (that you decided to do of course) and show us what is the final result.

    For exemple: I would dare you to go cheer/watch the Georgia Women’s Volleyball Team while at a home game! What do you say:D?

  • wherever you are, middle school, high school, or college, get involved!!! it’s how i’ve met some of my best friends and how i’ve had a good experience wherever i am. do things you’re interested in! like to sing? join the choir! like softball? try out for the softball team! go to that game and talk to the girl across from you who looks like she can use someone to talk to. it makes it all the difference.

  • Danielle makes me so excited for college this autumn!! Except in Ireland we don’t have sororities or dorms lols ☺️ I just uploaded a video and I would love if everyone could check it out, new Irish youtuber ��☺️

  • I never thought I’d switch majors but I went from biology to electrical engineering! Definitely okay to take the time to figure out what you want to do!

  • I had so much fun watching your video, honestly! After I finished High School, I decided to go to New Zealand on a Working Holiday -> Work and Travel. Because it was my first time going abroad on mo own for that long, I decided to reach out for help from the organisation YEP IS ( https://yepisglobal.com/). They offer programs for young people going on a gap year to NZ, so when I first arrived in Auckland, I had orientation days. They helped me with setting up a bank account, getting an IRD number, writing a proper CV and so on. Then, the organisation also sends weekly job listings via email and offers guaranteed jobs on a kiwi farm during high season. For me as a solo traveler, one of my favourite features was their 24/7 emergency service where you could call in case of any problems. So yes, going on a gap year was by far the best decision of my life so far and I wouldn`t do it any other way. If you want to check out YEP IS, just click on their website or their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yepsupport/ I hope I could help some of you guys, cheers!

  • i wish i had seen this or even have one person tell me these options 20 years ago.
    instead i had parents who probably wished they had done these things themselves, but werent courageous enough, and werent even courageous enough to tell their child to do them. instead they talked badly about everyone who did anything out of the ordinary.
    and so here i am now watching videos of people half my age and complaining about things i cant do anymore because literally everything has age restrictions! how is this fair nowadays when so many people change up their lives at any given age?

  • I’m not going to college until next year but I always think and stress about the future (anxiety attacks 24/7)and this helped me so much and made me feel so much better and less anxious. Thank you so much

  • Hi jade! Did you take tests before you go on a gapyear or did you take it after again?�� Im planning to have a gap year next year and im not sure if i should take (korean) sat before i take a gap year or after..

  • And now I need a video of what you can do, when you finish school with 17. I apply for jobs every day and NOTHING works out, I want to travel, but I can`t. But I don`t want to study yet…

  • I’ve never been to college just straight to work out of highschool but I’m planning my gap year or years away from work right now (:

  • Mine is coming to a close in the fall. I took time out to re-evaluate my priorities as I ended up doing video games with friends before homework the day before due date and failing from that. I’m half glad to say there won’t be any distractions, this time around…

  • Gap Year after college: Teaching English Online with VIPKid. I’m living in Croatia right now and I’m making what a doctor makes here working 3 hours a day! ��

  • I would like to do an internship abroad in my gap year but I’m low key scared I‘ll feel lonely and not be able to make many friends because it will be different from uni… tips or suggestion?

  • Most of the suggestions here are really a waste of time.
    And it’s not true that college is the only time you can have fun. This video is crazy

  • danielle i loved this video! I’m going to be a senior this year and ill be heading off to college next year. I’m scared but so excited to be going and this video made me even more excited to start that chapter!

  • My 1st days were stressfull because everyone is happy and busy on university/ full work and you have so much free time without knowing what to do lol

  • Literally what my plan for my gap year was was to just get a job at some store or whatever, save up some money, and go travel/work abroad/volunteer abroad/anything… Now it’s been 5 months of my gap year, I’ve applied to hundreds of jobs, no replies, updated and improved my CV hundreds of times, still no replies. And I know that the problem is bc I live in Belgium and don’t speak the two official languages (french and dutch), but it’s just frustrating.. I wanna travel so badly, and it’s already been almost half of the year. Oh well I’m definitely not giving up:3 and also I’ve learnt so much during my gap year so far, and I’m so grateful, and content with myself and my life.

  • Yes travel sounds great except I get homesick when I’m away on a school trip for 2 days so yeah… also I have waaaaaayyyyyyyy to much social anxiety to just do that and have fun. I get lost quite easily and I just panic and have a mental breakdown and that would 100% happen if I were to travel anywhere alone, so here I am trying to find a job that’s at least kind of interesting.

  • I want to do all of these things but I’m only 16 (I’m from Germany and actually graduated at 15) and it’s low key impossible to travel when you’re under 18. If anyone knows an organisation that supports teens travelling under the age of 18, I would be really grateful if you’d share it with me:))

  • Thinking about taking a gap year and ver much appreciate this video! I especially liked your notes like on researching about voluntourism because that’s so important!!

  • 35 Things to do in your Gap Year:

    1. Get a job (in retail, cafe, restaurant etc.) and save money
    2. Get an internship (paid or unpaid)
    3. Interail Europe
    4. Backpack Australia
    5. Get a working visa in Australia
    6. Travel South East Asia
    7. Workaway.info travel for cheaper
    8. Do an internship language immersion
    9. European Solidarity Corps
    10. Start a Youtube channel
    11. Start a small business
    12. Volunteer
    13. ICS International Citizen Service
    14. Volunteer Abroad (conservation projects)
    15. Learn a language for fun
    16. MOOC (online courses)
    17. Think about what you want to do in your life (uni, etc)
    18. Be more mindful practice yoga and develop a spiritual practice
    19. Focus on your mental health
    20. Travel South America
    21. Choose a country and go
    22. Camp America Camp Canada
    23. Do another A Level or another qualification
    24. Learn to play an instrument
    25. Pick up a new dance skill gym
    26. Get political active
    27. Listen to more podcastswatch more films/ documentaries
    28. Visit your friends at unisiversity
    29. Be a ski instructor
    30. Be a surf instructor
    31. Start a Blog
    32. Couchsurf
    33. Train for any type of marathon
    34. Take modules
    35. Get out of your comfort zone

  • Go out, engage in extracurricular activities! You will make friends, gain some confidence and perhaps even learn some new skills.
    Go to the gym or work-out, it’s a matter of keeping your mind fresh and your body in shape.
    And party (or go to pubs) you have to relax as well! Just don’t drink too much wodka. Out of experience, I can tell you that it’s not the best idea ever…

  • I can’t emphasise this enough
    Networking, networking and yet again NETWORKING.

    This a great opportunity to broaden your contact network with the people that you will be dealing and cooperating with in the future.
    You may get a great position or a business partner in a person, sitting right beside you, during a math course.

    Don’t forget to enjoy the life as well. Good grades only, won’t give you great memories to reminisce.*

  • I decided I’m going to do a gap year a month ago. And since I’ve discovered your channel I’ve watched ALLLL your travel videos and im so happy cause it’s inspired all the places I want to go

  • 1. Get a prestigious internship/coop
    2. Get a prestigious internship/coop
    3. Get a prestigious internship/coop
    4. Get a prestigious internship/coop
    5. Get a prestigious internship/coop
    6. Get a prestigious internship/coop
    7. Get a prestigious internship/coop

  • Hey jade!! Love watching your videos honestly!! I am a senior in highschool and i’m really torn between going straight to university or doing a gap year! How did you know that a gap year was what you wanted to do?

  • my australian butt watching this being like: I KNOW WERE PRETTY WILD

    side noteif you’re going backpacking here and end up working on a farm please please please choose wisely, not only do you get taxed a lot but some farms treat you well whereas some are dodgy, most backpackers eventually end up doing that because if you drive for like 20 mins from the city you’re in the middle of nowhere, personally i live in Gold Coast and we’ve got some sweet as options!!

  • Honestly I know this is an old video but I just wanted to input that you don’t have to do all these things or any of these things if you decide to take a gap year. I took one and basically just chilled out for a year. We’ve been instilled with this idea that you have to be doing something all the time… Since the age of like 4 or 5 we’ve been in school, we’ve had exams, deadlines, and commitment and stress. You can decide to take a gap year and just live your life for yourself. I think it’s important to take time just for yourself with no real commitment. I think all these ideas that she gave were good but also require time, effort and MONEY. A year out, to just EXIST was such a good recharge for me.

  • I really want to take a gap year, but knowing myself, I’m scared that I’d end up not going back to school at all:(( and YES Slovenia is soooo underrated finally someone said it! This video is really inspiring bw, so thank you:D

  • 1. save up money in retail cafe
    2. internship in potentially interesting sector online stuff — abroad
    3. interrail Europe — backpacking 1000€
    4. Packsack Australia — easy Hostel but expensive 3000€
    5. I year working visa
    6. travel south East Asia —after Australia cheap and safer than thought
    7. work away. Info — free accommodation for work
    8. intensive Language excursion
    9. eu solindarity course
    10. YouTube
    11. Start a small business
    12. volunteer your time
    13. ICS for UK
    14. volunteer abroad conservation work — DO RESEARCH min. One month
    15. learn a Language for fun
    16. Future learn or corsera courses
    17. what to study at uni with life
    18. spiritual practice —yoga, mindfulness
    19. focus on mental health
    20. travel South America but dangers
    21. choose a country and go there!! Slovenia
    22. camp America or Camp Canada— YouTube
    23. another qualification?
    24. learn a new instrument
    25. Start new athletic skill
    26. become political active
    27. watch films, podcasts etc he wooden spoon
    28. visit friends at uni
    29. become a ski instructor
    30. be any instructor go ape
    31. Start a blog
    32. couchsurfing
    33. train for a half marathon
    34. summer in Copenhagen — extension of school for fun?
    35. leave your comfort zone!!

  • Love all these suggestions Jade! If there’s any Canadians watching, check out our working holiday and international internship programs for Canadians ��������️

  • Great video, one correction though aha. I live in Western Australia, and minimum wage is not $24, I wish!! ahaha. Depends on your age of course. I’m 17 and getting round the $15 mark.

  • I have an issue: I’m currently on a gap year but now I really don’t want to go to uni �� the thought of returning to education sickens me

  • Does anyone have any tips for getting a job, she makes it sound so easy:( I guess it’s hard because I’m only 17 and in school most of the time but I’ve applied to so many places and only had 1 interview which I didn’t get. Everyone I know in my year who has a job got it because they knew someone, so idk how I’ll get a job if I have to take a gap year. I rly want want now thought because I want to save up.

  • i have a struggle; how do i convince my parents that i can take a gap year?? i honestly think if they don’t agree i should just go on myself