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Potty training with underwear is likely one of the multitude of methods you’ll hear about from other moms when planning for this important milestone. Some parents swear by this effective (yet messy) approach while others prefer the pull-up route. What works and what doesn’t when it comes to potty training is entirely up to you and your child. You also need to be free to clean up any accidents that are inevitable at the start of potty training.

Some toddlers need a little push. If you are sure that a child is developmentally ready to toilet train, but just doesn’t want to give up the convenience of using diapers, introducing underwear that is exciting (we used superheroes) and requires using the toilet if he wants to keep them. Once you start training, underwear will be worn at all times unless your child is sleeping. If you are doing a full goodbye to diapers, you can count the remaining diapers with the child and explain that when they are gone there are no more. You can still make sure only one diaper is left before bedtime the night before you begin toilet training.

When it comes to potty training, kids hold all the cards, and if they won’t or can’t cooperate, it’s almost impossible to make them. If after a week of trying the No-Pants method, you’re not seeing a real improvement in your child’s ability to sense the need to go and deliver the goods in the potty, that’s a good sign that the time may. Before you begin potty training:

Make sure to stock up on any supplies you might need, such as toilet seat rings, small step stools for the bathroom, and big kid underwear. Second I did the naked potty training with my child and it work right away however she was 3 when we potty trained as that was when she was ready. 1 0 aprilmommy06. In defense of the disposable training pant, some parents consider them more convenient. “They fit the same as underwear and feel the same as diapers when worn because they are made.

Plus, we don’t walk around without our underwear or pants on so why do I want my toddlers to even when potty training? It’s also one more step you would have to go through. Right to underwear for our house and kiddos and it’s worked just fine. I love you so much for posting this. I have felt so alone in my potty training woes!

It seems like people all around me are potty training their 9 month olds (exaggeration, yes) with ease while I feel like I could promise my near 3 year old child a brand new car and he would still poo in his underwear. “Training underwear is great in the beginning because sometimes a little pee starts before the child realizes she has to go. [Training pants] absorb the.

List of related literature:

How quickly your child graduates from training pants to the next level of real underwear depends on how well she adapts to potty training.

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It also strips away some of the motivation for getting to the potty on time, though some pullups have kid-friendly features, like color or temperature changes, that alert little ones to wetness—and that can pump up interest considerably.

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The One-Day Potty-Training Party is based on sound advice from experts, but I think it works so well because it’s fun, easy, and rewarding for moms and kids.

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The following discussion of toilet training methods includes suggestions from the child-oriented approach.

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Once your child grasps how this process works, he’ll probably be more interested in using the potty properly.

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The following discussion of toilet training methods includes suggestions from the child-oriented approach to toilet training.

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A few studies have reported success with the Azrin and Foxx method, but studies that compare the effectiveness of different toilet training methods for children with disabilities are limited.82 The Evolve website gives additional resources on toileting.

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If at any point in time a child is resistant to toileting or demonstrates negative behaviors around toileting, active training should be discontinued temporarily.

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You will have a strong tendency to grasp the pants yourself and pull them down or to put your own fingers under the edge of the potty bowl and pick it up for him.

“Toilet Training in Less Than a Day” by Nathan Azrin, Richard M. Foxx
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If you are ready to begin toilet training in earnest, begin with daytime bladder training.

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  • There are a few components to ways to potty train. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Sues Trainer Tactics (check it out on google) without a doubt the most helpful treatment that I have ever heard of.look at all the incredible info.

  • Thank you for this video I am on day 2 with my daughter and she only had one accident yesterday I am so proud of her I tried to email u but I dono if u got it or not

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  • Great video I am wanting to start potty train my almost 2 year old and will be 2 in May. I got her a pink baby Bjorn potty seat looks great and easy to clean and nothing to distract her like some of the potty seats. Wish me luck

  • My 16-month old kid has been able to follow this potty training procedure “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it) successfully and it really amazed me. To tell the truth it took 8 days instead of Three but remember that my kid was completely unready to be potty trained before starting your procedure. This method is simply outstanding!

  • training pants are a diaper. I had better luck with real underwear for my kids. when they had an accident they were wet and gross and don’t like how it felt so they used the potty. if they wear training pants, there is no consequences for an accident they don’t feel wet or nasty. Training pants are just the diaper companies taking your money for as long as they possibly can.

  • My daughter is 3. She does pee in the potty just fine, but she doesn’t want to do poo. My son was potty trained at 3 1/2 and it was a lot easier. We just stopped by diapers and he never looked back.

  • Great channel! Theres this super helpful article I found for parents in the potty training phase. Is it Truth or Myth?

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  • I have a question, my 3 year old will ask to go potty but once she on the potty she WON’T GO! We will sit there for 15 to 20 mins and nothing! How can I get her to use the potty?? Please help

  • Im sorry. I dont see anything exciting about potty training �� the thought of feces & piss being anywhere outside of the potty makes me BOIL!

    Lol wheeeew

  • when I stopped using diapers I was 2years old and I’m surprised I didn’t have any accidents when I was two years old but right now I’m 10 years old

  • Hi!! Questionwhen we out on underwear he does pretty good when I put him on the potty he goes. But I don’t think it really registers to him 100%. He will go on the potty but go in his underwear and. It even seem to notice.

  • Thank you for this video! We are on day 4 with my almost 3-year old twins. My daughter only had one accident on day 3! My son is taking a little longer, but he is definitely getting upset if he has an accident! Each day is getting easier.

  • I know this video is old but I just wanted to say how wonderful you are for sharing this. I have potty trained one kid already, similar to this method (without the naked 2 days) and it does work amazingly! ����

  • My son is 3 and he’s giving me the hardest time he won’t wear underwear and while in pull ups he still pees on his self line idk what else to do!! ����

  • …Augh, I am not sure what to do anymore. I have used this method exactly. My 2 1/2 year old son knows how to use his lil potty and the big potty. He has for months nowhe still wets himself though during the day and fails to communicate he needs to go. His first wee was in a big potty at 18 months! I feel like I am doing something wrong though still. We use cloth diapers which he also fights me about time to time as well. So I know he is readywe tried training pants and he wets them still like they are diapers even when I show him he made a oppsy. He seldom if ever poops in his diaper now and we keep bouncing between diapers and training pants with no luck. He also stays dry overnight and at no times most times. (Lil new momma cheer!) Anyone have advice to shoot me so he doesn’t wet himself? Is it just a matter of time when he is ready issue?

  • I’m just thinking about when they are teenagers and want to wear different clothes and have different styles but they all wear near the same size imagine how confusing that’s going to be sorting laundry

  • My newphew is 3. And he is turning 4 next july…he is rebellious with potty training. He knows when he is pooping in his diaper but he doesnt tell anyone until we start to smell it. I know its not my problem, its my brothers problem…but i wish i could just help him potty train so that way he wouldnt be sitting in his own poop and pee.

  • Pull ups? You have them in school but haven’t potty trained them? I can’t watch anymore. I guess because I had a boy it was just do this or that. No big deal on birthdays or cute outfits. Just run jump swim. School and plenty of eating

  • I never in a million years thought that I would ever enjoy the potty training encounter, but I truly did. My little boy and I had a ball following this potty training technique “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it), and we adopted it to the letter! And in the end of the day, he was in underpants and totally dry. It had been a superb experience!

  • The nude from the waist down is an excellent teaching tool….but not for everyone. You may have to spend hours detailing your bathroom and soaking in the tub waiting for them to this easily cleaned area…. But some babes need to see what is going on… least once or twice. Also gray sweatpants work in early days especially with boys who are often not paying attention and or want to pretend they did not have an accident…light gray goes to dark and the secret is out…..some will try harder when they can see exactly what they are trying to avoid.

  • this is a great video. My 2 and a half year old keeps on taking OFF his diaper, sticking his hands in his diaper, and follows us to the bathroom. Hes not talking yet so he cant really tell me he understands me and when i try to get him to sit on his stand alone potty hes repelled by it! lol.

    I used the wet/dry undies method with my now 7 year old, and he learned in about a week! it was GREAT but man OH man, was i cleaning up lots of little accidents! I had to go buy a small portable pet stain cleaner for my carpets! lol.

    Now im in a different house (all tiles on the first floor thankfully) and i want to train my 2 year old but im not sure hes ready. He doesnt have the attention span to sit in one spot let alone try to read a book! lol. what can i do to kick start potty training for a toddler thats not all that interested??

  • Just so you know lady pull up training pants and diapers are the same exact thing they just look different because one has straps and one doesn’t

  • Words can`t even express how delighted I am that my little girl Stacy is ultimately potty trained, I used this potty training method “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it). We`ve struggled with this since she turned two, and although I felt she was prepared then, I can tell now that I wasn`t doing the best things to get her to use the restroom.

  • Jenn, I know this is an older video but this helped us with our 3 year old to potty train and day 5 she was going to the potty by herself. In public still needs to be worked on but she is getting there! Thank you so much for your help! You need to post more videos.

  • But what about moms that work and have utilize daycare? I can’t just keep my kid nude at daycare and our weekends are packed full….

  • Tips for potty training
    The best time to start potty training your kid
    1.Let him watch and learn.
    2.Buy the right equipment.
    3.Help your child get comfortable with the potty.
    4.Motivate with cool underwear.
    5.Set up a training schedule.
    6.Teach him to sit first, then stand.
    7.Set aside some naked time.
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  • My son is 2.5yrs and i’m gearing up to starting potty training. You say to go toilet every 10mins, but how long should they sit on the toilet for (if they don’t go straight away)?

  • hi guys, the best info that i’ve had was with the Perfect Potty Path (just google it) without a doubt the no.1 remedy that I have ever tried.

  • I am proud to say that my two year old daughter potty trained within three weeks. She has been out of diapers and pull ups day and night for two weeks now. Yippee!

  • I would like to know if she gets a huge discount at these speciality stores! Otherwise this family should be shopping at Walmart. Wow!