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For the purposes of personality development and compatibility, all that usually matters is your functional birth order. This is because the family that adopted you is what formed your personality. As an example, if you are a male and were adopted at age two months into a family with two girls, one of whom was two and the other of whom was four, you would be a functional younger brother of sisters. In fact, you. No unusual prenatal events are required for twins to have different birthdays.

The longest known interval between deliveries is a stunning 87 days. And twins’ birth order matters, but not for the. As the mother of 6, including identical twin boys and 2 adopted children, my husband and I were quite unconventionable in our parenting styles in a number of ways. We parented with unconditional love and beyond that we gave it our best guesswork.

How common are twins and other multiple births? As of 2013, twins accounted for about 3 in 100 births in the United States. And 1 in 837 births were triplets or higher order multiples. Between 1980 and 2009, the birth rate for twins rose by about 76 percent and has remained about the same since then. Does Birth Order Affect Twins?

Obrero, Davao City. The researchers will conduct a survey to the students of B. S Biology 1-A and B. S Biology 1-B, estimating a total of 30 freshmen B. S Biology students to be surveyed. 7 Surprising Ways Birth Order Affects Us. It’s commonly thought that firstborns are leaders, middle children are rebels and the youngest is spoilt yet confident. But this mght not be the case.

Families within families include cases like twins, wherein neither child has any particular birth order. Twins, whether born first, in the middle or as the youngest, always behave like a unit. This is why twins are usually considered a single unit, commonly referred to as.

Twin Names Baby Boy Names (Owl Books), agrees about this birth order theory. “Some of it has to do with the way the parent relates to the child in his position, and some of. Cliff Isaacson, author of Birth Order Effect for Couples (Fair Winds, £9.99), believes birth order can even help you find a partner. ‘Two third-borns make the best couples,’ he says. ‘They relate without conflict, there’s a lot of humour and they make a protective environment for their children. Two first-borns rarely connect, there. The caveat: With boy-girl twin pairs, the girls often take the lead, regardless of their size or birth order. That may be why a study of 850 sets of twins in 1962 found that birth order was unrelated to personality traits, including sociability, responsibility and dominance.


List of related literature:

Recent research on birth order theory suggests that the attitudes of the parents may have a far greater affect than birth order on the child’s psychological development and, also, that such parents’ attitudes may have no relation to the child’s ordinal birth position in the family.

“Elsevier's Dictionary of Psychological Theories” by J.E. Roeckelein
from Elsevier’s Dictionary of Psychological Theories
by J.E. Roeckelein
Elsevier Science, 2006

No, because not all characteristics fit every person in that birth order, and there are also variables that can change your child’s birth order (we’ll talk briefly about those later).

“What a Difference a Mom Makes: The Indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son's Life” by Dr. Kevin Leman
from What a Difference a Mom Makes: The Indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son’s Life
by Dr. Kevin Leman
Baker Publishing Group, 2012

However, there is little or no resemblance between children’s relationships with their siblings and their relationships with their peers (Abramovitch et al., 1986), which is consistent with the finding that birth order has no reliable effects on personality (Ernst and Angst, 1983; Reiss et al., 1994).

“The Broadview Guide to Writing: A Handbook for Students Sixth Edition” by Corey Frost, Karen Weingarten, Doug Babington, Don LePan, Maureen Okun
from The Broadview Guide to Writing: A Handbook for Students Sixth Edition
by Corey Frost, Karen Weingarten, et. al.
Broadview Press, 2017

Although the view that birth order is the sole predictor of development across the lifespan has never been widely accepted, an individual’s birth order is a possible influence on relationships with parents and siblings, which may affect personality formation and social behaviour across the lifespan.

“Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing” by Sharma
from Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
by Sharma
Gen Next Publications, 2009

There are also potential differences between one’s actual birth order in the family and psychological birth order based on such factors as the death of siblings and the presence of stepsiblings and half siblings.

“Encyclopedia of Family Health” by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
from Encyclopedia of Family Health
by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
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The sibling’s personality and experience will have an influence, but birth order may also be a factor in their differing attitudes.

“Being the Other One: Growing Up with a Brother Or Sister who Has Special Needs” by Kate Strohm
from Being the Other One: Growing Up with a Brother Or Sister who Has Special Needs
by Kate Strohm
Shambhala, 2005

This is a reasonable question; the answer depends on whether birth order has any effect at all on its own.

“Epidemiology: An Introduction” by Kenneth J. Rothman
from Epidemiology: An Introduction
by Kenneth J. Rothman
Oxford University Press, 2012

Higher birth order children will have older parents who may be wealthier, more experienced at raising children, or feel more altruistic but they also face a higher risk of birth defects and twinning.

“Handbook of Development Economics” by Hollis Burnley Chenery, T.N. Srinivasan, J. Behrman, Dani Rodrik, Mark R. Rosenzweig, T. Paul Schultz, John Strauss
from Handbook of Development Economics
by Hollis Burnley Chenery, T.N. Srinivasan, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 1988

One should bear in mind that birth order is only a proxy for the real causes that lie behind sibling differences in personality, namely, disparities in age, size, status, and power within the family system.

“Encyclopedia of Creativity” by Mark A. Runco, Steven R. Pritzker, Steven Pritzker
from Encyclopedia of Creativity
by Mark A. Runco, Steven R. Pritzker, Steven Pritzker
Academic Press, 1999

It is unlikely, however, that birth order is the only variable at work in setting these alliances and identifications.

“Latinos: Remaking America” by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, Mariela Páez
from Latinos: Remaking America
by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, Mariela Páez
University of California Press, 2008

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  • The oldest can be unwanted and unplanned and can be the cause for ensuring relationship or marriage and resentment to that child for the cause of it. A wanted marriage and planned family is very different of course.

  • Well, smaller child in a family of two siblings, but I performe much better in IQ tests. Maybe other factors can be taken into consideration. Such as genetic traits how parents themselves fit into birth order.

  • I’m the middle and SO mature and Responsible just leave me with 10 babies and I will be fine ��
    I’m the second child and I’m coropative, ( I am NOT flexible or sociable) I am able to make or maintain friends (.) I’m less competitive. I am NOTTT a social butterfly cause I’m depressed and everyone just thinks I dont
    My brothers (I have 2 one the oldest and the other youngest) and oh somebody kill me. Since I am a girl, I am like a punching bag to them. They would suffocate me with pillows, kick, scratch me SOOO close to my pupil and the white part of my eye, punch me, and all violent stuff

  • My parents offspring were pretty well spoiled just all by different means and different people. Middle sibling is most responsible…but I do have a slightly higher IQ. Verified. Youngest is the most neurotic and morose.

  • I am a middle child and always very passionate about this subjects because we’re always overlooked which is also the case in this video.

  • I dont really agree with this as tbh i achieve higher than my older sister and i got the leadership skills, whereas she was more like the youngest, nicer and more compliant. I’m the youngest and im also barely religious and tbh i have some behavioural issues to so everything is basically a grey area……………

  • That very small difference in IQ may also be due to the older sibling having more experience, sometimes accumulated knowledge can make a big difference.

  • Now, I have a pretty big family, 7 people, and two pets.

    I may be a bit biased BUT, my youngest sister is a bit on the spoiled side, mostly because she’s so dang cute and I have a hard time saying no to her.
    The second youngest (he’s in 1st grade) isn’t spoiled, but is very open to new experiences, and is very intelligent.
    Cameron, who’s the middle child, isn’t very rebellious, and while a bit of a spaz and won’t stay still, is actually quite mild-mannered and sensitive.
    Reagan on the other hand, is significantly more rebellious, and not in a good way. She is very stubborn and her extroversion is through the roof.
    Me, I’m the oldest child, I’m, admittedly, very neurotic, caused by me being a teenager and having anxiety, depression, and adhd and ASD. And I would say I’m conscientious, and low to openness to new experiences.

  • My big old brother is getting some a+++ at the university in maths, my other brother is crazy good at socializing… and me and my twin are weirdos being agreeable and empathic, carrying too much about others, and stressing about societe, with the whole emotinnal help of my mother and father… so that’s fairly accurate, thx for that explanation, glad not to be alone in that weird family hierarchy.:o

  • Yeah when it comes to my family, they’re fairly on point with that theory. My little sister is a drama queen who likes getting what she wants and my brother is a jerk. Meanwhile I’m the anxious one in the middle who always got bullied and put down from the older brother, and always expected to be a role model to the little sister.

  • My sister is 8 years older than me so she’s like a second mom. My parents were tired by the time I came around so they were more lax.

  • Older/ younger siblings will always be at their own point of development, but despite the age difference they always will be compared. So it is actually pretty obvious that more “adult” traits like keeping order or caring for certain issues in a deeper way will be viewed as neurotic/ consciencous by younger siblings, while the natural clumsyness of a young adult who has just moved out of their parents home will be seen as especially unorganized and negligent.

  • We’re all bullheaded, my sisters and I, with my older sister being bossy and parent like. I was quite easy going, but I often felt a squeeze in the mornings, getting ready for school amongst grumpy family (except my dad; he’s a rock). I was cheerful out of self defense.

    My little sister was a leader with the ability to tell where people most excelled. But when she got an idea in mind, she wouldn’t let go, she would force it to happen.

    Strangely, I think, as a middle child, I was the most open to new ideas. Truly, though, as we grew up, each f us took on traits of the others.

  • This is one of the three entrance gates to mental life in Alfred Adler’s theory. The others were the first memories and dream analysis.

  • it’s ADLER!!!!!!!! Why the heck are there 2 (TWO!) videos on Youtube where the host can’t pronounce a surname of 5 BLOODY LETTERS?!

  • While the parent would put more pressure on the oldest child to succeed in life and give a lot of freedom for the youngest child, the middle child gets ignored because parents usually focus on the oldest or youngest. I think it is precisely this feeling that causes middle child to want to be people pleasers because they want to be noticed, and I think is more likely to be an introvert and have secret passions because they usually won’t say what’s on their mind(to please people). Another reason is because middle childs are kind of rare, with the oldest and youngest being more common because there’s usually no in-between for 2 siblings, so it is hard to find someone who understands your situation.

  • I am technically the middle child of my family, however, of the three children birthed from both the same mother and father, i am the oldest. Meaning my parents both brought a child into their relationship. Since i am both i do believe that i portrait signs of both the middle and oldest. This was a cool and interesting video, glad i subscribed.

  • I say crap in the part that the youngest has more freedom I’m the youngest and me mom barely let’s me go outside with friends etc etc and since I moved out of my house sometimes my mom says I can’t leave AND I DONT LIVE WITH HER ANYMORE

  • 72 year old guy here and I’m convinced nearly every youngest in the family, male or female, I’ve known are Big Babies, immature, and must be “managed,” doesn’t matter how old they get, and to be fair I’m the oldest of the siblings.

  • of course it affects people… maybe not in the same ways, but it definetly does. just yesterday i thought, how it affectzed me to have an older sister, whitch resulted in me being a more passive person in most of my relationships. i tend to go along with other people whitch i learned while growing up with her

  • I had the unfortunate disadvantage of being born as the third, and youngest child of a mother in her 40s. She had experienced a miscarriage shortly before I was conceived and therefore I bore the brunt of neglect due to depression. Wish I had never been born. Life has been rough.

  • I find it is easy to remember my lesson with your video. Thank you so much and hope you will make more and more useful one like that.

  • Last borns: as the youngest children of our siblings, we accept that we will never accomplish anything, and that our older, wiser siblings will always be better than us at everything.

    The older siblings: somehow breaks the bathroom door while arguing about who messed up the Super Nintendo controller

    The middle children: just sitting in a corner hoping that they don’t get dragged into this but somehow end up getting dragged into this and are eventually the one who is blamed for literally no reason at all

  • Middle children know how to compromise and are well-balanced, intelligent and analytical. They have a good sense of humor, empathy and enough diplomacy that they don’t openly criticize fools. Last-born children are fun, authentic, imaginative, stable, persistent and enterprising. First-born children are bossy, manipulative, insecure, jealous, secretly competitive and struggle in romantic relationships because of all of these qualities.

  • As my sister and I grew up I (the youngest) became the successful/responsible one, while she (the straight A student heavily involved in extra curricular activities) is the one still living at home.

  • Lol I am actually a middle sister in my family, and if you count playing Rock Band on my PlayStation as “running off to start a rock band” then I’ve satisfied Hank’s fun example at the end of the video ��

  • why does this channel have 100k subscribers but less than 100 likes ad dislikes combined on this video and only 2700 views on this video. that is terrible for a channel of this size

  • time, real time never existed until the 0x, convergeance of time came out onthe0x,present 4 to 5 years back where all end_started real not abstract time based on the 0x,present.the end_start of all time including the big bang

  • I think it’s more of a group dynamic thing. Groups of people tend to adopt roles to balance the dynamic even if those roles don’t generally fit their personality, it could be that families do this too.

  • Im a middle child and I observed that my younger brother is sorta narrow minded and stubborn which is quite the opposite of what a younger child is. Sometimes he may tell me to do chores just because he isn’t able to do it himself. there are times when I ask him to get off the couch and play basketball outside with me, he refuses to do so. now you might ask me why I cant just spend quality time with him but its not that. its more actually more than that, sometimes he might just joke around or touch me to get my attention. and while im still not fazed by his actions he starts getting more angry at me and when that happens I respond by blowing a mini punch to his face just so he can stop. sounds reasonable since hes the one initiating the contact and theres no one who save his ass except me.

  • You know how they always say first borns are smarter than their younger ones that is NOT TRUE there can be young siblings smarter than there older ones

  • Switch the first and middle one around cause in my family that’s not true. None of these are true! Not in my family we break the rules don’t we.

  • My favorite part “So Birth Order Theory doesn’t actually explain why your middle sister ran off to start a Rock Band. That’s just cause she’s awesome.” �������� I laughed so hard at this! I love it! ����

  • The oldest in my family is the least responsible person I’ve ever met.
    Me (a middle child) is terrified of breaking rules and neurotic
    Needless to say I’ve never believed this but it’s still really interesting

  • I am basically a middle child, I am the second oldest but I have many symptoms of “Middle child syndrome”. But that isn’t similar to this personality theory, I am responsible (I have gotten to do many thing because of this), I am will most likely be as smart as my sister we when I am her age, and for the most part I am not rebellious, even though my name does mean bitter and rebellious according to the inter webs.

  • my problem with this is how i’m the youngest and i do far better at school then my brother but i would have been all sporty and a footy kid because i was good at it but then i met someone who is now my friend and he started talking to me about math and well fast forward 4 years and i have the highest math score in my grade so i think it really is more nurture than nature

  • Well my family is confusing I am the first born for my dad but my mom second born then there’s my little brother he is the second born for my dad the third born for my mom.

  • Idk, take my situation for example, I am a middle child
    1st born sister (family lady) responsible, conservative and family oriented, neurotic, overly emotional, most diligent, average IQ, clean, materialistic
    2nd born me (social butterfly) responsible, open minded, independent, calm, not very emotional, lazy, a bit rude, highest IQ, moderately clean, non-materialistic
    3rd born sister (indoor gamer) irresponsible, open minded, completely dependent on family, grumpy, very emotional, moderately diligent, average IQ, messy, selfish…..but the prettiest of us three

    I would say that my older and younger sister are both spoiled compared to me. xD Both are used to getting everything new and they both are capricorn. XD One thing they have in common is that they are hypochondriacs, enjoy attention and use it as a form of mild manipulation. Sometimes I envy them because that’s how they get everybody to do what they want….but I could never whine about anything because I like to be a person who seems tough and independent….

  • I’m the oldest of two how ever my sibling has mental and physical issues, and I completely agree that your birth order effects your personality. Besides it doesn’t help that in my family the oldest is responsible when the youngest does something wrong.

  • I am the oldest sibling. When I was a kid, my parents were fairly young and not too busy, so they had more time to enforce stricter rules, I had regular curfew and daily schedule, and I had better study habit because both parents had enough time to contribute actively. By the time my siblings came, however, my parents are less active because of their old age (the age difference between me and my siblings are pretty far, 8 and 12 years respectively, my youngest sibling’s was a risky pregnancy because mother was too old), so my parents tend to be more passive and my siblings don’t even have curfew (they go to sleep only when mother scolds them). They ended up a bit spoiled and less self-reliant. A lot of factors resulted in different ways of parenting, thus it also would affect the children’s personalities

  • The first is the mother’s, the second is the father’s and the third is no-ones. And this pattern gets repeated with successive kids.

  • Lol this is false. Im the younger child of 2 BUT the caveat happens to be that my older sister was the first girl on my mom’s side of the family. So all the attention I should have garnered by being the baby boy……was giving to the real baby…my older sister. And I have 2 older sister that are not my mother’s children but… I’m not close to my dad’s side which happens to be overrun with girls. I can’t win for losing! ������

  • Youngest offspring, here. From childhood, up until now, it’s been a constant factor that when any of my three older sisters try to grab my parents’ attention (most notably the trouble-making second-born), then I may as well not exist.
    And because my parents have been through the whole experience 3 times before, many positive things that I do are played down, when compared to the attention that my sisters got/get. For me, being born last ensured my place on the back-burner.

  • I don’t know, but I’m now 72 and every youngest in the family, my side and my wife’s side is a big rotten baby. I was the oldest. Every youngest in other families big headache babies.

  • I am the last one out of three. I am a cold person and I am inclined towards academic activities. The middle (my sister) actually is the first to go to college in the family. The first (my brother) was a trouble maker and a womanizer.

  • 2:31 ��

    4:08 Ouch… so true for my older brother. #TurnedDownMENSA

    I see a little more correlation with favor/disfavor. At least that’s what I see from my perspective, which as discussed is probably lopsided.

  • I’m the youngest but there’s an age Gap between me and most of my siblings and the only one close in age to me was raised different and didnt treat me like most people treat siblings bc he’s on the autism spectrum. Bc of that I have traits of the youngest child mixed in with the only child traits since I didn’t grow up feeling like I had real siblings. It’s weird how these things affect people

  • I’ve dated many, many women. Six of these women I dated were only children, and one I was briefly married to. All six of them had problems with sharing and dividing tasks, believed their value was more than mine (without contributing), always had to get their way, would just do as they please and thought I had to bend backwards for them, and even had significant issues doing simple tasks. Half of them didn’t have jobs or make money and still expected this! They expected me as the breadwinner to clean and cook for them, buy them gifts, and also give them a ton of attention while they contributed nothing. They literally could not see anything wrong with this.
    In all the cases their parents literally did everything for them. Their parents didn’t make them do chores or cook and clean or do anything else, and so they would expect their boyfriends to do this, even as they didn’t have jobs! If you didn’t agree with them then they didn’t see any issues running over you to do what they want.
    I grew up in a house with many siblings, and while we could run into issues like this, we had a general idea atleast of dividing and sharing. In defense of the only child, they tend to be ultra confident and pretty flexible. Just very limited social understanding of group dynamics and how to be equal in a relationship.

  • In my family we were basically Ed, Edd, and Eddy. My older brother was always out trying to make a buck, he used to order those get rich quick books from the TV commercials and he’d always be out mowing lawns during the summer. My younger brother got into hard drugs way too early so he was never all that bright. I’ve seen him walk into the local grocery store, grab a six pack of beer, and walk out, telling an officer on the way out that it was stolen. He’s really that thick. And yeah I found a moldy sandwich of his under my bed once too. That was fun. Meanwhile I’m in the middle, your pretty typical shy nerd. Instead of a hat it’s a hoodie tho.

    Never heard of this order, though.

  • I am the last child of 7. My age is 44 years old. I have to be the “responsible “ one who takes care of both of my aging parents. My other siblings have refused. They won’t even take them to a simple Dr appointment. I am always scared that I may make a wrong decision, however, I must trust myself that I am doing the best job that I possibly can and it’s definitely not easy!!

  • As a middle child I was seen crying a lot in pictures as a small child. In the picture my older sister was on one end of the table with her numerous friends. My younger sister was in my mother’s arms. And there I was wondering from the table on my own ��. What do you think that does to this middle child?

  • Me being the first child:Being yelled at always getting scolded have higher grades always being pressured and compared

    My younger sister:do whatever she wants without being yelled, scolded etc…

  • Me a first born:
    Leadership— smtg I don’t have
    Less sociable— CHECK!!
    Achiever— (yh no that’ll nvr happen )
    Intelligent— that’s smtg I’ll nvr have

  • Did they seriously say that last born children respect the rules �� oh heck no, i only have one sibling and he is the devil himself. He even may be toxic as I don’t like to be anywhere around him. Also I think you forgot to include that the first born gets all the blame for trouble ��(it’s true for me and my friends).

  • I’m the 2nd child basically last born but I am more intelligent than my older sister and I don’t really like to socialize with others and I trust no one except my older sister idk why but we act the same and say the same things most of the time and we somehow don’t fight I don’t know how and why usually siblings fight but we think it’s a blessing it has been around 16 years since we have last fought don’t remember that much of it but half of this is accurate and I love how this channel makes psychology more easier to understand

  • Im the middle child.. And it sucks.. My brother is my mom’s favorite.. Every time I get something wrong my brother will bully me or even call me stupid.. And my mom will too. And if there’s someone Or a guess and the house, they’ll Embarrass me. Thats why I just wanna die:/ life is so depressing. My brother is always right and I’m always wrong. Not worth living

  • I can relate to the first born child! Im smarter hehe, and I make a great leader, Im actually the class president! However Im a social person.

  • my older brother has a different dad and my baby brother has a different mom. But the way this was described I saw myself in each one of these.

  • My older brother:

    -Super Smart
    -A total good kid

    My little sister:

    -A complete bundle of happiness


    -Makes imaginary friends
    -Draws while bored to the point where I got good

    Wow you were completely right about all of this when it comes to my family

  • I am the middle child, I am the higher achiever of my siblings. We are all non-religious. More giving and warmer than my siblings are as well. And more conscious than my siblings.

  • I’m a middle child and I’m intelligent like an oldest child. Both my sisters laugh at me for being religious, so I don’t fit in that category

  • This is just a sugar coat. Being a middle child really sucks. You get everything last including love if it’s there that is. I’m in my mid 20s and still lives at home (our family is not rich have to stay home and help with rent) but only me who pays the rent, my older brother is an engineer, my younger brother is a software engineer and I’m just a kitchen hand. Life is not fair

  • This is completely wrong.
    My first born brother: Gets good grades sometimes, social, anyoying and somewhat friendly.
    Me ( middle): The “spoiled kid” l get called this alot, uncontrollable anger, but l have a friendly attitude to friends and parents, l am also the one who gets good grades 99.99%of the time.
    (This could be changed due to the fact that l am a girl and l have 2 brothers)
    My last born brother: ( He is 4 so l have to wait until he grows up)

  • i have 4 older siblings and 9 younger ones. But yeah, I know I’m more responsible now in my teen years because I actually listen to my dad when he gives us lectures on “how to behave in our house” (why do they have to be so gosh darn long!?) And since my older siblings aren’t around anymore to babysit, (well they are, but y’know that’s life) I have to do it. (YES IQ IS TRUE I KNEW IT I KNEW IT YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSS)

    i might possibly be more wise than everyone in my house….

  • I’m the last born.
    I think it has something to do with mentality.
    My sister is 18 but has the mind of a friggin’ 8 year old!
    So I took on the role that you said of the eldest child.

  • I’m a youngest but you just described me as an only. I think birth order is crap. Buuut, if there were anything to it, then the amount of time between each birth should be taken into consideration.

    I’m a youngest by 6 years to the middle and 8 years too the first. Strangely enough, it is the middle (my bro) who rejects convention and conformity the most (though I do too to an extent, it is mild in comparison).

  • my eldest sister’s name means Important in Arabic and basically my parents are apparently psychic because she turned out to be a bit bratty at times (when her name gets to her) but responsible, pretty smart and ended up to be a dentist:)

  • I am a middle child of three sisters but I fit the oldest child description my older sister is the more delusional fantasy not as high achieving one and my little sister is a mix of both of us I feel like it really just depends on the person and who your parents are and how they raised you and that this video isn’t quite accurate. Also I know being the middle child is hard so if a middle kid is having a rough time it’s probably because they feel like nobody cares because ur not the first one to do everything so it isn’t as interesting when u do it and your not the baby so u don’t need immediate attention which just leaves you kind of along for the ride but also being the second child has made me want to be better than my older sister in a way like she sets the bar in everything and she has driven me to want to be better than her in everything so two years after she completes something I come along and one up her on it because that’s the only time anyone pays attention to me and if I get a high enough score not even my little sister can do something as good as I’ve done no matter how hard she tries and even with my help / tips on what I did to get what I did but she doesn’t really care and doesn’t need to because she is the little one and is the cutest / littlest so everyone loves her anyways and she is the last to do anything and everyone is trying to nostalgically savor every moment of what she does because it’s the last time it will ever happen and ” the best is saved for last ” right? ����

  • Weird, Yeah I’m the youngest. I have 3older brothers. This video is spot on. Except the whole proneness to being alcoholic part, I actually do less drugs than anyone in the family. But as far as the family is concerned, I do not bend over to the dynamics. At all. Planning on staying by myself for Christmas.

  • People have a fixed idea that the last born are also immature, but in my case I say that’s not true because by the time I was 8, I spent a lot of time with a niece and nephew which also involves me having more responsibility of talking care of them as well, so for that reason I learned to be more mature and having more older brothers and a sister is simply having more people telling you what is right and wrong.

  • Me a middle-born child who is more mature than my Older Brother, who is more religious than my Older Brother and who has many Achievements than my Older Brother: 【・_・?】

    And i couldn’t agree more about the ‘First born are good at Math’ My Brother is always good at Math.

  • Tbh as an older child with three other siblings I actually treat them as my equal, but they disrespect me and our relationship is just toxic but I’m working on it

  • Lol I’m a middle born yet among my siblings, I am the smartest. Lol and my younger brother is also a middle born and he’s religious lol

    I don’t think this applies to me or the rest of my siblings have except for the last born I think.

  • My parents basically make me act like the 3rd parent. My little sister calls me mama. And she said her first words to me.ive had to hold her so much that my left arm clicks when I hold things

  • I feel like people think that it’s nice to be the youngest because they get everything. No. It’s hard for us at times and i have a feeling people don’t think about their feelings because they have attention but really sometimes we just want to talk. It’s also hard because maybe you have a strong bond with your parent which makes one of your siblings think that your the favourite and then your mind manipulates the happiness to guilt. (This is just my side so it might not happen to everybody so ya)

  • First children: successful or flop

    Middle children: Im the best! (but being ignored)

    Last child: what i suppose to do with my life?

    Im last…..and when i meet other last child…we are almost same

  • Ich stimme dem nicht zu 100% zu. Ich denke es hat eher was mit dem mindset zu tun welches wir haben wenn wir aufwachsen. Bei mir passt die Situation 3 Last-Born children, also der letzte geborene. Ich bin jedoch nicht zuletzt geboren wurden, vor mir waren 5 Brüder und nach mir 2 Schwestern. Ich habe dennoch immer gedacht das ich der jüngste bin und naja teilweise stimmt das auch, zumindest wenn ich meine beiden kleinen Schwestern außen vor lasse. Naja worauf ich hinaus möchte dürfte klar sein. Da ich dachte der jüngste zu sein habe ich mich nach der Studie hin auch wie der jüngste entwickelt. Hat alles nur was mit dem Kopf zu tun.

  • I was an only kid for 13 years then met my twin sister and older sister and magically became a middle kid so I have a blend of only kid, middle kid, and oldest kid (due to my sister being a prodigy and being at college)