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What is the BEST Birth Control?? 7 women discuss what methods they love

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What Are the Best Postpartum Birth Control Options? Intrauterine Devices (IUDs). IUDs are small, T-shaped devices that are placed into your uterus. Their main job is to Contraceptive Implants.

You can start using the shot, implant, Skyla and Mirena IUDs, and some types of birth control pills (called mini-pills) right after giving birth. You may be able to get an implant or IUD in the hospital or at your postpartum checkup. Combined hormonal methods: Combined hormonal birth control options include birth control pills, vaginal rings and birth control patches.

They differ in how the hormones are distribute. Here are some birth control options for that unique season in your fertility that will help you continue to avoid artificial hormones and IUDs: Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) This is an option for breastfeeding women who have not yet had their first menses, and can be used up to 6 months postpartum. IUDs can be inserted right after a vaginal or cesarean birth or at your first postpartum health care visit. The hormonal IUD releases a small amount of progestin into the uterus and is approved for up to 3 to 6. The most popular forms of birth control in the United States, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, are oral contraception, tubal ligation (having your tubes tied), and condoms.

Birth control is how you prevent pregnancy. There are lots of different birth control options out there. We’re here to help you figure it all out.

Pick what’s important to you to find your best birth control. 12 rows · Estrogen/progestin combined pill, patch or ring. 9%. Must take pill at same time every da. A postpartum birth control plan is of prime importance and is best to nail down a few months before your delivery. Talk to your doctor about the different options available to you with.

Progestin EC (Plan B®One-Step and others) and ulipristal acetate (ella®) 58 94% Ulipristal acetate EC works better than progestin EC if you are overweight Ulipristal acetate EC works better than progestin.

List of related literature:

The other contraceptive options for women who wish to continue breastfeeding include the progestinonly pill, the progestin dermal implant, medroxyprogesterone acetated injection, barrier methods such as condoms or a diaphragm, and natural family planning.

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Highly effective, nonestrogen, reversible contraceptives that are appropriate for women with medical comorbidities include the IUD (either copper IUD or the levonorgestrel IUD); Depo-Provera; and the single-rod progestin-only implant (Implanon), which is now available in the United States.

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Barrier methods or contraceptives that contain only progestin (any form of progesterone), such as the progestin IUD (Mirena), Depo-Provera, or progestin only OCs, are also good choices for the older woman.

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Highly effective, nonestrogen, reversible contraceptives that are appropriate for women with medical comorbidities include the IUD (either copper IUD or the levonorogestrel IUD); Depo-Provera; or the single-rod progestin-only implant (Implanon), which is now available in the United States.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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The IUD, the implant, and Depo-Provera are the most effective kinds of birth control.

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In an effort to improve options and adherence to contraception, HC has expanded to include a weekly dermal patch (Ortho Evra), a hormonal vaginal contraceptive ring (NuvaRing), and less-androgenic progestins such as desogestrel and drospirenone.

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Progestin-only contraceptives, such as the mini-pill tablet, injectable medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera, Pharmacia), and levonorgestrel implants, are the hormonal methods of choice when nonhormonal methods are not acceptable.

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Modern methods of contraceptives offered included combined low dose pills and progesterone-only pills, IUDs, condoms, spermicides, Depo-Provera (injectables offering three-month protection), Norplant (subdermal implants giving five-year protection), and sterilization procedures, by referral to nearby clinics.

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Progestin-only contraceptives, such as the mini-pill tablet, injectable medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera), and levonorgestrel implants, are the hormonal methods of choice when nonhormonal methods are not acceptable.

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In women who desire contraception, options include combination OCPs, as well as progestin-only methods, such as the Mirena IUD, progestin-only pills, Nexplanon, or Depo-Provera.

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  • Unfortunately, I think sex education and education about basic anatomy is pretty poor in this country. As soon as women turn 14 these days, they are complaining that all their friends are on contraceptives. I get to hear that crap all day…

    I wish more women would rely on their nature ovulation cycles because once you figure it out, it’s not that hard to keep tabs on it. Not my words, but talking to women that are open about that kind of method, basically tell me that the majority of women out there are borderline retards for going on the pill. It is actively destroying your body’s natural hormone and ovulation cycles.

  • This video seem to good to be true �� as in the sense that not one of you had at least one negative comment on the variety of birth controls y’all mention like pain or discomfort with the IUD. My experience with Kyleena IUD is more recent and that shit hurt for 4 or five days I had the depo as my first form of BC worst decision ever acne weight gain swelling of my feet I felt like I blew up from not getting a menstrual cycle probably had it 3 time out of the year and 5 months I was on it & but depo was highly affective in not having babies was the only good effect I had but let’s hope my Kyleena IUD does me good If not I’m done with BC and god can me my BC ����‍♀️

  • I used for my hormones and for time birth control. Or right pill helps with my serve migraines and. Periods that made Chronically Anemic����

  • I hate depo i gained so much weight and I want to find a natural birth control but, people recommend daysy which is extremely expensive.

  • I got my Kyleena IUD inserted 7 days ago and I’ve never felt more in control of my body as I do now. I am still scared to see negative side effects appear such as cystic acne and hair loss. However, so far, I am doing great and minimal spottings that do not bother me at all. Every birth control method affects a body differently, so even if a certain contraction method didn’t work out well for someone, it does not mean that it shouldn’t be used by others that can benefit from it. Right now, I would that I am highly satisfied with my decision of getting the Kyleena IUD inserted as it is a hormonal IUD that contains less hormone than the Mirena. The Kyleena only has a total of 19.5 mg of levonorgestrel (which is an artificial hormone similar to progesterone) comparatively to the Mirena that has 52 mg of levonorgestrel. It is also an IUD that is effective for 5 years, so it is great to know that there is nothing to worry about once the IUD is placed. I even planned out to opt for the copper IUD if ever I am experiencing bad hormonal side effects with my Kyleena. The one thing about the copper IUD that scares me out is the increasing amount of pain during menstruation. I already have period cramps on my own without any type of contraception method, so doctors and pharmacists have all told me that the copper IUD worsens the menstrual cramps for most of the women that take it. That was the one thing that made me choose the hormonal IUD over the copper one. Regardless, I am now on a new journey with my IUD and I am excited to see where it will take me and what my experiences with it will be. CROSSING MY FINGERS THAT I DO NOT GET HORMONAL DEPRESSION, HORMONAL CYSTIC ACNE NOR HAIR LOSS OVER THIS AMAZING DEVICE. I don’t want to have to take it out. With this, I want to say #thxbirthcontrol

  • Does Clegenatur Methods really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Clegenatur Methods. But I’m uncertain if it is good enough to have bigger and firmer breast naturally.

  • I’ve been using the low dose combined bill Yaz for many years and find it great, I never had any side effects from it and no weight gain, which was my main concern. My periods are also super short and light. I always use condoms as well unless they get tested

  • Instead of scientists creating new forms of birth control I think they need to improve the pill. I’m so terrified of having health side effects like blood clotting which I have heard happens, but I am also terrified of any sort of insertion so IUD is a no go.

  • i really want to go on some form of birth control but am petrified of gaining weight, it’s making it hard to decide what to go on.

  • Why did lovely with the short hair, who has a hormonal iud, just glaze over the fact that she had her period for a month and a half like it’s no big deal?! I’m currently experiencing this and I feel like it will never end!! I have the copper iud and I’ve had my period for a month with no feels of end in sight. It’s miserable

  • Amazing in 2019 that there are 11 options with differing side effects. Only one for men a condom. I just took my daughter who is on Epilepsy medicine that taking the pill would interfere with, make sure girls you tell your Dr. That information. One reason women’s health care may be the most important.

  • I love how women are so supportive and empowering on this video! Birth control is so important. I’m the same way I had to learn on my own my mom never really talked to me about anything.

  • So I am soon to be married via arranged marriage and I just can’t afford getting pregnant in the first 7 years I just can’t. All these things fuck up your hormones and I am already prone to depression and did use birth control for acne I just couldn’t control my emotions. It made me feel really bad and I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to gain weight preventing the pregnancy and then gain more weight during the pregnancy. Honestly right now it just feels like I am on the losing end of the deal lol.

  • I have never used birth control other than condoms and it works for me but I am also not in a relationship so no sex for me.There are lots of options here but the scariest one is putting something in my vagina sorry I would never try that I rather not have sex at all than resort to that lol.

  • I use the Caya diaphragm. Almost one year, no pregnancy. My husband and I can’t feel it when it’s in. Super easy to insert and remove. Couldn’t be happier.

  • hi karachi se agar koi ho or help chhaiye hoto mai unhe gynacologist ky pass refer kerdonga jo registered lady doctor clinic hai but kindly khudse aise experiment na kare jiske nuqsan ka andaza na ho, jo log sharam ki waja se nahi jsakte unhe bhi refer kerdonga per ap kisi bhi dr ki advice pe hi koi tablet istemal kare shukriya

  • I don’t agree with certain aspects or how birth control is portrayed…BUT these woman are mature enough to realize they arent ready to have a kid (unlike a lot of people��)

  • I’m planning on going on birth control and actually have been trying to gain weight for awhile now. Is it a good option for me then?

  • I read a lot of great opinions on the net about how Clegenatur Methods (do a search on google)can help you have bigger and firmer breast naturally. Has anybody tried this popular breast enhancement methods?

  • Do you know which birth control I should take to gain weight? Because I know there’s a birth control pill specifically to make you gain because I struggle with that

  • My marina expires this year. I’m looking for new options. My first 2 years with the marina was terrible. ACNE and till now still gaining weight. I have 2 kids and would love a long term option…. really don’t want any more kids

  • How sad. These women have no idea why this is so dangerous. Unbelievably sad. What are we teaching women.
    This girl is obnoxious and pretty happy with herself, huh? Are any of them married.

  • pills are not just “pills”. there are different doses of progestin, for different bodies. estrogen can be used too, or not.

    copper IUD/hormonal IUD can seem magical (put it in and go), but also can side effects (ex., heavy bleeding or no bleeding). see 7:15.

    implants can also seem magical, but can also have side effects.

    condoms are the standard method to protect against many but not all STDs.

    the CDC has dated statistics on the use of different methods: IUDs are becoming more popular, “pills” slightly less so.

  • I think my friend “St. Joseph” don’t know there are 1000 of easy ways for anti-pregnency. Why he required to select most difficult way?

  • Copper iud gave me copper toxicity and took such a toll on my mental health. Look it up ladies! Copper poisoning, there’s a good article on a site called good medicine nutrition or something. I had major panic attacks and anxiety and nothing altered my life besides the iud it took like 3 years for symptoms to really affect me. I’m just doing condoms cause I’m scared of the other ones! I did the pill that was terrible lol. Just stay safe and know the copper erodes in your body

  • If you’re not married keep your legs together. If you are married and you don’t want children get your tubes tied or have your husband get a vasectomy.

  • I love condoms just fine they work and I have yet to get pregnant it’s been 5 years. I don’t like the feeling of being pressured to use a HBC because you can still be safe with just condoms and yes they can rip that’s where a plan B comes in at!

  • I’m scared to start birth control because I’ve had friends around me put it in a negative light. I don’t want kids but it scares me to gain anymore weight, to be even more depressed, and to be responsible enough to take it.

  • DO NOT GET NEXPLANON THE IMPLANT BIRTHCONTROL!!!! I was on my period for 6 months nonstop until I got it removed. The removal was extremely painful. I hafld to be number 3 times and their scalpels werent sharp enough so they literally sawed at my arm to get it out!

  • hello nurse Dani, it’s safe to be taking birth control pills for two months without sex? and am still breastfeeding my baby is 9 months now

  • this popped up in my suggestions at the best time. I’ve been looking into finally getting on birth control and this helped educate me a bit more. so thank you:)

  • Wow thank you for this video I am yet to find a gynae that works with me.

    I would say to birth control: you are not working for me ��

    The Diva cup is the best thing that has happened to my life, I used to use three pads at once and news paper on my bed at night when I sleep.

  • How do you feel about the NFP, Natural Family Planning? Many ProLife christians are against using any forms of artificial birth control, because it violates natural law. I personally do not feel confidence in the NFP, because it is not reliable as medical types of birth control.

  • Guys. increase your breast size by two cups does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I will give you some tips now. Get a popular breast enhancement secrets called Clegenatur Methods (search on google). Thanks to it I have increase my breast size by two cups. I should not even be talking about it cause I do not really want a bunch of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just in a great mood today and so I’ll share the wealth lol.

  • Family planning is the use of a specific technique or device to prevent or delay pregnancy. This technique has been used by humans for thousands of years. There are also instances where some people use more than one method. As an example, some use condoms while using tablets. Anyone in the community can use any method. But should choose a method under the advice of a doctor. However, a considerable proportion of fertile people in society doesn’t have knowledge about this. This leed to have problems in some families.

  • Ladies, advice needed!! I’ve had the Kyleena for a little over 6 months now. Im getting it removed mainly because I’m just sick of having something sitting in my uterus, it’s kind of changed my sex life in a bad way, and I have irregular periods and extremely bad cramping. It might not help that I’m super tiny tho. So I have an appointment soon to get it taken out and I’m wondering what method I should switch to. I’m looking into something that can be more permanent. I’ve been on the pill and I didn’t necessarily like that. I’m either thinking about getting nexplanon or the depo shot. It seems like every time I watch a review video they are all horror story’s, so I want an honest opinion. So leave some suggestions ladies, it would be much appreciated.

  • Thank you to my implant for making me gain SO much weight, surround my arms with stretch marks, make me hungry all the time and most importantly have my period for a year and a half ������

  • Dear Birth Control,
    Thanks to you I can live my life.
    I missed so many moment because of my heavy period, terrible cramps and vomiting but not anymore because you’ve helped me. Thanks for also saving my wedding day and stopping Aunt Flo from crashing the party. I love you!!!!

  • was about to get the shot but after reading up on the novel of side effects i said fuck that shit, getting the implant in my arm now ��

  • Can some people share their opinion please, I have PCOS. When I was 16 I went a year without bleeding, I didn’t know what was going on. I finally got a period but when it came, it continued for almost a year. I got on depo and it made things even worse. Months later I’m still bleeding, and I tried the pills, it worked for maybe a month and I continued bleeding. October of 2019, I was having a period every month until December & I had no period. March of 2020 I got a period and haven’t stopped bleeding. So now I’m totally clueless to what I need to do, my blood-clots are kinda big sometimes, sometimes I’m in the shower dripping blood. I haven’t stopped bleeding since March of 2020. Does anyone have any ideas, tips or experienced the same?

  • I agree with the girl who said that the Depo shot made her gained weight and that it gave her acne because i experience the same thing, for 3 years i was 155_156 but got the shot for a year then i gained more than 20 pounds and i got really bad acne which I’m still struggling with. Now my dermatologist is going to put me on Accutane next month and of course i got off the shots for a year now and I’m hesitant about going on the pills.

  • Dear birth control, you’ve probably literally saved my life by keeping me from getting pregnant before I’m ready, and for empowering me enough to stop being ashamed of my natural sexuality. Getting on the right birth control (nuvaring over the pill) has saved me so many tears and anxiety. #thxbirthcontrol

  • I’ve only ever been on the pill, and I’ve already changed pill brands three times. I’ve been on Rigevidon, and that made me feel okay but I kept getting really bad acne. I changed to Yasmin because my mother decided at the time, ‘this pill is not helping her PMS!’, so I went on Yasmin and that made me feel anxious and depressed. Now I’m on Desogestrel, and this one is making me feel nauseous and giving me migraines all the time. I think Rigevidon worked for me, and I’m gonna try to go back on it now that I’m not living with my toxic mother.

  • VasDeBlock might be an alternative for men in the future:  no hormones, no surgery and reversible

  • I had to learn about birth control on my own. The only form of birth control I was taught about was the pill and condoms. I was the one to make an appointment to get an IUD four years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made!

  • At the moment I’m only using condoms, I’m honestly so terrified of all of this. I didn’t lose my virginity that long ago and when I did I went 4 months with late periods it scared me so bad (I was using condoms when I first started having sex). I was about to go get on birthcontrol and my insurance canceled which is just another step behind. I’ll probably have to go to the health department. I’ve have 4 pregnancy scares which turned out that I was just stressed, so stressed to the point that I was vomiting almost everyday. My boyfriend always wants to have sex and when I say no he gets all sad and shit which is honestly annoying, so I just get it over with. I’m honestly so scared of birthcontrol and sex. I don’t want to gain weight and get worse acne or make my hormones change it’s bad enough I’m already moody and I just don’t know what to do.

  • question i have painful periods and i can’t even get out of bed so i started birth control when i was 13 and it helped with my periods but i was very very busy and would be so exhausted i would forget or pass out before i could remember to take it so i talked to my mom since i stopped taking the birth control and the periods came back however even more painful where nothing works and everything was worse and i gave it time to get back on track but it never was so i’m currently (15) and looking for a birth control method that is either an implant type or shot but more for periods and also to prepare myself for sexual intercourse i’m scared to confront my mother about it even though she would be understanding about it i would be the youngest of my sisters to have birth control for other than period related reasons and i’m just not ready to be called out being the black sheep but i’ve been doing tons of research and i’m getting nowhere…… but i can’t go through this much pain much longer. so please if anybody had the patience to read this i need advice ASAP

  • Ok so how is the diva cup a form of birth control? And can someone tell me what the ring is that the girl in green was talking about?

  • Am I the only one that loves the combined birth control pill, I mean I ain’t pregnant and I have not experienced any bad side effects. I just don’t want girls to be scared of the pill, it’s been working great for me.

  • You call it “Family Planning” when you actually close the gates to pregnancy. Isn’t that a little bit hypocrisy?! Or a modern family does not require children…

  • Dear Birth Control.
    Pill You got me pregnant with my first
    Depo You got me pregnant with my second
    Nexplanon Please done get me pregnant!

  • Love this video and all the different experiences and options. I’m currently on the depo and my weight has sky rocketed, I thought it was me and my eating but after much research I think it’s not only me and my eating it may be the depo for sure! Considering another option right now.

  • For women who aren’t planning on having children I have a foolproof method that involves no pain, no cost and might possibly change your life in positive ways you never thought possible. Don’t have sex with men. Might sound like a crass thing to say but I read so many comments from young women who are not in relationships with men in physical pain & worry, is casual sex with men worth all that if you’re not trying to conceive? Think about it, do men need to go through what you go through? Masturbation is the answer.

  • I was on the depo shot but when it was coming to the end I bled for 23 days straight, never again. Then I went on the pill and the pill made me so emotional and crazy. I still have yet to find the right birth control for me.

  • I just started birth control literally today. I’ve been kinda prolonging it for the last year but the irregular periods, skin issues, and hormonal changes have just been a nightmare! I’m vegan and a naturalist so this really is not a fun experience. It’s going against everything I believe in on the naturalist tip. I just am really scared about gaining weight and the changes it’ll have on my body. I’m learning to love the body I in, but the fact that my body could possibly be changing constantly it’s just a lot.

  • I have to go on bc eventually because of health issues that run in my family I plan to go on it in 2 years but until then I wanna know everything

  • Sorry but abortion is NOT a form of birth control. The pope even said publicly that it’s literally child murder and is normally unjust, not right at all, and is beyond shameful and evil. I clearly don’t condone baby killing (abortion) either, so yeah.

  • Can any Nexplanon users share their experiences? Im currently on Depo and want to know if it is worth a try (even though I know all of our beautiful bodies are different)

  • If you looking for methods to have Birth Control then this video is for you. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you