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Common Potty Training Mistakes

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Potty Training Basics| Do’s vs. Don’ts

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The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

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Puppy Potty TrainingThe 4 Reasons It Isn’t Working Professional Dog Training Tips

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Yet there is a silver lining: knowing the most common potty training mistakes empowers you to avoid them. So, go ahead and sidestep the following: Mistake #1: Potty training too early. Potty training a child who is not ready is like teaching a puppy how to read; in other words, it’s pointless. 6 Common Potty Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making: Potty Training Mistakes #1: Not being consistent You can’t potty train over the weekend if you’re not going to head straight into the week with the same agenda. 5 Common Potty Training Mistakes.

Hurrying the puppy up. Just like us humans, even dogs do not like to be hurried during their restroom break. Most of our pets tend to gravitate at Not paying attention.

Getting angry in case of an accident. Taking the pet outside after the accident. Avoiding or.

The most common potty-training mistakes parents make is not getting the right fit of potty essentials for their children. The success of potty training your kid depends on the products you use. Using products that are not comfortable for the baby will make you fail miserably.

I have outlined a couple common potty training mistakes: #1 Rushing. This is an easy, and common, example of potty training mistakes we make. If your child is not ready, holding them onto the toilet seat or forcing them into underwear will be 100% counterproductive. Don’t. Do.

It. #2 Giving up is another common potty training mistake Sometimes it just feels easier to slap on a diaper and stick with what you know but it change is never easy. We often give up when things get hard. Well, let me tell you, potty training is hard, messy, and exhausting. Expect kids to miss, have accidents, throw a fit when being told to go.

Common Mistakes of Potty Training. Don’t Force the Issue. Make sure that your child is developmentally ready to use the potty before you start training. Typical signs of readiness Don’t Start Potty Training During a Time of Stress. Don’t Set.

While we have a program called Puppy Day Camp that is specifically designed just for potty training of young puppies, we’d like to discuss the 5 most common mistakes that dog owners make while trying to potty train their pups! Too Much Un-Earned Freedom. It’s the first instinct of the vast majority of puppy owners!Here are the most common mistakes parents make when potty training boys. Avoid these, and you will be well on your way to training success!

Potty Training Boys Trap #1: Starting Too Soon. Your Facebook friend announces to the world that her not-yet-two-year old daughter is completely potty trained—she even stays dry at night, that child potty prodigy!Lack Of Preparation. As with most things, which you probably already know if you’re a parent, being prepared is key.

Other than the obvious supply of wet wipes, etc., you might want to consider, for example, crib mattress protectors, a potty chair, wet/dry bags, an.

List of related literature:

Toilet training can be affected by a lack of knowledge of the parents and guardian of toilet training in general.

“Health Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities across the Lifespan” by I. Leslie Rubin, Joav Merrick, Donald E. Greydanus, Dilip R. Patel
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In addition, make sure you are teaching the learner to communicate in some manner when she needs to use the potty by pairing some form of communication with the potty trip.

“Evidence-Based Treatment for Children with Autism: The CARD Model” by Doreen Granpeesheh, Jonathan Tarbox, Adel C. Najdowski, Julie Kornack
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Expecting a potty novice to make it from one end of the house to the other or up or down a flight of stairs in time is probably asking too much.

“Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro” by Teri Crane, Philip Caravella
from Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro
by Teri Crane, Philip Caravella
Touchstone, 2006

Within a month or two, Lucas was schedule trained for urination, and we were thrilled.

“The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders” by Mary Lynch Barbera, Tracy Rasmussen
from The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders
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Even so, these steps should be encouraged along with daytime training, and stressed even more after he’s routinely using the potty.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
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One of the major tasks of toddlerhood is toilet training.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
from Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book
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Prior to starting, I read a 32-page e-book detailing do’s and don’ts for proven potty training success.

“NIV, Bible for Women, eBook: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today's World” by Angela Scheff, Shauna Niequist, Zondervan,
from NIV, Bible for Women, eBook: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World
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Share the main points of your potty-training plan: Timing is everything.

“Potty Training For Dummies” by Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist
from Potty Training For Dummies
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When to begin toilet training is a perennial question of parents.

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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Toilet training takes time and accidents can occur, especially if the child is engrossed in play.

“Nursing Knowledge and Practice E-Book” by Maggie Mallik, Carol Hall, David Howard
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  • Hi! I have a new pomeranian puppy. He is 13 weeks old. I have a grass pad that he uses occasionally. I reward him every time that I see him use it, and it’s been very difficult to see the cue he gives when he pees… he got up from his nap and peed in my sister’s room, luckily I caught him in action and brought him to the pad, but that’s not usually the case. I would show you a picture of the set up I have, but I’m don’t think I can. But i have his crate and a bed in his crate. The crate door stays open becuase I have the grass pad right in front of it. Then I have a gate that goes around the pad and attaches to the gate. The gate has a side door and on that side I have a foldable playpen that has his water/food bowls in it. He doesn’t have accidents in there, he’ll go to the pad. (I PROMISE I BRING HIM OUTSIDE REGULARLY, at least twice a day). How can I remind him to go to the pad instead of wandering off and relieving himself elsewhere?

  • We have a pretty big problem over here:( I have adopted a puppy from the street and he has used to go outside and do this stuff, but our vet told us that it not safe to go outside until we finish with the vaccines. Zak is 5 months old and for the last couple of weeks, we are trying to train him to go to the potty but with no success. Last week we have traveled to our house outside the city and for a couple of days he got used to being outside again and do his stuff, but we are back at the apartment now and I know that this confuses him a lot and we will start from the beginning with the training. Could you please give me some advice, because I’m sure that he is really confused right now and he doesn’t know where is the proper place for him to do his job even if I’m trying to win him with treats.:(

  • I have a new 2 month puppy that keeps choosing the same room to poop in. I take her out right after her feeding but she does not do anything and after coming back inside, has her accident in that same room which is the last room I want her to have an accident in.

  • I have a new rescue pup and his mother. ��‍♀️ Where do I start?! She. Chooses who she likes, tears up her dog bed and the puppy is a mess master. He will go out and pee/poop but come in and want to do it again. I stay vigilent but dont always grab him in time. Not sure how old he is, I assume roughly 8 to 9 weeks. Is this too early

  • My 4 month old french bulldog just wont poop outside, it’s already difficult to get him to pee outside but he still hasn’t attempted to poop outside I wonder if he’s scared??

  • I think we made a mistake in crate training. Our puppy had no problem with the cno longer rate when we first brought her home, but now she longer will go in it without hesitation.

  • Wow very helpful, our puppy has been home just a few days going potty outside but now that he sees we have a big backyard he’s been exploring taking longer to pee and poop! I take him if he doesn’t thinking I’ll take him back out in a few minutes but then he has an accident. Love your advice about staying planted in one spot

  • Tried everything, still sometimes potty around the house, tried talk to him nisely but no help, hit him once and the dog does not putty there anymore. What do you think should i continue this method

  • I have a 6 weeks old Beagle. He keep pooping everywhere. I put a pet pad, but how do I train him to go there instead of everywhere?

  • My puppy is 15 weeks old. She is amazing during the day and uses a bell or barks at the door to tell us she needs to potty. Our house is set up where the entire middle level is puppy safe and vinyl floors so at night we let her have free rein on that level. The issue is almost every single morning I wake up to at least one piddle and a few poops. Even though she goes out every single night around 11 and I am up by 7 at the latest every morning. What can I do!?!?! Help

  • My good grief. Blah blah blah get to the point. You are pushing dog probiotics. Rediculous. Talk talk talk so long! I feed my dog health raw food diet. She always manages to avoid any fruit or vegetables. She loves offal. She loves olive oil and coconut oil. It is very affordable which I’m sure your dog food is not. If you really loved dogs you would make it affordable. It’s always about the money. Isn’t, it! always. Hypocrite

  • My dog is potty trained to go outside. However, I also want to train him to go inside during bad weather but he refuses and would hold until we let him out. That could be 12 hours. I even bought the spray “go here” to mimic the smell but he wouldn’t go. Please help! How can I train him to go inside when needed? Thanks.

  • I have 2 dogs. One is a 4yr old male Cavapoo. The other is a female is a 6yr old Cockapoo. They were potty trained & now lately are going in the house. I walk them every day. They know commands. They have a routine. Iv confined them bit still having the same issues. Should I start from scratch & crate them again? Can I put them in a crate together that is alil bigger? How long can I crate them for

  • My puppy used to live outside, so potty training has been a struggle since she thinks she can go whenever and wherever she wants. Any tips for that?

  • Hi! I just have quick question. I got my doberman when he Was 12weeks. Je still makes mistake in the house. I take him out every 1.5 hr on leash so he can go potty. I tried putting bell on the door and say potty everytime I take him out. He doesn’t have any sign when he wants to go potty. He is now 19weeks. Any suggestion please??

  • My puppy was constantly going on her puppy pad and now she will pee anywhere. On the couch a lot! And I’m getting really frustrated because she’s 8 months old now and it’s a total regression! Should I begin the crate training process again? I feel bad because now she in her kennel from 7am to 4pm

  • My 6 month old puppy pees in the house every time someone leaves even if someone else is still home. We literally take her out every hour and a half and reward her for peeing outside. If she does pee in the house and we catch her we immediately make a loud noise and take her outside then reward the outside potty break. She is STILL going in the house. We had her to the vet and nothing medical is wrong with her. Any suggestions?

  • My beagle puppy is 2nd half months old and he had already learned where to do pee and potty. But since last few days he is doing pee in all over the house.

  • Question regarding reason #1. How long is my puppy supposed to be in her crate everyday? I only put her in the crate if I have to leave or at bed time. With that said, my puppy is out of her crate 2/3rds of the day 10pm-6am.

  • You are addressing what we did wrong today in our potty training and play time sessions….thank you for this video! Especially the one after a play session.

  • How long until I would no longer need the crate? Until I can just let her be freely around the house. I have a 10 month dachshund and she was doing well but it seems like she stopped and now I have to start over with training.

  • So how do I let the dog know it’s not okay to pee certain places? I let him out every hour and he STILL pee on the living room carpet ����‍♀️ he has literally done it ten minutes after I let him out. Another tome I opened the door and said “let’s go potty” and he squatted and pee’d right then even though he was less than 2 feet away from the open door ��

  • My pup hates cold and wind. She does ask to go outside and doesn’t go in her crate. She absolutely loves her potty place on the porch(I’m in second floor apartment). It’s a Turf grass and plastic pan. So far it’s working for when it’s raining or when I was too cold and she was too small to get outside to potty. She is 11weeks now. Do you think this will hender any further potty training? I almost think I could train her to use the toilet. She has gone to it when she has had to go before and whined. Lmao!

  • Jimmy you are a wonderful trainer, and you teaching your dog in Polish if im catching up the words right:) wonderful. Im from Hungary, so my dog understands hungarian and english. Please keep up the good work you are wonderful, make more videos please.

  • I have been following your great advice, but my puppy seems to need to pee all the time. we limit water, but she is having a lot of accidents inside. Any other tips to share would be most welcome..

  • My dog ive had him for awhile never was potty trained he always peed on the carpet. I have been taking him out every hour and he pees. I need to watch him when I get inside or else he will pee. Is there anything else I can do to help him get potty trained????

  • Hello McCann dog training, I need your help.
    I have a male French bulldog that is 9 months. I’ve had him since he was 8wks. I also have a female French bulldog that is 7 months old, and I’ve had her since she was 6wks old. It has got to the stage where I leave the backdoor open all night so they will go outside to the toilet. However if I bring them inside and close the door because I have to go out. Guaranteed when I come home they will have wet and mucked.
    Other people I know that have French bulldogs say they are really difficult to house train. I’m hoping you will tell me their wrong and I’m just missing out on something. I’ve had dogs in my life since I was 13 years old so I’ve never been without a dog since that age, and I have never had a problem with house training before. However I’m now 38 and this is the first time I have had French bulldogs. From day one I had them in crates. Even with nothing in the crate with them. They still wet and mucked in the crate. I gave up on the crate and went to puppy pads by the back door. They would use the pads and go every where else. Leaving the back door open is all well and good as long as it’s not raining. However when I go out I can’t do this. This is the last straw. If you cannot help I don’t know what I can do. I want them inside with me but until they can be trusted I can’t do that. I’m constantly watching them And I’m exhausted.
    Please help me, or rather help them.

  • Hi there. We just adopted a dog. We were told hes never had accidents inside the house and he will cry at the door if he needs to go toilet. When we brang him home yesterday he didn’t have any accidents. I been opening the doors and letting him out to do his business. However today he decided to pee in our kitchen by our coffee table after sniffing on it. He did this 2 times now. Not sure why

  • So I can’t watch my puppy 24/7. But I don’t want to leave her in the crate either. How do I work around this while doing dishes or watching my toddler?

  • Great video, but my problem is my 11 months old shih tzu is now scared to go outside to do her business (potting) in fact I can’t hardly get her out of the backdoor. I need some help!!! Thank you

  • Lol, what about when you have two litter mates and you live on the second floor of the house, and they haven’t learned yet how to go up and down the stairs on their own? I can’t carry 2 puppies up and down the stairs because they get really heavy even at such a young age. (I’m a retired woman).

  • He does great for months and then he doesn’t I leave the back door open and He starts going even when the door is open. He is a 2 year old Maltese.

  • Love these tips & have been watching a few of your videos. My 8 week old puppy has her blanket in my room she lays on and her krate she sleeps in at night. After napping I took her to pee & she refused to go, i waited, waited waited. Nothing. So i put her in her krate that is size appropriate for her and she pooped & peed ON her bed with in about 4 minutes that I walked away. Ive been at this all day cleaning up after her and for the last week and finally had a breakdown ��

  • We live in a hot climate but come night time it’s very cold (0 degrees). What would you suggest we use if we shouldn’t use blankets?

  • my puppy only weighs 2.5 lbs (he’s about 10 weeks) and his harness nor his collar can stay on, so how do i keep him attached to me by lead? any tips?

  • my dog is one year old and still has accidents in the house every once in a while. I take her out every 3-4 hours and she will usually go pee 3 times, but once we come back into the house she sometimes go pee. What should i do to stop her from going pee right after coming back inside? Also she does not go pee or poo in her crate at all. (Love your video!)

  • I’ve been doing all of this as well as i can but as soon as my puppy pees and poops outside, i praise him and we go inside and then he pees again inside. He pees for like 3 seconds but it’s in random places. it’s so frustrating.

  • Thank you. I was definitely making mistakes that you addressed. Now that I know what I’m doing wrong I can start doing it right and see if it works.

  • Been loving these videos! Very educational! I’m trying to do my research prior to committing to adopting a 2-4years old rescue dog. How is crate training and potty training different for new dogs versus puppies? Can you or should you put a dog bed in there crate in the beginning for non-puppies? Thank you for all the awesome training tips!

  • I rescued my dobie at 8 months, shes 14 months old now, shes slept on my bed every night since I’ve had her, but only gets separation anxiety if I dont comfort her before I leave and leave my top I wore the night before for her to sleep on even if she wont be alone, they love us so much.

  • My dog doesn’t piss he just poops been taking him out but he won’t poop but he will piss every time then wait till I leave to poop in his cage

  • Mine is killing me. I have champion/working German Shepherds one potty trained in a week and Im on day 3 of this little girl. I havent slept in 3 days I wake up every 2 hours to let her out and she still manages to pee or poop in her kennel before the nights done. She cant even be in the house walking around she’ll pee and we’ll let her in and not even 10 minutes later she’ll pee.

  • New puppy parent here 1st pet ever. I have pretty much potty trained my puppy (4 months) to let us know when she needs to go outside, but we also need to train her to go indoors. We take her a lot of places with us, or we have so far, and when she is not in our home element/yard that she is used too she has a hard time going and sometimes we are away for a week or so. My thought is if i can get her to go indoors on a pad she can go anywhere i put the pad down. Does those potty training scent attractant sprays work for this? Am I making any sense here?

  • Use the puppy apartment. 1st week a few mistakes especially after rigorous playing, mostly urination, she has been going into apartment on her own 90% of time, anticipates treat as reward. We reward her with small pieces of Turkey. We expect the occasional mistake, but her overall success rate is more than we thought possible. After giving reward we continue to train her to sit using Turkey rewards. Nine weeks old and has learned sit command. She is a pretty Westie sometimes stubborn. We purchased your book and follow your videos. Good job.

  • i have a 6 month old female boxer mix that we got when she was 8 weeks old. she is STILL having accidents in the house. for the first couple months i always took her out and used the clicker and gave her a treat when she did her business. she has gotten a lot better but she still has an accident or 2 most days. sometimes she goes a few days with no accidents. it seems like she knows she isnt suppose to go in the house because she always sneaks away into another room to do it. i have very rarely actually SAW her have an accident. its really frustrating….she is ruining my floors. my other dog is a 3 year old black lab mix and we got him at 2 months and he was fully potty trained in like a week and hasn’t went in the house since.

    whats the deal with this one? do i need to back track my training?

  • I have a large porch that’s connected to a fenced yard where my puppy is suppose to pee. Instead she rather go on the porch. How do I stop that?

  • I found your video helpful and will try this immediately. I have a puppy that constantly wants to eat grass while outside. What do you suggest for that. It is very bothersome. I see where I have been making errors already. Can’t wait to let you know how it goes. Thank you for the great videos.

  • Thank you! I have a 15 week old Chiweenie and he still has several accidents inside in his playpen daily. I learned today a few things I am doing wrong. Edit: I have been working on this for three HOURS now. He just does NOT want to poop when I take him out! Pee, no problem and in the past pooping was no problem. But for some reason he’s getting to where he only wants to poop in his playpen. (He only gets out with us in one room a few times a day, otherwise he’s in a playpen or crate until he’s grown)

  • My 6 mouth old pup will not poop outside he will pee but not poop. But today I tried to catch him before he did anything I did but now he won’t poop in the house or outside….Help my doggie will not poop I think I scared him so how do I tell him it ok

  • im haveing trouble me my red healer with potty training he’ll start out doing good but then he’ll start having accidents in the house for a whole week and he goes from being outside to his kennel will have a little play time but I don’t know what else to do with him maybe you can give me some pointers

  • Thanks again John with the Information and tips. Should I start potty training to my pup out in the grass as well in the dogs pads at the apartment from the beginning? Since I live in a high rise building, not sure when to take out and when to train at home as well.

  • We have 2 Five month French bulldogs. The boy is doing pretty well at potty training. But the girl is not, we take them out at all the right times. She will still randomly go, even if we just took her out. We are at a loss on getting her potty trained.

  • My dog had poopies… Awkward question; how do you stop ur puppy from eating his own poo? (His Mother taught him n they’re both still living wid me.) Th pineapple trick hasn’t worked either…

  • Still not sure what to do next? Here is a Puppy Potty Training playlist that may answer some of your questions:
    Happy Training! Ken

  • Our pug is 10 months old and still prefers to pee in the house, we will try putting him on a lead and following these instructions thank you

  • We have three places the puppy (now 16 weeks old) may pee (and poo) and receive praise: the pee pads upstairs, the pee pads downstairs, and in the yard. He has done pretty well up until this week. We believe it is because we have become too comfortable with him and not paying enough attention to his behaviors. However, we have noticed in the pat few days he seems to pee more frequently. We will keep an eye on this increased frequency and visit the vet if it continues.

  • My puppy is 5 months old and she refuses to potty train. We can be outside all and as soon as she comes in the house she will use the bathroom. There have been other times when I will stand out there with her for almost an hour and all she will do it sit there and stare at me or lay down. She won’t poop in front of anyone neither. The only times that I have gotten her to poop outside is when I had her tied out there. She also ALWAYS pees a little when she gets excited. I’ve done the crate thing and everything. We take her straight outside and on the way out she will be excited and pee on her way out. She’s not the only one in her litter that won’t potty train neither. Everyone that got one from the litter is having the same problems. I have resorted to having her wear a diaper when she’s in the house and even with that she still will hold it everytime I take her out and when she comes in she will use the bathroom in the diaper. I have NEVER had a puppy that was this hard to potty train.

  • I found a pee pad with fake grass on it! It worked with my dachshund! We used pee pads and she ripped them up, but with the grass pee pad she got used to the grass under her paws.

  • We had weeks of success with my four month old Sheltie. We went on a vacation and we had to bring our dog with us too, we gave him a lot of opportunity and he did well, but now that we got back home it’s like day one. He peed inside 3 times in one hour even though I brought him outside 4 times in that hour becouse he wouldn’t want to go outside..
    My question is should I do the potty training process all over again with reducing the amount of space he gets or is it enough to watch him closely and bting him out every hour?

  • Hi my puppy is pretty much wee wee pad trained but she walks and poops leaving a long trail of poop, what can I do to stop this habit?

  • My puppy is 5 months old and still isn’t peeing out side I’ll take her out and she pees and poops in my room and I have puppy training pads down and she peeps on them sometimes and then doesn’t I need help please ��

  • Great video like always! Thank you so much for all the tips. I am preparing a designated area on my backyard, should I keep it normal with just soil and some grass (like the area you are on at the end of this video), or what do you think about putting something like pea gravel? I’ve read positive reviews on that and maybe it would help our puppy differentiate it from the rest of the patio, but not sure if she would then get used to that texture and have trouble going on the grass when we are out somewhere. Thank you!!

  • My dog knows how to pee outside as no more accidents but why dose he keep shiting in my house in his crate nothing i do will get him to quit and its at the point where I am really considering getting rid of him i dont want to but I really am at my breaking point

  • I have a 12 weeks or Pomeranian Yorkey mix I live in a building so I initially started doing P pads just to help with getting him a custom to going on the pad. Now I started the outside training and he doesn’t do anything at all outside. I was outside for two hours the other day he did nothing but played and got excited about everything that’s happening around him. As soon as I brought him inside he Pee and poo on the floor. I need some help and direction the best way to potty train my puppy.

  • I’m having a issue training our puppy. Once we take him out of the crate and walk him outside. He stands on the porch and pee and hates going outside to pee but he poops outside. I’m so confused

  • My puppy is about 18 weeks old and the woman we adopted her from pee pad trained her. We have done the process where we shifted the pad to the door, now she goes to the front door and pees on the pad there. In the mornings the first thing I do is take her straight out, we live in an area with very little grass, but she will poop on some gravel we have out front, but no pee! Throughout the day I keep an eye on her, take her out every hour, after meals, playing and naps and she will still not pee outside. HELP!

  • Hey I just got a English bulldog puppy a month ago and he is learning slowly but he’s still having accidents in the house, please I need some advice

  • This channel is Too underrated for the content it puts. should be 500K subs by now. Maya be as some stated on the channel “Doberman Planet” sounds like a breeder or some generic name… U may find some name reflecting Personal connection and affection.

  • I have had my 6 month old basset hound American foxhound mix for 4 days and she has only gone to the bathroom outside twice I’ve tried everyoneof your tips and nothing has worked she just goes outside and sniffs and sits down I dont know what else to do

  • I took in a puppy that was found on the street. I live in an apartment and have a male that strictly uses potty pads. Coco the new girl peed on the pad right away but also pees everywhere else now. This is not my first puppy and my first never had this problem. I need some help here this time. Please!!

  • Im sure there are other training methods out there that work great, but this is exactly our method as well that we have used for many years and you are so spot on with all your advice.:) Fantastic video!

  • I need help �� i take my pup out alot and most of the time she just stands there and wont poop. She does pee and im outside for 20-30 mins at a time with same results and soon as we get inside she poops! HELP ME

  • Is there any difference in teaching a dog potty training/crate training versus a puppy. We just rescued a 4 year old that hasn’t been trained. Thank you!

  • My dogo is about 7 months now but I can’t take em outside because I live in a apartment complex that doesn’t allow dogs to do their business outside, how can I potty train him indoors without him going under the bed?

  • I just got a new dog today it was a suprise so we bought everything for them today I got the brother and sister they are malti poo

  • i have 2 min pins trained to use a litter box i put only or unwanted mail and news paper in it and they potty on female minpin is still alive and as always uses it i had that dog 14 years so it works well for us..i wish i could have her clone this dog..she is my baby

  • Hi, I just started watching your how to train your dog video’s and so far they are great. It was recommended to me because I am having issues with potty training my 4 month old Bully X. You talk about Pet Flow frequently so I was wondering, are they US based? If so, is there a similar store in Canada? Thank you for all your time with the video’s. Carolyn

  • Dobermans are the smartest I got to a point all I has to do was ask. I would say do you want to go outside and she would get excited and happy running around and if she didn’t want to go outside she would give me a look like if i was stupid lol

  • I also came up with that idea with my first dog back in ’79. I would walk him to the back corner of the yard to go potty, and from there my mom never had a problem with my dog.

  • I got my toy/min poodle puppy two weeks ago. He’s 10 weeks today. I’ve been consistent about potty training and he hasn’t had an accident in the house in about a week and has never had an accident in his crate at all,, but I don’t think he’s “getting it.” Like I think he would go in the house if I wasn’t vigilant about it. At what age can I expect to see him start to understand that he has to go outside to go to the bathroom? He is very good about going almost right away so I think he understands that part of it.

  • Hi everyone, I’m having a fundraiser to save my puppy by raising money for her treatment! Please share and contribute! Her life means everything but I’m a broke college student.

  • Can you please concentrate more on the video and in helping us rather than promoting you advertisers and brands throughout half of your video

  • My puppy does great throughout the day, whenever I take him out he doe his business but the problem is at night. I wake up with atleast 4 poos and pee everywhere. How can I stop this? Im feeding him at 7, then noon then around 5 everyday. Kibble in the morning and then wet food throughout the day. Can anyone help?

  • For two years I had problems with potty training my Newfie mix puppy. It was a nightmare and there were times when I would cry from frustration and really considered finding a new home for him. I just accepted the fact that he would never be potty trained until one day he stopped having accidents. I don’t know what switched on his brain. But life is so much better now. We’re getting a new puppy on two weeks so hopefully all goes well.

  • Hey I live in Miami Florida. I want to make sure I get a puppy that’s European and healthy. Where do you recommend I look? How much should I be spending on a male or female?

  • So what do I wanna this week I just got a little time in the day I got a couple things to go bye and then I wanna is a time for you to come home I got a lot going on my grad party and then I’ll be there uuuuu7uujuu

  • My puppy is 8 months old and is pad trained. We live in an apartment with no balcony. I don’t know how to stop him peeing on his corner on his mat and start asking to go outside. I found it very difficult. Please help!

  • How do you stop your Dobie puppy from biting you and other objects in the house? I’ve tried giving her toys to chew on and I’ve tried say “No” in a firm tone. I also haven’t been able to take her outside because I have to wait two more weeks before she gets her last vaccine. So is that maybe a factor as to why she biting everything?

  • My pee/poop command was hurry up. People think you’re a wizard because you can get your dog to pee on command. Of course my dobie was super hard headed.

  • I have a new dog I got him yesterday and honestly I felt like a new mom like I can’t sleep because I always have to watch over him because I’m afraid he’s going to pee in the house and my mom is not really a dog person so if he pees she’ll get really upset so it’s like and your mom having to be there in left and right lack of sleep I’m like super tired right now the sentence probably doesn’t even make sense.

  • Okay I highly disagree when you say not to show the puppy the pee. You shouldn’t shove her nose in it but showing her that it’s wrong? Yes

  • I like the two hour rule, after feeding, playing and napping. Walk your puppy often, it stimulates marking and their internal organs. Lots of short walks as early as possible. I use a martingale collar on their lead and only put it on when they are going outside. This is another stimulus. I live in a pretty cold climate in the winter and I find the quick command really useful. I also find keeping a coat on hand is really a great signal that it is going to be one of those times a quickie is going to be necessary. I have a smooth standard dachshund and the coat isn’t necessary until -23C.
    I use praise after and I use encouraging words for the quick pee or quick poop before. I use a food reward after they have done their business.
    I learned the hard way, to wait a full year before spaying. They need to have enough estrogen to properly close their sphincter muscles. This really reduces UTI’s and submissive urination.

  • i am waiting to buy a amerian male doberman puppy in our place in india kerala,he is now 5 months old you have any reccomendations for me,i have 2 children aged 6 and 12 any problem i buy this dog,pls replay me, thank you

  • I’ve watched videos where they say not to take ur puppy out if you can till they are at least 16/18 weeks. I had a puppy that got parvo and I don’t want this one to get it.

  • “Developes a texture preference”… dog goes on my carpet, my hardwood, the sidewalk, the grass, the dirt, her pee pads, and everything else you can possibly imagine in this world.

  • How do you potty train a dog that lives in an apartment tho? Can dopermans live in an apartment given they are adequately exercised and stimulated during the day??

  • My dog slept with me in my bed for 16 years… never had an accident and would wake me up if he had to go… This kid is total a total joke unsubscribed


  • I’ll be looking for more videos by you. Hope you have videos to show how to get the dog to ask to go out, and basic leash training, etc. Great video!

  • When you see the smile of Contentment on a sleeping puppy. That’s when you know your doing it right! I am so proud to be a donor/helper for this worthy cause. The smile on that sweet puppy Minks face warmed my heart like no other. I’m so happy their doing so well! God Bless you Eldard, Laura and all those who help to care for the animals. 3:38

  • Question: During the puppy phase onlyhas anyone used a sodded grass section on their patio for the pup to relieve themselves late at night? This isn’t about being lazy. If my pup should have to go in the middle of the night, I would have to walk down the steps from my door and walk to the street corner for the first patch of grass. Wouldn’t a pup have already “let go” by then? This would be something only for night time needs as a pup. Assuming all other outings during the day stay as scheduled-Has anyone tried that and was it a good idea?

  • Hi! I believe this is for training very young pups? Does this also apply in my case where we got a 5-month old doberman pup from a previous caretaker or do you have specific advice for a case like this? He’s been with us for three days now and he’s had a couple of accidents now in his crate. Thanks in advance!

  • Something I would do is spread your furniture equally across the room instead of just one cluster. You have to go all the places and make them sit with you in all the places. Then they will think of the entire house as their den.

  • For the first week… If the puppie’s going to cry throughout the night then how do we differentiate that he/she is not crying to go to pee or potty.

  • Unsolicited advice: You give some of the best general dog advice I’ve seen on the tube. Calling your channel “Doberman Planet” might limit your potential audience. I saw your channel by mistake but since the first time I have came back for more help for my non Doberman pup. Excellent pet dog guidance.

  • i live in a large apartment, but an apartment nonetheless. I’m thinking about getting a puppy but the only way to potty train a puppy to go outside is to take them all the way downstairs and then outside which would take about two minutes. how should i make a potty cue or get the puppy to outside in time?

  • I have been watching your videos trying to get ready for our new puppy that will be here in a few months. But I have one question for you about potty training. What should you do if you puppy has accident in the house. I have heard to many different things. Stick their nose in it and tell them no or wrong. I just want to no you advise? Please help.

  • Pads not working on my dog why?? She potty everywhere and anytime, i dnt have backyard i live in apartment, it is imposible to take out her everytime, what to do?? I tried training to do poty in the bathroom but it is not happening. Please help. I have one labradore 5 months and rottweiler 3 months.

  • Hi. Last week, I adopted two adorable 8-week-old Dobie sibling puppies, Raphael and Gabby. Raphael originally was the outstanding student in potty training, but now Gabby gets it either outside or on the potty pad almost every time. I take them both outside to the newly created potty pit and while originally Raphael would go, he now just lies down and looks at me. I bring him in and he promptly poops on the floor, not even on the potty pad. (He gets the pee part down OK). I suspect he’s jealous of Gabby jumping ahead of him on my lap and most of the time, he walks away if he’s on my lap and she jumps in. Is it possible he’s popping in protest of losing some attention to Gabby? I’m convinced he knows what to do because in the first few days, he was doing it. Help!

  • Thank you, I just adopted this little guy yesterday and I wasn’t sure what breed he was until I started watching your videos. But he has certain behaviors, and your tips are helping already. Thank you. Subscribed.

  • I have a Dachshund that I cannot or the life of get house broken. He is now 1 and still going to the bathroom where ever he wants. If I have to leave the house he is peeing on my bed��. I have started cratering him when I leave. I take him out immediately when I get home he will use the bathroom outside and still come in and pee on my bed. I need to fix this problem ASAP!!

  • During the day i let my puppy snuggle with me in bed but at night I make him sleep in the crate, is that alright or am I doing it wrong?

  • Great content! I’m struggling with a stubborn Doberman puppy and I’ve done everything in this video and she’s still using the bathroom in the house. Any suggestions?

  • Hi John! We just got a 8 week old Doberman and we started his potty training and it was going well. But recently he has started to pee in his play pin and anytime we have him in a restricted area like our kitchen. He is constantly peeing without sniffing or showing any signs of having to go potty. We are constantly taking him out but its not working. What tips would you suggest for us? Thank you!

  • I don’t have a Doberman but what I did to potty train my dog, was too take him out every time on schedule. Soon, he got used to going to the backdoor to go outside so now he just goes to the backdoor and looks at me when he needs to go.

  • My puppy is 9 months. she goes to the door when she needs to go outside and I let her out IMMEDIATELY!!! I try to take her out ever 2-3 hours. typically she sleeps throughout the night but recently she’s been waking up at some point at night to take a poo in the corner of my room. I have tried setting an alarm to take her out during the middle of the night but when I wake up there lies a poop in my room �� on top of that the last two nights she decided to DIG at it! Like what the heck! Very frustrating to see little poops EVERYWHERE in the carpet. I need advice because she is crate trained when I leave the house but overnight she CRIES and CRIES! She’s never had this problem but the only thing I can think of at this point is to crating her overnight:/ any suggestions?

  • Hi my puppy is over 1 year old right now. When she was very little she would go potty on the pads but when she discovered she could go outside, she never went on the pads anymore. We want her to go on the pads because we don’t wanna worry about always taking her out to go to the washroom (we want her to just go on the pad when she wants). We need some tips because we don’t know what to do she keeps wanting to ring the bells and go outside. ��

  • If the pee mats work, that would be a great way to potty train them. Just have the do their thing somewhere in the house where it’s manageable.

  • so, I have a question I might be getting a puppy soon and I was wondering what is the best way to potty train them. You see I’ve never owned a puppy let alone a dog so this is all new to me and I wanna do the best I can for the little one and learn all I can before getting a puppy, thank you for your time!

  • my puppy is 7 months old and i understand she cant hold it so i take her every 2 hours and well stay for more than an hour shell do her business outside but come back inside and do it again its really frustrating to deal with..

  • Looking to get a dobie after raising champion hunt golden retrievers..both my Golden’s would go to the bathroom on the edge of my yard in the woods by just scooping their poop and putting it where I wanted them to go. It didn’t take long and never any bombs in my acre and a half yard

  • Sigh. My puppy is too anxious to go outside, but he’s happy and energetic inside our house. Puppy pads don’t work too. I don’t know what to do.

  • We just “had” our 3rd Dobe baby, and he’s a BABY 8weeks old, our brilliant and beautiful Kane. Despite previous experience& training we’ve learned SO MUCH from you and your videos. Thank you SO MUCH.

  • Can I train my puppy to go outside in a designated spot outside mostly and on a turf potty on our deck for the middle of the night and for bad weather? Or will it confuse her?

  • Anybody else’s dog think the backyard is to play and the house is to pee? This is tough lol

    Edit: he got the hang of it so quickly:) hang in there guys your dog is smarter than you think

  • Having trouble crate training my 16 week dobi puppy. In the last 2-3 weeks it seems that she has the hang of going potty outside, but at night in her crate she almost always has accidents. I’ve limited water at night, but she still seems to go in her crate every night. Any tips?

  • I trained my boy to urinate or poop when I asked him to. My little Spoodle does it now too. I started by just naming what they were doing and the praising them. Now I can ask her by saying ‘will you do a poop please,’ she has a sniff, then it happens. It helps with car rides and excitement if they are asked to go beforehand. I’ve had no accidents. Thank you for the great info.

  • hi I’m thinking to get a doberman for my next dog do you think a female would be less aggressive and easier to train than a male dog.

  • I’m about to start potty training with my twins again (both boys, 3 in February). We just moved across the country two months ago, but prior to that they were doing a decent job with it. My fear is that we have all carpet here �� At our previous house we had all hard wood and it was so easy to clean up messes. I’m terrified to say the least. And I have been putting it off since we got here. I also have a 6 month old. I dont know what I’m going to do…

  • My puppy has learned a lot about self control…however, he keeps jumping the blocks to the upstairs and trashing shoes, garbage cans, and more. Help!

  • Omg do I remember the cries. Drives me crazy. Lol. I got a min pin for my high school daughter and told her it was her responsibility even at night. Now of course I heard everything and she came to me for help then I heard her crying so I stepped in and moved kennel to my room. But yes these dogs will learn and does help a lot later on.

  • I have tried treats with my doberman and still nothing.. he has a terrible whine that he does and then pees.. i am super nervous thinking i may not be able to handle this type of breed.. i know it is about patience, but still, i have pee pads everywhere

  • Puppy was trained on potty pads but for some reason stopped peeing on pads but on floor and won’t go for me if I’m watching. Don’t know how to correct the problem?

  • I have a new puppy that belonged to someone else. She is 4.5 months old. Which should I do first, potty train or crate train or both at the same time

  • I’m thinking of getting a Doberman puppy in the near future but I’ll be working as well. So I’ll be away during the day, there would be someone in the house to feed the puppy but they won’t be interacting with it much. Would you advise against getting the puppy in such a situation?

  • We have been bringing our puppy outside at regular times through out the day and although she does pee it is immediately when we exit the front door. She also seems to get very stressed outside and wants to get back in the house as much as possible

  • My puppies will go outside when we take them and on pads when they are down but they will also go right in front of us in the house if there is no pad down. We trying to get rid of the pads in the house and having a really hard time. They are not showing us the signs or we’re missing their signs that they need to go to the bathroom. Help!

  • My mom always puts the puppy’s face in the mess and when I tell her why it’s wrong she just tells me that she knows how to have a dog because she has had a lot.But she sucks with dogs. What do I do?

  • Man I just found your channel a few days ago, and I can’t stop watching your videos, I almost see all.
    Don’t stop it! Make more videos!

  • My dog is going in her kennel at night. I switched to a smaller kennel and I remove water around 7 p.m. she just lays in it and doesn’t bark. nothing I’ve done has helped! I cannot get this dog potty trained. I don’t know what to do she’s about a year and a half nowI’ve never had a dog do thisall of my dogs potty trained right away

  • i’m glad i already knew these things! though i’ve never used pee pads with with any animals except i used them under water bowls for ferrets cuz they liked tip the bowls. thankfully, my gsd came to us potty trained. she seemed to know to cry at the door when she had to potty. i was surprised and relieved

  • Is it to late to crate train your puppy my puppy is 3months. and I started crate training and she starts crying a lot. Which makes me feel bad but she keeps on having accidents around the house. I tried to make a schedule of when she should go out. I am working from home so it makes it a bit more difficult. SOS! lol please

  • I don’t even know how to start potty training. My in-law keeps pressuring me to start but I don’t think my 2 yr old son is ready yet. What should I look for as an indicator that he is ready?

  • I’ve watched many potty videos and they all seem to discuss peeing, but not pooping. My 13 week cockapoo never poops in the same place he pees and we end up walking around until he goes. Any tips on getting him to take care of both in the same area?

  • My son started potty training right after his first birthday. At first I would have him sit in front of the tv with snacks on the potty and I would cheer every time he did “something ” weather it was a fart a giggle or anything! Also my hubby and I would let him come in whenever we used the bathroom and eventually we put him in big boy underwear at 15 months so he could get used to it. His favorite thing to do is to be naked. So eventually he associated potty time with taking off clothes so after that it was potty time ALLL the time. At about 20 months he was fully potty trained, we use the big potty always. (Also we use the big potty because we moved and I lost the little potty ��������) as far as accidents go we play it by situation. So, if he stands in front of us and doesn’t say anything we will fuss at him and tell him “you know better than that big boy” and when he is playing or napping and has an accident we tend not to fuss because we know he is two and does not always stop playing to use the potty or wake up in the middle of his sleep. He is now two and still fully potty trained with occasional accidents on long car rides. I also let family and baby sitters know not to put a diaper on him during the potty training phase so that my son did not regress

  • I definitely recommend the book “Everybody Poops”. My daughter was the same way with being afraid to go poop on the potty. After reading the book several times, and talking about it, she SLOWLY started picking it up, and lost the fear. I say slowly, just because it probably took about 9 months before she was fully trained with no accidents. It sometimes felt like we would take one step forward and then two steps back, but I learned we had to go at her pace. I have two boys that I will be training not in the near future, and am not looking forward to the day! Hang in there, you’ve got this!