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Cloth diaper stash for twins

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How Many Diapers for Twins?

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Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers Babylist

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Cloth Diapering Twins Good and Bad

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Many families are concerned about the impact of disposable diaper products on the environment, and leery of the chemicals used to enhance the diaper’s absorbency. For families who dread the additional laundry burden generated by cloth diapers, a diaper service may provide an alternative, removing soiled diapers. A single baby goes through 10-12 diapers a day so when you do the math, for two babies, you will be changing around 600 diapers A MONTH!

There are pros and cons to both the cloth and the disposable. Price. Cloth diapers are a one-time purchase.

According to Consumer Reports, you’ll save hundreds of dollars over disposable diapers.Disposables can cost between. Disposable diapers are also more absorbent and more breathable than cloth diapers. Waterproof liners and bands, absorbing gels, and wetness-wicking liners means the baby stays dry and comfortable longer. Since disposable diapers absorb better, you can change the diaper.

The cloth diaper insert held 2/3’s a cup of water. That’s a lot of pee. It’s 157 ml. An adult can only hold 500 comfortably. Though some of us, like me, hold a lot more.

This was completely saturated. The cover was wet, but probably because I spilled, and not because it was leaking. Now looking at this disposable.

The only drawback of using cloth diapers is when you are going out and about with my twins. There really isn’t an easy way to store a dirty cloth diaper, plus no one really wants to tote it around all day. With disposable diapers, the ease of just throwing away a diaper. Disposables draw liquid away from a child’s skin, deep into the gel-containing layer of the diaper.

This keeps your baby’s skin drier longer and minimizes contact with urine and even some stool. Some disposable diapers. Leaving on a soiled diaper (cloth or disposable) increases risk of diaper rash and doesn’t feel so great for baby. Disposable diapers are more breathable, but their moisturizing, absorbent chemicals irritate some babies. Some babies might prefer the softer feel of cloth diapers.

– I wash every other day and have 40 diapers (Alva are cheap and sturdy), 2 pale liners and 3 wet bags. I wash in Tide and Calgon. It’s saved us a ton of money! ∼ KL – We use cloth diapers 80% of the time. They are in disposable.

To help you figure it out, I break down cloth diaper and disposable diaper costs by more economy options vs. higher end options. Often, claims of huge cloth diaper savings assume you’d otherwise be using premium disposable diapers.

List of related literature:

Upfront costs are higher for cloth diapers than disposable, but you’ll save money in the long run.

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Upfront costs are higher for cloth diapers than disposable, but you will save money in the long run.

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Cloth Diapers Since I don’t have kids, I called on my friend Calley Pate, who blogs at The Eco Chic ( and works for, to explain to me the ins and outs of cloth diapering.

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One of the best aspects of this system is that both cloth diapers (pre-folds or fitteds) and disposable inserts can be used within the same reusable, waterproof covers.

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The choice of cloth versus disposable diapers is controversial: disposable diapers have an environmental impact, but cloth diapers are inconvenient and associated with a higher risk of infection.

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Although they may be more convenient than other diapering options, they also may be more expensive.

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The parent’s preference for cloth or disposable diapers should be supported.

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Cloth diapers come in handy, even if you choose disposables for the baby’s bottom.

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Even if you do use cloth diapers, you probably will want to keep a small supply of disposables on hand for trips and outings.

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One study says that using cloth diapers is cheaper.

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  • @bradandrach My hubby and I are at the end of trying with clomid and are saving for IVF. I CANNOT tell you guys (and barb) ENOUGH, how very much you make me feel hope in this journey. Hope was becoming a word that was slipping out of my vocabulary and heart daily until I found you�� You guys also influenced my decision to cloth diaper as well, and Im excited to see some little bums in the ones Ive bought a head of time. Thank you thank you thank you, a million times over for being such wonderful humans. I needed a sign and a friend at the worst time of my life and I found y’all.

  • We just got our BFP with our 1st FET! My husband mentioned we should look into cloth diapers, so thanks for this video. Great information!!! Really interested in going with it.

  • Actually the formula fed babies poop has to be sprayed is a complete myth. I have 2 older children and just found out we’re having twins I couldn’t breastfeed my older 2 and we didnt have to spray poop. If you think about it formula is made with water so its water soluble. We never had issues not spraying diapers until they started on solids

  • Great unbiased video! I have a whole channel on cloth diapering. I’ve cloth diapered for 4 years now and love it. Disposables definitely can be more convenient but the cost savings and reduced waste with cloth is the biggest reason I’ve stuck with it.

  • Wao,am just exploring your channel,pretty helpful, what the name of the diaper after the orange one,the one that has brown inserts,thanks

  • I’m Mother of 5, was a liscensed childcare provider for years and am currently cloth diapering my 2 week old. It is a misconception that only breastfed poo can be be left in diapers…….all newborn poo is water soluble. Some types of formulas, soy for example, has a tendacy to produce thick dark poo which may stain and/or be harder to spray out, but formula poo does not have to be sprayed/rinsed out.

    I formula feed and use diaper liners, use the sprayer to help remove urine and then spray my diapers with biokleen before placing them in the wetbag, only because I have a very large stash and only do diaper laundry once a week or so and don’t want the diapers setting for that long with poo/urine on them. But I would not need to spray/rinse otherwise, lots of formula feeding Moms don’t.

    My newborn is small as well, she weighed 6.1 at birth and 5.11 a week later at her first Pediatrician visit. I have alot of different brands/types of diapers and I find that Lil Joeys and Grovia newborn works the best for my tiny bundle.

    It’s great that your Mom loves cloth diapers now!! It’s so cute how excited she is about them!!

    Please keep updating about your experience on the cloth diaper journey with your twins…. I love to hear from other cloth diapering Moms!��

  • My husband and I have been ttc for 2 and a half years, but you guys have really inspired me to cloth diaper when we finally do have a baby! By the way, Bear and Lyndle are absolutely precious! ����

  • We love cloth, We started a year ago when our toddler was 2. He’s potty trained now so they have had a break lol. We purchased a modest newborn stash for this baby, we’re being induced 12/27 and can’t wait to start from birth! Love seeing another mom cloth diaper!

  • The grovia cloth wipes are amazing. We used them as boosters as well when we were in the newborn phase. Definitely try out the grovia hybrid cloth diapers if you love covers:)

  • Hello! I’m a grandmother of 5 and just learned the past couple of years to use the mesh washing bags (like you might use to wash bras in) to put my baby bibs that have velcro. Keeps them from sticking to anything in the wash. Awesome!
    LOVE all of y’all!!

  • Such a helpful video for families looking into cloth diapers! You explain everything very well and seem like a pro only 8 weeks in! Good Job! Can’t wait to see more of your cloth diapering videos.

  • If your kids are sensitive to wetness invest in fleece liners, just place it between the diaper and their bottom. Some babies are sensitive to different fabrics and you can use the same trick, that way you can use all the diapers you have. You can get fleece at your local fabric store.. you want the one labeled microfleece.

  • I just found your channel! How many diapers did you start off with for your twins? This is the part I’m struggling with most is how many to get.

  • Expecting twins in April and you are my inspiration! ❤️ also going with cloth diappering this time around (this is my third pregnancy) and I find your videos very helpful. I love the idea of cloth wipes in cold water did you sew them yourself? How big are they and how much did you have them on stock to survive a day or two with diappering twins? Thanks and all the best!! ❤️

  • It’s hard to find cloth diapering videos by twin mamas, so thank you! I’m building up my newborn stash right now for my twinnies. ��

  • So informative! I’m due in September with our 3rd baby and will be able to stay home longer and have been doing so much research for cloth! Thank you!

  • That really wasn’t a day in the life of cloth diapering twins, you showed yourself putting their diapers on once and that was it. I don’t get how your content fit your title, just curious?

  • The babies have gotten so big and chunky.
    I never used cloth diapers for any of my 4 kiddos. So, kudos to you for doing it. I think you did the right thing by not putting your toddler in cloth diapers. She may not have liked how they felt on her after she peed and/or pooped. Plus, potty training is right around the corner.
    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy watching your videos. You’re such an amazing mommy and you always seem so calm and patient.

  • As always, love your videos! I wasn’t even considering cloth diapering with our twin boys (should be here in 3 short months) but after seeing your experience and watching this breakdown I think we can totally make it work!
    Do you use a special detergent and tumble on low for drying?

  • Love cloth diapers! We do it part-time since our daycare doesn’t allow them. But the prints are so cute and they are so much better for the environment!

  • I feel like this will be great information for the future, because yall have pretty much made me really want to try cloth diapering.

  • God bless you. You must have the patience of a saint! I was overwhelmed with one baby. No way I could have imagined worrying about cloth diapering. All of the washing and drying and worrying about the fit.

  • I just have to say, I love your channel! We have 9 & 11 yr old daughter’s already had been trying to conceive naturally for the past 6 years and it FINALLY happened. I am 11 weeks 5 days pregnant and just found out this week that I’m pregnant with twins. Seriously a dream come true! I immediately came home from the OB and went to YouTube for help lol…. your channel immediately drew me in and I subscribed that night. You have convinced me to go into cloth diapers. I love all your videos and they are already helping me prepare for this big addition! Thank you!

  • With my first baby, my mom talked me into using cloth diapers. That was 35 years ago. I really disliked it. I was formula feeding so I had to rinse and soak them. And I was so afraid of poking her with the pin and if you doubled up, it was harder to get the pin through. And the plastic pants that went over the cloth!!! I quit a few days in and switched to disposables. If I had what is out there today, I most likely would of stuck to it. The video was very informative!

  • I love cloth diapers. I have been looking into a way to help mothers who are low income get cloth diapers and get educated on use so they can afford to diaper their babies. Cloth wipes and cloth diapers changed our family. We use Alva pockets and Happy Beehinds pockets with charcoal bamboo and profile doublers.

  • I HAD to cloth diaper my youngest boy(and use cloth wipes) when he was little because of constant rashes due to eczema. I never used disposable diapers or wipes and it was great. That was the period of time when there were no snaps, just diaper pins. I never poked my son with the pin, you just had to keep an eye on things when you were putting the pins in, I would prick my fingers because that is how I would stop from getting my son, lol. It was nothing to do a load of diapers every other day.

  • You should check out fitteds for when the babies are bigger! Once my cloth diapered kids got bigger and were sleeping (and peeing!) all night they were amazing for that. I guess the workhorse is a fitted type but some that you can get have incredible absorbency. Loved the video! I’ve never looked into newborn sizes before so I loveseat hearing about that.

  • I have so many questions!! What type of bag do you keep them in during the day while they’re full of poop and pee so you don’t smell them? Do you get rid of any of the poop before you wash it? Or you just throw their whole poops in with their outfits and burp rags, etc? Do you notice you have to go up sizes in their onesies if the cloth diapers are more bulky? I am so intrigued by the cost saving that this all sounds amazing!

  • I clothe diapered our third and fourth children some and disposable depending how I was feeling but first two disposables and they are expensive.

  • I am so glad you’re not using pins. I used pins with my youngest. She’s 44 now. I totally pinned through her skin and diaper. She screamed but it was delayed. I didn’t know why. So I looked and felt horrible. From then on I used disposable diapers. I felt like the worlds worst mom.

  • Love watching your channel! Your so sweet to take time to help others that are maybe also thinking about cloth diapering. also Barb is awesome reminds me of my mom.

  • We are moving and I can’t wait to get back in my lalabye diapers! I cannot stand the smell of sposies. Lol. I also love the cost saving! I bought a box of sposies for the move and it was 24 dollars for a box. Soooo crazy!

  • I did cloth diapering in the 80’s and loved it. However today’s styles are A so adorable and B adjustable. I still like the terry styles because I can get a good fit just don’t like the plastic pants of the olden days well done for cloth diapering

  • I love the video! I can’t wait to get started! Just a couple more weeks. (But I’ve been having a lot of contractions, so maybe he’ll come sooner!)
    I bought a bunch of Lil Joeys newborns, and I also have some Bumgenius newborns. I’ll let you know if the Lil Joeys work well! I’m hoping they do, because I spent a lot of money on them, even though I got them used.

  • If you have a Costco membership, try their wipes for your diaper bag! They are SO great—thicker and bigger than pampers or buggies.

  • Just stumbled on your videos & wanted to say, I love the way that you greet all your babies in the morning the same way! So precious!❤

  • I’ve always wanted to do the cloth diapers when I have kids one day. I think it’s so great! And awww they are SO cute! And yes, you definitely deserve a medal. All moms deserve a medal!

  • We’re expecting our first baby in a few weeks and have also decided to cloth diaper. I’ve been researching and preparing for 4 yrs now. We’re doing prefolds + fitteds for the newborn up to one size stage. Then we have a mix of AIO, pockets and more prefolds+ fitteds (with covers). I would say about 75% of our stash is used. Only the covers are new really. I think we’ve spent maybe 300-500 on our entire system. I expect to pick up a few more here and there but I’m pretty happy with what we have so far and can’t wait to start this journey. I loved this update because it makes me feel like if you can do it with two babies (and are loving it), we can do it with our Singleton.

  • You guys are a life saver! �� Momma of 1 so far but want many more, and after my first baby, whom is 4 this July, I hated disposable diapers, they ripped easily, didn’t hold much and my baby filled up Pampers & Huggies very quickly, the other thing I hated about disposable is the clear beads in the diapers to soak up the fluids gets EVERYWHERE and inside my baby girls diaper area. Hated it so much and wish I was not so ignorant about cloth diapers for my first.
    Thank you so much for this helpful video!Very helpful and was a shout out from another YouTube cloth diapering mom����

  • Oh my gosh they are so sweet! How old are they? They look so chunky!!! Mine was a preemie under 5lbs but he’s finally starting to chunk up and I love it! We also cloth diaper our little guy. I actually found that a cloth diaper with 2 large hemp inserts in them works better than a regular disposable diaper at night:)

  • Thanks for doing this video it was super helpful. We almost exclusively use Lalabye Baby diapers with a few Funky Fluff diapers thrown in. I just can’t say enough good things about the Lalabye Baby diapers. They’re the best that I’ve come across. For the newborn stage we used the Little Joey’s brand. They worked ok, but nothing like the Lalabye diapers.

  • How u like cloth diapers????????????? My aunt Lisa is having a baby boy and I didn’t know if I need to tell her about cloth diapers.

  • Hey pretty mama!! Those prints are SO CUTE! I am so glad you started cloth diapering. So proud of you. I love that you love space place, it is like a love for me, too!! Great review!