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10 Chores for Teens that Teach Them to be Responsible Lifelong

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The BEST chore chart system how to organize your kids

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Teenage Chore Zones

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Consider including a few of these items on your teen’s chore list: Water plants Feed the pet Walk the pet or clean litter Wash the pet or pet’s things Babysit younger siblings Make lunch for siblings Brush the pets outside to reduce shedding indoors. Here is a list of chores kids at this age can handle: •Writing thank-you notes •Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping •Taking out the trash, with your supervision •Folding and putting away laundry •More food prep, with your supervision •Cleaning up their room Chores for 9-year-old This is a great age. Get the kids involved in helping around the house while teaching them important life skills with these printable chores for teenagers! As my kids get older and older, my time with them under my roof gets shorter and shorter. Kids of all ages can do daily chores around the house with the help of a chore chart and age appropriate tasks.

Put the expensive China away until your kids are older, Make and keep a budget: Everyone loves a good app, including teens, so have. Below is a list of common chores most teens are ready to handle and help out around the house. Kitchen Help Your teen should be able to rinse and load the. Chore Charts for Older Kids Printable Chore Charts. Chore charts are great tools to help parents set realistic expectations for kids.

A chore chart will foster responsible behavior and accountability. Chore charts will also improve self-directed behavior by encouraging kids to keep track of chores. The (Dreaded) Chore List. First rule of thumb chores should be age appropriate.

That is key. After all, you wouldn’t ask a 4-year-old to wash the family car anymore than you would ask a 16-year-old to make his own bath. And while creating age appropriate chores may.

Create a list of chores you’d like your teen to complete, either daily chores, like cleaning up the kitchen, or weekly chores, like mowing the lawn. Assign a point value for each chore. While a simple chore like clearing the table might only be worth 1 point, a bigger chore. Thanks for posting the chore list.

I love that you categorized them by age. I just go by “if they look big enough to handle it, then they probably are”. I think that’s how my mom did it with us. I’m definitely going to modify my style with your list.

But, chores are definitely a must for kids, they really helped me become more responsible. Chores for children ages 4 years – 5 years; Chores for children ages 6 years – 8 years; Chores for children ages 9 years – 12 years; Chores for children ages 13 years – 17 years; I’ve also created a FREE, 15-page Chores Pack which is filled with chores list suggestions for specific age groups. It also contains several different.

List of related literature:

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 representing the least effort and 10 the most), have the teen rate the effort involved in each chore and then start with the chores rated least effortful.

“Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential” by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare
from Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential
by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare
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Take a 3×5 index card and list the chores to be completed each day for a week.

“Creative Correction” by Lisa Whelchel
from Creative Correction
by Lisa Whelchel
Focus on the Family, 2011

After they’ve done their chores, let them put a sticker beside each chore that they’ve finished.

“Parenting For Dummies” by Sandra Hardin Gookin, Dan Gookin, May Jo Shaw, Tim Cavell
from Parenting For Dummies
by Sandra Hardin Gookin, Dan Gookin, et. al.
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The second is a chore chart format you can use and adapt with some chores you agree to from the age-appropriate list.

“Maori at Home: An Everyday Guide to Learning the Maori Language” by Scotty Morrison, Stacey Morrison
from Maori at Home: An Everyday Guide to Learning the Maori Language
by Scotty Morrison, Stacey Morrison
Penguin Random House New Zealand, 2017

They made a list of chores that needed to be done regularly and checked off four tasks they wanted help with.

“The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life” by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
from The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life
by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
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If you’re feeling ambitious, keep a record of each person’s previously assigned chores so that you can make sure the program avoids assigning anyone the same chore they did last time.

“Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners” by Al Sweigart
from Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners
by Al Sweigart
No Starch Press, 2015

For example, a parent or stepparent might want to add new chores to the schedule.

“Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids: Feeling at Home in One Home or Two” by Isolina Ricci
from Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids: Feeling at Home in One Home or Two
by Isolina Ricci
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My brothers and I never really had a set list of chores we were meant to complete.

“The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life” by Ivanka Trump
from The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life
by Ivanka Trump
Touchstone, 2009

Limit weekly chores to two hours on a Saturday or Sunday, where everyone gets down and dirty.

“Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” by Judy L Arnall
from Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery
by Judy L Arnall
Professional Parenting Canada, 2012

Let each child pick two or three chores and add them to the family chore list.

“More Hours in My Day” by Emilie Barnes, Sheri Torelli
from More Hours in My Day
by Emilie Barnes, Sheri Torelli
Harvest House Publishers, 2008

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  • That’s awesome. My kids mostly doing the same chores because they have different abilities and different ages. My oldest can mow the lawn while my middle kid can reheat the food and deeed the rest of them. There are also chores that some kids like better or do better job.

  • Emily this is amazing! Love love love the sticks idea. We are here in Canada and this has given me an idea to do french sticks with words so my son can practise his french from school as we speak only english and spanish at home. Thanks again! Xoxo

  • Hi Emily! Great video. I am surely going to implement this in our family. Plz recommend a good printer that you think is good for lot of color printing for kids. I saw you recommending one printer in other video but can’t find that video now. Plz let me know if you know.

  • Hi Emily, 

    I am new here and find your content to be helpful and informational! Before I became a Mama I was an elementary school teacher. Chores are great to give children! I love that you are starting at a young age because it holds them responsible for things! Music is a great way to encourage them in a positive way! Excited to be part of your community!

  • Thank you for Sharing this, mine are 16 and 18 now and I wished, I had this Idea years ago!
    I am interested in hearing how this has been working for you by now. Is there an update available?

  • You are braveI would feelin eaven if I had that much help.I figure I have to do all of that stuff to win my kids’ love over.I just figure one day they can choose between me and their father and I want them to choose me,you know?I just do everything,I try to be nicer than their grandma too.So they choose me over their grandma.

  • By the way Black Fanta is a soda��
    FYI: if you tell a kid that they can pick their reward or you don’t put a limit before you say that what they canning cannot have and then deny them the reward your kid will get very angry. This happened to my older sister with her child and they had a lot of fights about the items her daughter was picking as rewards for chores!

  • First of all: thank you for the great videos! I really enjoy your channel.
    I have 2 questions to the video;
    1. I really like the idea. At what age did your children start? My children cannot read yet, so I wonder if it would make sense to do a chart with just pictures. Jackson has no chart yet.. do you think he is too young?
    2. How do the sticks work? Do you put them away every time they have done one? Or can they also choose every day the same sticks? I think my children would go for the “kiss mom and dad” every day in order to avoid the others….

    Thank you so much!

  • We got our wipe clean sleeves today and I printed off your charts to put inside. I love them and the kids were so excited they wanted to take them to bed �� Thanks a million, I am also totally knackered from doing everything all of the time. You are an angel sent from Heaven and your daughters-in-law will totally adore you!

  • I love you Emily I don’t even remember which of your videos got me subscribing to your channel cos all of them are motivating and I learn new stuff you’ve been really helpful cos I have two boys and I’m scared of having a third boy but seeing how you r so cool with your boys I don’t mind having another boy.I’m African but I like your channel so very much

  • I am a kid and I have many chores like cleans the cloths and it has to be folded then put cloths all back my second chore is to set the dinner table and clean it when everyone is done my third chore is to clean �� the whole house and I have to clean after my brothers to and it is really dirty

  • Neither me nor my partner were raised being asked to do chores until we were about 18 and we know for sure that won’t be the case for our kids!

  • Hello Emily want to thank you for the free chore charts.. hopefully they will help me with the homeschooling situation we are all in. Hope you and your lovely family are well❤️ stay safe.

  • I wish, my husband lets my 2 teenage stepsons do whatever their heart pleases and not have to help with any household chores except their bathroom ( that’s there only chore in the whole house)that they choose to clean 1 in 2 weeks instead of everyday like I want.

  • Hello Emily, I think this is a fantastic idea. That is so good the boys are loving it. When are you going too do a chart for Jackson??? I have a 2 old son, and was wondering does Jackson help with doing jobs as well xx

  • Hey Emily! I really enjoy your videos and this is a great idea to get the kids used to daily to-dos. There are even other countries where it is normal that kids clean up the class room after school or preschoolI like that idea as well 😉 It teaches them to be more responsible and that “chores” are simply part of life and no reason to get fuzzy or upset about.

    I would love to get an update on the chore charts you implemented in your family in a year or so!:) Just to see if they are still working for you and your family, and how the chores might have changed, or if all the chores are just normal responsibilities so that there is no chart needed anymore, once your kids get older!

  • Good job…mine started chores from 3 yrs of age….the pretty things really brigthens the mood…..hugs n kissess…Mummy team….yeh

  • Thank you for this video! I recently introduced chores for my kids in the routine but i will certainly give a try to the stick chores, they seem really funny and will be great to get him to do more and learn new skills.

  • Sharing a life hack: kids can have screen time on Sunday morning before mom gets up if the have done the chores. Now kids tell the mother that she didnt need to get up so early and can please go back to bed and get more rest))))

  • This sounds a great idea! I have 3 kids and really wish they would willingly help more around the house. Love the idea of not nagging to get things done. Will give it a try!

  • What a great idea, I love the chore sticks and will be doing this with my daughter when she’s a little older. Also loving your spring time pastel nails! Wishing you and the family a happy easter xx

  • There’s a new Fanta that is grape flavour, it looks quite black in the bottle

  • Im currently also struggling with chores at our house. This is such a good video and i will def implement it. One question, how much time do your boys have once the wake up til they are going to school?

  • I have made my 2 1/2 year old start to pick up his messes in his room and toys around the house before he gets his iPad. I started this because I was sick of everything being a mess as soon as I cleaned, but it is nice to hear all the other benefits. Did you read this in an article? Which one? Also I would love to see a get ready with me video.

  • Oooh Emily, I’ve been so looking forward to this since you mentioned it. Can I ask you about the morning time my girls come down and pop the TV on straight away. They get breakfast and get dressed after they have chilled out for a bit. They get up at 6.30am so there is always plenty of time, even on a school day!!! It also gives me and my hubby a chance to chill out a bit too before getting up and out for the day. I LOVE the idea of doing a morning routine of chores but I dread the thought of having to enforce these before screen time. Do you, or anyone else here, have thoughts or ideas of how i could make it work for us?

  • Love it and such a good idea getting them to choose their little rewards at the start of each week. Can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to start this (only 6 months)!!

  • Its very similar in our home. We just dont reward with Stuff and wishes. The reward is as Clean and tidy Home and more freeTime for everyone to play and spend together.

  • Love love love this. We’ve been using a chore chart for my eldest three (7, 9 and 12) for the past 6 months and it’s totally changed everything. They had these chores to do but were ‘forgotten’ but not anymore. But now I’m going to print these off for my youngest 2 (3 and 5 year olds) and make these guys this one. I think this is more age appropriate for them, as getting my 5 year old to read his school book is a ‘chore’ for him and it’s not what he wants to do. This would totally motivate him! Thank you!! Xx

  • Hi Emily I was just wondering with the chore sticks do the boys always just pick the easy ones or do you change them up or remove then when they are done? Because I can guarantee for my sons chore sticks he would just pick kiss mummy and say something nice everyday ���� xx

  • You could have chore sticks and reward sticks. The child could pick the reward they want for doing the chore. You could even make a game of it pick out two sticks without looking for example or if you have more than one child the first one to do their chore picks from the reward sticks first. This makes things a bit varied and might keep their motivation up a bit longer. ��

  • Great when they are young, but wait until they are teenagers. I struggle to get my two out of bed these days let alone do chores. LOL!!! I came home from work today and it was obvious that they had just realised I was about to walk in and they had panic cleaned. There was still hot soapy water in the sink and the dishes were on the drainer still wet and soapy. Hah hah!!!

  • Omg Emily!!! I have to tell you. You are such a good mommy! And yeah! Pretty sure your future daughter in laws will be so fortunate to have them as their husbands and you as their mother in law!!!������❤❤❤ You are doing a great job with your boys!!!����������

  • They have recently brought out Grape Fanta which is a very dark purple almost black in colour, if that is what Caleb means �� love your channel, you are amazing! X

  • Well this mom was not born before the 1980 I was if we ( ie) me didn’t take out trash every night offer dinner we could not call friends or go out and play.and no fun time on the weekends.we had to stay in and sit in the family room or go to bed my parents didn’t bargen. It was their way or be grounded no an if or closed. Period

  • I love watching all of your videos. You’re so helpful with all of your tips and life hacks. You’re beautiful and I love your accent!

  • Very nice chores list and chore ideas… So Very helpful to make kids independent… ���� loved it…sure your daughters in law are going to thank you enough for making their husbands independent… ����

  • It was so weird to hear you say the word “daughter” in a video haha… i just always think of lots of boys when I think of your family but I suppose it won’t always be that way �� great tips… as always!! Xx

  • Love this idea, I need ink to print them off but I can’t wait so do it, I’ve started asking them to do more things but like you said you just end up nagging at them. So hoping this will helps us out. Cx

  • Definitely saving this video I have a 2 year old and one on the way I should probably do some research about chores that a two-and-a-half-year-old ����

  • You have a website now! YES! These are so greatI’ll be keeping them in mind for once my toddler gets a bit older! He’s already super helpful now (loves helping with laundry) so I keep encouraging him! Hope it doesn’t change as he gets older ��

  • Hi Emily!! Loved this video!! Isnt is so nice to have an extra hand around the house!!! My husband and I recently started a chore chart for our 3 kiddos.. And oh my word!! It most Definetly is a keeper! and yes they are soooo proud of them selves after they have accomplished the chore and can see the results!! Great life lessons to teach them while they’re still young!! Xoxox

    Ps I’m gonna try those chore sticks!! Thats an awesome idea!!

  • Another fantastic video. My son is 3 1/2. I’d definitely use these ideas when he’s a bit older. We use a marble reward jar for him at the moment which is (usually) working. Great to have a printable with the video. Kids do benefit from clear expectations. Thanks Emily.

  • Love that Caleb tries to work around the no fiizzie drink by asking for Black Fanta. Fanta is a cola company most noted for orange, black cgerry and grape flavors. In October 2018, as a Halloween marketing ploy, Burger King offered “Black Fanta”. Instead of using dyes to turn the black cherry drink a deep red, they used black dyes that made a black drink that still had the flavor of black cherry. If that wasn’t enough the drink was also made in the slushie form. Cheers to Caleb for wanting to try the concoction.

  • Well, all my mom had to do was give me the, Mom Look! But that was many years ago, back when we knew what would happen if we did not listen.

  • I was also born before the 1980s and our parents were the same we had do our chores to help out with everydays chores as both of my parents went to work

  • Don’t undestand there should be such a problem. If you let the children help you when they’re 3, 4, 5 years old when they really want to take part in cleaning and so on and let it be a part of their daily life they will do it without complaining or getting busy when it’s time for cleaning. Of course they (and you) shall be rewarded after the work is done. Simple and effective.

  • Brilliant!! Children must realise they live thete too so it’s everyone’s job and honour your mother and father by obeying them and doing what they ask out of pleasure, not disrespect. One day they will be husband’s wives and have children so do to others what you expect them yo do to you for everything has a repay and a reward reap your today children!!

  • Emily this is why you’re my number 1 girl!! I absolutely love this video. I need to dust off my chores chart for my three kids. Thank you Emily & have a great weekend. ����

  • I have a few questions. My kids are younger. I have 4 boys ranging from 2-9, so our chores look a little bit different. Do you have an allowance system in place? If so, how does that tie into your charts? Also, we are struggling to help our kids start good habits with scripture reading, the oldest especially. Do you find that if it’s on the chore chart they grump about doing it? Did you start out some other way? BTW, great name!

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  • You guys rock!!! I only have 3 kids, and it’s a constant reminder of dishes, laundry (theirs, though I feel guilty making them do their own. That’s crazy, I know), dog poop, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning their bathroom, etc., etc., etc!!!!!! By the end of the day, I have turned into someone I don’t like very much!!!! I have a dry erase board in the laundry room, that I put marks on for each chore they do. My system of not having a chore chart, involves too much guesswork. I love that you reminded them about scripture reading and praying on that chart too. Those things recharge my batteries, so why wouldn’t it be that way for our kids?? Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Much love to you all��❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️��.

  • I really like your idea to do chores around meal time. I never thought about all they ways they can help! lol I have 4, plus my niece and nephew live with us, so we have 6 all together. the older ones are 9-11 and they have to help with laundry. Ive gotten some weird feedback when people hear my 9 year old has to do laundry. Do you think that’s too young? I don’t know how its possible for me to handle laundry for 8 people by myself with a 7 mo old and a 2 year old. But thanks for the chore chart ideas!

  • You may have mentioned and I missed but, do you pay them for these chores? Or are they considered chores they’re required to do regardless? Getting ideas for the future. �� Thanks!

  • You’re such a wonderful teacher as both a teacher and a mother to your beautiful children such a marvelous example you’re setting on how to be an inspiration to both your subscribers and your cheerful children nothing more inspirational than a marvelous mentor

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! This really puts it in perspective – my kids are definitely capable of doing more around the house.

  • I really like how you do chores! Thanks for sharing. This is something I could be better about.
    I also am really excited to see what you do for a chore chart!

  • We’re still at the beginning stage of all those chores! Anna does the silverware most of the time, unless I’m in a hurry. She’s also starting to clear her dishes from the table, and put away some food after meals.