Children Should Avoid Getting Certain Products to college


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Children Should Avoid Bringing Certain Items to School Snacks for the Class. You might think it is a nice gesture to bring a treat to share on that first day, but it’s Toys. A lovey stashed in a backpack for a touch of home is probably OK, but you don’t want to let your child bring in Any Type. Because students often need various school-related items, it is important to know whether certain items or products pose any harmful risks. For example, over the years there have been important recalls on school-related items, such as BPA-lined plastic containers, clothing with drawstrings, non-insulated lunch boxes, and so on.

Children in the United States are negotiating the transition from home to school at younger ages than was true even a decade ago. Most children’s initial exposure to a school-like setting used to occur when they entered kindergarten or first grad. With the start of a new school year, a lot needs to happen so that students can learn and thrive without raising the risk of spreading COVID-19. The goal of having children attend school in person-which is how they learn best-will only be safe when a community has the spread of the virus under control. A child that is hyperactive throughout the day, even after exercise, may have some issues with their diet.

Many kids bring sugary snacks to school in their lunchboxes. Some parents even allow sodas to be consumed during the school day. Kids are smaller and may be more sensitive to the effects of sugar. This information is intended for child care programs that remain open, and should be used in conjunction with CDC’s guidance for administrators of child care programs and K-12 schools. This guidance does not supersede state and local laws and policies for child.

The absence of snacks at school or choosing unhealthy items to snack on can have a major impact on various aspects of your child’s health. Children need a steady supply of nutrients to fuel their. The program regulations allow schools to elect to extend this permission to elementary and junior high school children as well.

This means that high school children may decline as many as two of the five items in a food-based lunch, and younger children may decline one or two items depending on local policy. Items such as ear buds, locker-room towels, sports jerseys and helmets, and baseball gloves should also be off-limits for sharing. With younger children, it. If your child has a severe food allergy, it is important to develop a management plan with your family doctor, the school, teacher and class.

The school or early childhood setting will notify other parents or carers if certain food or drinks need to be kept.

List of related literature:

Food and snacks in these children’s classrooms may have to be restricted to items without the allergenic substance.

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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Soda, candy, and fast-food companies approached school officials and asked if they could put their products inside schools.

“Chew on this: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food” by Eric Schlosser, Charles Wilson
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Have students put a check mark next to the items they think are considered nutritious.

“Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs” by Darlene Mannix
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Discussions with school-age children might include situations encountered at school or parties, such as choosing food in the cafeteria or bringing substitute treats to parties.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children Multimedia Enhanced Version” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong, Annette Baker, R.N., Patrick Barrera, Debbie Fraser Askin
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For example, the principal would make sure they had lunch, provide them with the means to get items they needed for school, and, in some cases, supply the items that were needed.

“Their Highest Potential: An African American School Community in the Segregated South” by Vanessa Siddle Walker
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■ Tell students not to bring valuable items to school.

“A Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology, Third Edition” by Trici Schraeder
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Backpacks; books; papers; cell phones, pagers, and other hand-held devices; purses; briefcases; tissues; candy or cough drops; beverage bottles or cups; “lucky charms”; and so forth, must be left outside the classroom.

“Evaluation and Testing in Nursing Education: Fourth Edition” by Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, Kathleen B Gaberson, PhD, RN, CNOR, CNE, ANEF
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• Tell students to bring a small personal item to the next class.

“Changes 3 Teacher's Book: English for International Communication” by Jack C. Richards, Jonathan Hull, Susan Proctor
from Changes 3 Teacher’s Book: English for International Communication
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There have been situations previously where one of their teachers didn’t know what some food in their lunchbox was, some health food, dried papaya.

“The Colors of Jews: Racial Politics and Radical Diasporism” by Melanie Kaye, Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
from The Colors of Jews: Racial Politics and Radical Diasporism
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In both the American and Italian schools, the children attempted to evade this rule by bringing small, personal objects that they could conceal in their pockets.

“The Sociology of Childhood” by William A. Corsaro
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  • As a kid I was naturally risk averse, despite having as much leeway as any kid, so I didn’t do most of these things, but I can tell you, 9 times out of 10 honest communication and basic safety measures will be all you really need. Kid wants to ride their bike? Give them a helmet, ask them who they’ll be with and tell them when dinner will be. That remaining 1 is restricted to situations you know for a fact are beyond their ability to handle on their own in a critical way. Know there’s a Mountain Lion in the area? Now’s the time to keep them inside the yard. That’s where the whole “Parent and Guardian” part comes in.

    Honestly my only worry is that some twit will go and treat stuff like this as a check list to force on their kids. Which is missing the point just as hard as bubble-wrapping your kids but in the complete opposite direction.

  • So stupid And it didn’t get into my heat. So if a baby was born dead.. its his fault? He has nothing to do in it..
    Sorry but there is a place to stop.. sometimes Its not your fault.

  • 5:32
    yells at me for 20 minutes
    “you have no reason to cry some kids actually do”
    cannot control crying
    “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”

  • The only explosions in science that I witnessed in high school was when our teacher snuck in some white phosphorus and exposed it to air in a small control box, best teacher but so sad that we can’t do anything fun in science

  • A lot if people won’t like this but here it is. I grew up in Maine. I come from a family of fishermen, hunters and gun activists. I’ve been around guns my whole life. I remember being three years old and having this explained to me “this rifle is not a toy, it is a tool. It is a dangerous tool. If I ever catch you playing with it, or aiming it at any human being I will wrap it around your neck like a bow tie” might sound bad but it only made me better and made me respect it. I also have guns in my home. Needless to say they are put up and away. But… I have told my children the same “this is not a toy, it is a tool and it can kill” It seems to be that if you don’t explain things and keep them hidden they can be more dangerous. I know that if my daughter or son goes to a friends house and that friend pulls their dads gun out of their sock drawer, they know that it’s not a toy, it’s not fun and it can kill. That can save their lives and someone else’s.

  • Hey guys, if you & your kids are watching this, I’d like to tell you about my little kids book(I’m an at-home senior grandparent)called 365 KNOCK-KNOCK JOKES(by R. Myers). It’s funny & kinda cute. I think kids(& grownups as well) might like it. In any case, best of luck, thanks for reading & please STAY SAFE!!!

  • Okay so I’ll get hate for this comment but I don’t agree with this man… I’ve done 4 of the 5 things he encouraged children to do (I haven’t exploded stuff in a bag) but I’m still VERY thankful my mom stressed me about kidnapping and drugs and stranger danger. And maybe it’s because the fear of those things are engraved in my mind that I agree with them, but like he asked, I know how to swim, I know how to pay attention when cars are around, I know how to take care of myself etc etc… I am taking this on the first degree but, does this man think that teaching children how to swim is more helpful and deserves more time spent than teaching children not everyone is friendly and benevolent? Doesn’t this man know that, stranger danger and kidnapping and those things can lead to trauma which then can lead to suicide? The fourth most recurrent cause of death as he mentioned? It doesn’t take much time to teach a child to swim as much as it takes time to teach them about the bad parts of society and drugs etc… I think I may have blankly concluded this video, but I don’t agree. If I do have a child, yes I’ll let them walk to school (cause that’s what I’ve always done) I’ll let them climb trees, I’ll let them burn stuff with magnifying glasses (it’s pretty fun XD), I’ll let them do chemical experiences and I’ll let them glue their fingers together. But how does that EDUCATE them? “You learn by making mistakes” yes, but how many mistakes can you make when the mistake comes from “stranger danger”, “kidnapping” and “(i don’t remember what he said at the beginning)”. You glue your fingers once = you know what it’s like to have a free hand and become creative with a handicap. You get kidnapped once because your parents didn’t teach you about it, instead they preferred mastering your skills in swimming = what do you get from that? OKAY well go ahead and lick a 9V battery= nothing will happen, although, as a young child, “batteries can’t kill me, alright then what about this plug in the wall?” I’m sorry I sound hateful but please take care of your children properly!

  • Wow how true……looking back at my childhood……at 5 put on the tank of a motorcycle and taken over off road courses. It terrified me! Years later in my teens full of trepidation i built a junk bike out of bits i found. I spent the next 40 years riding hundreds of thousands of miles on many many bikes i built still with great respect but with skill, fast and safe. An those engineering skills learned at an early age later on in life I used to build an engineering company that sells world wide. At 11 or 12 i was allowed with a friend to take a 14 day cycling holiday over 400 miles from home camping just us two 12 year olds in the UK in the early 70s! How weird is that. That independence and self confidence has stayed with me to this day, no mobile phones existed so we phoned home in the middle of the two weeks! From being allowed to build tree houses 20 foot up to playing with electricity in the back of old TVs and radios……plugged in! By the time I was 14 I had 3 part time jobs (still had to go to school) and at 16 had bought repaired and sold for profit old motorbikes so that I could afford a super moped on the road, I learned about selling. Every weekend was spent camping 100s of miles form home with mates. Looking back those years before 16 I made mistakes of course but lessons learned were for life. All of this was self funded………just like life…..and thats a life lesson the earlier learnt the better. I have 3 kids, a brought them up the same attitude, you just do it, have a go…whats the worst that can happen! Without the 2 week holiday alone at 12 and the live TVs I must admit. But they are all in their 20s independent thinkers making their own ways in life. Dont over protect your kids!

  • There is one mistake that every parent do and that is don’t help them with their feelings as a kid i now that when I always to dry and take of my depress they always said to keep quite and also i don’t that my parents are bad i love them with all of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and of course every kids love their parents ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • mom and dad would let me and my sis climb almost everything as long as it is not illegal my neighbor mom would not let them we were all good friends and still are to this day i am a pro rock climber who can live on the mountain for days and they still cant handle a knife

  • Chinese kids get the same gory details with history, and there’s so much to tell, like 5000 years. Chinese parents really dont censor historical or war dramas that have lots of blood and war, only the H types are censored in china. So i grew up used to blood and war on TV, never thought they need pg. Public schools play war videos every year too, and take kids to museums with gory pictures….u get used to it….lol

  • I think that your ways are to soft and wrong for instance when you compare a kid whit another kid they will try to be better than the other kid

  • My dad grew up in rural China during the 1970s and he and his friends would swim in rivers, play in mud, and ride on water buffalo. Kinda wish I could have the same experience to be honest lol, instead of being stuck at home all day.

  • 3 weeks 4 days preggo. Live in US and LOVE Japan. Especially their parenting and schooling methods. Learning as much as I can from them before the little one comes ����������

  • I’ve heard this story about some indigenous South American tribe living somewhere in the Amazon rainforest and about their outlook on raising children. So if a child climbs up a tree it shouldn’t be helped to get back down. Because if it can’t do it on its own without getting oneself killed or seriously injured, this child was apparently a flawed specimen that just wouldn’t be able to take care of itself and wouldn’t make it anyway and keeping it alive would just be a waste of priceless time, energy and scarce resources. So I guess those guys figured out how the natural selection works and are taking it very seriously.

  • Haha. I almost set the house on fire with a magnifying glass. XD
    I set some hay on fire in the flower bed, but I stamped it out before it got any bigger than a single tongue of fire.

  • When ur parents are like: TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. DONT HIDE THINGS FROM ME.

    Me: Mom,some things I write in my diary are secrets. Someone has rights to keep things to themselves

  • Here’s advice for kids watching: wait until you grow up and then you can make your own decisions and no more parents bossing you around!:)

  • My mama never cared about me�� so I know no�� one cares about me, I’ve been depressed sense my best friend moved�� from school�� and my mama was happy about that happening, and she thinks that I’m depressed because of looking at screens,that isint the reason, the reason is cuz my best friend moved from school�� and I miss her, I’ve always been neglected�� and whenever I try say something like�� “You like�� my sister more than me” she just says I’m lying�� when I’m not at all I’m just trying to say how I feel��. I also think if anyone sees his comments no one will care it’s not like anyone cares about me in real life������

  • My mom forced me to tell her every single crush I’ve ever had. She also forced me to tell her one of my passwords. She says “because I’m curious” and “because I’m your mother”.
    She doesn’t want me to tell my best friends ANYTHING without telling her first. I tell her about something I don’t like that she says or does and it’s like she gets mad at me.
    Idk what to do…

  • My twin brother can’t talk and I always upset because they don’t understand what are they doing and they always broke everything in our house like tv, electric fan, fridge, broke glass cabinet until pieces and always jump on sofa,chair,short wood cabinet and table.And they always call everyone that they’re met……………mommy.��☺️

    There are more things that you don’t have to know.��

  • When you don’t get something your parents get and you ask them why, they shouldn’t say because I’m special that makes the child feel like they’re not special. I don’t know what they should say but if a child asks why you get chips and they don’t you never say because I’m special!

  • My mom knew all the right traits or raising me. She allowed me to express my emotions, comfort me when I’m down, or encourage me when I want to follow my dreams. I will raise my children like how my mother did.

  • I’m allowed to do all of these things. I’ve been climbing trees for years, and I have never broken a bone with tree climbing. I have, however, broken my arm on the playground. Hmmmmmmmm.

  • wow.

    thanks for these insights.

    apparently, there are similarities of Japan parenting here in the Philippines.

    we take a bath and sleep with parents too.
    we walk/ride to and from school alone.
    breakfast isn’t as emphasized and we’re not concerned with noise.
    if anything, we just laugh and talk whenever and however we want.
    although, i adore quiet-in-public people like in HongKong.
    less noise pollution.

    we have less bullying hereand suicide is almost nonexistent.

    i’d say spanking didn’t dampen kids’ joy and respect for elderly is very present.
    getting spanked by parents is normal.

    kudos to all parents who love their kids so much, cares and spends time with them.

  • what type of parent doesn’t let their child climb a tree? I’m so glad my parents are the way that they are. I’ve been riding dirt bikes and go karts since i was 4. i’ve gotten 5 concussions and my mom get worried when i do dangerous things but she doesn’t stop me, and my dad encourages it. they let me go out whenever i want but i still ask for permission and stay out of trouble because i don’t want to lose that freedom and trust. it’s that simple

  • From my experience it’s that parents don’t place the kids as a priority….they work their guts out and have no real time to set aside for the kids they have. Work your guts out AND THEN have the kids so you provide the world with decent people. A side effect is you won’t need to listen to others telling you how to do what comes naturally. It’s not a skill you will learn properly. Too many cooks blah blah. And those that get caught and don’t abort…….same but harder. It’s all doable.Just go on instinct.

  • Children are losing their lives in by wasting their lifetime in front of a tv or a video-game. Batteries, electric sockets, trees and houses in some tree, long long walks in city and different private fields, burning everything with sun, making from soda volcanoes to fireworks and rockets and, of course, gluing my fingers again and again. Such a childhood I had!

  • This video also depends on ur situation tho. In many places a child is very likely to be abducted while walking to school. Also one of my friends shattered his face while climbing a tree at my other friends house

  • I am a smart kid whenever my parents/grandparents told me that it was dangerous deadly and stuff I thought how the f*** is this dangerous so I did it they got confused when 60% of the times I didn’t get injured

  • Many parents disapline their kids in public. When was the last time I saw a parent hit a kid in public instead of letting their kid cry for ever and ever cos kids are allowed to do what they want when they want where they want and how they want.

  • wish my parents knew this earlier, I was only allowed to cross the road on my own at 14 and go home on public transport at 15/16. still can’t go from home alone and I’m pushing 17

  • First of all Japanese society is homogenized, the US is diverse, I would rarely agree with, it takes a village approach. Traditions, stories and values are wonderful, unfortunately here the kid is undermined when sent to school. Yes respect others but be wary, we don’t live in a nice world. When I was young parents were expected to correct their kids, nip whatever it is in the bud, today yes you have to discipline in private due to the busybodies that will have you arrested or intervene.

  • I remember one summer where my family would vacation a lot and I had a long walk down this road to get to the swimming pool. One time there was this massive dog that was not on a leash and when it noticed me walking by it started trotting towards me and I took off running (I was really fast) yelling HELLLLPP! After 50 yards I glanced back and that damn dog wasn’t anywhere. He and his pack were probably laughing together about the scaredy cat boy on the way to the pool. After that, I learned NEVER show fear to a dog and if you think a dog is hostile you NEVER back down and NEVER take your eyes off them. And they will almost always realize YOU are not to be messed with. Only certain breeds bred for fighting like pitbulls do I make an exception for and climb a fence or I happen to be carrying licensed concealed carry my pistol. I love dogs but the last two I have had are female as I only like ONE alpha under the same roof and that’s me. LOL

  • I think parents should have a change in parenting methods in America cause We need change so are future will be better and our kids will have more respect for themselves and others

  • Actually we did all of these activities while growing up. I think mostly all of the 90’s kid growing up in India has done all of this.

  • My grandpa used to go out and climb trees, then he would have his friends chop it down with a hatchet and they would ride the tree down

  • Children are not always a joy to be around. I could never be around another child ever again a be totally ok with that. Also this video doesn’t help with the “how.”

  • I was raised by my parents like they are Japanese. Maybe because my Dad had lots of Japanese friends and he had learned the Japanese way of Parenting

  • Just finished translating the vedio to my native language, but by watching the vedio I realized that roughly speaking 95 percent of our children are having a bad childhood, deeply saddened for that.

  • I am not Japanese. I have an Irish/German heritage and this is how I was raised, and how I raised my children. This used to be common in the United States but sadly not so much.

  • discipline in private and having rules for everything. I grew up with those and even though i have no kids all my siblings do and they all live by those rules.
    In fact one of my brothers will ask his son to tell him the exact rule he broke and why that rule is important

  • I was just looking for something to tell my girlfriend she’s outrageous and just blames other people but this is such a good idea to make and done well

  • it is not easy to be parents. For me, study hard play hard. When my kid wants to watch vidoes, I will ask her to practice writing her chinese words. Then to reward her, i will let her watch her favourite videos

  • I’m still a kid but not exactly I’m like 15 but I think that we should avoid like calling hurtful and offensive words to your child

  • Me after watching this vid::l Well,at least I know how to think everything myself and not think nonsense and get upset.(Parents just can’t think like a child like try to be us and think of what we will feel about them scolding us WHEN WE SAY NO OR SCARED OR GET UPSETTT!) Ok I’m done.

  • I got my daughter a motorcycle when she was six. She learned balance and the hard earned lesson of understanding that you can do things you didnt believe you could. She is now a grown up she survived the ordeal.

  • I grew up in a home where I was clearly not a person at all. Mom was brutally abusive and both mom and dad seemed to be profoundly clueless about how anyone else felt. Even at the end of her life, mom still couldn’t see herself at fault in anything at all. My parents are both passed on, and the harm they did still cripples me far more than I can say in words

  • I’m half Japanese and Filipino but I’m live in Philippines I transferred in Japan when I’m Elementary my classmates are so priority with me their so kind they teach me when I don’t know

  • Now I see why my uncle exposes to hard work and stuff.
    Sure, it looks scary, but it’s fun and interesting to learn.
    Learning to commit to things and not be afraid is important for kids and others alike.

  • One time I wanted to be a stripper I never told my mom or dad they taught it was a bad job I think they might disown me if I tell rhem

  • You learn by experience. The best thing a parent can do for their kid is to teach them how to make good decisions then let them experience the world. I cut my finger with a knife that I was climbing a tree with, so I used that knife to cut off a piece of an aloe vera plant to heal it when I got down. Live and learn is more than just a saying.

  • My mama never cared about me�� so I know no�� one cares about me, I’ve been depressed sense my best friend moved�� from school�� and my mama was happy about that happening, and she thinks that I’m depressed because of looking at screens,that isint the reason, the reason is cuz my best friend moved from school�� and I miss her, I’ve always been neglected�� and whenever I try say something like�� “You like�� my sister more than me” she just says I’m lying�� when I’m not at all I’m just trying to say how I feel��. I also think if anyone sees his comments no one will care it’s not like anyone cares about me in real life������

  • The only problem I see with his book is that people might see this as a checklist that each child should complete (Just like a syllabus). This would ruin the whole point of doing these activities.

  • I wishedmy parents did to me.
    Everything that my mom supposed to do is Opposite, that made me more secretive, hard to understand and you know same emotins in my age you know it

  • Me: I wish my life was better
    Other people: you should be grateful with ur parents!!
    My parents: Does everything that the video says not to

  • So, hipetheticly If I were to let a kid look at my toy, then thus kid destroyed it for no reason than to upset me. Even though he said he only wanted to look at it, I’m the one who should be punished and not him? How exactly does that make any sense?

  • First child eats cookie off the floor. Parents freak out, destroy cookie and sterlize the entire environment including the child. Second child eats cookie off the floor. Parents throw rest of cookie away and brush child off telling him not to eat stuff of the floor. Third child eats cookie off the floor. Parents wonder if they still have to feed the child lunch since he just ate. XD

  • You mean that Bright side, that kids from other countries are are less smarter???!? ��������������������������������������������������������������

  • Limits are important to have. Knowing what’s expected of you, knowing what the rules are. Rituals. That’s not the same as constraining a child. Having too many rules and limits is just as harmful as having none at all.

  • My School: banned baking soda volcano
    Me: makes it with ketchup soap and baking soda
    My school: Suspends me for doing volcano.

    My mom: fu** thatparent/staff meeting

    Me: �� �� ��

  • We just always should value our child’s, they are like our best friends, they have their own life, they are independent, we are a TRUE BEST FRIEND of them who will lift them up and make them successful, just like see, for example you TRUE friend will always love you just as who you are, will Always comfort you, will always be happy for you, will always have a lot of interests on you, and lift you up, will always encourage to ve independent and to create your own life, so A mother is a child’s TRUE best friend just like that..
    a child understands a lot, we always Should say everything to them, like, a mother is a child’s best friend and a child is also a mother’s best friend, it’s like we are cooperating and sharing our lives and ideas…
    a mother, a child
    two different persons,
    cooperates each other
    shares ideas..
    etc, just like a TRUE FRIEND….
    we should always make our child our best friend ❤️

  • me: plays Minecraft and making Creative builds.
    School: OH no we can’t have u do that that’s not educational… but really its not part of the school curriculum when it really should:)

  • I remember one girl in our class at like 7th or 8th grade, when we had our chemistry class and we had to boil something, she was so excited about striking the match, because her parents didnt alow her to play with fire od do anything with it. I thought how boring my childhood would be, without seting random things on fire in our fireplace, or without times, when my father taught me how to set a fire without match or paper….

  • Hearing this talk made me realise…I did everything he said and much more.. Really glad for my parents for that ��
    We aren’t really letting children be children anymore…we want them to just follow some instructions without letting the children themselves realise the reasons for it on a instinctive level..
    We don’t let them question the status quo and advancing themselves..

  • My parents have over shadowed me so much that I don’t know what’s right for me or what I want to do or how to get a job or anything about life

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to uncover how to discipline toddler try Loctavan Teaching Toddler Strategy ( search on google )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.

  • Bright side:never say “you should be a shamed of yourself” or “your a bad person”

    My mom when I make a mistake: SCREAMS AND YELLS AT ME

  • This has to do with culture, not specifically “better parenting” skills
    Culture and passing on what you’ve learned (or chosing not to) is the key. And nothing else.

  • When my sister visited Japan she was shocked that so many young children were out and about unsupervised. I said to her it’s probably because child abductions are rare in Japan. It was like that when we were kids I reminded her. Also our media over-hypes the threat, frightening parents

  • Me and my cousins use to always go down to the beach and make campfires with a magnifying glass. We literally made fire. when we were ages 6-15. We even knew to put stones and rocks and non flammable stuff around it to stop it from spreading. We didn’t need anyone to tell us to even use a magnifying glass, the first time we did it we used someones glasses and some dead leaves to get it going

  • The fact that the whole comment section has more and interesting parenting tips, by KIDS, is fascinating. I like it. Its more interesting than the video. I am a teen btw.

  • Unfortunately in the U.S. some of these methods of child rearing gets you a visit from CPS. Especially letting your children do things without supervision and discipline. Saying things like “wait until we get home” nowadays is considered a threat. Kids behave the way they do here because parents either raise their kids full of entitlement or in many cases are too scared to discipline in case Someone calls on them.

  • Parents being overpretective is the worst. I walked to school everyday and climbed every tree I could find and all my issues are purely mental. I also made about a billion vinegar and baking soda volcanoes.

  • I like this video because kids are actually getting soft just like people are not today. Because back in the 1900s that was led paint and kids didn’t need to wear helmets and people didn’t have to worry about their kids getting kidnapped now we worry about all these things why is the question?

  • This guy is 100% correct in his entire presentation but especially his last line. A kid who has experienced dangerous things (although not overly dangerous) is far more likely to recognise and deal with or stay away from said danger, than a child who hasn’t experienced any danger.

  • I have seen healthy adults crossing road and dropping right in front a running car (mine) completely oblivious to what’s going on. So will I let my boys walk to school? Not until they prove they have the necessary skills to do so. Every child is different, simply generalising like a pack of lambs is reckless. I am from Australia btw

  • I totally did all of these except walk to school, when I was a child. School was anywhere from 3-5 miles away so it wasn’t feasible. I grew up in a small town so I was easily able to do these things. He’s right. You learn from your mistakes and it does better you as a person. I’m happy to say I’m now a college grad working for a fortune 500 engineering/construction firm. Also let your kid play with Legos. I learned so much about construction from that. Led me into the career I’m in, and the hobbies I have.

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  • I’m all for training kids to be responsible adults and steering them away from bad behavior. But if one more person refers to kids crying as ‘bad behavior’ I think I might throw myself down in the middle of the supermarket and kick and scream!
    Hitting is bad behavior
    Knocking cans off the shelf is bad behavior
    Being disrespectful is bad behavior
    Hurting siblings or anyone else is bad behavior.
    Being rude to a salesperson is bad behavior.
    Crying is NOT bad behavior!
    Crying means that they are in some kind of discomfort, or that someone made them cry. So the person who made them cry is the ‘bad guy’ who needs discipline, not the one crying. Imagine if someone punched you in the face, then yelled at you for crying!
    Shopping is really stressful for kids, they’re overwhelmed by the sounds and tons of strange people, they see things that they want, but don’t understand why they can’t have, they’re hungry because they’re not in a place where it’s not easy to feed them especially if you are nursing, (most parents are trying to rush them out so they CAN feed them), they’re tired because they’re not in a place where they can easily fall asleep, they can’t run around because it’s a public place.
    Because they are busy, parents often shop on the fly, usually resulting in doing it during a time of day when kids need some sort of need met, so they are extra cuckoo, and therefore are prone tears.

  • #2 is correct when my mom says that…….. i expect getting scolded at home…….. sometimes after getting scolded at,I sometimes try packing my things up and plan an escape l,_l

  • I’m not kidding but every single one of these points are absolutely true for Indians too. Not even a single one can be left out. But of course, things are changing rapidly!

  • When my son was 7 or 8, he and his friend were climbing on the top of my car when I was in the store. A saleswoman approached me and asked if that was my son. I said, “Yes, but it’s okay, it’s an old car”. At the register it struck me and I said to her “that’s not what you meant, was it…” She shook her head and I said “Oh, you should see the trees that he climbs at home! They are like 20 to 30 feet high!” Today, my son is 21 and is so comfortable in the world, and especially in nature. I’ve never regretted giving him that freedom.

  • HI im 8 years old

    999999999999999999999999999999.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % are kids or 100%

    Like and reply if you are a kid

    i am a kid

  • Raising them in a bubble, taking care of them but not raising them, and guiding them thought life. Big mistakes I see a lot of new parents make, there is a difference, and both are important in the own way. Of course bot raising your kids in a bubble doesn’t mean exposing them to horrible things early on, but as it comes, and your kid becomes curious about it then you can begin to teach them more and more about it. Try to avoid lying to the kids whenever possible about the topics, unless there is any reason to suspect it might have a negative impact, or scar them. Explain it to them why we do things, not just because I said so, just don’t let the kids take over the situation.

  • Well, apparently I was one of the “lucky” ones. Both my parents worked and I was a “middle” child. I received little attention, so I did pretty much what I wanted on our 72-acre farm. I was bucked by Bossie, fell a yard or so onto my back when a young branch broke while I was on it upside down, got scratched by the dog while making tunnels in the strawstack, got bitten by a garter snake (non-poisonous) for relentlessly teasing it, got a bunch of mite bites on my legs from playing in a still-water pond (yes, they itched!), used a magnifying glass on my palm in full sun (I dropped that pretty quick), was royally sunburned one summer because I wanted to be “natural,” and lost count how many times I fell off my bike while trying to learn how to ride it (it was a 24″ girl’s bike without training wheels and the yard was grass). Did I tell you about the time my older sister had to brush burdock burrs out of my hair? (Well, that’s another story.)

  • I’m 23 always thought my parents where strict to an extent but I had a great childhood. I’m an Eagle Scout Boy Scouts was amazing i learned so much about first aid, wilderness survival, how to get along with boys older then me and how to be a good member of the community. My dad raised me around guns and hunting I’ve been shooting for a long time I’ve been shot with BB guns and Airsoft guns never shot anybody. My dad also took me hunting it want about killing or shooting it was about being outside and spending time with my father. I miss this a lot and my son will be a Boy Scout too if he shows interest I believe that their are tons of outlets for kids to explore themselves and the world around them. My parents have instilled confidence in me and I have the know how to do anything I put my mind too. I love reading and am about to get a bachelors in history I spend all my time trying to build a good future for myself and I recently moved back in with my parents because of this carona thing I’ve been reconnecting with my family after 2 years of living on my own. Sorry if this is all over the place I’m just reminiscing.