Challenges That Biracial Twins Face


Human Race: Being Biracial

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‘Black’ biracial twin with ‘white’ sister reveals the challenges of growing up looking so different

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There may also be some health challenges for biracial twins. One Scandinavian study found that there is an association of greater adverse pregnancy outcomes with births from biracial couples as compared with a birth resulting from two white parents. When a biracial couple has fraternal twins, the traits that emerge in each child depend on numerous variables, including “where the parents’ ancestors are from and complex pigment genetics.

Transcription: I think one of the challenges bi-racial children face in the larger culture is having to define for others who they are and having to always have a sense that their difference potentially is some sort of an oddity or something that they should feel ashamed of. The odds of having a set of biracial twins with different skin colors is around one in 350 to one in 400, and the odds that any pair of twins will have different skin colors is one in 500.In the U.S. — as of 2013 — twins accounted for around three out of 100 births. [AUTHOR’S NOTE: As pointed out by many readers, “race” itself is an artificial construct that has no basis in. To give you some idea of what to expect, the following are some of the most common challenges of raising mixed race children. Challenge 1: Not Feeling Wanted. Mixed race children often feel as though they are not accepted by either of their races, since they possess only half of each.

Imagine how my children must feel going to school and having the school system declare them as an “other”. In many cases biracial children are faced with identity problems, feeling the need to choose only one of their heritages and rejecting the other side to feel like they belong somewhere. Like I mentioned before, being biracial — half Hispanic, half Chinese in my case — obviously isn’t something that surprises me; it’s just a fact of my life. However, I was recently reminded and even inspired to write this article when I was on my way to French class this week. Identifying mixed-race people for the untrained eye is often akin to meeting an alien, because to them, you look different, might not speak just how they anticipated, aren’t visible in the largest numbers, and they often don’t know how to.

Interracial Marriage Challenges. As an interracial couple, you will possibly face extra challenges in your marriage from people outside your marriage.   This can make you feel hurt, sad, and helpless. If you want to make sure that these possible challenges don’t hurt your marriage, talk about them openly with one another!At some point, twins will face disappointment when one isn’t invited to a party or event. They may struggle in social situations or have difficulty with friendships. Some twins are even victims of teasing or bullying.

These difficult issues are one of the many challenges in parenting twins.

List of related literature:

For example, a couple recently discovered that their “white” adopted twins are re

“Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace” by Alexander Hill
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Given their unique situation—two black girls from the same ghetto, born just 18 months apart and playing in a predominantly white sport—they may have become allies, even if they weren’t sisters.

“Serena Williams: Tennis Champion, Sports Legend, and Cultural Heroine” by Merlisa Lawrence Corbett
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White siblings of children of color face unique challenges that are not often addressed.

“Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don't
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Family study of twins with cleft lip and palate.

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“Genetics may not be the main reason that identical twins raised apart seem to share so many tastes and habits,” said Richard Rose, a professor of medical genetics at Indiana University.

“The Heart of Mathematics: An invitation to effective thinking” by Edward B. Burger, Michael Starbird
from The Heart of Mathematics: An invitation to effective thinking
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This mother and her twin daughters share common traits; for example, their eyebrows, cheekbones, and chins are similar.

“Face Reading in Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Lillian Bridges
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These twins have the same genetic material, and no one believes that one twin challenges the other’s dignity just by existing.

“Ethics For Dummies” by Christopher Panza, Adam Potthast
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These twins, like any other siblings, share 50% of their genes.

“Syringomyelia: A Disorder of CSF Circulation” by Graham Flint, Clare Rusbridge
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Debate challenge: Geneticity is 80% for white identical twins I.Q.’s.

“Making Human Beings Human: Bioecological Perspectives on Human Development” by Urie Bronfenbrenner
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Even though twins are born with the same DNA, they can be surprisingly different in behavior, health status, and even in physical appearance.

“The Myth of Race” by Robert W. Sussman
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  • People (usually white) like to imply that I should ignore the fact I’m part white because it’s not as exotic or I guess redeemable as being mestizo (mexican)? Ignoring that mestizo is a mix of races, my mom’s white, guys, I can’t just kick her out of my life to pretend to be ‘more of a minority’

  • I love these “Things Not To Say…” the honesty is brilliant and should be used all the time in schools, work cpd all sorts. I still struggle with someone asking a person if they wish ever wished they were not mixed race….that is horrendous. Is the person speaking to them wishing they weren’t and would prefer to be speaking to one or the other for their own comfort. Truly horrid

  • Both look biracial. So much for white people supposedly being intolerant of racial mixing. Seems black people are brutal. Poor girls.

  • The difference between white people saying they’re British, polish, or Irish is that its all still Caucasian. The difference between a biracial saying they’re black and white is because one of their parents is black and the other is white. Literally we aren’t going into detail like I’m African, black Dominican, Irish and British. We are just saying we are bi racial I never saw a problem with that. I’ve never been accepted in my life I have people telling me I’m black or white. Meghan markel is bi racial but they call her black and Archie biracial? How? Yes he’s bi racial but Meghan is 50/50 black and white and Archie is a quarter he isn’t equally both races. Prodemetlry he is white.

    I guess the less black you are the more you’re considered biracial

  • I blame it on the parents. Children learn from their parents, and their parents are disgusting for teaching them how to be racist. Do they not know that they are in America, and America is all races.

  • I am an Asian Hispanic woman. ( Japanese and Latino. ) And when I mentioned it to my friend he said. ” No way that’s not possible. How were you even born? ” uhm the same way you were buddy.

  • Racism is global. Ignorance is Bliss. Wicked people wherever you go. Let’s just hope all the racists end up moving to their own island

  • Social science is not science. There are several species of human, and you can tell them apart just by looking at them because the basis of species division is genetic.

  • I don’t think Asians or Latinos mix. Because I wanted to marry a Chinese woman, but she and her parents said no. They also said that Hispanic people are the lowest class. “That we have little or no education. We fill up jails. We’re always living on welfare. We’re gang members. We’re second class citizens.” I responded to them, that’s not true. Not all Hispanics are criminals and living off the government. I’m not gonna generalize. Some Asians look down on me. They don’t like me.

  • Isaiah 53:5, But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed.For salvation, people just need to follow the way they did it in Acts? They were baptized in the water and of the spirit. Here’s why! The gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If we are to follow him, we must do the same thing. Death= repentance, Burial = baptism, and resurrection = being filled with the Holy Ghost and rising again from the dead. That’s what Acts 2:38 is.We must obey the gospel, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that OBEY NOT THE GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ… Matthew 7:21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER which is in Heaven. St John 3:3-5, EXCEPT a man be born of WATER AND OF THE SPIRIT, he cannot enter into the kingdom of GOD.We can’t come up with our own gospel. Galatians 1:8-9, But though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Don’t be cursed. One way for all people. Jews, Gentiles, and Samaritan. Our salvation has to match-up with the scriptures and no scriptures on the subject can be taken away.Eternity is TOOO long to be WRONG! st, John 5:39, Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.God told Noah exactly how to be saved, how he must build the ark. Noah didn’t come up with his own plan like people are doing today. A sinner’s prayer, you just have to believe, etc which is not in the bible.The gospels show what Christ has done on the cross for us. The book of Acts shows us the beginning of Christ’s Church and how to enter the Church, obeying Acts 2:38. The letters were written to the Church to show us how to behave now that we are born again into the Church.It’s better to walk alone than to walk with a crowd going in the wrong direction. Are we supposed to follow the teachings of the apostles? Acts 2:42, They continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrines. Ephesians 2:20, We are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. If you believe in this message, help spread it in the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you.

  • im just going to learn spanish and fake being Mexican anyone want join me im mixed with black and white so im tan i just need some friends to pretend to be family if my family dosent do it

  • I love the way genetics work also I love how varied and different biracial people can be. I’m mixed-race and I have a half brother and he’s mixed race aswell but I have more of a medium brown skin with dark brown eyes and 3A black curly hair and he has a light olive skin with light brunette hair he could definitely pass as white.

  • I did not like this interview it was pointless unprofessional and blantently boring they are both mixed let’s make that clear I’m the jokes were really insensitive and the Jamaican he was talking about she is not just black she is mixed I’m done with this one drop rule unsubscribed bye.

  • I’m mixed race,English & Latino �� Idk if I said that right it might be white & Hispanic or some shit idk the difference between nationality,Ethnicity n all that

  • I feel like people get offended by these things just because its apparently fashionable to get offended nowadays. Im mixed and im fine with these questions.

  • I mean I’m mix race but I look mostly black most black people say I’m black or just mixed but never white as the was another kid in my school who says he was mix race but looks more white than black and some black people would say he’s white like tbh I’d say he’s white his hair wasn’t even that curly but with me tho no ever says I’m white

  • I’m mixed (half white half black) but I look like just a black girl with 3b hair. I’m not super dark but I’m not lightskin I’m like brown skin but I didn’t like how they said one black one white bc my sister actually came out really white ( were not twins) but she’s really lightskin with like 4a hair. So that’s really ironic one really light with 4a and one darker with 3a. But we’re both bi racial and we’re 100% sisters

  • Umm…Hello? Have you ever heard if the Solomon Islands? Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes, exotic eye coloring and with no European genectics.

  • His opinion is highly stupid ��and clearly that can happen if not he needs to take biology again ��and they clearly look alike I’m a twin n my sister an I look nothing alike however they have the same nose and cheek bones and eyes ��y’all just see skin n that’s racist

  • I grew up in the sixties….my mother was black…my father white…my parents were not in the picture… because of other reasons that I won’t go into… I was shuffled around with different African American family members…Black. became my culture and identification quite naturally.
    .Even though I looked completely white…..Nevertheless white people who didn’t know I was black often shamed my race…and Black people were not any better at shaming me with derogatory white names…..So much trauma and abuse ensued…..I caught Hell from both sides.

  • I just don’t see that they’re twins they don’t look alike and if they were fraternal I would never see that they are sisters. One has plump lips the other has none, one has full eyebrows the other has thin ones, one has a full nose the other is kinda pointy, they both have different eyes but, even if they were fraternal they would still in the slightest look alike… they just don’t look like twins or sisters.

  • I have a twin sister and we have a completely different skin tone and features, she has dark skin and I have pale skin, my twin has light brown straight hair and light brown eyes, and I have curly hair and dark brown eyes

  • Is this fool stupid where tf does she look asian? Hes annoying and an idiot i wish they would show there birth certificate etc so he cn look more of an idiot than he already looks if its possible

  • Another Satanic agenda, to say race isn’t real and have the 1st person that they want to use as a crediting source is a sell out black man lol

    Just the same way how they use Dr king dream speech to promote interracial dating then Dr King himself Realized that the dream speech was wrong, the whole thing…and then they killed him!

  • Ethnicity is pretty cut and dry… Culture is more of a factor. There are people from across the Globe that are uniquely Hip Hop whether they’re Black American, Caribbean, Celtic, Germanic, Asian, or from the multitude of continents, regions, and countries. Even then, there are people that will claim hip hop, and love hip hop, but will still “go back home” when it isn’t advantageous to associate with black people.

    Theres a lot of nuances in darker skin vs light skin as well. Within that, theres so much that comes from both stereotypes, and realities of how likely you are to be hired, and how much harder you have to fight for opportunities others gain alot easier. Think about Vin Diesel not being dark enough or white enough. Think about a man named Kevin Mcdonald doing awesome on a phone interview, then being passed on because Kevin Mcdonald is a bit darker than what his name and voice felt like.

  • I’m not mixed race, just from 2 different countries, and I always had a hard time with my identity, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be mixed race. Especially now when there’s so much controversy about race

  • I’m an advocate for Interracial Relationships and Marriage. All that matters is they have God first in their life, Being Equally Yoked, A Good Personality, Heart and Soul. Hold on to each other. Don’t let anyone tell you being together is wrong. It’s not.

  • I can’t believe he called the red haired girl the “Irish looking one” �� We aren’t all gingers. There are gingers in EVERY European country.

  • If mixed people are so called ‘black’ then it would mean that all ‘black’ men worldwide could ‘PROCREATE’ with white women and claim to be ‘PRESERVING’ the black race. And their ‘BRACIAL’ kids could do the same, and so could their ‘QUADROON’ grand kids and ‘OCTOROON’ great grand kids. It makes no ‘BIOLOGICAL’ sense.

  • It’s funny because everyone has the same anatomy, biology, and chemistry. We are literally the same exact species. Color of skin doesn’t change species.

  • I’m not mixed and I have to deal with the same thing…. People are very ignorant about the black race and the large range in shades that we come in.

  • I am German, my boyfriend is Nigerian and after a miscarriage one year ago we are expecting so terrible happy the outcome of our love. My mother always says we are bringing the world closer together.

  • Fraternal twins are 2 separate eggs fertilized by 2 different sperm. Mama ovaries just happened to let out two eggs instead of one. It’s no different than if they were conceived & born separate. There are even rarer cases of women giving birth to fraternal twins who each have a different father. Same thing with releasing 2 eggs with 2 sperm from 2 different men. Also, there are cases of women who are pregnant with fraternal twins & one is born before the other, months apart. And that’s because after getting pregnant she was still ovulating & another egg got fertilized. Anything is possible. Our genes can do unexpected things, & scientists can’t even explain why. LOL

  • the guy is so ignorant, i had to say it.

    but can we just talk about how the both of them are so pretty? the pale girl’s hair color and the other’s curly hair? �� they look even better standing next to each other, lol. ����


  • I recall this astonishing moment. But once again, congraulations Miss Japane. You really did earn and deserve to win and the title. And in turn, you make some of the other hafus (like myself) feel proud and a bit more comfortable in our shells and skin so thank you very much for that. Stay safe, healthy, & happy.

  • I’m like really white but I have a black mother and a white dad and my mom was straightening my hair for a looonnng time and it was getting red and weird af and so I get for a long time like ”are you albinos” ”is that a wig” ”why don’t you straighten your hair” ”how do you brush them” and lot of ”but you’re white?” from black people and ”but you’re black?” from white people hard to actually what was I first sooo

  • You’re an Israelite from the tribe if Judah same tribe Christ is from and so am I… We’re above all people that are on the fave of the earth… Mariah is our sister too she’s an Israelite from the tribe of Zebulon… No race is as talented as we are.. We are the inventers of all things from the first motor to the first car first steam ship motor telephone cellphone and computer too.. The first seven Presidents were our tribe… Japan is going into captivity when Christ returns… Along with China America an all the nation’s that are not our people’s because they all were against us and they all had us in captivity… You’re in captivity too… Don’t be fooled… Remember Christ is coming to set the captives free… If you’re free then you’ll go into slavery with the heathen… No matter how you think it won’t change prophecy okay? Shalawam… ����

  • Guess what Japanese people all humans are descendants from Africa. Scientists have been able to back the claim for many years through the study of genealogy. There are actual people on the African continent to this day with so-called Asian features.

  • The curse in reality, weren’t supposed to cross lineage. The bible warned about this at the end of Days. Internet people are blind and retarded cause these idiots promote controversy to get views, i speak truth threw these spider webs and they take it down.smh

  • August 2020
    I am Black and my kids are mixed. So many people asked me if I was the nanny! I found this video so funny and comforting! My kids deal with the comments and crazy comments better than I do!

  • In elementary school I got called “whitey” and yet the black community consider us “other”. “Mixed people should talk to other mixed people” I’ve seen on youtube. Everyone is mad when we claim anything and yet everyone is mad when we say we are multiple ethnicities. Can’t win. I Can’t wait for the future sea of beige lmao

  • Im from Philippines and most of our representatives for our country are half filipina half foreigner and it’s not a big deal for us as long as our candidate loves and respect filipino culture and we support them.

  • Well done to the evil god who introduced bigotry and prejudice to the feeble minded, fearful, and ignorant humans in this world. Getting rid of a single language that was understood by all, and bringing confusion into the world was a good opening move. You’ve set human evolution back 1000 years and retarded their would be collective progress for centuries. They actually think they’re different because of cultural biases, and, skin color of all things; when the reality is that they’re all the same on the inside where it really matters.
    Of course, the people will eventually realize the greater commonalities they all share and rid themselves of old traditions, dogma, and limiting mindsets. They’ll come together as one people and successfully reach for the stars again and the old fearful god will not be able to stop them. They will become more than human and greater than all of the so called powers of heaven and hell.. and you, the old obsolete, worn out, inhibiting idea of the human psyche, will be the punch line of a joke.

  • As an Irish person, Ruth Nega spoke an unnecessary English Accent compared to different interviews. She’s Irish (and etheopian) and she should be proud as such. The English are the cause of most racism and would never agree of this.

  • WHY are people so obsessed in Whitening people of colour?? FACT… They are BOTH of mixed ethnicity. Whether they LOOK Black, White or Mixed the fact remains is they ARE both Black & White!!

  • I’ve had somebody tell me “Oh you can’t say the n word because your half white” we can say the n word because we are NOT WHITE PEOPLE! And mixed race people were slaves too, just because we were half white didn’t mean we were also safe from white society…

  • Wow this guy is a dumbass. Genetics �� are very complex. You must be very close minded to not understand how it works. My sister has dark skin, 3a hair. My other sister is asian passing and I am pale. We look NOTHING alike. Yet we are from the same parents. Why? Because there is a mixture of races in our blood. Its not that hard to understand that characteristics vary even if your closely related.

  • Liri ��-“Fucking finally……at last I’ve found the most rarest thing about black-mulatta girls/women born to a black-black mother & white father. [please never never delete this video from YouTube]:D:D:D”

  • I don’t really care what people say. It doesn’t bother me. I just don’t like it when people say mixed kids are cuter or in general view light skinned as better than blacj skinned. That bothers me

  • Thts the only thing I’ve ever heard cenk say tht was honest & spot on.
    “The dad looks so Australian”
    Yes cenk. Yes he does.
    White girl totally looks part blk BTW. No doubt.

  • She is absolutely gorgeous. She has Japanese facial features but her dad’s skin tone and hair. I’m so proud of her being in the spotlight and holding her head high. ��

  • People keep telling my mom she has beautiful children, cause im half Asian half European but anyways once a woman literally said I love mixed children!. that same woman say my sister take the plastic off corn and she was like i knew you weren’t fully Icelandic! Like wtf all she did was rip off the plastic around it? That old lady must have been weak af then

  • My cousins have a white mom and Filipino dad. They’ve never identified themselves as white. I’m from SF and the majority of hapa people don’t “self identify as white.” It’s such a broad sweeping statement for her to make. SMH

  • We are all mixed raced. All. Why do we have to fit into one category? Why are we always talking about races? There is in fact just one: human. Don’t you know that we are all related to the species that came before us?

  • My dad is Mexican and my mom is German. I came out with lighter skin and auburn hair and my sister came out with darker skin and brown hair. The comment that always drive me nuts is:

    Oh that’s your father? You look nothing alike. You should really get a DNA test to confirm that.

    OR (if I’m out with my dad and sister)

    Oh, is your son adopted?

  • This is common in people who have African ancestry, it’s called compound Gene expression two black people who are close to the same complexion, let’s say very dark can have a light brown child this is the norm all throughout my family.

  • So I have a white mother and black father and I remember my father took me to the hospital and the doctor just assumed I was adopted and my dad had to keep correcting them and say no I am her birth/biological father

  • I think it’s more personal preference for the individual and how it’s communicated. I like when people are curious about my background if it shows genuine interest. It’s ironically a bit presumptuous to assume every mixed race person wants to be treated a single way. Just imo

  • I’ve gotten “Is she puerto rican?”
    It wouldn’t have bothered me if he had asked me instead of my friend… I’m not deaf I can answer you myself

  • South Africa makes you give your race so the options black, white, indian, Asian, coloured (apparently that’s supposed to be indigenous people but also Malay descents so I dont get it) and other.
    I’ll have you know my parents are mixed; I can basically pick any box but rules are you have to pick A box.
    I pick other and insert human no one dares question it

  • Its so sad when some of the comments towards Ariana on Social media wanted her to die and get shot, still sad that after prince Harry married Meghan Markle people were cussing Meghan out for being biracial. I love that she stayed strong and ignored those ignorant comments.

  • This is like the Harry Potter plot about pure blood and half blood wizards. Obviously Ariana is Japanese, and she’s intelligent and really sweet. Japanese people judge each other over every little thing! They can be the most un-fun people you every met! It’s well past time for Japanese to lighten up and accept each other for who they are.
    It’s well worth reading or listening to Dave Barry Does Japan. Dave was a on a bus with some Japanese people, who were calm and serious, and some Brazilians, who were full of energy and super fun!

  • The guy doesn’t get it. They are biracial but one took more features from the mom and one took more features from the dad. They are bit biracial they just don’t look like it so stop say they’re white and black.

  • I used to go to school with twins who were just like that but facial wise they looked identical their dad was black and their mom was white but neither twin looked mixed one was pretty dark the other twin looked like a normal white person if he kept his hair short otherwise you could tell by his hair it was really curly long

  • Y’all think being mixed is the best of both worlds, it’s not.. apparently we are not excepted into the black or white communities. geez we’re treated like dogs “I want to be with someone (white/black) so I can have mixed babies” too bad if we didn’t come out with green eyes and freckles, ugh. Hmm mabye if you’re a boy! If you’re lucky you’ll get a white girl!

  • Wait. You just seen someone push someone. I wouldn’t think someone any color or race pushing someone is friends. This is fucking stupid. And race bait XD

  • I’m Haitian Colombian.

    I’m not Haitian enough I’m not Colombian enough and I’m not American enough to everyone else. It’s very frustrating.

  • God identified us by Nation according to the Bible, not color but the country your ancestors resigned in.Race is man made to stereotype people.

  • I get a messed up mix of things…
    I’m mixed race Hispanic.
    Most black people think i’m mixed…
    Hispanic people know i’m Hispanic…
    Most white people think i’m black…
    Some white people and other races think i’m white…

    People are smart enough to know I have european and african heritage.

  • Is it the up bringing or are the kids of today sick of this white racist madness thats going on.
    Looking out the windows of life,the white kids of today are serving notice to the old white guard. Your time is long overdue, pack your hoods up and find yourself a safe place to lay that ass down.

  • Next biggest race in humanity, Mixed race humans will one day be the race that takes us forward in our steps towards human evolution……. I should know im 1 of them!

  • Am i the only mixed race person who doesn’t get offended when some one asks where you from? Or if they think i’m exotic? I would rather be exotic than not, and be honest so would you. If we start spreading the idea of asking where some one’s from becomes offensive, then I’m pretty sure the same types of snowflakes would be offended if no one cared about their heritage.


  • When you buy a dog, most people chose a purerace dog and pay tremendous amount of money to get that. Multicultural propagandists can cry all they want, but truth is they could say ”all dogs are the same, there’s no proof of races in dogs.”
    it don’t become true because you beleive it.
    It’s false, use your eyes, biggot. A Husky is not a Shih Tzu.

    Some people want to blend us so much that our races disapear and that is the most racists thing that one could want.
    Watch how it is something that only happens in western countries.
    Truth is, most of the people that call others racists are the real racists.

  • First we need to know the truth!!! Would man kind Die out? If animals thought that same sex is not a big deal, being confused of it’s self and it’s sex but the cycle of life and how it works? Truth, Mankind is much more Superior to animals and smart. Right… if these animals can figure that out. SHOULDN’T WE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xD Stumbled on this video and this is precious. My husband’s family is from Vietnam and I’m Scandinavian, And I have been asked a few times (once by a child, which was fine, because they were tiny, but also from adults) that were are my children adopted from. x’D Mostly, I just find it funny and people are usually really embarrassed when I kindly tell them I gave birth to them myself, but it’s silly.

    There is also been looks when I am out with my kids and husband, apparently people ha thought that I am either friend or someone who tries to get together with this single or married dad. No, he is married to me, thank you very much. xD

    Most of it is harmless but yeah. People. Chill. It gets annoying. If you want, I don’t mind you asking “are they your kids?” I know they look a bit more like their father than me, it is fine, but geez, let’s not jump to conclusions alright? x3

    Also no, my surname is not artist name or anything to make myself feel special, I just genuinely felt like being traditional and take my husbands surname when we got married, I just find it way more convenient that we have the same surname. xDDD Plus my maiden name was quite long, and I am lazy, my current surname is easier to write fast, so that is extra convinience.

  • Look how being half-white makes their skin crawl. And the look on 23 and Me customers who find out they are majority Caucasian is priceless.

  • Japan citizens I would think you would have Japan media bar him and reporters like him who practice such NON integrity and NON responsibility in global eyes of the world. If cBS doesn’t fire him, I would band cBS from reporting or doing any coverage of news to show THEIR cBS highly BIASED AND UNTRUTHFULNESS. THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN THE PRACTICE OF (CHARACTER ASSINATION) ON JAPAN’S NATIONAL LEVEL, JAPAN’S CULTURAL LEVEL AND OF COURSE A HIGHLY RECOGNIZE VIP CITIZEN LEVEL. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO JAPAN.

  • This man is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for him. He needs to go sit down somewhere and do something not in the public eye; like accounting or something. ����

  • When he said “Mixed race people are created from the love of two different races”, I was like, hell no lol, sorry but not all bc that’s not the case when you’re Puerto Rican! Our mix race came from rape sadly, which is a big part of why I identify with my African and Taino side and not my Spaniard side. I wish it was all bc of love but it was done with hatred of trying to erase our blood line:(

  • noone seemed sad when her frind died cozof constant bullying as if it s their business.its his mom n dad n his happiness as achild.go deal with ur own:((

  • She not just represented Japan but fulfilled her promise to her friend who committed suicide and did something. To create awareness that they exist and they are humans and have feelings too.

  • I helped a white friend at school fight bullys who were black and I went to his house and his father told me to never come back and I didn’t help him enough. I was jumped every day by them from middle school to high school. Confused me

  • “Whiteness” is not a historically fixed concept. It is a sociopolitical concept that has changed over time. It is therefore bound to historical context. Many people that are considered “white” in today’s historical context weren’t always seen as such during the immigration proceedings of early America. For example, the Irish, Italians, Armenians, and so on. During those days, there were legal debates concerning the criteria of “whiteness.” What does it mean? Who’s included? Who’s excluded? Is there a hard-dividing line? These are some of the many questions asked. Eventually, there was legislation passed. Irish were “legally white.” Italians were “legally white.” Armenians were “legally white.” Also, there is no scientific basis for the classification of human beings into abstract, vague notions such as “whiteness,” “redness,” “yellowness,” “brownness,” “blackness,” and so on. It is in this sense that race is socially constructed. There are genetic differences, of course, but these genetic differences are insignificant in the broader biological picture and do not warrant separate racial classification. A child is genetically different from its mother.

  • If you have a biracial mother and white father, you are suppose to look nearly white, how comes the daughter who looks like her bi racial mother looks like she should have 1 black parent and 1 white? parent
    And I am from the UK, its not fake its real.
    My friend has a bi racial mother and white father and he looks white but looks like he has a hint of black in his DNA.

  • My fiance is Chinese and white, and I’m black and white, and we get “what race are yall?” Or “why do you act so white?” all the time. This mess TRIGGERS me because its like…why can’t u just mind your business and stop asking me dumb questions?

  • It would disgust me, and my entire family, if my brothers or I ever dated a Black person. We never would do such a thing. I just find the very thought of it repulsive.

  • I always think mix people look gorgeous! I always look like a stalker �� when I see mix race couples and imagine how their kids will look like. ☺️


  • This is the basis of who & what we are. Racism is only a word to cause separation. No group of humans is better than another. Each group can be divided, judged the same by it’s actions towards others. Otherwise it comes down to advantages or disadvantages given to those in any particular ethnic group depending on the area the group can be found and the advancement made.

    The only distinction in intelligence depends on the advances each group has made over time. Each ethnic group developed according to it’ surroundings & time.. Some quicker than others. Inbreeding also takes a toll on development & sometimes mental abilities, survival. But we are still humans.

    There is only one race of humans that inhabit the earth We may share this earth with others, which has yet to be proven or to be discover. That is a possibility. So far only humans live on earth at this time to my knowledge.

    However it has been discovered, proven that mankind came out of Africa. The oldest bones on this earth were discovered there as of today. And that is what should be taught kids. So that they grow up with the understanding as to where human life started on this planet. Many would like to dispute this face to gain or add importance to the ethnic group that they belong to. Some people will keep using other ideas & terms in order to teach separation. However in reality all humans irregardless to the ethnic group are basically the same.

    There happens to be one race, of people on earth, several ethnic groups, We do have different beliefs, some with in the same ethnic group. Speak different languages, hair, features depending on where our ancestors settled years ago. But Make no mistake there are many differences with in each group. Plus the fact that no group is “ pure” do to extensive travel. Humans have created many sub ethnic groups by inter breeding. Each group depending on when & where & how they are raised may have differing views on life, right & wrong, religion, culture In many cases it may be a complexion difference, but little else.

    Our reproductive system is the same for humans. We all evolve the same. It takes a male sperm penetrating a human female egg to produce an child. It is possible for that egg to divide and produce more than one child. Also possible for more than one egg to become fertilized at the same time. Both producing children. We may enter the word differently after that, this is how we all enter this world.

    It is threw ignorance, that some separate ethnic groups into races and call it normal when there is actually only one race that we know.

    Depending on the beliefs of the ethnic group, the living conditions we enter this earth into determines our belief system.

  • These videos are great! Everyone needs to be educated about the uncomfortable topics..of course it’s only uncomfortable because a lot of people were raised to not ask questions, talk about subjects that we might not understand. It can cause fear which leads to defensiveness. Gotta start somewhere and educating one another is a great start!♡

  • Ikr? I’m white and I’ve gotten the shit kicked out of me just because I was white. I did nothing. absolutely nothing. There is such thing as racism towards white people.

  • I have a mixture in me. I am 1/4 chinese, welsh, irish, scottish, iranian, spanish, russian, greek, english and egyptian and swedish


  • Lmao race isn’t real? ok then go tell that to everyone who identifies themselves racially and engages in social justice about racial justice.

  • Earth regardless of your color or shade will one day be represented by those with beauty and dignity from every country. One day this world will become united without the ignorance and
    asinine racism. It might night come in my lifetime, but it will come.

  • Maybe the twins came out that way. Cause 1 of the parents is white and 1 is black. And if so that explains why they we’re born how they were. I have nothing else to say but I dont support biracial relationships and never will

  • I am Puerto Rican and Dominican my moms brown my dad’s white, I’m brown my brothers and sisters are white, they are just traits btw I look very much like my dad and very similar to my siblings.

  • Reading these comments here
    Seems like most mixed race people here want to gain validation from white people or attract one. Maybe that’s why you expierence racism because you have low self esteem and bow down to whites

  • I must have a diff kinda kids bcz when I asked the question regarding opposite race friends my kids respond with not only would my mom encourage us to have a diverse group of friends but if we purposely refused to be friends with people solely based on the color of their skin “she’d knock the shit outta us because she didn’t raise us that way”…������I guess I did do it all “wrong” lol. Stop giving a shit about skin color and give a shit about the quality of the people you surround yourself with kids! And FYI I’m incredibly proud of how my kids have turned out and the type of people they have become.

  • Why is it that toddlers become friends automatically, who laugh, hug and play with each other? It’s because children don’t see color. Adults could learn alot from them. My first best friend was black and my family loved him and his mom. He had no father sadly. He was in a car accident. It’s unfortunate that children are exposed to this kind of hate. I pray for the future and the kids who have to go through this. It’s sad. Take care everyone. ��

  • and why do not you say that whites are European Americans… that way you segregate and without knowing you’re poisoned… and you’re not coherent…

  • Don’t trust CNN, they manipulate everyone. My kids showed me there are no color differences 20 years ago when they were in kindergarten

  • This video is hilarious. Both twins are obviously mixed looking. Only difference is one has a lighter skin tone. Sad reality is that human beings are still fixated on skin tone courtesy of the white supremacists.

  • Its about keeping the genes people want to keep to their own. This is sjw bullcrap. Everything here is to blame white people for racism

  • Racist is Taught, Don’t Teach kids to be racist and hate other cultures.
    �� I Love the little girl Statement/Answer on the end of the video.
    Love��Not Hate! ����‍��‍����������

  • I find “What are you?” to be the most offensive and if I’m feeling particularly cheeky I’ll reply “Alien.” I also hate being asked my nationality when they mean my ethnic heritage and even that’s tricky because I have some cultural heritage that doesn’t match my ethnicity. And lastly I hate “Why don’t you speak Mandarin?” Because my grandparents spoke Cantonese!!!

  • when I lived in Russia people thought my mom was Checnhian ( she’s not, she’s a light brown-skinned, Mexican, Mestiza,) and that I was Russian (I use to look VERY white when I was younger, like blonde-haired, blue-eyed white).
    People on the street would accuse her of kidnapping me/ stealing me and in school, my classmates would say that I was lying about her being my mom bc she was ‘too dark’ to be related to me and that she was my nanny/maid.

  • Last week blacks claimed to be the original Chinese, the week before, the real Hebrews, before that the Arabs and Egyptians..  It’s something different EVERY week Everyone knows King Tuts red headed daughter Scotia founded Scotland…. Just a few months ago they claimed the Neanderthals were black. Blacks can’t even decide what to call themselves.

  • It annoys me that they say one’s white and the other is black. They’re both mixed. It’s just that one’s white passing and one actually looks biracial. That’s it.

  • Are you kidding me?? What do you think is going to happen with the racial sickness in this corporate u.s. From its inception.
    Yet somehow this is ‘new’.

    That’s what’s disgusting. Hamster wheels and nothing changes

  • I’m mixed, half white and half black (my mother is white and my father is black) and people always assume I’m fully white because I have blue eyes (actually I have heterochromia so half of my right eye is orange), freckles, red hair and I’m super light skinned. It always hurts. I once got called a ‘Whoa Vicky wannabe’ because they thought I was pretending to be black?? I’m the only light skinned person in my family and all of my siblings are dark as can be? It’s so frustrating.

  • There is an elderly couple who live in my neighborhood, who are white. They have two children that married black a man and woman, and togteher they have 5 mixed race grandchildren.

  • Only in Amerikkka you the KKK Ran this Country at one point, and on the under they still do. Not all but white people teach their kids that they superior. To the darker races. But soon as MS-13 or the Asian puts his hand or threatens to put his finger on the Nuke Button all attitudes change including the KKK

  • I remembered I was with my dad in a restaurant and some well meaning old lady came up to me and asked me if I was adopted (I look nothing like my dad) I had an long awkward conversation with her telling her that he was my real father because she didn’t believe me I was 12 at the time.

  • If teachers and parents stop teaching about race and instead teach them that everybody is different and that’s ok then boom racism is solved within a few generations

  • I was standing up for a girl online. She was embracing that she’s mixed race. A lot of people said she’s just white cause she looks white. I told them that she’s mixed race. Someone replied to me saying “Wdym? She’s just a white person who is also 50% Black”

    Bro, that’s mixed race. 50% White and 50% Black = Mixed race

  • My dad is Caribbean and my mum is white I am very light skinned with my mums blue eyes and the amount of times I have people saying “ you’re making it up “ or “ that’s BS you’re white “ people can look white but be mixed race!!

  • Partly BS…. you can easily be treated as “other” with two black parents, especially when you speak Standard American English and look slightly racially ambiguous. You can feel “raceless” and very alone when black kids don’t want to be friends with you, accuse you of wanting to be white, pick fights with you or don’t trust you and when whites are just “very comfortable” being around their own kind, ignoring you, and reducing you as some kind of unimportant wannabe.

  • I hate going to family reunions because I was “too white”, for one side of the family and “too black” for another. Also one parent would always be obviously left out with me and my siblings, it felt like we didn’t belong even though we were with family.

  • 1:30 wtf? Why can’t people tell the difference between Asian and Black features on white skin?? Obviously, her facial features are Black, not Asian.
    Also why did that lady go on and try to say something stupid like, ‘Maybe the mom got pregnant by two different men at once’ yeah, and the red haired baby just happened to have Black facial features.

  • I’m bored and have been watching videos about racism idk why but after 3 hours of watching I haven’t seen a single video about being racist to whites like that’s a little fucked. Not only white people are racist.

  • It’s ok to date out of your race because i am a African American in i love white women because i see people in character not race i love white women we as should date whoever we want i want mixed kids one day

  • I love the reaction and response of the little girl at the end of recording, she is friends with everyone. God bless these children to Recognize the difference.

  • I’m half white, and a quarter black/filipino. When people saw my mom, who was black and filipino they asked if I was adopted since I had fair skin and wavy dark hair, whereas she had dark skin and curly hair.

  • I heard of a story of a woman having twins and they had two different fathers.She was a prostitute. I heard it on some American talk show years ago.

  • If the Alt Right or many camps of the Black Hebrew Israelite cult had it their way these two would be separated.

    May the Lord Jesus grant repentance to racists and bigots.

  • My dad is Filipino, my mom is Black and White. I can tell you In 2020 being mixed has been hell for me. I’ve been called the “N” word by racist white people (not in 2020 though). I definitely don’t pass as black because I’m light skinned with semi straight and curly hair. I’m not excepted by any race honestly. Most people think I’m Spanish but I don’t speak Spanish or Tagalog (Filipino Language). I definitely feel like an outcast walking down the street. Guess that’s why I became a loner and I always stay to myself. Well don’t mean to be depressing but just being honest. Being mixed is hard for me but I happy the way God made me, being unique and different is pretty cool. Keep your head up. God Bless

  • She is beautiful!!! She inspires me as a mestizo white/American native and I understand her trials! More power to you Miss Japan!

  • I call myself halfkast lol. I didn’t even know it was offended. I guess this is what happens when you give a word too much power… or maybe, not all mixed race people think the same.

  • Black people don’t matter. White people don’t matter. Asian people don’t matter Mexican people don’t matter. Thats just what i think because I treat everyone the same way. I hang out with all the races and i treat them the same. But some of there friends dont like and im ok with it.everyone have a good day.: )

  • No such thing as “biracial” or “mixed raced” ONE RACE THE HUMAN RACE. One cannot mix a singular thing.  Moreover, if Meghan and people like her think they are mixed, then my question is where is the pure/unmixed race?  Dividing oneself by elite racial grouping isa product of bad science. This inaccurate science was created approximately 400 years ago when Christopher Columbus and his cronies went around the world discovering what they thought were sub-humans in undiscovered lands/Africa.  When they returned to the UK the ignorant scientists created a hierarchical human race table placing themselves (white people) at the top. These pagan arrogant elitists thought they (Anglo Saxons) were placed on earth by divine intervention and all other human were below them and mixed with “the ape”. Realise what you are saying. Do not let anybody tell you that you are mixed anything.  Do not give in to this divisive language and old-fashioned racist rhetoric and way of seeing yourself and other people. No matter what shade, you are full human, 100% undiluted pure beautiful human, every single one of you. “ONE RACE THE HUMAN RACE”.

  • It’s funny how it’s always about black and white, but when it comes to Asians they are excluded, nowadays racism against Asians is so normalized lul and people still cry about white and black racism, couldn’t even bring Asians in the racism argument ��‍♂️and y’all called this equality

  • What an absolute douche bag of a male anchor… He’s disgusting.
    I was impressed with the female anchor in the beginning, but she starts to pander to him, and that’s unfortunate.
    I hope this guy is a garbage man now.

  • I’m sorry but racist people are plain stupid. How can you hate somebody JUST because of their skin colour. If you were blind, you wouldn’t know what colour they are. Some say “oh because they are loud” if you were blind and somebody was loud you wouldn’t like them because they are loud NOT because they are a different race fgs racists just need to grow up

  • Races are an outdated concept and not scientifically feasible! Races are a construct based on skin tones (for the most part) but do not factor in genetic variation. You have to look at the DNA. These two women are genetically very alike and their appearance does not represent this. White people can have more genetic variation within their population despite all being white. Looks do not proof the existence of race. Thusly, races don’t exist.

  • What an amazing woman and story. I definitely can relate ; being African American / Vietnamese myself and now in my 40’s. Times have changed and I believe today’s world is more acceptable to biracial children, especially ones’s who are part Asian..

  • A gradual disappearance of nationalities through interracial marriage is positive.
    So to decide does it really mean positive effect or not, I want to divide the statement into two crucial parts: interracial marriage and endangered nationalities (cultures).

    Interracial marriage
    Nowadays, it is not possible to find purebred nations because of various historical events such as the discovery of new territories, wars, the great migration of peoples.
    There might be only two conditions to be “purebred”, races should be isolated and a really long period of time.
    Nevertheless the practice shows that between all the races that are on the planet, fertile offspring are perfectly possible.
    As an example, in South America it is practically impossible to find someone a purebred and what is more everything is okay with their genetic ( I mean medical condition). By and large, the child of people from two different races is the representative of the new 3 race, which is more adaptable for changes to some extent. From this point of view, we see the trend of increasing probability to survive. Although, in a case when races diverge for some subjective reasons, this child can feel difficulties in social aspect, which group to join.
    Endangered nationalities (cultures)
    We all should clearly understand that a decrease in the number of nationalities and cultures is a simplification and flattening of a civilization that is losing its diversity. Everyday we loss some old languages, traditions and ethnicities, these lead to disappearance of a unique views on the world. Therefore moving to a single formless wordview imposed by authorities, we will not only see but also feel how human imagination becomes more and more narrowed. And one day we wake up and would not even remember other options.
    To sum up:
    You should fall in love with who you love based on who they are, not the color of their skin. And we all should be curious about history of our culture and nationalist and pay more attention to others.

  • Just happened to stumble across this,I’m happy I did. She is a beautiful young lady. Racial Hate is taught & programed into a child. When racists parents hate people because of the color of their skin, that color of skin, their children will love. She a beautiful & perfect example.Those same children that bullied her,now see her on TV & billboards.❤️❤️❤️

  • And God created the one drop rule to identify the Isrealites black folks and mixed people with African blood he knew that Black people were going to have SELF HATE and start procreateing with other nations..God is not Mocked!

  • Bronbeing mix fucking sucks white people discriminate on you just like as if you were black and black people treat you diffrent cuz you’re half mix bro the shit is stupid.

  • Racist people really hate Themselves.
    Hate is going to destroy this world.
    Teach your children how to be a productive, inclusive, civic-minded, responsible adult not a scared insecure racist because it limits them.
    And kudos to the girl at the end who put her grandparents out there.
    Now that’s child abuse, teaching hate.

  • Poor asian men ���� Oops! I’m also an asian men. Hahaha �� idc about girls from other race. Doesn’t bother me at all. Asian women are the best.

  • People assume that everyone who is mixed is 50/50 and white passing. I’m mixed, but not 50/50. My mom is half and half and my dad is black. I have NEVER been asked what I am. People can CLEARLY see that I’m black. I identify as black one because I’m proud of it and that is the ancestry I was raised to embrace and also because dentifying as anything else would just not fly. White people follow me in stores and call me nigger too. My experience with racism is no different than a light black persons with two black parents.

  • And most definitely tribes are real!!!!

    That’s what you get language from, people are different tribes….males create race or tribe as they mate….

  • Maybe they don’t think the kids in the pictures are friends because one’s on the ground gathering their stuff and the other isn’t helping? No? Okay..

  • She is gorgeous, like really. But in my opinion when someone represents a country they should be 100% that ethnicity, that’s just my opinion.

  • The garmen/African American, who claims black children were hostile to her and gave her a hard time. She must be lying because blacks can’t be racist?

  • I am 75% white and have always be mostly seen as white except for the odd few comments saying that I look dark for a white person, that I don’t look fully white or where am I from and then you don’t look English or British which is very ignorant and racist. I hated having to try and explain this to a stranger which I really didn’t want to do. There is such a gap in my identity as we don’t know much about my grandfather’s heritage. It has been easier to identify as white for all these years but I am in so much pain, I have mixed heritage from my grandfather so I can say I am of mixed heritage but can I say I am mixed race without being abused or doubted because I am not half and half??? ��������

  • Most emperors of Japan are much darker than this pageant winner, and she looks a lot like Phylicia Rashad on the young tip from the Cosby show and she looks like Alicia keys, The judges had no problem selecting her. Also there is NO WORD EQUALVALENT to the (N)word that’s the United States of America baby, that’s the United States Fashion Plate. The word KAFIR an Arabic Islamic word meaning a none believer used in Africa for derogatory means isn’t even the equipment of the American mantle Fashion Plate (N) word. Japan citizens if I we’re you I would have the cBS news reporter who said (HAFU) was the equivalent of the (N) PROVE his statement and I would notify Japan’s minister of Tourism and Travel recognize his statement as being untrue and possibly damaging to Japan’s Tourism and Travel and Commerce. The reporter made a distinct definitive effort to paint Japan with the RACIST paint brush that United States of America use to paint all of it’s portraits, no matter who or what it is.

  • I don’t really understand the big deal.. My mum has an olive skin tone and so does one of my aunts yet one of my closest aunts is black. They are all related by blood and it’s just a genetic thing.

  • Japan ain’t as sweet and nice as animation would lead you to believe. There is still intense xenophobia, discrimination, and borderline eugenics ideologies present here, even in the most metropolitan places. Don’t think you’ll get off easy b/c your White either ; many White people of all nationalities can sometimes be discriminated against too. Of course, Japan isn’t unique in this…

  • races a way to separate us we are all human with red blood we are different because of the place were born to survive the weather God that it

  • Angel I love you I love the way you put things in perspective for people to understand I’m with you I’ve been called this I’ve been called that but I know who I am and I am copper because that is my skin color but I identified myself as black and you’re right we’re all mixed up with something and I’m proud to be who I am. Keep up the good work I watch your channel every chance I get you are very season and very knowledgeable I look forward to your next video. Have a great day. ��

  • Nothing to do with colour when it comes to children,it what they hear and what they are torte while growing up,for instance,the children in northern Ireland are torte from a young age that the English are the enemy’s in a protestant home and the same HAPPENS in a Catholic home,so that’s why there will never be PEACE in’s simple.until this shit stops it will continue

  • This is gonna sound freaky but let put it this way: If a dog is a white and the other dog is black would they care about how they look no because it just a color of their fur but when you turn to a human’s eye would they see as the same? Maybe because of the concept of race have been in planted in our head.

  • Being biracial isn’t just for black and another race… I think people only think of biracial as that.
    I feel that it’s low-key problematic.