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Breastfeeding can provide some protection against flu for infants, including children younger than 6 months who cannot receive the flu vaccine. Annual flu vaccination is recommended for all persons aged 6 months and older (except in rare cases), and is particularly important for pregnant women. Additionally, to protect children younger than 6 months of age from flu, persons around the infant (e.g.

The influenza vaccine is considered the safe choice of immunization during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If your baby is six months of age or older, a pediatrician may recommend that they are vaccinated against the flu, as well. “Infants cannot get the influenza vaccine until 6 months of age, so [they] rely on protection both from antibodies the mother passes to their child during the pregnancy and through the breast. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone 6 months of age and older—including pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding—get the flu vaccine each year. If you are pregnant, it is best to get the vaccine early in the flu season (October through May), as soon as the vaccine is available.

Yes, either a flu shot or nasal spray flu vaccine should be given to breastfeeding mothers. There is no risk of harm to a baby if a mother receives a flu vaccination, only a health benefit! • Preventing the flu in mothers can reduce the chance that the infant will be exposed to the flu and get it. The best form of protection (although still not 100%) is flu vaccination which can be undertaken whilst breastfeeding with no risk to the baby. The symptoms of flu usually last for a week. Symptoms develop approximately 4 days after infection.

Ways to try to avoid flu. Although live viruses in vaccines can replicate in the mother, the majority of live viruses in vaccines have been demonstrated not to be excreted in human milk. Inactivated, recombinant, subunit, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccines, as well as toxoids, pose no risk for mothers who are breastfeeding or for their infants. Can I have a flu vaccine if I’m breastfeeding?

Yes. The vaccine poses no risk to a breastfeeding mother or her baby, or to pregnant women. Is it OK to have the flu vaccine during pregnancy?

Yes. In fact, it’s important to get the flu vaccine if you’re pregnant. Private manufacturers make the flu vaccine and take about six months to produce it. The availability of the flu vaccine depends on when production is completed. But generally, shipments begin sometime in August in the United States.

Doctors and nurses may begin vaccinating people as soon as the flu vaccine is available in their areas. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee, “The Influenza vaccine does not affect the safety of the mothers who are breastfeeding or their infants. Breastfeeding does not adversely affect the immune response and is not a contradiction for vaccination.”.

List of related literature:

There are no reported side effects, nor published contraindications for using influenza virus vaccine during lactation.1,2 Influenza vaccine is now indicated for breastfeeding mothers and their infants by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Medications and Mothers' Milk 2017” by Dr. Thomas W. Hale, PhD, Dr. Hilary E. Rowe, PharmD
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Recommended for all women who will be in the second or third trimester of pregnancy during the influenza season; administration of inactivated influenza vaccine is considered safe at any stage of pregnancy and during lactation c.

“Midwifery and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide” by Beth Kelsey, Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos
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Moreover, breastfeeding is recommended for women infected with novel influenza A (H1N1), regardless of whether they are being treated, because of the advantages of breast milk for the infant’s immune system (10).

“Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk” by Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe
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Breast-feeding is not adversely affected by immunizations in the infant or mother, and lactation is not a contraindication to immunization with any agent.812 Most live viruses from vaccines are not transferred to breast milk.

“Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management” by Richard A. Helms, David J. Quan
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Although most vaccines are compatible with breastfeeding, the practitioner should check each vaccine prior to administration, as some vaccines do pose significant risk to the infant when exposed via breastmilk (Box 5-2) (Hale, 2012).

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Jan Riordan
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  • effective in 62%?? what is probability that I will be contracted with flu and required hospitalization? compare it to probability of side effects after flu shot. You will see that flu vaccine is fake.

  • Flu shot, being pretty much useless itself, also makes you more susceptible to all other viruses. It usually contains mercury as well. Think twice before getting or promoting it.

  • The flu shot is only 10% effective this year  Are you going to tell your customers that?  Last year it was 42% effective, the year before that 48% and the year before that 19%. So that is an average of 29% effective over the last 4 years.  Then Google “Serial flu shot problem”  which makes it even less effective.  All vaccines and drugs have risk, is it worth it?

  • 6 things: Flu shots cased a 400% increase in spontaneous miscarriages.  You people are directly engaged in the murder of children.  How does that make you feel?

  • Hi
    What do you think of the epidemiologist at the U of T showing that people receiving flu vaccines regularly will end up with diminished immune response to fight viruses on its own.
    Please advise

  • It’s a well know fact nurses prepare for onslaught in nursing homes of flu outbreak 1 week after their flu shots for elderly and staff. Not sure what that says.

    My mother got flu shot every year never got the flu ever, put her in nursing home they gave her multi vial shot she and many other all got flu in 1 week.

  • what if an evil pharmaceutical company and the corrupted government somewhere in the world giving free flu jabs which contains another virus such as covid19 in the nursing homes.. it will terrible and most old would die in the nursing homes.. wait a second!

  • you all are sheep and are ignorantly and willing pupping mercury and cancer causing agents into your children. Medical people don’t care about you just your wallet.
    I guarantee you that you take the flue shot regularly you will diagnosed with cancer within 10 years.

  • She means well, but no, The flu changes every year, a different strand. They go by what flu virus is in China in April, and then have that vaccine strain available in October for us. They don’t even know if its the right strain or not. And from what I hear they don’t work anyway. I will never take a flu shot ever

  • More elderly get the flu even though they received the flu vaccine than those who did not and the recovery times are faster for those who did not receive the vaccine. 5 to 1.

  • Hello Habib, to see the video response to your question, copy “D22TzYMyBNk” and paste it after “youtube dot com slash watch?v=” up in the box where you type the web address. We have to do it this way because YouTube no longer allows video responses, nor do they allow links to be posted in comments like this. We also can’t send messages to email addresses through YouTube either.

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