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Most of the time, those rapid and intense mood shifts are a normal part of adolescence. But sometimes, mood swings can signal a more serious problem. Causes of Teenage Mood Swings Mood swings during adolescence are partially due to biology.

The teen years are often painted as “the best years of your life,” but let’s face it, they can be plenty rocky. Some teens up to 1 in 8 develop depression. Watch for.

If you’re the parent of a young teen with intense mood swings, researchers have good news. Those emotions are probably normal and should calm down as your child moves through adolescence. But if. The major causes which can lead to irrational mood swings in teenagers are: Irrational Mood Swings in Teenagers Caused Due to Changes in Hormones Being a significant time of change in every teen’s life, puberty starts in American girls at around 10 – 14 years of age while in American boys it is a little delayed at 12 – 16 years.

It’s perfectly normal for teens to be moody, irritable, overly sensitive, and withdrawn. After all, this is a developmental period where both their mind and body are growing rapidly and the changes are physically and mentally taxing. But, as a parent witnessing your teenager’s mood swings, it’s common to worry that they may have depression.

Teenage mood swings are known to occur and that’s very normal. I see my teens going through such mood swings too and it does get me angry at times, but because I know it’s a passing phase, and something all parents have also gone through, I understand and let it be. “An important message to teens, parents, and teachers is that temporary mood swings during early adolescence might actually be normal and aren’t necessarily a reason to worry.” But for some teens. Fact Checked Determining normal teenage behavior is often a daunting parental task because teenagers deal with rapid developmental changes causing mood swings, odd behavior and emotional confusion. The teenage years are a time of turmoil and stress for some.

Any notable deterioration in behavior or mood that lasts two weeks or longer, without a break, may indicate major depression. Children and adolescents can also suffer Dysthymic Disorder, or minor depression. In this type of presentation, symptoms can appear for more days than not, for at least one year. Domains.

The difference between teen moodiness and a teen with a mood disorder can be assessed by three factors: trigger, intensity, and length. It’s normal for teens to be moody for an appropriate reason. The reason might be a breakup, grounding or.

List of related literature:

They are torn between being a young child and being somewhat grownup, and much thought and sudden mood swings are really very normal and nothing to worry about.

“A Road Back from Schizophrenia: A Memoir” by Arnhild Lauveng
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If shifts in your teen’s behavior and mood have lasted for a couple of weeks, don’t hesitate: call the teen’s doctor and make an appointment for an evaluation.

“Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential” by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare
from Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential
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It’s normal for a girl to undergo some suffering and struggle during this stage, including mood swings, but the degree of this suffering depends both upon her temperament and upon the availability of role models who can support her emerging sense of self.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
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It is not surprising that, at thirteen, she is experiencing wide mood swings.

“The Lighthouse Handbook on Vision Impairment and Vision Rehabilitation: Two-volume Set” by Barbara Silverstone, Mary Ann Lang, Bruce Rosenthal, Eleanor E. Faye
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Mood swings can seem to mimic the cycling that is normal for children with attachment and trauma.

“Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents” by Deborah D. Gray
from Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s Parents
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These strategies work best when your teen is feeling well or experiencing only mild mood swings, and they may protect her from developing more severe mood episodes.

“The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family” by David J. Miklowitz, Elizabeth L. George
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Adolescence, we’re told, is normal and healthy, even if it means your daughter goes through a period of being moody, obnoxious, and out of control.

“Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know” by Meg Meeker
from Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know
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Normal adolescent mood swings can trigger strain on family relationships and result in arguments.

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
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Teenagers may also present with reactivity of mood, that is, their mood can seem normal at times, with periods of tearfulness, sadness, or irritability.

“Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book” by William B. Carey, Allen C. Crocker, Ellen Roy Elias, Heidi M. Feldman, William L. Coleman
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For reasons that are not yet known, parents of girls with ASDs report even more extreme mood swings during puberty than have been observed in their typically developing siblings, or their friends’ daughters.

“Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-Teen and Teenage Years” by Shana Nichols, Liane Holliday Willey, Ginamarie Moravcik, Samara Pulver-Tetenbaum
from Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-Teen and Teenage Years
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  • داکترصاحب محترم. شما واقعا عالی هستید. اگرمیتوانستم یک کتاب درباره شما مینوشتم. یک جهان تشکر ازین ویدویوی اموزنده شما. بسیار موضوعات زیاد را درمدت ۵ دقیقه تشریح کردین. بسیار عالی. امیدوارهستم که ویدیوهای اموزنده در چینل یوتیوب تان به نشربگزارین. بازهم تشکر

  • So how do I know then it’s depression or just a mood swing?. I maen I’m supposed to feel sad.. some times..but like. Idk I’m just confused.

  • Anyone else with a mom that doesn’t believe in mood swings and teen angst and even if u show her this vid she’s gonna say don’t make anything an excuse to be sad for no reason

  • Apperently since I’m 16 I feel like an adult handling life problems already..and I’m mostly angry from time to time but it’s not easy to keep it at low level.

  • 1:09 In my personal experience of mixed episodes, it’s not feeling simultaneously elated/happy and depressed/sad. It’s having racing thoughts and lack of sleep (like mania), but the racing thoughts are negative, unpleasant, uncomfortable, and anxious. It’s like the worst of both worlds.

  • I appreciate this video. Thank you.

    However, it also hits me hard. Ugh… Bipolar disorder is so difficult to understand, even when you have it. Explaining it to others is even harder… My bipolar started at a very young age… ��

  • honestly, i’m already 18 and already know most of this stuff but seeing these videos explaining it reassures me a lot because it’s easy to forget how normal this whole deal is and that it’s not just me making stuff up…

  • As a teenager with clinically diagnosed depression and and generalized anxiety disorder i think we really need to stop confusing regular teen angst with actual moderate-to-severe mental health disorders. As a trans dude, i also expirience really bad dysphoria quite often and I belive that’s also something that really shouldn’t be minimized by passing it off as teen angst. When you see a teenager expiriencing mood swings or general sadness, anger or apathy quite often, whether you’re related or not, check in with them. Make sure they’re okay. It’ll help a lot. I really dont want to offend the creators of this video,but watching things like this just makes me a little pissed off because, to be honest, I’m a person who expiriences a lot of self hatred quite often and, although i know it’s not supposed to be, this video almost feels like it’s kind of appropriating those feelings into something normal. If you’re experiencing any depression symptoms, please go see a therapist. It’ll help you millions.

  • I don’t think I have depression but I think it’s more of gender Dysphoria. I was handed a paper that was required to go home to make sure my information was still correct, female didn’t look right to me, it made me feel upset, anxious and self conscious about my gender. My mom passes it off as hormones and my dad actually bothers to listen to me. It also sucks to have a mother who doesn’t support my interests and hobbies and who probably wouldn’t support me much if I told her.

    I’m just in a crappy situation with my life at the moment.

  • the counslor saw my sacrs and cuts recent one and she called me down to the office and i pass out go to the hospital and of corse with my freekin luck they saw all my scars all of them and theres millions best part my parents knew and dident care

  • I couldn’t have that emotion because I was abused by my stepfather so fear was more prevalent in my childhood depression and suppression was more like it

  • A good hearted person you are as you seeks to heal the brains �� of others & being u urself a teenager, currently I’m 16 & I too sometimes agonise from agitation but now as I’m been learning, fostering I know how to ensnare well being CALM, serene!! It’s all personal deep rooted to ourselves!!

  • I totally relate to you! Never even knew there are people that feel happy or fine when just doing nothing. I also never know how to say how I am feeling when somebody asks. The more I question how I feel I feel even worse.

  • I could talk to my self and start laughing at my jokes then laugh at myself pretending to explain to someone who’s not even there.

  • She explained nothing in this video, she makes me want to kill myself, holy shit.
    All she did was name 4 disorders, and how to fix them in a scientific way instead of actually taking
    her time to make her script understandable for the average person.

  • I’ve had most of these symptoms but was diagnosed with ADHD and now borderline.. can you make a video sharing the differences between adhd and bipolar mania?

  • I was depressed in high school. Even in Elementary school I had anxiety. I believe that I had Bipolar 2 then. I’m 47 now. Thanks for the video!

  • I talked to my friends, to my teacher, to my parents and to the school’s psychologist. They all didn’t believe me and my friends left me since “I’m always talking about my problems”. I just don’t know what to do now, I mean, I’m feeling like this for nearly two years but I thought “it’s just a phase” (what everyone said at that time and also said when I talked to them).

  • I remember trying to open up about my depression to my head of year in high school but they kept telling me to “grow up” and to “get over it coz I was being ridiculous “

  • Thanks for this video. What really concerns me is that not only is teenage depression and anxiety on the rise, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere online to really talk about like there used to be with message boards and newsgroups. The community tools on YouTube and Instagram just aren’t up to the task.

  • AT LEAST 1 out of every 10 people deal with #MentalHealth issues, so even if you don’t it’s a guarantee that you know someone who does. #YouAreNotAlone! ��

  • Watching a lot of videos like this I realise I do have a really good life. I am very fortunate to say that and to not have depression or anxiety (as I know of) or any other mental health issues. I don’t know exactly how to deal with people around me as I don’t know their mental state but I try to just be as nice and caring as possible and if I happen to someday find out about someone I know being depressed I will research what I can do and help them as much as I can. But the fact that I am this happy is scarying me a little. I hear everywhere around me that I am going to go through hard times and I see so many people have mental health issues and I just don’t wanna be like them but society is telling me that I am gonna have those issues myself. I know I might not have it, but I know I will have to go through tough times, and I try to focus on the good time I have now and appreciate it and at the same time educate myself so I’m prepared for the harder times. I will also try to use my advantage of being happy to help others as much as I can without my own life getting bad.
    I know this was a mess of just me discussing my own life with myself but If someone has any tips for me or how to help others I would deeply appreciate it. I would also love any input or opinions and would love to discuss important topics such as mental health.

    I feel like an important thing to talk more about is the fact that you are indeed allowed to be happy and to say it out loud. Just because other people are feeling sad doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to say you’re happy, as long as you don’t look down on other people for not being.

    I am fortunate to be happy, not taking for granted and allowing myself to be. I am not hiding the fact because it’s important to know that you are allowed to feel happy in the world we live in today, but at the same time caring deeply and truly about the people who’s not as fortunate as me. Sending my love to you. ❤️

  • I do relate! I definitely often just feel sad without any reason, you explained it so well in this video! I can’t really remember a time when i genuinely felt fine while doing nothing.

  • I feel like a worthless piece of shit everyday, my mom says it’s normal but is it normal for an 11 year old to want to die? I haven’t had any signs of going through puberty, so I don’t think it’s normal for me to want to end my life, lay in my bed after school (and do nothing), not doing anything social or active and try to hurt myself. Everyone in my life is telling me that “it’s just hormones” and “I feel sad too sometimes” but I’m tired of it, im tired of everything life has to offer. I’m done with life.

  • Today I felt sad for no reason and I started crying in front of the whole class I thought and still think that I’m useless nobody cares about me and I hate everyone but nobody actually laughed told me I’m a very baby in a boy btw and I usually never show my emotions.When I told my mom she stared laughing and said it’s stupid to be sad for no reason which made me even more sad can someone tell me what to do

  • Okay, I have an honest question. Does anyone else list off the mental issues they have? I do. Alot. And its not me trying to get attention. I HAVE these mental health issues and I struggle with them greatly. I guess I just feel like I need to remind people what they got themselves into and I act the way I do for a real reason. Is this just me?

  • Honestly this gives me some comfort cuz its good to know that ” i am not alone” and its normal in this stage of life

    How about you?

  • I wish my friend would try and help me the way yours did, I tried telling theme and they thought I was just joking around and did nothing, ever since I’ve not told any one

  • Me and my mom laughed so hard at the “remember the time your mom made your favorite breakfast and for no reason at all you freaked out and yelled at her?”, We were saying stuff like “mOm! hOw dARe yoU maKe mY FaVoRitE BrEakFAst! HNNNNNG!”

  • I feel sad/empty very often… I feel like my “normal” state is empty (or low-key despair some periods). I do think I probably have some kind of illness though, because I have a ton of symptoms (including not wanting to live), but since it started (so the last 4-5 years I think) I was always like “yeah, it’s just cause I’m a teenager”. I’ve only started admitting it may be more recently

  • Wow, You shared very good information. My uncle had suffered from this problem. He was total upset during this. He went to many hospitals. But the result was not good. Then, Someone told him about planet Ayurveda. He went to Planet Ayurveda & got his treatment started. Now he is fine. If you have this type of problem or any other type of health problem. you should go to Planet Ayurveda.

  • I’m 10 and I’m getting lots of changes in my body and I feel sad for no reason and my sister (who is 14) says that it’s normal and she also had it when she was my age

  • I get depressed anywhere, anytime, i told my parents about it and they didn’t give a damn fuck,especially at school, i instanly go from happy,confident to a extremely sad, furious and shy my mood changes instantly,when i see thay everyone is enjoying life i feel much more worse,it is a fucking nightmare and i live in it everyday

  • Reminds me of some painfully dark and confusing episodes at high school. As a teacher with BPD2, this video is very helpful. I want to be there for any students with mental illness. Thank you Warrior 1 ����

  • IT was a living nightmare! She even left my kid’s and I on Christmas to fulfill her sexual thirst.
    That was the final nail in the coffin.
    Its our four children and I from here on! Not like she cares about them anyways.
    I felt more ALONE being married than before I met her and was single. No REGRETS thou i have 4 beautiful kid’s and the NIGHTMARE IS FINALLY OVER!
    If your in a relationship with someone that has bipolar remember THIS.
    You also need to take care of yourself TOO!

  • Ha yeah it’s funny I almost never feel completely at rest or calm but my friend on the other hand is like your boyfriend says that she’s“ happy” and I do kinda get a bit jealous almost and wonder how it feels to be at ease and not worry constantly and feel like everything will fall apart in a matter of seconds

  • At one point in my life, I would just feel sad and want to cry when I was just doing nothing (like you said)… and I think I’ve gotten better, or I did, but now I feel like I could start falling back into that hole of depression I had for months.

  • Sometimes I have so much energy I just want to scream as loud as I can �� I’m not self diagnosing though that is smelly so um

    I’m not bipolar ����

  • Yh if I just sit down and do nothing I’ll cry because I’ll think I’m worthless so I’ll try to commit suicide and I have to have counselling because of it

  • Last year had mental breakdown struggling Bipolar Disorder type 2 also experienced Psychosis symptoms again first time was diagnosed.

  • When my day get started in the morning and get up out in my bed,and do all the things with a happy mood. But after all suddenly i felt sad and sad till the end of the day. Then next day i felt guilt in myselft with no reasons. Then i cried alone. And the other next day im so much happy with energetic feelings. Feels like so excited but i am not. I dont know.☹������

  • I just hate talking about my self changes and emotional changes, i breakdown as soon as i tell anyone. Im just not the type of person who cries so im scared if otheres will look at me differently.

  • Running through my house alone, chipper, I look in the mirror and say wow! I feel great! I look awesome! I’m amazing, then i go out for a walk! Wow that was amazing! Then I think about my mom, she’s great! I hope she lives long enough to see me do all the things I’m putting off, I hope she doesn’t pass away before then; then I think about losing her, and drink myself into a stupor. Rinse and repeat

  • Im depressed and i think that i do have depression since i was 8 or 9 but im not sure what to do since in my country mental health is such a “taboo” subject that im scared to tell my parents since im not sure how will the react… what should i do?

  • I just feel empty. When I’m with friends I’m actually happy and I look forward to things but I’m always on my phone or listening to music because I’m paranoid or sad or I think myself into a rage. But sometimes I’m happy but it kind of drifts away from me after I have been doing something. It varies so much I can’t really classify myself

  • I told my parents I had depression and they said your just moody. 2 years later I told them I wanted to kill my self and my mom was like why you thinking like that and then everyone took me seriously.

  • Sometimes I laugh very hard without reasons,, sometimes I get dippressed without reason,,, I dont know why and iam just 15 years old

  • I can’t tell my mom about depression when I talk to my friends they laugh my mom on the outside is nice but when we go home she abuses me

  • Wait. I didn’t realize it’s not normal to NOT feel like your boyfriend? Like I thought everybody just feels that like rush of sadness when you aren’t distracted.

  • I don’t know if I would consider myself being lucky but when I told my parents that I was depressed and feeling suicidal I found out my mum was depressed and suicidal and she has been helping me through it for the last year know

  • You’re helping me understand myself so much, to the point of realization that I need help. I am now working up the courage to start my search for a doctor and therapist, in hopes that I can start feeling normal. I’ve struggled my whole life, until I accidently found your videos and from there you’ve explained nearly everything since I was young. Thank you for reaching out to so many people!

  • Hey, I’m a teenager and I think I’m dealing with depression I think, I can relate to so many symptoms, but what if it is just hormones I think a lot, and I’ll feel even worse because what if it is, I’m so mad at myself for screwing everything up, I’ve talked to some friends about this, and I want to talk to my parents about it but they keep saying things about me screwing my life up, and being disrespectful because my grades are bad and I don’t do much. I don’t know what to do honestly

  • depressive signs
    1 2 3 7
    manic signs
    1 2 3 4 5
    just a moment ago i just cut ties with most of my friends and 2 month ago i cut ties with my only 3 irl friends
    i can’t go to physician or something bcs my family would probably say wtf r u talking about u r all fine stop complaining u r what would hurt you and rant about their own problems sip
    idk wether i have bipolar disorder but im likely to have bipolar 2 bcs of my mood swings…

  • How do you actually go to your mom and say that you wanna visit a phycologist?! Bc it’s like accepting and saying out loud you think you are mentally ill. And it is so hard for me to say sth like that.. Idk what to do.

  • I’m surprised and still don’t completely believe that the majority of people wake up and automatically feel okay, and their default emotion isn’t anger or sadness or just complete emptiness. If emotions were water, I would say 90% of the time I either feel like I’m drowning or dying of dehydration, and I have to remind myself that just because that’s the norm for me, it’s not for the majority of people.

  • I feel like that all the time, I’ll either just feel sad and heavy or I’ll get a little bit of anxiety from just not doing anything.

  • It’s so great that you’ve recognized your depression at such a young age you’re going to save yourself a lot of grief. It took me like 36 years to figure this shit out.

  • Sorry for commenting so much, but you are such an inspiration to me, you give me hope that one day I’ll finally get a chest binder, boxers, even just men’s deodorant, you make me happy, and I think one day I’ll actually be able to come out as trans. I cry thinking not brave enough a lot..

  • Currently being evaluated for ADHD & bipolar, so I can’t speak on whether I am in fact bipolar. With that said, either way you are such a beacon of hope to this community. You show immense self courage, as well as encouragement & care for others. Much love from Texas! ��☯️

  • I think i have bipolat disorder.. for longer periods i continue to exhausturated happy n sometimes bery low loosing interest in everything i do, withdrawing myself from freinds & family.sometimes being the activest person in my own group. They use to think that I’m not being real just acting but its tough for me to deal these sitchvations with the people that i like, I don’t know how to explain the same to them but it’s fine..currently i am getting better to avoid depression but as long i am high nothing beats me.

  • It’s amazing that there are people like you to tell people about this kind of stuff. During the video I broke down crying, because I have a lot of the feelings that you mentioned to be linked to depression, but I still feel really uncomfortable talking about this stuff with the people that I’m close to as well as professionals. I know it’s not healthy to not get help, but are there any ways I might could help this on my own until I’m comfortable enough to talk to someone about it?

  • I’m 12 and I feel embarrassed about my depression

    Most of my life I’ve had depression and haven’t gotten any help

    I’m scared for my future because some days my depression gets so bad that I’ve almost killed myself

    No one helps me

    And I’m kind of similar to you

    Thanks for reading

  • Me sometime happy, at other time angry, aggressive, crying after listening a song but for no reason, moody, hungry, irritated, weird, etc. Things emotions changes within a second….. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me??��

  • im 19 just transitioning into adulthood. get as much help as you can while you’re still a kid because it will help you immensely when you have to transition into adulthood.

  • If you suffer from bipolar disorder you are NOT alone! Need help with your bipolar disorder? You can get help here

  • Oh my god, I can relate to this so badly. Whenever I don’t do anything there’s this empty, sad, anxious kind of feeling… And then I start overthinking and everything and it’s horrible. Oops

  • Idk what to do i told my therapist abt it but doesn’t think i have bipolar. I honestly dont know what to do no more I’m scared to ask her again. &’ i also feel every symptom:/

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about Peyadison Initial Principality (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for discovering how to get rid of depression without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend Sam after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  • Thank you for your information; could you investigate about anosognosia and elaborarate on the topic? I think my wife has developed it… Thank you again, your videos help her a lot

  • Have u ever felt like suddenly from chill mode to beast mode for no reason u jus feel like u wanna fuck up everything and everyone in front of u for no reason?

  • Okay so, I do multiple online tests all the time and I always get the results as 90 or higher. �� I have not been diagnosed because my mom wouldn’t beleive me but everything in every test or quiz or stuff like that is always over 90. I don’t know what to do or if I have it, but please help!

  • This video was honestly so incredible, it felt like you were right there next to us. Especially in the end when you started talking about how were not alone, it just means so much, even if coming from an absolute stranger.
    Stay strong ♥

  • My boyfriend busted his windshield with his fist, took a baseball bat and broke all dishes in his kitchen, broke his sink too. Is this bipolar?

  • I can go from being happy as hell, to thinking of something and getting really sad. Like I can bring having a sleepover with my bestie, laughing like a nut, then thinking of not being friends and getting really sad…

  • It took me 16 years to be diagnosed accurately. I had many psych evaluations but the weekly counseling it what really showed I was bipolar. I hope people don’t think by watching a video they can do arm chair psychology on themselves when I had the best of the best diagnosis me incorrect. Seek a counselor not a youtube video. Peace & love!

  • I think im getting closer to finding out whats wrong with me im literally crying every day and i have no motivation whatsoever to even to do simple everyday tasks i might have let this go to long

  • After watching MMk about a women has a Bipolar disorder, i am not satisfied for the info i get it from about, so i search here in YouTube about the Bipolar disorder. Then i find-out and i clear to my self that i have a Bipolar disorder cause i felt those signs, I have those signs,i experienced those signs.

  • I can relate that, when im not doing nothing like not distracted i quickly get sad or stressed or start to think about how i really feel how i really am why life and then i start crying so yes or just empty or idk now bc I have moments in which I can think about every feeling i have and others in which i dong know how to think xd

  • It IS the middle of the night and I am feeling extremely restless, as usual at this period. That is why I write this even thougt i don’t comment on youtube usually. And I don’t feel tired even though I have been awake for many many hours and done things the whole day and evening. And I do still feel like I can’t be sure of me having this bipolar 2 thing. Please can someone respond to me if they have experienced similar situations to this one or just tell me what your judgement would be if this was you. Like, I really can’t judge it myself so please just give me an opinion, we help each other, right? I love you even if you just type something little. Man I have so much energy right now but I still feel depressed!!

  • I have so many symptoms of bipolar it’s not even funny, and I have begged my parents to get me tested, but they don’t believe me and they think I’m just making it up to “be cool”, and they say I have “to have a reason” to be depressed.

  • I was depressed for 5 months last year, and I tried to tell my parents. I asked if maybe I should see our school counselor, but instead my parents said ” They record everything. Do you really want to be known as the kid with mental problems??” So thus I didnt say anything to anyone and just tried to get over it myself. It took me a long time, but I got over it LUCKILY. Now I kind of see maybe I should have talked to my counselor regardless of what my parents said. Because I spent almost 2 hours every day crying alone, and I bet it would have helped if i had told somebody.

    If you have depression, talk to someone. Now. Dont do what I did.

  • hey! My long distance husband has the same issue. He’s happy and all cheered up and the very next second he’d want nobody around, sometimes he just wants to isolate himself and sometimes he gets angry and says terrible things, and wants to be left alone. Once his moods swing ends, he’s all normal and sweet again! Help me with it if you’ve found any way to fix it? Any suggestions!!

  • I’m going to show my mom this video. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 19, and she thinks it developed when I was in high school, or it just happened. She thinks I was just a brat when I was little, but I feel like I was showing signs since I was 6.

  • so I have mood swings but I don’t know if Im bipolar but I can’t concentrate in class either I’m too hyper or my energy is too low(but a tired low)but im not depressed.but I do get annoyed very easily or tiked off(mad)like im unbalanced and I also have anxiety and separation anxiety and migraines

  • Haven’t heard this symptom anywhere on YouTube: Challenging adult authority figures at age 6 and older. I liken it to picking out an enemy to conquer. The adults can be outside the family working in positions of authority.

  • I felt this way for years like before and during puberty and I always thought it was for a reason and I kept trying to find it now I watched your videos and realized it was probably puberty but I didn’t tell anyone or do anything about it unfortunately but I am okay now and after middle school I was happy and normal again not depressed

  • As someone with bipolar, all these hit home except for extreme highs, I’ve never experienced that, I experienced the other 13 in the past week alone, I already knew I had really bad bipolar but thanks anyways.

  • This was very interesting to me. I probably experienced every single one of these as a child. I don’t remember throwing any tantrums but when I was feeling overwhelmed with my emotions since the age of 7 I’d exercise for hours. I’ve had panic attacks since I was 5 years old and I always assumed that it was a separate disorder. But maybe it is more closely linked with mania because my panic attacks are usually triggered by high emotions.

  • I really appreciate this video
    I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar 2 since I was 13, before that it was misdiagnosis and meds that didn’t actually help. My bipolar is hereditary, my mom has it but she was adopted and didn’t know till she was in her 30s. I have a younger sister who is 6 and we’re already seeing signs of bipolar, looking for ways to alleviate some of the burdens that we had to carry as kids with bipolar and outer things. Thank u for this video.

  • My mom suffers with bipolar and I’m feeling like I’m always getting these banging headaches and feeling low and fatigued for no reason at all sometimes. But when I’m happy I feel emotionless, like I don’t care about my actions and the impact. Dunno if I should go the doctors though.

  • I get angry for no reason sometimes, I cry a lot for I don’t know what. I hate people the first minute and the next I love them. I don’t know how to control myself! Also, I basically have barely any motivation to do things in school.

  • Subbed. Thanks for putting together these videos. Explains a lot for some experiences I have encountered that would just get me stumped on what went wrong. Just in the last 2 months, I’ve been able to notice mode shifts and keeping myself grounded. Keep up the great content.

  • Bipolar is not a thing you can say like “heyyy i think im same like this…i have bipolar…” when you just having Human Being emotion.

    ���� Go to see a doctor please

  • I was diagnose 4 months ago and I still dont believe I’m bipolar like I’m coming down from the mania streak I had in which I stopped going to therapy or taking meds now I’m just outright exhausted and want to cry cause I feel so embarrassed.

  • I’m diagnosed and it’s brought nothing but bullshit as i can’t join the military, can’t take adderall and whenever I have any motivation to make changes in my life everyone looks at me like “it’s just drew going through a manic phase”
    I took these meds that made me gain 30 pounds, suppressed my sex drive and caused me to crash cars, and lose my job due to not being able to focus.

  • Actually my boyfrd.. recently have diagnosed…idk…. whether he said truth or lying..there would be many quarrels in between us…after certain time he revealed that he suffering from bipolar.. idk..and again he said it’s nothing like that…am just near to those disorder symptoms. Am fine some like other mentall depression,,balb balb…he said…i have a question,,do they lie with us??? Hiding their disease and..lying with loved they??? Plz…i need to know

  • I can’t self-diagnose but my counselor was looking at me being bipolar. A lot of these fit me but what i’d call my mania episodes aren’t very severe. If I am or not, I could care less, although it is interesting.

  • The devils cycle:

    I am depressed and sleep a little longer. My parents call me lazy. I start questioning and become more angry and sad, leading me to sleep more…

  • 5:25 I get that feeling too. I tend to be very busy (school and homework and the interwebs) but whenever I’m alone I just get this hole in my heart. Like I literally feel something there. Sometimes I think it’s sadness, sometimes it’s nothing, but it always feels so very heavy.

  • I feel sick to my stomach. I’ve been suffering for so LONG! I feel like there so much more going on in my head the my manic depression and maybe bipolar. I just want to be back to my younger self. I can’t take this pain any longer. Goodbye ��

  • I don’t think I would be who I am if I was drugged up when I was young. Got diagnosis at 38. Still sucks but I’m standing more then I would have in my youth.

  • I’m 40 years old and in March of 2016 (I was 36 at the time) I started seeing a psychiatrist and LCSW for help after losing both of my parents within 2 years. I was in a depressive episode and unable to go to work or function. I have a family history of Bipolar, my maternal Grandmother had Bipolar depression, one of my first cousins on my mother’s side has Bipolar I or II, my oldest brother has Bipolar I…. I was diagnosed with MDD, recurrent, moderate. I’m thinking that I’ve been misdiagnosed. I’m a depressive episode now and unable to go to work again. I hope the psychiatrist is open to hearing me out on the Bipolar II theory. I’m an intelligent person and this seems to be more of an accurate diagnosis. Some of these really hit home for me when it came to the dark and intricate storylines for toys. I could also get very hyper and talkative that I’d jump from one topic to the next and lose people OR I was a real downer. I used to throw tantrums like CRAZY! Yikes. I was up and down as a kid. The brother right before me was steady and I was ALL over the place. The sleep thing is interesting because I was a real night owl but I also liked sleeping once I was asleep. I remember never wanting to go to sleep.

  • I get that empty feeling. Sometimes I feel okay nothing really, I just kind of laugh when I’m with people and I feel fine. But the minute I’m alone I feel empty but I can’t figure out what it is. When people ask me to explain I just say I’m fine because I can not figure it out.

  • yea that happens to me too

    if any random person would like to help please give me ideas on how to tell my mom i’m depressed this sounds weird but please i’ve been trying to figure it out for a long time now

  • This depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) is so simple, very easy, and so accurate. After the healing process, I decided to volunteer at a shelter and I couldn’t be more happy than aiding other folks. I really didn`t have directions in life before I read this particular book. I had been consuming antidepressants for almost 3 years and had locked myself away from the world..

  • I got diagnosed recently with bipolar disorder and that honestly explains a lot about why i act “like this”. I got diagnosed with major depressive disorder before then after a few sessions, my psychiatrist concluded that i have BPD. My parents are asian so they have a severely negative stigma about mental health disorders and that “im just being sensitive”, they think that the psychiatrist is wrong and that they know better, that their daughter isn’t “crazy”. So they stopped me from taking my anti-depressants and stopped me from seeing my psychiatrist. I feel like shit, see y’all in a few years, I’ll either be dead or fucked.

  • I wish mental health support was more readily available to lower-class parents when I was growing up. (For context, my elementary school had huge grey computers and we used floppy disks.)
    Time makes a huge difference in scientific discovery, but as an adult I know the knowledge was there and that my mom was too poor and raised in such a way where mental health was not an option nor priority. Even finally trying to discuss it with a doctor, I was dismissed and told my feelings were just due to my age. At that point I couldn’t rely on mum or professionals and had to learn to recognize/process things on my own.
    I could’ve easily become a hateful, dysfunctional adult had I not had the insight to get out. And not all teenagers have that insight. Plenty of levels of maturity and awareness in teens and that can certainly lead to much worse problems on top of the depression, anxiety, etc.

    What’s more terrifying is that undiagnosed kids, or those who aren’t helped correctly, can still end up turned over to institutions or becoming suicidal/homicidal.
    My question is how to help once the diagnosis is there.

  • This is bs. The hormones from the pituitary dont just end after age 18. You’re stuck with those hormones for the rest of your life (right?). Its revolving a social construct around those hormones that causes the teen angst. It’s literally a social construct. But this stupid video makes it seem innate. Essentially lying to teens telling them their pituitary will make them do “stuff”. Again, just more self fulfilling prophecies. Propaganda. Nonsense. Rubbish. Control. Dogma. Agenda. Pseudoscience. Pseudopsychology. These people actually get paid to spew half truths mixed with blatant deceptions. Why not tell them “you’re embarking on adulthood. Pretty soon, sometime during puberty you will become an adult. Any negative feelings you have are due to a culture that wants to hold you (a biological adult) back (artificially). It is not your fault and there is not much you can do about it. However, we recommend spending little time as possible with peers, hanging out with older responsible adults, and thus unlocking the mysteries of the child-adult continuum”.

  • I hate this so much. Sometimes I’m okay. But for the most part I’m manic for a long time and do things I shouldn’t do that make no sense. Spend too much money, not sleep plan trips, quit my job. Drop my friends. And I mean it’s fine at the time. But then it hits me and it feels like hell every single time. I mean right now I’m fine. I just know my highs going to end soon and I have to pay for all the things I did.

  • The music is ridiculously annoying and the cartoon lady shaking her fist and gnashing her teeth makes me wanna shoot myself in the head

  • Is depression genetic? My dad has depression, and I think I do too. I sometimes cut myself to turn emotional pain into physical pain.

  • I’ve been noticing some really quick mood changes lately.. I mean, sometimes i’m depressed, tired, and always cry in my room for no reason.. but then suddenly I become really energetic and start partying around the house even though that’s not my normal behaviour.

  • Thank you so much for this episode. I have bipolar disorder type 2. I also have ADHD. I got my diagnos 2015 at the age of 35 but I realize that it started when I was 15… so many years off suffer. I have a 16 year old son. He is starting to show symtoms of bipolar disorder. The other night I woke up at 00:30 by loud bangs in the kitchen, that was my son so angry over a glas of Milk that went on the floor. He was so mad and screamed. And he throw the rest of the Milk over the floor. He then brooke a door by hitting it with his fist and became a big hole in it,And this just over a glas of Milk, and this is the third door he destroys in our apartment. He also have holes in his walls in his room after throwing a computer. He don’t sleep much maybe 4 5 hours a night and then he goes to school, and when he came home he says ha and go out with friend, my god he don’t get the sleep he needs but he is still going. I try to tell him to eat regularly, and sleep. He leaves at 17:00 he doesnt Come home until midnight. I know Who the friends are (his best friend have ADHD. Sometimes I am so afraid of my own son when he gets mad. And there are episodes when he is down, not so much but I see in his eyes that he is down.when something he likes comes to an end he can be devostated. And he can be so fixed by something and this holds on for few weeks. He has in 6 months destroyed 3 cellphones in anger. I really think he shows signs of bipolar disorder. I said that to him, he became so angry and he don’t want to hear about it. So I just told him if he feels sad or have bad thougts that he can always come and talk to me. But he just screams at me that he don’t have bipolar disorder and he refuses to talk about it. When I was little my parents lived by the ruel dont show, dont tell, what you don’t now is the best. They were so nice to me and my brother but we never talked about feelings. Also when I tried to commit suicied one time so severe that a cut an artery and went to hospital we dont talked about it. After that one, I tried 3 more times to commit suicide. I don’t want to be like that with my son I want him to know that he can always Come to me when he feels sad or anything. But I see myself in him, so scared that he would try to hurt himself. But he refuses to go to a doctor. Sorry this became a loooooong message but I just had to get it of my shoulder.��

  • Bipolar type 1 diagnosed two years ago. It’s hard taking care of my one year old son. Today is a bad day just trying to survive it.

  • Thank you out of my four kids two of them have Bi-Polar they are in their 20’s now….i was diagnosed at 31 and i’m 45….I appreciate all of your time that you put into making these awesome videos:)

  • My best friend (he’s a boy) he told me I have bipolar because I’m happy but then I get sad I have all these signs and I used to cut because I kept getting made fun of at school because I’m sensitive and my parents fight but I have this therapist she told me not to cut anymore so I agreed but now I done it again Nobody knows… I have a boyfriend who cares for me but he doesn’t know I cut… I don’t know if I should tell him:/

  • IM GOING THROUGH PUBERTY AND IM SO DEPRESSED AND I CRY ALMOST EVERYDAY. I am so depressed, I’m 10, but i told my parents about it but still I have suicidal thoughts and sad ones too. very rarely I feel happy, I think I can get better.

  • once when i was manic i had the urge to poke my friend a lot whilst laughing really loud because we had to share a bed and i think she actually wanted to kill me

  • lol i have been depressed for years lol lol lol i dont care “amaze org” if thats your real name lol lol lol lol lol she sadfaisdhf;lsa ldjg;ahjdla fdkslsjks ga/;sjgas gklasgj /;las df

  • i litterly just cried just now because i suddendly thought about al the sacrifices my parents Made just for a retard Son to be Born for them then i felt useless whenever i do spmething wrong i can sense my dad being dissapointed by how he says, its ok and then the next before school he gives me a Hug and then asks if everything is alright and realistisch that Made me cry

  • I always say I’m ok to random people but my friends know that I’m not. They can tell by my eyes, my actions and my wrists. They kept asking and asking me if I was okay a while ago, so I cracked and said no. I told them that, unless I am very busy and distracted, I feel sad. Like generally sad. For no reason like my dog dies but just because I’m sad. They said I should keep an eye on it. Not long ago, I told them I might have depressed. Because I generally think I do. And they believed me because they knew that I hate attention. I hate having my name marked off on the role, because when I say ‘here’, I feel like everyone is closing in on me.

    So yeah. I think I have a problem.

  • Thanks for your video. I can relate so much on this topic! Teens who are struggling with mental illness are often not taken seriously. My own parents said some really nasty things to me, when I opened up to them about my mental illness…
    So I wanna thank you a lot for talking about this problem. You did it in a very reflective way!

  • I think I’m bipolar because one minute I’m happy next minute I’m mad and I’m happy again please help me Im trying to work on it but it’s so hard

  • It is hard knowing that most people don’t feel the way we do. How people can just sit in silence and not feel overwhelmed by thoughts you’ve been trying to push away, or a heaviness you have for little to no reason.

  • I’m depressed…it’s been 2 months and it’s still not gone..I thought it would..but I already told my parents but still does not make me feel better

  • when I heard “maybe a week or two”, I knew I wasnt normal because it’s been two years feeling this way but I keep getting told it’s puberty.

  • What’s interesting is that mental illness is positively correlated with intelligence. Also, those that have mental illness received higher scores on realism tests. These together mean that the more the human brain understands, the more likely the person is to have problems staying mentally healthy.

  • Better health are stupid i had a dumb therapist and it costs to much. Behaviour therapy is just telling the person to behave and shut up, just what we have to get away from. This guy was a nit enough to keep telling me how much worse off other people were! Since when does added guilt and shame help a depressed person to feel better.?

  • Sometimes I actually think I’m God. Like legit. The overconfidence is ridiculous, and then other times I’m worthless and I wanna die.

  • Sharing these videos is honestly the best thing I’ve ever come across on YouTube. You deserve some form of recognition because damn, you are so brave for teaching and giving this knowledge to us all����

    I can relate to all of this. My dad has bi polar and I’m almost certain I do too. So these breakdowns really help me put thoughts into action. It helps me understand my past, present and possibly my future. So, thankyou❤️

  • I could listen to you talk all day long!��

    and about this subject, I definitely feel like this is an issue. like I know so many people who hide their mental illness, and it’s probably a big mistake for me to say this next part, but I am one of those people…I just don’t want to be defined by it…
    I don’t want people to look at me and automatically think”on yeah there’s that depressed kid again”
    but I have been trying to be more open about it so people know what they’re getting into because I don’t want to hurt anyone because I hate myself… but anyway

    I love you and I hope you’re doing well!

  • Going trough a mania episode right now my mom has shown sings that she does not believe in mental health issues so idk how to ask to go to a physiatrist but I know A lot of my dads side has bipolar in it and on my moms side there is schizophrenia for example my cousin from my dads side tried to kill my aunt’s boyfrien and My moms dad had voices telling him to kill her but I can’t figure out how to ask my mom also because not many people understand bipolar.and my school counseller thinks I’m overreacting but I yesterday I was terrified of myself because of my mania and I have a therapist but I don’t know how to bring it up because all we do is talk about my dads death so help? Also sorry if this does not make sense my mind is racing right now and I can’t think clear

  • I don’t know but I always get headache. Got irritated by everything, loss alot of friend, blamed myself, gave a courage to myself, then another day with a new happy me, then got irritated by parents ’cause I’m so lazy. Later I felt guitly thinking about what the hell am I doing in this world? Why did I even think good? Will my parents miss me if I die? Will my aunt and uncle notice me if I’m dead?

    I would slapped myself and suddenly I felt like having a faith inside me, then I began to party with people. Some told me I’m being so uncontrollable, but I told them another sad fact in my life making uncomfortable tension and space.

    Then another whole with a sad thought, I would sometimes throw things everywhere, sometimes I hit my head having alot of depressive thoughts, but then the feeling inside will change.

    I have only 3-4 hours of sleep. If someone wake me up, I would definitely kill them then cry. Like why do I have to wake up, I just wanna die then I’ll be happy just seeing the sun, another new day!

    I sighed alot, get distracted easily, my head is always aching when I think to much that’s why I always make myself to think one pictue and concentrate.

    I think to much which my classmates thinks i’m a genius or something, I alwys talk everything and nonsense withought thinking the consequences.

    I DENIED to have bipolar, but all the symptoms here actually happened alot in just one day of my daily life….

    Now I feel depress. I was happy when I knew where I ws sufferring from but for some reason I feel like its better to die, but I’m too afraid. I’m alwys afraid of everything, anxiety has a huge impact in my life but then I don’t want to talk about it, its tiring..

  • I am here because I have an older Brother who is always angry at me without me doing something serious. Then sudden he become calm then angry again. This time i’m really having an anxiety being near or talking to him.

  • Look im bein completely honest here (for once)
    I’m 11 I was diagnosed with severe anxeity and clinical depression not too long ago and now I take so much fuckin meds every goddamn day

  • Amaze org and anyone else, I need help! My shirt lifted up when playing jump rope with friends and which everyone saw my bra, and ran away laughing! This happened on Friday and I’m scared to go back. I try to forget it but I cant. I feel really crappy and everyone is probably gonna talk behind my back, especially the boys. Help.

  • Thank you for doing a video on teens! My 14 year old boy has Bipolar w/ ADHD. His has had bad anxiety since birth. He also has an auditory processing disorder. High school has proven to be quite the obstacle. Any info you can provide for IEP suggestions?

  • Ive been depressed since 3rd grade and now days im feeling worse, my mood changes can be super extreme but i dont think i have anyone to talk to, i dont want to tell my family about my mood swings and how it can cause self harm and its hard to talk about it in school cause i always add fake smiles on my face and just pretend everything is okay when it isnt! I dont have any specific doctor i could talk to. Im really scared of all these changes to my body and it all became so extreme when 2018 started:(

  • I’ve noticed this before and it’s really scary. I’ve been feeling angry and aggressive but also sad and very depressed at the same time. But now I understand why and I cannot thank you enough

  • Nobody:
    Not even a single soul:
    Teen Angst: yo imma do fortnite duos with my amigo Depression

    (that wasn’t included in the video—I just wanted to type that trash down)

  • How should I tell my parents? I havent even talked about it with my doctor… ughh i feel like my parents arent going to believe me

  • Speaking from experience like you do Robert is 100 times more accurate and spot on if compared to listening to a world-class PhD physician

  • I’ve been feeling absolutely awful for a long time now. I’ve talked to my parents about mental health and they’ve asked me if I was depressed and I said no. Bc idk if I actually am or if I’m just being dramamtic. They said if I am that I should talk to them for help bc they would love to help me but idk what’s happening. I almost wish I would get diagnosed with depression just so I can know exactly what’s wrong and know that I’m not just crazy. But I don’t tell my parents that I think I might be. Bc I’m not sure. And even so I’m not sure they would take me to get diagnosed. Idk what’s happening.

  • that first sympton describes my entire highschool life so perfectly. For example i decided to write a 2000 word essay on led zeppelin when i was 12 years old. I spent hours and hours throughout 2ish weeks and was completely obsessed. I love that band still but yeah.

  • This sounds just like me. I grew up thinking that it was just my environment. My environment was traumatic with a narcissistic mother and a violent home, i always thought it was PTSD and ADD. Thank you for the information.

  • I have this disorder or not,idk
    But my childhood and my environment was too bad, too many bad events I can remember many things. I’m 14 I’m always sad and always think about death now…. My dad also passed away this year in an accident. I think, i always had bipolar because I have noted down the symptoms and I have experienced all of them. Anxiety, depression and this… one believes me in my country India people don’t take mental illness like this seriously and think this is our Personality my mom doesn’t believe.When I was 9 or 10 I was in a episode and had a fight with my mom (here in India usually no one fights back to parents… Sorry for my bad grammar) and I was kicked out cuz I just raged in front of her and I now understand I was always troubled by this bipolar disorder not my anger ��. I feel so worthless and I want to die everyday is this bipolar or not…

  • I have real bad mood swings which sucks. But the terrifying thing is there’s a serious history of mental illness on my dads side, especially depression. Sometimes I wonder if I’m experiencing normal things or a mental illness. I’m pretty sure it’s just being a teen but never racking never the less.

  • You know, a sudden realization that I’m not a child anymore came to me recently. And even though I always knew this time is gonna end once, I never really realised how fast it was going to happen. And now I’m here, lying in a bed, almost crying because the only thing left from my carefree childhood are my memories. I’m a teenager now, and I’m not ready to be one yet.

  • I don’t know if I’m a bipolar or not. I have racing thoughts. Always thinking about suicide and death. Sometimes, when I’m with my friends walking on the street going home from school, I don’t pay attention to them. I’m not talking to them. I stayed silent. And when the next day came I talk to them energetically and I feel like I’m happy and doesn’t care about what happened yesterday when I ignore them. Lol I really want to die.

  • Whenever I see you my sympathetic nervous system activates…….. My heartbeat increases…….What’s this disorder………Tell me…..

  • I have bipolar 2. As a child I was highly imaginative and aware that I wasn’t quite the same as my peers. I was a quiet and good student. I didn’t throw tantrums, I was quiet and bookish. As I grew older I was bullied and began to struggle socially at school. I could be outgoing and fun when manic but then have to avoid the same friends for days because I felt so flat. At 16 I had my first major depression, did not move from a chair all summer…..after that I was on antidepressants with bouts of weird behaviour until I was 20 ish when mania hit. Couldn’t sleep, had hypersexuality and was a danger to myself with risky behaviour, struggled with getting up in the morning because I’d been up till past dawn. I felt strung out and stopped my antidepressants thinking they caused it…. Smashed a shop window….
    Well you get the picture.

  • I’ve struggled for about 9 years. It started when I was about 5 or 6 when my parent split up. They were always arguing and yelling at each other, which isn’t fun for a five-year-old to listen to every day. That part of my life really affected me and it’s still affecting me. I struggle every day with this crap and it sucks. On Christmas of last year I thought my mom was dead because the night before I’d had a nightmare where she was killed. To anyone out there who doesn’t have a mental illness, be thankful because I would give anything to be in your place right now.

  • IDK this kind of fits me most of them but i got adhd we’re kind of childish impatient over-the-top,throw temper tantrum i am 17 and still don’t express my emotions in a healthy way, talk really Fast and a lot and about all kind of bullshit and it’s very easy to go on all different unrelated topics,can’t really handle that much “dissapointment” and failure or rejection but people with adhd is very painful more painful than the average,i never really had a good sleep pattern like i usually got it hard to fall asleep cause of racing thoughts but i am very anxious and get really nervous in front of people(weirdly i sing and i am a performer) but usually when i have to socialize with many people i get extremely anxious and nervous cause i am afraid of judgement(believe me when i was little i got told a lot i am weird clumsy absent minded). Why i don’t really think i have BP is cause i am very absent minded and Daydreamer and “two left handed”. I am obsessive though and my feelings do get hurt pretty easily. And overall i got a pretty low self esteem actually even if i don’t wanna admit and i often feel empty. I try to fill that emptiness by being obsessed with looks and materialistic stuff(i always loved nice things but i kind of exaggerate now and i am well aware) by Craving validation and attention and by being obsessed with succeeding(i mean after a lifetime of being told i’m two left handed and indirectly “worthless” you just gotta prove those motherfuckers wrong). I don’t have a healthy relationship with food i do have serious body image issues i won’t go as far as saying it’s an eating disorder but it’s definitely not too healthy. I tend to overeat and then to compensate i do starve myself for days

  • Thank you. I never suspected this in my son but you describe him in the mania state and just now being diagnosed. Thank you again for making such a video.

  • Woah, I never thought to ask someone if they sit there and feel heavy… that describes it perfectly. I’m not even going through anything but I still feel awful. That was seriously a perfect way to put it.

  • When i got upset at my aunt and cry cuz im naughty i fell like why am i alive if im just useless i wanna die cuz everyday i laugh but later i would cry and i do always cry as always i wanna go back to school so i won.t have any bipolar cuz at school i always have fun with my friends
    My bipolar just started when we moved at our aunts house when
    But we tried to go home but ECQ started so yeah we still lived here i wish to have a friend but most of my friend is at our
    At home

  • My dysphoria is so bad that when I just sit there sometimes I just start crying for no real reason… my whole life has been distroyed for multiple reasons but I’m trans and my disphoria is the worst feeling in the world..

  • i’m not sure i really want to talk to someone but my mom would think it’s bs
    i usually act like this but i’m just really confused right now

  • Hi I desperately need help for my daughter who is 17.
    She’s a MH impatient in the UK.
    Her community Psychiatrist requested Bipolar assessment, the ward aren’t really seeing her symptoms like I do at home, she’s not communicating.
    She has very prominent Psychotic symptoms now.
    The ward said this week that they suspect attachment disorder or personality issues.
    I strongly disagree.

  • It’s interesting for me when I was first seeing a psychiatrist for self harm they specifically said it’s more complex than depression I was 13 at the time. At 17 I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with borderline. Later down the road with harm OCD and bipolar 1. This also explains why I put myself through Dark Souls ��. I started guitar and literally played till my fingers bled for months I was playing on a daily basis then just stopped and gave up sold the guitars brought weed instead. Weed phase lasted a few months. Then suddenly stopped because extremely sexually oriented started tricking people into filming to sell the videos. Then lost interest and had no sex drive or will to do anything. I had intrusive thoughts telling me that if I didn’t keep cutting I’d fail high school. God it was horrible only started medication close to the end and University had been well needed change.

  • This is very accurate towards me even things you said about yourself have happened to me my mums friends would talking about me getting tested for ADHD or just randomly talking about things that had no relation to anything that anybody was talking everybody in my life says that I’m over Imaginative,dark and obsessive talking about obsessive my whole life I’ve been obsessed with Mermaids,Unicorns,Anciet Egypt,Witchcraft and fairies and I would also play games with toys that would last months and in the end there would be some tragedy so I going to ask my parents if i can get some help.

  • Weird thing with me is that I don’t really feel my emotions until I check up on them.
    “How’re you?”
    “No clue, I haven’t checked yet today”

  • Thank you so much for pointing all of these. I watched almost all of your videos, and they’re so helpful-including this one.

    Those first 2 symptoms I had since I was 5 are what made my parents thought I had autism. I always got hyper-focus or over-excited about a certain thing (could it be a favorite anime series or character, I would write, draw, and talk about them over and over again for a long time), that also what made me imagining about them with much details until it looks like I was completely detached from reality, too busy creating “my own world”.

    And I still have those symptoms until now I’m over 20. Fortunately I went to doctors a year ago and finally clarified that it’s not autism. It’s bipolar.

  • Long story here but I am 67 and have a bipolar daughter who is the estranged from me and her step father. He is a good guy, a good husband etc. Together over 32 yrs. Her natural father is bipolar and was abusive and alcoholic. My daughter won’t speak to us, tells awful lies about us and pretty sure she is off her meds. An adult so not much I can do. Tried to help her for years. My point is, is this fairly common? I love her and I understand, but so sad. I have forgiven her real Dad, have studied much about this but haven’t been around him jn years and neither has she. I am not perfect but we tried to be good parents. Wish I had known when she was younger that she was bipolar. No therapists picked up on it. And her early life with real dad traumatic. I have inattentive A.D.D so emotionally very hard. I have been on a spiritual path for years, Yoga, esoteric studies and meditation etc. I have worked on myself a lot. Just wonderec what you say regarding this type of situation. Practice acceptance but love her and miss her, though don’t miss all the drama.

  • Bipolar 1 been hospitalized twice, once for 3 1/2 months the other for 1 week. I’ve made much improvement with medications and psychotherapy.

  • I was just recently diagnosed with bipolar 2 and I’ve been trying to learn more about it and such to learn the best ways to cope (I also have anxiety and ptsd). It’s hard sometimes, really really hard

  • I thought bipolar was people who snapped and went into fits of rage, after only seeing doctors when i was so depressed it hurt to my core, the meds sending me out of control, they diagnosed “bipolar”after all these years, so i research bipolar and found your channel and there it is YOU telling my whole life with your words I can hardly contain myself i want to scream “i told something was wrong” im now 50 years old my life seems a waste but hey let the healing begin before the darkness sets in again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I was diagnosed in ‘07 at age 17. Growing up I was treated for ADHD and depression.
    This hit home. Once I got my diagnosis, everything fell into place.

  • I get that feeling too, Kovu. The feeling of sadness and worthlessness when doing nothing. I have found a solution but it’s not enough and not exactly something I can do all the time. For myself, I just talk to someone about things we like or things we might like, advice etc. I found out this recently when I met a new friend and talked about stuff we liked and what we may like. Although, like I put earlier up there in my comment, it can’t be done all the time. I can’t keep on speaking to someone since I need to do school stuff, my family might think I’m talking to a person that is, you know, wanting to get together with me and what not, and I need a bit of alone time since I’m an introvert and need a breather every now and then. So, I’m still figuring things out and I hoped my comment helped someone to try different methods of making you feel better about yourself. Also if anyone has any suggestions about different methods I should try to not feel worthless, sad and alone then please comment on this comment. Thank you! (I’m also awkward so I don’t get along well when speaking in groups but one on one talks are more comforting to me. Also, I’m extra awkward because I was seriously debating whether to put a exclamation mark or full stop at the end of the ‘Thank you’. Wait how do I end this? I guess I’ll stop typing now.)

  • That was exactly me I was borderline obsessed with boxing as my sport I got literally distracted and it was interfering with my life.

  • Slowly all of my friends left me and I feel like I’m alone but every symptom shown in the video looking like I have. I don’t know why I get depressed even for 3-4times in a week.

  • Just turned 40 years old, BUT, my hindsight? I WISH I would have asked for help. I have major depressive disorder, ptsd from nasty stuff (not from combat) and anxiety. If I would have taken my feelings seriously when I was younger, I don’t think I would be as much of a mess as I am today. Just my perspective. Get help as soon as you can, even if it’s adopting a teacher friend or going to a school councelor. Even just ask if it’s something to keep an eye on or not, but BE HONEST with them so they can see what help you may need. Stay alive, stay awesome everyone.

  • Whenever I talk to my dad about depression it backfires. Some of my friends don’t even listen also.
    Buttt I’ve been having anxiety, I’m anti social, the world is a scary thing to me, I’m insecure about my body, I don’t even know what I’m gonna be in life. Eh. I’mma just be alone probs and drink till I can’t breathe

  • If anyone in here is a Gemini Star Sign or have any significant sign of Gemini in your birth chart, guess what, shock horror, bipolar is normal…

  • Almost every symptom that you’ve said i thave them…i think i might have it weiird that everytime im depressed i either get suicidal thoughts or the person that has hurt me i get this insane feeling that he or she must pay for that n trust me the thoughts that run though. My mind ain’t good������������

  • I got my first major depression aged 15/16….. Didn’t move from a chair all summer long. I ended up librium until I was 20 when I had my first hypomanic episode and ended up not sleeping at all, being out all night and engaging in highly risky sexual behaviour. I stopped my librium as I blamed it for what happened and struggled through. It took me years to finally get a bipolar diagnosis.
    As a child I had a vivid imagination and growing up I always held conversations with myself inside my head that make concentration on real conversation hard. When you are engrossed inside your mind it’s hard to be as involved in reality.

  • Is manic depression and bipolar disorder are the same
    I’ve manic depression and I’m seeking help through videos either then diagnosing
    Is that right
    And I’m 18 years old
    I don’t know about any problem I have
    but my father have it I read his reports and medicine s are not effective that much
    So can you tell me what to do? Please

  • bro thank u so much fir this i commented last vid but someone else responded but thank u for explaining this because everyone around be just being confusing

  • Hallo Amaze
    Sorry if it does not sound good I am actually Afrikaans
    I have a problem I do not have any parent to talk to they would teas me or laugh at me what must I do��

  • For me, in mania, I do tons of stuff all the time, but none of them gets done. Because I just forgot about it or…. I don’t know. I can’t focus enough to complete anything.
    In depression I sleeeeeeeeeeep and cry, cry and sleep and make life for my lover and family difficult, It feels like I am either dead asleep in bed or I am fussing around trying to improve.

    You are such that hero for making these videos.
    Sorry I might not really knew what I am saying.
    I am 20, because of how unstable I am… I can’t go back to college. And fulltime jobs are difficult too.
    I don’t know where to go I really don’t know

  • I have been wondering if I have this Bipolar Disorder. Certainly I experience the depression, but depression can stand on its own. I know I have problems with manic episodes, but I watched another BD video where the Dr. says that to diagnose BD the manics have to be several days in length.
    Here’s my “kicker”. At an early age, maybe 2, maybe younger, my parents started releasing their rage on me whenever I became “rambunctious”. Any time I was over doing an action they would scream at me, hit me, and as I got older they would punch me, bite me, and kick me. (Probably couldn’t get away with that now.)
    I still experience the manic, but that emotion seems to trigger terror in my body which paralyzes me and I can’t move. Is it possible that I still am afflicted by this BD and that the PTSD I have been diagnosed with stops the manic in its tracks?
    Something I have to think about I guess.

  • I always got into trouble for talking in school and cried over homework every night. Flipping out over small things… I remember my mom took a pillow out of my room and moved it to another room. I had a meltdown over that. Crying and yelling. I wanted that pillow in my room! Being disappointed also caused a lot of pain. When things didn’t work out how I thought they should, I would affect me for days. It still does.

  • Sleep is extremely complicated and not fully understood. I just found out what bipolar disorder was this past year after being diagnosed with depression a couple years ago, but the craziest thing is sleep because since the day I was born I couldn’t sleep and my parents took me to a sleep study and I don’t really know what happened but I’ve struggled with sleep my whole life and I’ve been misinformed with being told I have restless leg syndrome and other random things that didn’t necessarily amount to anything. Is it possible that someone could really be born with signs of bipolar disorder that wouldn’t come full circle until later in life?

  • WHO IN THE F*** could dislike a video helping kids live a better life? There are scary parents out there who are in total denial about what their child is going through. YOU CAN’T REASON WITH SICK PEOPLE something I learned from your videos 😉

  • You are amazing and a wonderful human being in wanting to bring help and educate the mass..the way you approach subjects relating to bipolar that professions cant really relate too and far more helpful listening to you, helps us help others by having more understanding and acknowledging the signs in our loved ones.

  • ty for the vids, much appreciated. it helps me calm my brain cuz I get some explanation for my actions. as a kid, I would put my pants on my head and draw… I thought i had to wear them to be creative. and if someone took them off I would go insane… just remembered that… hahaha, kinda funny

  • This sounds a lot like my son, especially the hyper focus. He’s done that since he was a toddler. He’s 15 now and was diagnosed with Bipolar I in November.

  • i deal with depression, and social anxiety. i was hospitalized this year for being so depressed to the point where i was suicidal. If i never told anyone how i felt, then i wouldn’t be here today. It’s ok to talk to someone about it, they’re only there to help.

  • I’m pretty much sure that what I have is mood swings that come with hormones and puberty
    I can feel so unmotivated and sad one day, and then like 2 days after feel like jumping
    It’s harder to study lately though.

  • every time I run across your videos I stop everything to watch them… I also share with my email so I can save them… I am that child, that teenager, that new mother, that mother, that companion, that coworker, that friend… I pray that more and more people could be educated about this dreaded disease (Yes, it is a disease… it can be controlled only by proper medications and talking with a proper physician/ psychiatrist… thank you for making these videos… you are doing a great thing for people…)

  • Very supportive
    Plz make video on bipolar depression and dust allergly on workplace make breathing difficult it trigger paralize depression and sever anxiety.
    Some people seem bipolar is a joke

  • Hiii dr arzoo. I’m dr saurabh from medicine. I was searching a related vedio about mood, anxiety, personality disorders because this will come in my final exam. Actually i have fear from psychiatry. Thank you for such nice short and sweet vedio. This will help me..

  • I have bipolar 2 and I wasn’t diagnosed until 2007 age 51. As a child, I had terrible and frequent migraines, I used to cry at sad music or anything I considered sad. And I used to cry for days when me and my family returned home after seaside holidays. My teacher once wrote on my report that ‘Grace works in fits and starts’. I did, depending on my mood. I would also become obsessed by certain things. One I remember was my obsession with death and dying. Very odd but it was put down to my age at the time. I was 13/14.
    And after spending time with some family members who all had ‘south of England’ accents, I returned to school speaking exactly like them and I was from the North. I did and still do tend to take on speech and mannerisms of people I’ve spent time with.
    I was very emotional and I also giggled at inappropriate times.
    My teens were a nightmare. My 20s, 30s and 40s not much better. Thank God my doctor decided to refer me to a psychiatrist. My dad was always saying he was ‘going to send me to a psychiatrist ‘ not in a good way though. It was a long time coming. Twenty seven years after my dad’s death.

  • I’ve dealt with depression for so long but people won’t accept my feeling as they think I’m just depressed because of my age so I just have to suffer

  • I think I may have bipolar II but I realized that when people yell at me it triggers a mood swing and it’s harder to control my anger. However I’ve never had to be taken to a hospital because this Just started happening like 1 almost 2 years ago. Also sometimes when I cry I’ll completely stop, stare at an object for like 1 minute then get mad and punch everything around me then start crying again.

  • Thanks for uploading. I can’t say that I have/had the same symptoms because I am autistic and I have ADHD as well. No medication works for me so far but at least most of your stuff does:) Maybe you can do a vid on treating comorbidity with medication ��

  • Hey Robert..excellent checklist of symptoms..ty.
    Ok…there is little to No research or studies on intellectually compromised kids with possible bipolar..especially non or limited verbal abilities.
    My child with Downs develiped Autism 9 and full blown by 12. She lost speech so she can’t tell us how she’s feeling…she has outbursts of anger with no precedent….and also when wanting something she’s told no to. She over eats and is compulsive with that. She can’t sleep and for days she’s up anxious and irritable.
    I dont know if she’s depressed..can’t tell but many of these symptoms are from Autism. She’s 17 now and a real oroblem at school and home. She sees a psych and is on sleep meds..hardly work..Buspar for combative behaviors and still not getting help for communication..this also can be a big factor because she once spoke and could communicate and shes locked inside her own head.
    We have bipolar on both sides of my family and apparently on her fathers. Im bipolar and her brother is….
    Wish I could get some answers but nothing out there for her diagnosis of dual diagnosis( Downs/ Autism and only now realizing these kids also can have psychiatric disorders…ADHD is the label of both sons and her as well..but now Im thinking both my sons may be bipolar..and maybe she is…anything you know of for this??? Alot to digest….sorry!

  • I don’t think it’s being bipolar but I have “mood swings” like I’m either wayy too happy about little things like how the sun shine or how beautiful this flowers is (really little things) or I’m scared as hell of everything like it can happen anywhere at anytime and when it happens I can’t have help because I’m scared of my own family, plushes.. It’s SOOO annoying!! I can be afraid of anything!! And it can last 15 minutes or a week.

  • Just diagnosed with bipolar2, but still working out the ins and outs.
    I’ve been living with this for a long time. I was told for most of my teenage years that it’s normal for people with depression to have highs and lows. Even when my dad and I were saying no this was extreme, not just a high. I was hospitalised and I kept insisting that wasn’t depression.
    Still was diagnosed with depression, so I just accepted that.. My doctor of the last 3 years wouldn’t accept that. Though we were thinking adhd.
    So today on my twentieth birthday, my world’s been changed.

  • I have had many of these symptoms. First they put me on medication for anxiety. I had no depression, but was not sleeping at all and I had no appetite. They switched me to a different medication, and I began having mania. I was hospitalized at that point. After I came home from the hospital, I was depressed. I was suicidal. But it all started with anxiety and escalated from there. Does anyone have any similar experiences? I was told I was bipolar, then they told me that I had a “mood disorder ” What exactly does that mean?

  • Kudos for the Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched Peyadison Initial Principality (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one off product for discovering how to get rid of depression without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got amazing results with it.

  • I have extreme mood swings. Earlier I was so mad I literally threw a pizza at my mom (yeah), minutes later I had a laughing cramp like 3 minutes ago. And seconds after I bursted out crying. Now im just frustrated

  • Guys move your body!!!! At least 20 min of some kind of workouts you’re body will release serotonine and dopamine and new neuro path ways will start to show!

  • I get depressed just listening how you deal with mood disorders like a text book, I would never trust a psychiatrist who spoke to me like this, but I think it is because you are so young, you really think people can be so easily classified and you don’t seem disturbed by electrical shock treatment…there are so many alternative therapy methods,and I think anything is better than being treated like a text book case. We are human beings and society is the problem, it is difficult to live with human beings, they are greedy and competitive and have expectations that everyone fits the mold. I don’t like this video. I would like to see you talk after divorce and three children, you might gain some insight in how complex human beings are, but I think you might first change your profession and be a book keeper. Really.

  • Well, I live in chronic pain. When medicated I’m hypomanic when I’m bed ridden I’m naturally depressed. Since I was diagnosed in jail they’re not medicating me anymore. Thanks for the BS scam.

  • I’m jus tryna b happy I’m always gettin pissed ffs I’m happy for a good bit den I’ll get pissed n think too much of my life n jus b like Fuck everyone my mood keeps changing I jus wanna stay happy man

  • Overactivity
    No sleep
    More emotional
    Depression turns to angry acts
    Suicide and self harm will be maybe turned to house leaving plan
    Sorry i just feel anxious and out of control so i just write randomly

  • Brooooo its 1:37 but I’m still going to type this sooo I try telling my mom I took like almost every test on YouTube and your telling me we can’t even go to the doctor ���� I was shook and mad at the same time so I kept on telling and telling her but nope nothing so I’m gonna try and tell her tomorrow again.

  • i have anxiety, and i only just recently reached out for help from my family. they were very surprised and didn’t believe me at first. they weren’t supportive and they basically told me to just “get over it”. i then didn’t say anything for MONTHS, until i mentioned it at dinner one day when we were out of the house. it then took then a month or two for them to reach out for supports at my school that i didn’t know existed. (which isn’t good at all. all students should have the same opportunity for supports and know about them if they don’t feel safe enough to tell their parents). now i speak to a counsellor at school every once in a while and go to a therapist. my parents still don’t know how to help or understand how i feel, but they’re trying and i appreciate it.

    (sorry for the rambles i felt feelings *shudder*)

  • I have Bipolar l and two kids on the spectrum (mild). My eldest also has ADHD.

    After hearing your experience my son (now 12) seems to exhibit most of it, but in a tolerable way. He’s a happy, content child overall (according to his Speech therapist). We’ve also been doing CBT together.

    He’s currently on 45mg Concerta. And it helps him to focus. Not perfect but he’s functioning. If he’s not, it’s all screw loose ��‍♀️.

  • Maybe I am being to wierd maybe I ACTUALY need help idk. But I iverthink ALOT and iverthink every thing others or ppl that u care about do. I also get really sad over small things or really happy for no reason. I thought I had found my friends and was happy because before this I was a bit sad because of having no/less friends and now I have some which like me. I sometimes think if they don’t like me. Idk. Ik the mood swings I feel aren’t really depression or something because it’s to small to be. Ik ppl with depression and it isn’t mere mood swings but I don’t think this is normal.

  • Except it all happens in one-minute. ����

    Self-diagnosis is needed when your parents are ignorant health wise.��

    So please stop ‘sniffing’ out 13 year olds and start sniffing up the rest of your crack, its clearly already gotten to you. ;)��

    Haha I’m 14, fight me. ��

  • Uhhh it depends, sometime I ain’t sad but other times I just feel like I’m undeserving of everything I have.Thats why I read fanfics ����

  • my therapist, friends and family all think i have bipolar 2. im just waiting for a diagnosis but my local doctors dont really take mental health seriously compared to like a broken leg.

  • Keep up the good work just, sending some words of support. Being reminded about growing up after listening to the video, great to know that there is somewhere people can turn to get support and understanding when facing those situations

  • My friend sitting down thinking: life is so great! Life is so fun! I love my dog! I love my mom!
    Me sitting down thinking: I hate everything! Did I forget that or the other?! Why don’t I do anything. I am fat! I am a do nothing!!

  • Hi, these videos are great. I myself want to become a doctor specialising psychiatrics and neurology perhaps. Do you have any tips, I’m applying for medicine in the next couple of months?