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NEWBORN CLOTH DIAPERS | Is Newborn AIO Cloth Diapering Worth It?

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6 Reasons Why Cloth Diapers Are Better Than Disposables (+ 1 Way They Ain’t)

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SO, THIS IS HOW IT REALLY IS: First Time Cloth Diapering Mom | Six Month Update

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The Truth About Cloth Diapers… Are Cloth Diapers Worth It? || Hard? Practical? Expensive?

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Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapers / Are Cloth Diapers worth it?

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Let’s go over some of the benefits of cloth diapering. 1. You can save money using cloth diapers Some people will argue that, considering the upfront cost of the diapers and the cost of laundering them, you aren’t saving money in the long run. With cloth diapers you get an item that can be cleaned and reused so in the long run you save money by using them. Disposable diapers are quite expensive when you consider that the baby will need to be changed on average every two hours when they are newborns. Cloth Diapers cause Less Irritation.

Cloth diapers afforded parents like Campbell more control over the money they spent each month, rather than paying whatever the grocery store decided disposables were worth each week or cutting. Cloth Diapers (Charlie) – $890. Note: The cost to raise future children with cloth diapers would actually go down to around $740! Imagine if you were just now starting your family, and you were deciding between cloth and disposables. You could be looking at a 48% savings to potty train three kids.

3 kids in disposables, would be $4917. The going rate seems to be around 50% for all cloth systems in good condition, and 70% for newborn diapers. So let’s assume you can sell your cloth stash for 50%, ’cause you can. Bottom Line: Reselling your $450 cloth diaper stash at 50% brings $225 back into your pocket ($450 x. Splurging on pricier diapers might be painful at first, but if you plan on cloth diapering through two or more kids, it could be worth the upfront cost.

Whether you stick to budget brands or splurge on more expensive ones, cloth diapering your kid can save you big in the long term (not to mention saving a bunch of disposable diapers from. Between the long-term savings and the fact that they’re better for the environment, I agree with the many moms who swear that cloth diapering is the way to go. Cloth Diapers Our Journey In Using Cloth diapers. My son has not been using diapers for four months now (Yeheey!), so I guess it is safe to say that he is already potty-trained at two years and three months. I have wanted to write about cloth diapers for a while now but decided to do it after my son is potty trained to share more about the.

In short, buying new cloth diapers for a single child isn’t financially worth it, but if you have the ability to get used cloth diapers on the cheap and/or you plan on having multiple children, cloth diapers can easily recoup your investment and save money. Yes, you can get some great deals when buying used cloth diapers but if a deal sounds too good to be true then be careful! If a seller claims that they will sell you ten name brand cloth diapers that are still new in the package for $75, you might want to demand some proof of the condition of the diapers.

List of related literature:

Upfront costs are higher for cloth diapers than disposable, but you’ll save money in the long run.

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Upfront costs are higher for cloth diapers than disposable, but you will save money in the long run.

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• Learn about the different types of cloth nappies, borrow some from a friend and find out what works best for you.

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One study says that using cloth diapers is cheaper.

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• If you use cloth diapers, stock up on enough for washing every two to three days, plus an extra day to use while the wet ones dry.

“Voyaging With Kids: A Guide to Family Life Afloat” by Behan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson
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Although they may be more convenient than other diapering options, they also may be more expensive.

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After the birth of my second child, I decided to try cloth diapers, which I found to be just as easy to use and way more economical than disposables.

“Frugal Living For Dummies” by Deborah Taylor-Hough
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Even if you do use cloth diapers, you probably will want to keep a small supply of disposables on hand for trips and outings.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
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These desirable features also add up to a distinct disadvantage: since disposables soak up so much urine and often ‘feel’ dry when they’re far from it, parents are less likely to change nappies frequently enough, and infrequent changes can lead to nappy rash.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Even if you’re planning to use cloth diapers, disposables are great for traveling long distances or going on vacation (unless you plan to do laundry in a hotel washroom).

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
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  • I think the other factor people need to think about is how big or small do they expect their baby to be. In my case my kids are around 5 to 6lbs so, one-size will not fit till almost 6 months. If you can use them that long even for 1 baby the cost can be worth it. Multiple smaller sizes of prefolds and nb covers can work in that case too but flats are way to big.

  • Props to you MOM! I have always wanted to use cloth diapers…but I just don’t have the drive or Just being lazy I guess ������

    Omg! And that toilet sprayer is GENIUS!!!

  • You don’t strip pockets! And you don’t HAVE to pull the liner out before you put it in the wash. If your baby is breast fed then the poop is water soluble but if you formula feed you still need to spray the poop! I’ve been cloth diapering my daughter for a year and this video made me cringe

  • Wow this is the worst explanation of cloth nappies (sorry I’m british) I’ve seen!! There are so so many better resources out there with actual information rather than this… even the names they’re calling things isnt right and “theres hundreds of different brands but they’re all the same really”?!?!?! Not even remotely true.
    I cloth nappy and I love it but if I had watched this video it would not have convinced me. Cloth bums are amazing and if you’re considering it please spend some more time researching it from better sources than this.

  • Cloth diapers are unfortunately not explained well in this video, at all. It is not to mom bash or shame, but to make sure the correct information is out there for the moms looking into cloth diapering.

    If you need any help with either deciding what to choose (cloth or disposable) and would like further information send me a message on here! I dont bite and would love to help another momma, or momma to be, out with cloth!

    I was thrown into this world because of my daughters super sentive skin that reacted to ALL disposables. So I made it my mission to seek out all the information possible when it came to cloth diapering. I didn’t want to fail at it.. and she became my motivation. There are lots of things that I have learned within the last 11 months of this amazing journey that I would love to share!

  • I work 70-80 hours per week, I don’t have time for cloth diapers, I do try to be sustainable in other aspects like glass bottles, biodegradable pacifiers, plastic free wipes, convertible crib, ethical and sustainable baby clothes, second hand baby things, bamboo toothbrushes for baby, and shampoo, conditioner and baby wash in either bar form or in glass packaging

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  • I wished that i had used cloth diapers for both of my babies so so bad, it is so good for the earth and also for the babies skin and of course you save tons of money on diapers!

  • Have you tried using the disposable liners for poop? So you don’t have to spray the diapers in the toilet every time it’s a poopy diaper? Just curious cause I’m going to cloth diaper with my first born who is born in July!

  • I feel like this was a lot of information I thought was true when I first started cloth diapering. Now that between my two kids I feel like it’s easier than this video made it seem. I also feel like it missed a lot of important points. Maybe having a couple cloth diapering mom’s on who use different kinds of cloth diapers, and different levels of experience

  • I sat down with my boyfriend and him and I talked about AIO and covers and pockets for newborns. We felt covers were best for us personally because we could use flats “flower sack towels” and it would go from birth to potty. And I found a 12 pack of newborn prefolds on Amazon for 18$ And we couldn’t do that with AIO and they were much much more costly. We have 12 covers they were Amazon cheap 6$ USD each.
    72$ for newborn covers
    18$ prefolds
    24$ flower sack towels
    7.88 10 pack at Wal-Mart
    114$ USD for my newborn stash
    42$ of that can be used untill potty training. And I could get money back from my covers.

  • If you ever need more guests to talk about cloth diapering then let me know �� I’d love to chat! I have a channel dedicated to helping people navigate their cloth diaper experience. ��

  • Thanks for sharing your beginner experience��

    One of the things I have seen when researching other cloth diapering moms, is called
    ” Spray pal-original cloth diaper sprayer splatter shield ” it’s like $25 bucks on Amazon….Its exactly what it sounds like, and it will help keep diapers from making a mess on your toilet and around the toilet, or even on you as you rinse the poop off. Just thought I’d share!

  • How many cloth diapers do you have?? You must have a lot if you only have to wash every third day, right?? I’ve never cloth diapered but I’m curious about it ��

  • I thought this was a good intro video into cloth diapers for people that have no experience. Naturally, if people are interested in cloth they will do more research that this one video.

  • I also remove the liner before putting them on the pile. I do spray the poo but also I rub edge with edge trying to remove as muvh as I can of stain and i dont need to rub more than 5 times and.they are white but this has to be done right after the baby poo then you put them in a pile. Thats my granda secret that helped me a lot

  • There is so much misinformation in this video. Excellent resource you should bring are Cloth Diaper Podcast, Jess Is Blessed or Jay’s Nest

  • I really think that you should get someone who is a professional to talk about this because there was a lot of information where that was misleading or which was based on opinion. It was great to hear a mum talking about it but it wasn’t clear enough or enough info.

  • Plus you can always sell your newborn diapers and make some money back! That’s my plan at least. I didn’t do newborn cloth diapering with my first and totally regret it.

  • This scared me because this was not a good explanation of cloth diapering at all. You don’t have to strip the diapers if you have a good wash routine. Also that wasn’t a “liner” that was a microfiber insert that is hardly absorbent. Flats are more absorbent than a microfiber insert.
    Also, beware of China cheapies they look cute and you think they are the same but they aren’t. The quality is way different than grovia, bum genius, softbums, smart bottoms and many other reputable diaper companies.
    I started to cringe when she started talking about stripping so I had to stop watching. This was bad real bad.
    Also pockets are real close to disposals but so are all in ones they don’t require stufffing you just put them on baby and go.

  • Our sweet baby chihuahua has been the worlds biggest poop head and refuses to stop peeing everywhere. I’ve been washing his diapers his whole life, and I guess adding a few more diapers wouldn’t be too bad 😉

  • I’d love to see this video redone. I feel there is not enough said and some information that may not necessarily be true about cloth diapering! So many people watch your channel and it be amazing to get more people using cloth! Unfortunately this video didnt do it justice!

  • Hey Victoria! Thanks for the great video! Your daughter is SO beautiful! ❤
    My husband and I are expecting our first born in early September and we plan to cloth diaper starting shortly after the umbilical cord falls off. One thing I’ve researched that you mighty find helpful with the whole.. splash going everywhere when you clean the poop out in the toilet dilemma, is a thing called a “spray pal” also called a “cloth diaper spray shield” sometimes. I follow two cloth diapering mommies on YT that use them, and they swear that they make the whole process SO much less messy! It could be worth a try, if you’re still looking for a solution. I found one of good quality on Amazon and added it to my registry, it’s about $25. A cheaper hack along the same lines I’ve heard of is making your own out of a small plastic garbage can by cutting the bottom out, so if you’re into DIY stuff at all, that could be worth looking into too. Hope this helps! Keep up the great work! ✌

  • This lady isn’t the best person to ask about cloth diapers. You shouldn’t have to strip every couple months, or even every year. And the liners she has are microfiber and can’t be placed against baby’s skin because it will cause irritation from absorbing all the moisture from the bum.

  • Thank you for this video and the 1st Day Diapering video. It’s super helpful. I love seeing your genuine love for your baby (and your doggie). You rock pretty momma! ��

  • My biggest concern is diaper rash. How often do you change her once she’s peed? Also I love the little line that shows when the diaper is dirty on regular diapers. Is there a trick to knowing when it’s ready to be changed? Thanks a lot!

  • I was hoping this video was more comprehensive! I would have liked to know what goes in the pail and how you wash them! Also do you need to scrape pop offit wasn’t really covered.

  • Just finished watching the first video vlog, and I know I’m pregnant but seeing her so tiny and happy and now seeing the WAVE ���� she is beautiful and so are you and your family. So grateful for your videos!!! Ty ty ty

  • You should try out the SprayPal Sprayer Splatter Shield. It’s on Amazon and it prevents droplets and poop from flying all over the place

  • As a cloth diapering Mom I feel like this is not very informative at all. She only uses pockets and she didn’t inform them about all in ones or fitteds and prefolds and flats and covers and all that. It’s such a huge world that really nobody knows about and it seemed like she was unprepared or nervous so I hope they get another woman on the show or at least another video that is better for people who don’t know anything about this

  • It’s great that you have a video about cloth diapering, but I’m only 2min and 56 seconds into de video and two very essential mistakes have been said; that’s NOT a liner, because it’s microfiber and MF Can never go against baby’s skin AND that’s not a “All in One”; an All in one or AIO has built in INSERT(S) aka the absorbing part and some have the option of a pocket to add extra absorbency or you can just use a NATURAL FIBER INSERT against baby’s skin. That kind of diaper shown in the video is a ONE SIZE diaper, or OS. Most OS diapers advertise they fit a baby from 8-35lbs, not all do do it’s always recommended to get different brands and styles of diapers to see what works best for your baby’s built.
    I cloth diaper my 2yo son, my 11mo triplets and my NB twins ☺️

  • You should have done some homework so you could direct the conversation more efficiently, and definitely try to find a more knowledgeable representative. This wasn’t helpful at all.

  • FACT: When you become a mom you become pretty obsessed with poop. Gross but true! Big thank you to Marlene for being our guest today! She is such a sweetheart and her little one is beautiful!!!

  • If you haven’t already figured out a good nighttime solution to her flooding her diapers, I would suggest finding some quality hemp inserts. They were a life saver. I use one hemp and one bamboo and it lasts all night where as I was using 3 bamboo and a flour sack towel and he was still flooding. I made my own hemp inserts because it seemed like the cheaper route considering the cheapest hemp inserts I was finding was $6 for per 3 layer insert, but now that I have made some, if I end up needing more, I would gladly spend that price knowing how well they work and HOW MUCH THEY HOLD!!!!

  • This is seriously the most complete cloth diaper video. Such good content! We cloth diaper too and I love seeing other families who do it.

    Cloth nappies are great.
    This video doesn’t do them justice or explain them at all.
    And pocket nappies are the closest to disposable you can possibly get.
    I’ve been doing cloth prefolds from day 1 with DD (19 months) and will for sure doing it with my second.
    Didn’t even consider disposable.

  • yikes there’s so much misinformation here! the fluff love university website and fluff love & cloth diaper science on facebook are great resources especially if you are starting out and overwhelmed

  • Ehhhhh love you guys and love that you had someone on about this but..there is a ton of misinformation here. If anyone is interested please go to fluff love university on Facebook or google their site. They are so helpful getting you started and helping you if you run into issues. You do not need to strip or bleach you diapers unless you are having problems or you bought them used. Please do more research if you want to cloth diaper!!

  • You guys need to bring a cloth expert on your show. There was a LOT of misleading information on here. Not only that diaper types weren’t covered, cloth wipes, wet bags, etc. if you’re going to talk about cloth, go all out with correct information

  • Great job! I totally agree with you on a ton that you said! I just uploaded a cloth diaper 101 video this morning too and I think these points you mentioned are often missed by other cloth diaper videos!

  • Yay cloth diapers! I used them for a while with both of my kids but couldn’t quite work it out. If/when I have a third I’m planning to buy an entire new stash (I threw the old ones away when we moved…) and finally get it working out the way I want it to!

  • So you just put poopy diapers into the same washing machine that you put your clothes into? Maybe I’m just still ignorant on this topic but seems unsanitary.

  • There is so much misinformation ������
    •The only water soluble poo is breastfeed poo
    • stripping is NOT necessary unless you have a wash routine that’s NOT for cloth diapers. There are things that are and aren’t okay to use with cloth diapers. I.e. fabric softener, dryer sheets.
    • All in one and pockets are different things.
    • our entire stash was way less than $500.

  • We absolutely loved cloth diapering. From 5 weeks we were exclusively cloth diapering during the day, and at 9 months we also used cloth during the night. We have never looked back. It’s also a great conversation started when you are out and about and have to change baby’s diaper in a public changing room or at the doctors. I used to start up conversations with staring/curious parents about cloth diapers all the time.
    I feel like Marlene did a good job promoting cloth diapers. Sure, some of the information was wrong but at least someone is talking about CD and how easy it is. We stripped our diapers every 6 months or so. And, I always took out the inserts before wash. Some inserts just didn’t agitate out during the washing cycle.

  • I love that you guys made this video, but with a good wash routine you should not have to strip your diapers every few months. We are going on 13 months and I have never had to strip. Also, the poop is only water soluble if the baby is EBF.

  • I was excited to watch this but there is so much wrong information about cloth diapering here. Re-do it with a knowledgeable professional.

  • I love cloth diapers. They are THE way to go. But you forgot the biggest pro and biggest con.
    PRO Way less blow-outs! ��
    CON Cloth diaper moms are judgey know-it-all’s (See all these snooty comments about how “wrong” the mom in this video is.)

  • Its already been said a lot, but theres so much misinformation. But also an interesting point is, a lot of people do question whether its actually better for the environment because of the washing involved… BUT there is soooooo much more water and fossil fuels used in just making disposables than there is for washing cloth diapers.

  • Thank you for posting this video. It has helped us so much. Do more cloth videos like this!!! Do you only use ALVA Baby cloth diapers now that you are more comfortable? I have so many of Mama Koala’s. I think I’m addicted and the baby hasn’t even arrived yet! HAHA!

  • I feel that cloth diapering is made more for those who are stay at home moms, if you are a working mom and plan on putting your child in daycare keep in mind not all daycares allow cloth diapers and only allow disposable for cleanliness and time saving.

  • I use cloth for my 16 month old and completely agree with others… This video is full of inaccurate information! I hope people considering cloth do more research than this one video. If your wash routine is on point you DO NOT need to strip the diapers.

  • Cloth is so easy to do.
    We love doing flats and covers.
    Diapering my child for 150$ for the entire time I am doing cloth.

  • How many diapers do you use a day?
    I am switching to cloth diapering but I have 2 babies in diapers so I’m figuring 50 diapers would be needed to where they each use 12 a day so 24 and then the next day while those are drying I can use the other 24 and just alternate them
    Or is that ridiculous lol ��

  • This is so off topic but I don’t understand why WHITE all in one used cloth diapers are so hard to find. An array of colors are easy, but just solid white is really difficult.

  • Cloth diapering can be pretty expensive upfront, but is a moneysaver in the long run for sure! Luckily we’ve been gifted some of our stash and I’ve also gotten about 5 diapers for free in the past couple months from the Very Dice app. If anyone wants to check it out, my friend code is 2828045. It isn’t just diapers, you can also get a lot of other items like makeup, keychains, electronics, etc but I mainly play for the diapers and mommy accessories, lol

  • I’m also preparing to cloth diaper and totally new to the scene but I wanted to share that Amazon sells a sort of giant funnel that you can put into the toilet and spray the diapers into so that the overspray doesn’t go everywhere

  • How precious is your sweet girl! Thank you for this very simple video on diapers. I have gotten so overwhelmed looking at diaper videos because they have 9,000 different brands and styles and every accessory out there. It gets so overwhelming that it almost makes you feel like you need those brands and that many diapers to be successful at it. Just a simple video like this is what a beginner needs!

  • Thank you! Love that this is from a first timer. I’m due in October and have been planning out the logistics of cloth diapering. What brands do you use for your wet bag and pail? I’m not planning on doing laundry everyday so how well does the bag/pail hold in the smell of soiled diapers?

  • Nice overview! Gotta say that edit when you were changing her was smooth! We just started cloth diapering my son for about a day. My son is 22mons and just about ready for potty training, so I’m hoping we can cloth diaper him all the way up until he’s fully trained. I kind of cold turkeyed it and we onlh have about 10 disposal diapers left ��

  • Thank you for this! Between your first video on cloth diapers and this one, I’ve learned a lot and I so appreciate seeing women who look like me in the mommy influencer world! Your connection with your kiddos is heart-warming!

  • Theres a lot of misinformation in this video. It you want solid advice, reviews and explanation… check out Jay’s Nest. She is so nice to listen to and so informative!

  • With a good wash routine you should NOT be stripping. Stripping is for improper wash routines, or not using cloth safe creams that causes repelling other than that stripping and sanitizing is used for buying preloved diapers.

  • I use cloth diapers for my 9 month baby girl and love it. I did use disposable on occasion and didn’t like it as much. I do not mind the extra work. Hope more people will use them in the future. 5% seems so low:(

  • I’ve saved soooo much cloth diapering and we’re doing it with baby #2! However it’s a boy so we’re investing in not bright pink diapers and our first is still in diapers so we need the extra

  • You should try KaWaii baby’s bamboo inserts they are 100% bamboo no microfiber at all, they work amazing and are very good price! Pretty much all I use, w a few hemp inserts as well. You can get them on amazon or from them directly at would night recommend their diapers as well. Good luck with your cloth journey.

  • I tried cloth diapering once and my baby got a rash that he never had with disposable diapers and he was only in the cloth diaper for like an hour or so so that really got me discouraged.

  • There are company of cloth diaper that deliver to your door clean ones n collects the dirty ones. They do the cleaning for you however I believe it depends where u leave

  • Hello there, just visiting your channel from a comment you posted on Erin On Demands how to vlog video.

    We did cloth diapering for our first child but abandoned it for convenience. ha

  • Love your take on cloth diapering. I’ve recently started cloth diapering and it has surprised me just how easy it is! I’m getting ready to do a whole series on it. Glad I found your channel ��

  • I remember cloth diapering days and loved it. Our bidet was easier to install and I was happy to help the planet with cloth diapers. Plus, my son didn’t get diaper rash while wearing them. We switched to regular ones for daycare and first time diaper rash appeared! We continued cloth at home though. Daycare doesn’t do cloth.

  • No offense to Marlene! But cloth diapers are not explained well at all in this video. The diaper is called a one size pocket diaper, you don’t have to strip them unless they smell, and if your baby is exclusively breast fed only you dont have to rinse. If they formula feed or are on solids before 6 months you do have to rinse the poop. At 4 minutes and I couldn’t take anymore misinformation ��

  • I’ve debated about buying newborn aio diapers but I have big babies that don’t stay in newborn size for longer than a month. To me that’s not worth it

  • What is funny is we were cloth diapered since we were born in the 80s staying in a rural area. But now due to “civilization” we use disposables. And there you go things are going back to cloth diapering. Well this ones look really fancy though.

  • Do you use cloth? If yes why, If no why not?! I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback over the diapering series and I want to thank everyone for the encouragement to keep going!

  • There is so much incorrect information as far as cloth diapering goes on this video I feel so bad for whoever watched this video and then left feeling badly about cloth diapers from this miss information. To learn actual facts and more about cloth diapers watch my channel I have some excellent videos on actual facts and on actual washing cloth diapers.

  • You’ve convinced me to buy a couple more newborn aio. I have mostly prefolds and covers, 1 Nb aio and 1 fitted both I got for free with a big order.
    This is our first child and we’re probably going to mix it up a little with disposables until he’ll fit the many onesize options, we’ve bought for him AIO, AI2, fitted and prefolds ����