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Budget-Friendly After School Activities School Sponsored Activities: Many middle schools offer some school-sponsored activities, including sports clubs, theatre, chorus, or student government. Be sure you and your tween investigate your child’s school activities as these options are generally free or nearly free. Extracurricular activities can help guide a child in the right direction by teaching them discipline, hard work, and dedication all while having fun.

For many kids, running to the field for practice, cleaning their instrument in order to play it, or tying the. 1.’s Sample Budget Template for Teenagers. Here’s a sample monthly budget for teens. Psst: does your teen not have a job?

Click on’s sample budget template for kids, which shows an allowance example instead of a job example. You’ll want to use these kid’s budget worksheets within your. These teen girl bedroom ideas are super creative, budget-friendly, and resourceful. Some of them work for both tween and teen girls so they would be perfect if you need to freshen up your daughter’s room and make sure it won’t become outdated too soon!

YOU WILL ALSO LOVE: 15 WEST ELM KNOCK OFF BEDS FOR HALF PRICE. Parents want extracurricular activities for teenagers and tweens that are both fun and appropriate. These parenting articles give tips on activities, sports, and more.

Finding Extracurricular Activities. Finding fun activities for teenagers and tweens can be a challenge, because they may consider many appropriate activities for tweens “boring”. Extracurricular activities have become the norm.

We want our kids to be learning, occupied, and becoming well-rounded people. But some of these activities can break the bank without a bit of planning and budgeting. (And it applies to us, as adults, as well. I still love playing sports.) Extracurricular Activities Different types of extracurricular activities come.

Activities to keep teens engaged while schools are shut during the coronavirus pandemic March 30, 2020 at 6:00 am Updated March 30, 2020 at 10:51 am Coloring isn’t just for little kids. Budget Friendly Extracurricular Activities for Tweens. Fact checked by Elaine Hinzey, RD. Why Tween Social Media Use Impacts Well-Being Later.

Fact checked by Adah Chung. Fun Indoor Activities for Tweens. Fact checked by Elaine Hinzey, RD How to Plan a Nature Scavenger Hunt With Your Tween. 6 Unique Extracurricular Activities for Kids Move over, soccer.

Kids are whipping up all kinds of extracurricular fun with these exciting activities! By Margaret Hargrove. Ages. 5-13.

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When to start. Age 6. “School activities allow students to broaden their interests, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and strengthen their connections with peers and their school community. Participation in school activities has been linked to better grades and lower dropout rates,” says Sarah Clark, M.P.H., co-director of the poll.

List of related literature:

Therefore extracurricular programs like after school work groups, Saturday and summer programs or academies, academic olympiads, competitions, etc. provide gifted adolescents with a great variety of challenging experiencies (see Chapter IV, 13 in this handbook).

“International Handbook of Giftedness and Talent” by K. A. Heller, F. J. Mönks, R. Subotnik, Robert J. Sternberg
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There are organizations that cater to youth; schools have many extracurricular activities such as sports teams and theater groups.

“International encyclopedia of adolescence: A-J, index” by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
from International encyclopedia of adolescence: A-J, index
by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
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Extracurricular activities can include participation in clubs,student government,youth groups,and the like.Some specific of extracurricular activities are school band, 4-H club,church youth group,basketball team,French club, volleyball team, karate club,skate club,and service club.

“Encyclopedia of Human Ecology: A-H” by Julia R. Miller, Richard M. Lerner, Lawrence B. Schiamberg, Pamela M. Anderson, Trustees of Tufts University Staff
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hence, it is important to support extracurricular activities and make them available to children from all income levels, given that participation in these activities is often quite costly.

“Educational Research and Innovation The Nature of Learning Using Research to Inspire Practice: Using Research to Inspire Practice” by OECD, Dumont Hanna, Istance David, Benavides Francisco
from Educational Research and Innovation The Nature of Learning Using Research to Inspire Practice: Using Research to Inspire Practice
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Extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities – such as sports and recreation, art, music, drama and producing newsletters – can provide adolescents with opportunities to participate in and gain recognition for constructive group activities (3).

“World Report on Violence and Health” by Etienne G. Krug, WHO, Linda L. Dahlberg, World Health Organization, James A. Mercy, Anthony B. Zwi, Rafael Lozano
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You might think that large schools offer students a wider variety of these extracurricular activities: band and orchestra, football and soccer, French Club and Japanese Club, Painting Club and Digital Arts Club, Students against Land Mines and Young Democrats for Social Justice.

“Social Development” by Ross D. Parke, Glenn I. Roisman, Amanda J. Rose
from Social Development
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Extracurricular activities which are closely linked with various places of classwork and at the same time provide excellent means of outside social contacts including outings, school picnics, trips to zoos, museums, factories, farms, etc., should be arranged.

“Educational Psychology” by D. N. Tutoo
from Educational Psychology
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Children join a variety of groups, teams, and networks to engage in ball games, card games, Lego robotics, and other such play activities.

“Play from Birth to Twelve: Contexts, Perspectives, and Meanings” by Doris Pronin Fromberg, Doris Bergen
from Play from Birth to Twelve: Contexts, Perspectives, and Meanings
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Programs that accommodate this age group’s desire to be with friends are good ways to get them involved.

“Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 3E” by Tapps, Tyler, Wells, Mary Sara
from Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 3E
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There is an annual teen conference sponsored by the Teen Parks and Recreation Board that offers educational workshops and recreational activities that empower youth to make changes in their lives and their community.

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel D. McLean, Amy R. Hurd, Nancy Brattain Rogers
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
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  • Hi, could you make a video regarding extracurriculars for international students (especially for students who don’t have extracurriculars like volunteering or competitions and stuff widely available to them because of their region etc)

  • So I’m a junior and as of now I don’t have any extra curricular activities. I’m scared because I know this would REALLY hurt me a lot for my college applications. Is there any way that I could maybe help myself go back in track, even though it’s too late???

  • So would doing MOOC’s generally increase you chances of getting into top colleges or does it generally not matter? Do colleges even care about MOOC’s?

  • Well then, I’m set, man. I started coding in 3rd grade and not after learning from some teacher or some course. I was self taught! Then I learnt all the popular programming languages. I made 2 drones and 2 3D Printers. My 3rd drone is in progress and I gave my first one for sanitization of the block. (This is / was (for future readers) in the lockdown)

  • Hi! I know you’ve done a few videos on clothes, but I was wondering if you could do a video talking about how you dress fashionable while still being modest! Love your videos so much!

  • One question that I had was Does coding actually count on a college application? Like I know to code in Java and I’ll be teaching myself Python but does that count anyway as an activity? @http://supertutortv. com

  • Hey I need someone’s help here
    I’m a student from India and want to do my under graduation in the US
    First I want to what know are honors
    Second can I add hobbies like playing a guitar only though I performed once in a concert
    Third can I add activities like Taekwondo which I am an International Gold medalist, National Goldmedalist, State level Goldmedalist and Multiple times District level gold medalist or should I mention only my international one
    Fourth we don’t have to concept of AP classes in India even though I know pretty high level concepts about the subjects so will this affect my application

  • Hey Brooke! Hope you’re doing well during all this. I had a question, in earlier videos where you show test examples you are drawing on the computer, can I ask what device you used? Since we’re at home now I wanted to draw on the PC to notate things and I am looking for a cheap solution for a student. THANKS!

  • Hey Brooke! Have you thought about making a video about the AP Exam situation and whether or not colleges are going to give students credit for the streamlined exams?

  • If I send you my application next year before I send them to the unis, would you give me feedback or tell me what i could improve or what im missing? Do you like offer that service for money? Or is it only an irl thing?

  • What about having popular social media sites? For example having a popular YouTube channel, Instagram account, or tik tok page. I have 14,000 followers on tik tok. Do you think that could count as an extracurricular or be worth mentioning in the common app? I say this because it takes a lot of time and effort to build an audience online.

  • hey brooke, I have a question, a couple of my big high school extracurriculars are science related and I also have some big ones in public speaking, but the thing is that I want to major in communication & media studies, So is it okey if I use my science extracurriculars in my application even if they aren’t related to my major?

  • For number 9, “online learning,” I highly reccomend MIT OCW, or any OCW. It’s a great way to learn something new, and it’s college level

  • This video came in perfect timing. I’m in the process of decluttering and decorating my daughters room. I left their desk for another time and I’m happy you did this. I love the cork board and I might steal your idea and if I do I’ll tag you on instagram ��. Tfs Christina your creativity.

  • Any suggestions on how to FIND the good activities? With so much coming out about shady coaching or creepy instructors how can you find good places to trust?? Is word of mouth the only option?

  • So grateful for my gymnastics career and all the opportunities it gave me, but my parents sunk like 7k a year for my sister and I to compete! I bet they wished we’d fallen in love with a cheaper sport ��

  • Love all your videos but please don’t call programming coding. You can teach a monkey to code but learning to program is different.

  • I don’t believe in coddling people, in the wild, there is no health care. In the wild health care is Ow, I hurt my leg, I can’t run, a lion eats me and I’m dead. Wow. I’m not dead. I’m the lion, you’re dead.

  • 1. Creative Writing
    2. Journalistic Writing
    3. Video Blogging
    4. Composing Music
    5. Art
    6. Scientific Experiments
    7. Remote Volunteer Work
    8. Coding
    9. Online Learning
    10. Make Something

  • Jordan, I would love it if you and Bubba can do a segment on having a business on youtube, instagram, etc Camera equipment, all the misc stuff that might be included in that. I’ve been doing some researching, (of course) lol but nothing is a better teacher then someone juggling the type of amazing lifestyle you guys have. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, Ms Brooke! I got into Columbia’s class of 2024 and your videos helped me a lot in starting my application.
    This video came in the right time, because I’m for interesting things to do!

  • there’s just do much stuff to do online for school, like its hard to keep track of stuff and I think I’m missing a lot of deadlines

  • My daughter is 7, she does ballet and piano. during summer time she takes swimming class ( no ballet in summer), and depends on our schedule, sometimes she also takes tennis class during spring and fall. I know there are a lot parents let kids takes more activities than us, but I think two activities at a week, it’s fit our schedule and financial. Thank you for your advice, they are great suggestions!

  • it’s a good thing Priya found dance!! In all my years of Allstar cheer and being on a worlds level team my parents probably spent nearly $100,000 (maybe more)����

  • Oooh I loved this DIY. I think it turned out so cute and functional. I really love the organizer made from a cereal box, so clever and practical. This was one of my favorite videos, but then I really like the DIY videos, they are just so much fun to watch and get so many great ideas from. Thanks so much for sharing and I will see you soon.

  • if you compose music at home and put it as extracurricular, how do you prove universities that you have done it? The only thing related is that i won a song contest for my school but it doesn’t account for years of writing.

  • Well I only have one kid and she’s in private piano lessons, gymnastics and CubScouts lol but she is doing amazing in all of them.

  • Hello,Brooke.I honestly love your videos,they are so insightful and helpful.I am Nigerian and there isn’t a lot of information on how to get into American colleges for African students.But your videos go a long way!❤️

  • One thing to consider is the child’s disposition. I played violin in orchestra for 5 years but when my new school didn’t have orchestra and I was in private lessons only, I quit after 1 year. Sometimes kids need the community that comes with an activity in order to fully enjoy it, and solitary activities won’t last long.

  • I can’t stand those trophies they get just for participating. Ugh, I want to throw them away. We get them with each sport, each season. We don’t have the space for them.

  • Hi Jordan!! I love your videos and would love to apply them when I have my own family soon but right now I’m still entering my “adult” years (18 going 19), and I would like to learn from you how and where to start managing my life and finances ���� please make videos for teens going to adulthood as well or at least sprinkle some tips here and there in your videos
    Thank you for creating!!! Love you ��

  • Ugh wish i would’ve seen this video before..4 kids 2 in volleyball 1 in soccer and the most expensive one COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS. $$$$$$$ it does take alot of our income but for now i think its so worth it rather than having them on video games/electronics

  • boundaries vs commitment. Opt out of a dance competition on Sunday only? Not only are you letting the team down, but your teaching your daughter she can pick and choose which parts of her activity to participate in. If we sign up for an activity, we are sure to really dedicate to it beginning to end. just my opinion, of course. If we cannot commit to the performance or practice dates, then we wont register for the sport.

  • Where I live most kids do extra curricular activities at school for free but more competitive practices are a bit expensive. BTW I loved this video

  • I was applying for the Harvard summer school program. One of the essay topics is academic integrity. It is my very first time i have stumbled upon it. Can anyone elaborate me plzzz.

  • If there is room & since you have 3 girls, I think a duplicate desk & chair butted up to the existing desk would be perfect. Tfs��

  • My husband and I discuss this topic with each other all of the time! He is more minimal on the things they’re involved in, but I am living vicariously through them lol. He talks me down, I talk him up, but I do look forward to when we have sports/events breaks. PS. You should be SO proud of your little state champions! That’s amazing!

  • I’m from Germany. Last week I was on a birthday party of a 5 year old and we started a discussion about sports & activies of our kids. It was very interesting to hear how much other couples or single moms spend on this and how many activities their children have. One child had at least one activity every day, I think that is just too much…. There were several moms who admitted that they cannot afford it on their own and that the grandparents usually pay for the kiddies

  • I’m 15 and having a lot of stress about my parents paying for these activities i do and your advice to parents has given me some guidelines and ideas to continue on and help them save

  • This is where I really love my small town! The extra activities are either through the school, or at the studio! �� But I am kind of envious of all the options you have!
    My son was super excited to start karate this year, but when I looked at their schedule it was only once a month for an hour. And it costs $25 to register and $45 each month. Thats just nuts! We found some karate DVDs at the library, so we checked them out just out of curiosity and we’ve been doing it together at home as a family and it has been so much fun!

  • I know I’m late but if you are unable to afford a specific sport, consider talking to the studio/gym/company whatever to see if you can volunteer for a discount. For example I assist baby dance classes for a major discount on my competition tuition:)

  • Hello Brooke Hanson, I have an idea I would like for you to hear, it is not related to AP tests. Of course, we all understand that the situation that WE are all in: stuck in home, waiting, and most likely trying to survive. I was thinking the other day, ” How exactly would this affect our college futures,” and an idea had popped up. Technically we are all in the same situation, again stuck and waiting, the only difference would be depending on our economic class, high, working, and low. Would it be smart to talk about our difficulties during this pandemic in our essays and even towards scholarships? Of course, many may say yes but think. EVERYONE is in the same situation, and I know for sure that when it comes to essays you must be a student who is not like the others, where the university looks at you and see you are a different seed, or, in vague terms, different. In continuation, I have learned that information through Brook, so you may trust me on that statement. I would like Brooke Hanson to do a video on this topic. I have come up with a compromise, of course: Students who want to exceed do more than normal schooling and working out to keep fit, if that is in your agenda. For example, a student may be developing studying habits towards their a specific topic like biology because they are passionate about it or a student is working on to develop on a youtube channel or a blog and even more so, students becoming creative and making new research ideas or even creative ideas in general towards their specific career. What I am trying to say is, when it comes to essays in college applications and scholarships students should mention the activites and hobbies that they acquired because of all the extra time during the pandemic. In my guess, univerisities will see you are a proactive individual. Of course I would like Brooke Hanson to talk about this topic because I know that for a fact many high schoolers right now are looking at her for answers for their futures.

  • Your comment at the end regarding the fact that your child’s health and well-being should always come first is soooo relevant. You should be invited at Dance Moms…!!

  • We currently do not have our kids in anything right now. Part of it is just simply we can not afford it and another thing is where we are at the kids have to be 5 years old to participate

  • Love the keyboard app idea instead of having lessons. My kids are only allowed one activity at a time and not until they are 5yr old, I just think they have so many years where they can try different things I don’t want to rush things. Also in the last year we got two foster babies, with another one due next month. We really don’t want to overwhelm ourselves while we have 3 2yrs and under.

  • I think this is a great video for families with younger children. As a parent of an active “almost” eagle scout (16 yrs)and a travel softball pitcher(15 yrs), choosing the days of the week (especially the weekend) doesn’t work and you have to adjust your “date nights” to other days. As far as uniforms and equipment we have learned that if you go for quality over price, you will have it twice as long.

  • When i was in high school i was in marching band. My sophmore year i got an open whole flute. Junior year I had to givevup mu solo because i got hurt. Senior i tried doing percussion because i couldn’t play my flute to the standard my teacher held. Well in the middle of band camp i had to quit because I just physically couldn’t do it. Which was fine because i took a class that went towards ny future during the period band was in. So i wouldn’t have been able to do it anyways even if i wasnt hurt because i would have chose the CNA because it could(and did) land me a job.

  • Could you do a video talking about the “ugly” parts of parenting? Maybe jealousy between husband and wife when children prefer one over the other. Maybe you find yourself being biased and favoriting one child over another?
    I think there are a lot of topics like that which no one addresses.

    Also, would love to see your opinion on family pets and why (or already I think) you don’t have one.

  • Hey!
    I would love if you can make a video for what middle schoolers should do to prepare for college and highschool and SAT. Because I’m a 7th grader and I would love to know what should I do

  • Gymnastics is one of the worst things kids can do. (Source: multiple physical therapists who help young adults who did gymnastics when they were younger.) Hope yours don’t do it for long.

  • my sister has done cail and that can cost a lot of money. we did a krartke class when i was younger that was $11 per training class. one cheap avtics you can do is Scouts. i loved doing scouts.

  • you are AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!! How you manage to give your kids so much and run a business and look fabulous and have a gorgeous house is beyond me, but all I can say is, GOOOOOALSSSS lol! How do you manage to keep such a large house clean?

  • Do you have tips on how you can try out lots of different sports for your kids without having to sign up for all of them? My son is almost 6 now and it’s really time that we introduce him to being active and working on skills etc., but there’s not really a sport that sticks out to me when I look at his talents. He doesn’t really like sports with balls and is scared of heights.
    But I also want to help him overcome his fears, so I don’t know whether or not to push him a little into a sport that would seem uncomfortable at first, but maybe he’d love it in the end??

  • I wish I could put my son in sports but he takes so long doing his homework (due to getting distracted easily) that we dont have any time to spare. I dont know how you all do it with activities on a school night

  • Love your philosophies on this! The book Simplicity Parenting is also so helpful in this topic and aligns with these tips so well!

  • Beautiful! ��. Love the recycled cereal box! I do that too, but I didn’t cover it with paper! Now I’m on the hunt for cute wrapping paper. ��. Love the desk too! TFS ��

  • Our expenses outweigh our incomes no matter how much we squeeze. Thank God for overtime! We still find a way to save money and fundraise with the team every year for our boys to play sports and cover any extra expense. As a family of 5 we spend only $350 a month on food so it’s hard but it’s not impossible.

  • Thanks for this video. We don’t have as many kids but definitely have gone through the competitive sports. My 16 year old daughter plays competitive volleyball and started on a travel competitive team in 8th grade. But we made sure she was committed. But all of the hard work and money are paying off because she is being recruited to play in college. I think we waited for competitive travel sports until she was almost in high school and we knew she had the commitment. I am a new subscriber and LOVE your videos!

  • Wow. I’m kind of shocked about your attitude about private music lessons not being worth it. A music app, no matter how interactive and fun is not going to replace a music mentor and educator. Are they expensive? Yes. But so are sports.

  • all these tips are SO good! Thank you so much! We are about to sign up our kiddos for their first sports so this is very timely <3!

  • To elaborate on number 7 (remote volunteer work), you could volunteer your time to moderating or being an administrator in a forum, game, chatroom, etc. While might not sound like a practical or even worthwhile EC, in a volunteering position in a large online community you’ll find that you will learn a lot and be provided with many new skills.

  • Awesome!
    I remember doing all sorts of activities growing up through the years. It taught me to never give up, stay committed, and also if I tried something new within my realm of expertise, I just had to keep practising to improve! I feel alot of these things I learned back then have helped in my adult life.
    You gave some really great tips and advice! Thank you:)

  • My son does tramp and tumbling and he loves it. such a great family focused sport. Thanks for the info on the music app. I feel so bad that we’ve sacrificed music for sports, but I just can’t juggle it all right now.

  • When I joined your page I had 3 kids and always wanted more but couldn’t afford 4 now I can so we’re trying for baby number 4 love love love your tips your an angel xxxx

  • This is so helpful, I want to do beauty pageant’s but I looked up my first local one and it’s 500 just for one of the many fees and thinking about other cost it’s definitely not in the budget I would need sponcers

  • I’m expecting #3 and I just don’t think i have the time or money to keep my daughter in so many activities even though she enjoys them. My problem is my daughter can’t decide what she wants to do!

  • Also if your available to it some places will discount your childs fees if you volunteer your time (this is how my son does soccer as I’m a coach)

  • I have 3 kids (9,7,5), and our main activity is Jr Rodeo. They are allowed to pick another sport, such as soccer, basketball, wrestling, and we pay for that. Jr rodeo is very expensive (think $500/mo just in entry fees), not including their horses upkeep, equipment, etc. Our kids have to raise their own money for this. They do so by having bake sales, making bridles to sell, etc. Fortunately, my husband builds saddles and does tons of custom leather work, so the kids have lots of help when it come to making things to sell. That is the only way we can afford it. We pay for their horse feed, and whatever vet bills we need to, but for the most part they pay their way.

  • My 3 year olds do expensive but completely worth it swim lessons, inexpensive dance/movement class, two very inexpensive ECFE classes, and play therapy (covered by insurance). We will stop everything but play therapy for summer and will add soccer for two months. Then reevaluate once fall comes. The only things I have strong feelings about continuing are swim since it’s a life/survival skill and play therapy since it helps with their relationship with each other and their relationships with others.

  • I literally laughed so hard when you said they were state champion tumblers you could win an Oscar for that���������� love your videos!

  • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to break that down. I have a sporty 9 year old son who EVERYONE is telling me to put him in organized sports and I was feeling overwhelmed by how to approach it so it works out for our family of 7. We also would like to keep weekends free and stay on target with our budget. Thanks for the 70% rule! I am on it!

  • Tots agree, we let them have one after school activity per term(semester) and one outside of school activity, we also have boundries (no weekend activities as that’s our family time), he is a Cub-Scout and we usually all attend as hubby is a voulenteer and I’ll just sit and chat to the other parents

  • I only have one kid she is 10 almost 11.. her dad and I are getting married this year so budget is tighter.. she is excellent academically and always keeps up with her homework etc so she was doing art class Irish dancing class tin whistle class (all done in school by teachers so like €5 a class) and violin swimming and hip hop classes out of school… she was getting drained so we dropped hip hop last year… this year with the wedding etc.. she is just doing tin whistle Irish dancing swimming and violin… she does orchestra in school and her own privet lessons in violin and the orchestra got through to the finals of the all Ireland compition for the 3rd year in a row! It’s on next month so excited for her!

  • I have been trying to figure out ways to reuse all the Amazon boxes I have stored in my garage. My husband is a high school Spanish teacher, so I am going to use your decoupage idea with some fun Hispanic wrapping paper�� Thanks for more great DIY ideas!

  • What’s up moms kids: are younger than me but still are able to use walkie talkies perfecly.
    Me, a 12 yrs old girl: is still unnable to use walkie talkies bc i don’t understand the buttons and the controls

  • I completely agree with the scheduling the kids in the same sport at the same time trick, and working with your friends and neighbors to do it together. Our boys are in a city soccer league where most practices are a half hour away, but because we have worked and planned out with our friends and neighbors we have all requested to be on the same team so we do our practices only 3 minutes away. Different parents have volunteered to coach to be able to do that. Also we now have a younger and older kids team that practice at the same time and same place. I am currently coaching the younger kids team even tho I have never played soccer (thanks YouTube and awesome friends willing to help) because we lost our original coach. I felt I was there anyways and it was worth it to me to keep the kids practices together rather than having to drive across town for 1 child. Plus, because I coach, my youngest plays for FREE.

  • This is the reason why I am broke…..competitive cheer, swimming and basketball travel team… I budget and I try the most to save money….

  • Lucky for me sons cleats for soccer and baseball was free from our rec center that we use for the season and then we return it back at the end of the season.

  • I am a grandma now but when my kids were young our son was in soccer, baseball, football, our daughter was involved art and dance and club volleyball…we would literally eat in the car and they would change while driving from one activity to the next. Our pastor did a sermon on being “too busy”….are your children in so many activities that there is no longer family dinners or even down time! He suggested picking one!!! Our daughter choose volleyball and our son choose baseball……it was life changing!!!! We started enjoying life again!! Kudos mommies!! Texans love Jordan!!

  • I am 23, live alone, and literally do not have any right now reason to be watch this but here I am because Jordan is goals. Love you!

  • My goodness!! I am sitting here boohooing because I am so happy for your kids getting 1st in state for tumbling!! Emotional much??!! lol

  • Last year we put our entire Income tax return into a savings account, which we labelled ‘fun and activities’. We have been using that for all four of our kids activities. So far it is working REALLY well. I understand that this is not an option for everyone, but for our family, this is what has been working for us. Also we sign them up for activities that more than one can do, or that are all on the same night. Great tips Jordan:)

  • Our 5 year old plays Tball and this year he will be doing football.
    Before we signed up for either sport we sat him down and told him if he started it he would finish those sports. He is also a all A student and we told him if his grades slipped no matter how much we paid he would be pulled from that sport because school comes first. That is just what we live by

  • Really love the space you created. The pin board and file organizer, both are great. Love your tips on the gallery wall too. Really sprucing up a space fills one up with new enthusiasm for work. Thanks for sharing

  • Something that I’ve found helpful for the kids that want to be in everything and do everything is to allow them 1-2 extra curricular activities during the school year and then enroll them in the shortened day camp experiences in the summer time. Each year when the family asks for a birthday list they will tell them……karate lessons, golf class, sewing/ crochet class etc.( I have twin girls)

  • I absolutely love that you reuse your DIY projects like the bulletin board and your florals. So much better that buying more things! Lovely projects as always ��

  • I love this work station. Your kids are young enough share this now. Ss they get older have a larger homework load, it will take them longer and it will be harder to share. You might consider a square table that can seat all 3 at once, with a lazy Susan for supplies in the center.

  • A study spot was something we always had for our (now grown) “kids” Christina. It’s so important to have a dedicated space, even if it’s the dining room table, to keep HW and studying consistent. Having a beautiful space like this makes it that much better. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a wonderful week. HUGS

  • My brother and I talk about this alot how now it seems like there’s no more casual sports for kids; it’s all super $$$, travel leagues, special one on one coaching, etc. I want my kids to be active and I think team or individual sports have a lot to offer. But not when it takes all the family time and money.

  • I love your channel. Since I watched the episode with mean comments from haters I fell in love with your channel more. I think you are such a lovely person, creative and talented. You are always so kind and warm that is a pleasure to watch you.
    You opened up in front of us and showed that it is not easy to be a YouTuber, that there are Youtubers as you… humble, kind regular, women like you and me with insecurities and sometimes shy… but you are just amazing, so natural and beautiful. I love your ideas and thank you for inviting us to your home and family…. stay who you are, never change…. we do see you and we do love you!��������������������
    5 minutes fame is not everything….

  • so they expect to sign up for sports but they don’t want to do games on saturday’s? literally every sports game i know are on saturdays

  • Can you give us ideas on what to do when you’re at home becuse of I’m an only child…i have 2 more days till online school and I really do wanna do something becuse all holiday long I did nothinggggg

  • Some recreational clubs take volunteer coaches and your kids can play for free. I volunteered for my nephews team and my sister didnt have to pay for soccer.

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  • I also have stomp rockets and mine can go up to 500 feet! And no that isnt just them trying to get you to buy it like seriously it goes REALLY high. I cant measure how high but its HIGH

  • I dont have children yet but to decide what activities my children should do, I will send them to several activities in the beginning such violin, piano, basketball, tennis, volleyball. After 3 months I will evaluate which classes they showed the most interest. I will cancel the rest of the activities and I will send my kids to the classes they showed the most interest.

  • I just want to say that bug that he has are awful they can multiply like crazy and thy can destroy gardens or a small tree oven night

  • a few years ago I used the blue bubble things in World Book Day and was Violet Beurageade from Charlie and the chocolate factory ��

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  • HowcastI won’t give up
    MeI trust you
    FansWe love you
    WorldWe are always with you
    UniverseOne of the most important part of me is you ��