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Kids and Instagram: A Parent’s Guide! | Binary Tattoo

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However, because it doesn’t ask for proof of age, younger children can easily sign up for an account (with or without a parent’s permission). If Instagram is notified of an underage account holder and can verify the user’s age, it will delete the account. This resource focuses on three things: how to manage privacy, interactions and time on Instagram. It also includes the basics of our app, and a description of our tools, plus a discussion guide for how parents and guardians can have an open conversation with their teens about Instagram.

Download the guide below for more informatio. A Letter From the Parents of Instagram. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a parent. We know from research that many parents have concerns about their teen’s safety online, and as parents who also work at Instagram, we want to address those concerns. It’s with our teens in mind that we go into work every day. The Parent’s Guide to Instagram.

Download Full Guide (PDF) Quick-Guide (PDF) Instagram is a social media app used by more than one billion people around the world to share photos, videos and messages. Whether it’s through Stories, Feed, Live, IGTV (an app from Instagram that lets users share longer videos) or Direct, teens use Instagram to. YOUR GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM.

Our Parent’s Guideincludes helpful resources for you and your teen. Safety Features. Discover features that can help your teen explore our app safely. Conversation Starters.

Ten questions to ask your teen to ensure they’re having a positive experience on Instagram. It’s not unusual for parents to be friends with their kids’ friends online (but you should hold back on comments). If you’re close with your kids’ friends, you can follow each other and keep tabs on your kid’s doings. Ask for your kid’s Instagram username and password.

A Parent’s Guide to Instagram: Manage Interactions 15 15 There is no place for bullying of any kind on Instagram and it’s against our policies to create an account, post photos, or make comments for the purpose of bullying or harassing someone else. A Parent’s Guide to Instagram A guide for parents about how Instagram works, the safety features available and how to talk to teens about safety on Instagram. The Parent’s Guide to Instagram (& How to Protect Your Kids on the Service) June 7, 2014 By Rae | Sometimes I take my knowledge of social media for granted. Because the truth is that while everyone under the age of 18 has never known the world without the internet or cell phones, most parents have a hard time keeping up.

My work requires me. — 5th February 2019 Instagram and Netsafe have partnered on A Parent’s Guide to Instagram: New Zealand Edition 2019. Although young people are often digitally savvy, they’re still developing.

They may need your guidance on appropriate online behaviours and how to.

List of related literature:

Mothers, expressed with concepts such as Instamom and Socialmom and presented themselves through motherhood identities on all social media platforms, Instagram in particular, are among the most popular phenomenon in the digital world.

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Further, we noticed that parents play an important role in the creation of content as one influencer describes (11, f): ‘Sometimes I forget making photos because I have other things on my mind, and then my mom says ‘Isn’t it time to post a photo on Instagram?’

“The Regulation of Social Media Influencers” by Catalina Goanta, Sofia Ranchordás
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They learned why walking can help them get fit and lose weight for free, why they should monitor their cholesterol, how to navigate dating if they have children, and how to get started on Instagram.

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If I want to be an informed parent, it requires my technology skills in social media to be ever improving.

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Instagram users form social networks since an Instagram account (user) can follow the activity of other Instagram accounts (users).

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As Meryl Alper explains, “Not only does Instagram make photos look better, but it also makes anyone’s photos look better.”17 Posting and sharing on Instagram can activate both a deep sense of envy and the fear of missing out (FOMO), which is the desire to stay continually connected to what others are doing.

“Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy” by Renee Hobbs
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So you might ask children to go outside, take as many photos as they want, and then pick three favorites (or even just one) to tell stories about.

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The Instagram “Help Centre” contains (2019) a “Privacy and Safety Centre”, in which users can find a wide variety of information and advice.

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How to Curate Content for Instagram.

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Some settings encourage children to create photograph books to take home and share with their families.

“The Excellence Of Play” by Moyles, Janet
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  • Parents who let there underage kids have instagram and stuff like that are an absolute idiot. Well I suppose it’s OK as long as that child only connects with people who they know.

  • Oh wait… I dont think I’m ever gonna post anything. I’m not a very interesting person. I’m not that kind of person that takes pictures every 20 minutes and takes pictures of my meals. Those people are wierd. My mom is that kind of person though

  • I use to have Instagram, SnapChat, and TikTok when I was 10. I had a problem with SnapChat and TikTok but nothing happened with Instagram. But my mom told me to delete them. I’m 12 now. I think I’m going to ask my mom for Instagram since it is Coronavirus and I’m going on Easter Break today. WISH ME LUCK!

  • This is what im gonna say..

    mom..soo.. i have an Instagram, and im asking youif i can keep it. I think im ready and responsible to have instagram.
    and i promise, i will only add people i know. You can monitor what i post and do. i have my dms off so i can’t chat with ANYONE except friends i know. i will not post anyth7ng without you’re permission. you can check my dms too. I only dmed ate yennj. Thats all. my friends they all have insta, and i feel left out. And i really want to have it…��

  • I became a member of IG but I never got to see that feed that let’s you view who you want to follow. Hmm. I was wondering all this time how to get access to it.

  • yall I don’t even want to say my age cause I’m way past the age limit and every time I ask they make me feel guilty and scream sand lecture me

  • I have been giving myself “crash courses” in a number of social media types. The two I don’t get, so far, seem counter-intuitive, are Flickr and Instagram. (As opposed to Facebook, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.)

  • I’ve been using ig long time, but today I run into weird occurs. The steps of adding photos dropped to 3/4 and even if I add a photo it doesn’t go up to 4/4 Its really bothering me, and Idk what to do about it. Would be silly to make a new account just to get rid of it.

  • Brooke I am really scared to ask my moms and I really want instagram because all my friends has it and I feel like I’m missing out on everything

  • I really want instagram I love that you can follow celebs and family members and friends I think it would be cool and it would be fun!!!!!

  • im 11 and my mom won’t let me have Insta until I’m 16 and I know the safety rules and I want to promote my yt channel and do some art on Insta too but can’t. I told my mom that I will have my account private and follow people I know and not give out private info but she still said no and I know not to go to adult content, not give out my number or anything like that! I think she doesn’t trust me after this musical.y problem I had a while back. I didn’t give out my number or anything like that but I did show my face and somehow without my permission musical.ly put my whole name on top of the screen which I didn’t know! when I singed up musical.ly must have put my name on there. my mom made me delete all my musical.lys and delete the app. but anyway how else do I get my mom to say yes?!

  • I am 11, I have a instagram account I only have it cause I wanna support few idols I like, I haven’t told my parents and uk asian parents get so so so mad if u didn’t tell them anything I am scared pls help me, I think I am gonna delete it, should I?

  • I have tictok,snapchat,and a yt channel,spotify,but not twitter Andy Instagram and all the others so I wanna have a insta bc for my yt channel I make roblox vids I wanna post roblox

  • I think my mom is afraid of what I would see. I am about to be 15 in a couple weeks and I have a YouTube channel that I want to grow with the help of social media. How am I supposed to branch out when people don’t know?

  • Haha I been asked she said imma think bout it o and she also said if I ask one more time she was going to say no and I had been 3 years now

  • Hi Binary! I just saw your video and I have a question. I’m a 11 year old girl and I used to have Instagram, but know I don’t, but my friends do, should I or there parents be worried? And yes, they also have Snapchat.

  • I’ve been asking my mom for Instagram since is was 11 I’m 12 now and she isn’t budging I’m actually so annoying bc all my friends have it and I have tik tok and stuff so I don’t see why she isn’t letting me have it it pisses me off

  • New user. My confusion is when a post says recipe in bio. I am lost from that step. I never find the information. Any suggestions which if your videos I need to watch?

  • I made an account recently but it’s monitored and regulated by my mom and she doesn’t allow me to have a public account or accept follow requests of strangers. Should I make a secret one? I need some real advice. Help!

  • I secretly have Instagram and every night I keep crying myself to sleep because I’m not sure if I want to tell them or not about it. I really hate hiding stuff from my parents but I’m worried that their reaction are gonna be messed up…

  • Iam 10 and i dont have insta i wish i could have one one day i maked a instq account and my dad saw tgen get mad at me so i deleted it and now its 2020 and iam scared to ask them my brother haves one but i wanted iphone for birthday and i didnt get one i have snapchat and tiktok but i dont have tiktok account i wish i could have one iam the biggest in my class even with ages and all of them have insta iam only one who dont have… I would like to ask but iam scared ��������

  • im following just over 1600 ppl and i can still follow 5,900 ppl cuz instgram has a limit of 7,500 ppl for u to folloe. the app is goooood.

  • I have some tips!

    1. This one is quiet important, ask them when they are in a good mood.
    2. Start a convo bout something else, then lead the convo to social media.
    3. Don’t beg for it.
    4. If you have a older cousin/sibling, ask your parents if you could go through the privacy setting with any older cousin/siblings.
    5. Oh also be over the age for it!
    I hope any of these tips helped, I’m sorry if it didn’t:(
    But that’s all I had.

  • My mom said I could have an account but, I can’t show my face, if that makes sense, what I mean by that is, I would post pics of like flowers, trees and stuff like that and I could nane it public, my other option was, I could have an account and show my face but it would have to be private. Btw, this is an idea if your parents won’t let you have it, lol and in my opinion, I think it’s a little safer.

  • I’m 16 almost 17 and I really want one but I know nothing about it so I dont know how to exactly convince my parents to let me have one. I just want to feel like I’m not 100% sheltered and then welcome to the real world and know nothing. I feel like I’m old enough to have the responsibility and if rules are set I will follow the stinking rules. I just want to feel not so excluded, all my friends have social media and its awkward when I’m the only one who doesnt. And when you keep getting asked it makes me feel worse.

  • All my classmates have social media. My mom has a time limit and I have to earn my screen time… She won’t let me get any social media. She says she’ll still do all this strict stuff till I move out…

  • BRO THANK YOU SO MUCH! At first he was hesitating but then I brought up some good points from all resources like this.. and he said as soon as this whole corona virus thing is over.. I can get both insta and snap (when I get my new phone which will be after this whole dilemma) so thx a lot god bless u! I’ve been wanting it for a long time but this time I had a feeling that he would say yes and that’s what happened! So thx again sry if I’m hyped up but it’s a first impression so ye

  • I’m ten and in November 13th I’m going to turn 11 but I will not show my face, my personal information, and my door number. And phone number.

  • If you are a good parent you wouldn’t let your fucking kids have an instagram account you stuck up self absorbed stupid little bitch.

  • Ive been trying since i was 12 im 15 now hahhaha she still won’t let me and i’ve mentioned the things you have mentioned and it’s still a now ��

  • I’ve been trying to convince my mom to let me have instagram for a while now. all of my friends have it, and i explained to her all of the safety settings and privacy things you can use. she keeps telling me no, and she won’t let me have it until i’m 18. but i’m just curious why age matters so much, i’m not immature and i know better than to talk to strangers and to look at bad things. then again, this is also the same lady that doesn’t even let me have google so ��

  • Im so scared to ask them just please please tell me how to ask them even tho you are so scared im sad if they say no or be angry to me even tho my mom is not strict but my dad is strict please just help me��

  • So Basically, My Dad Lets Me, But My Mom doesn’t Let me Which is Sad, Cause I wanna See what my friends are up to and al, I’m more Scared of my mom then my dad. O-O

  • You know what my parents didn’t let me use instragram but now that I have my mom’s phone IAM going to learn how to use it �� and hide the app and ��IAM not going to tell my parents that I use instragram����������������

  • I need to learn how to activate a link inside the bio of pages i am following. Recipes links are listed but when i view link it is not a live link and I CANNOT COPY.

  • If you need help recovering a disabled Instagram account, you can reach out to @webrill01 on Instagram. He recovered my business account.

  • Back in 2010, I was 12 years old and I really wanted a Facebook account.
    My mom didn’t let me get one but I got it anyway.

    I honestly wish I never got social media, especially as a teenager. It feels like you’re missing out because everyone is talking about it but social media can make you extremely insecure and it is really addictive.

    Try stay off social media as long as possible, or never join if you can. Just use your phone number instead to keep in contact with people.

    You don’t realise it till you’re 20 but the days without social media were way better and more enjoyable.

    I hope this message reaches someone ��

  • Great info for the newbie, but sometimes he skipped over something so quickly that I lost what he was saying and had to go back. It was not always obvious when he said do this here, where here was.

  • I have Instagram, but my mom delete it, Cuz I didn’t ask permission to Download it. This time, I’ll ask permission to have Instagram. I’m only 14 years old and in high school: 9th grade.

  • The girl in the profile picture is my mom and she is very OVERPROTECTIVE.im only 9 so I know why but I want to be famous online apps like youtube,tik tok,Instagram.I just want to be famous but my moms like NO NO NO and it’s just annoying ��

  • You literally skipped the part I was looking for which is using the +sign in center bottom and how to Share a picture..where it goes, how long it stays, where does it show on my home page… Geez! Thanks for nothing pal.

  • Am I the only person who notices that this isn’t quite up to date? My IG is different. I don’t have the option to add a story and several others…. help?

  • If your parents are worried about you spending too much time on your phone if you have an Instagram, try and lower the amount of time you spend on your phone and make sure your parents notice this

  • Hi there, correct me if I am wrong, does instagram only work on mobile, or can it be used on desktop pc or laptop as well. Please reply asap. Many thanks

  • I only asked for Instagram for my birthday but my mom said no!!!! But my dad said yes!! My mom even has insta. So what’s wrong with me having it!!!!!!

  • I do not have an iphone. I have a You Tube channel on my lap top and have bought a tablet to use for instagram. When setting up an account on instagram, how can i get my You Tube icon (that is on my laptop) onto my tablet to use as my profile picture?

  • If you want to find a decent service that sells Instagram likes, make sure to check reviews. I am a fan of likigram.com, they have 4.0 on Trustpilot, and I haven’t seen similar website with higher rate. ������

  • i’ve been asking for so long, i can’t even count that… but they made a deal that if i do better at my studies than last year then i get to have an account but tbh i don’t think i’ll end up getting it… i read about how to ask for a new phone online, and it worked, so i’m really hoping this works. (it’s mostly a final resort for me��)

  • Binary; this was so helpful! I’m not allowed to have any social media, (proud of it!!!) because of every concern you listen and more. This video also helped me write a school paper on why kids under 13 should not have social media.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! very informative-quick-sharp-not one second was a waste for me. I’m sure I’ll be back to learn more. Like ur style of teaching.

  • my mom said idk yet but im getting somewher bc my instagram account is going to be for my youtube website and im going to be using it bc im writing books

  • I was 11 my parent have Instagram and my mom say yes,be careful. My dad create my account.

    I know Instagram is not for children it’s can be hack.

    My acc didnt be hack in 2 year…
    Now I’m 13

  • People are saying they feel old having to watch this but how can anyone know everything? We read directions on how to put a shelf together…so it’s no big thing!✌❤��

  • i’m kinda scared to ask my parents for instagram, idk why because i already have an app called tik tok it’s like instagram but u post videos and when i asked them for tik tok they said yes without thinking or something, but i’m still scared to ask them��do you think 11 yo is too young for insta?

  • You need to tell us what iPhone you are using. Every phone does not have the same features. I had to stop rewind. Check out my phone. I know it’s a synopsis but you talked too fast.

  • Tbh parents worry more about the daughter and less about the son when it comes to social media. I mean think about it. Seriously. More harm for girls out there than boys? I guess that’s why if your a girl its harder for your parents to let you have social media oof

  • This was amazing. I am glad I found someone who is actually showing step by step and not speaking fast. I will be watching all your other videos. Thank you!

  • Instagram blocked my account or something, nothing loads, but i have a backup account, and that one does load…i believe my account got reported too much and it’s down at the moment and hopefully not for ever.

  • I’m 11 and all my family and friends have insta my mom wont let me have it she says it’s as bad as facebook but ITS 13+ IN THE APP STORE AND TWITTER IS RATED 17+ I’m trying tell her I will follow only people that I’m following I doubt she knows the updates AND she said I’ll see bad stuff on there BUT I really want to seee cutie pun pun and all the celebs and she wont let meh TToTT

  • If you don’t feel like the methods are working for gaining followers just post you username in the videos and people will most likely do it

  • HAHA! I am a grandparent! I do need this video. I’m going to subscribe and check out more about how to use this as a business tool. Thanks!