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For many parents, adding a teenage driver to the family insurance policy and handing over the car keys is a proud but scary moment. They know too well that teens have the highest crash rate of. What Every Parent Should Know About Teen Drivers And Car Insurance.

If a teen driver does not chip in for insurance, the parents may wind up paying a large amount of money to add the teen. Car insurance for teens can be confusing but a reputable insurance agent can help. (Nejron Photo/Shutterstock) As the time has approached for our son to learn to drive, I have grown more confident in his ability to learn safe driving skills because I know. Below is the rundown of some important facts you should know about young adults’ coverage under their parents’ car insurance. Teens Are NOT “Obviously” Covered.

Generally, insurance companies are known to extend coverage to car accidents caused by teen drivers not added to their parents’ insurance. Whether you’re a teen who has never driven and insured a car before, or the parent of a teen who is just planning to drive for the first time, there is much to know about purchasing auto insurance for teen or. Establishing a separate insurance policy for teen drivers has two big benefits — one for the parents and one for the new teen driver. Check it out: Check it out: You’ll protect your healthy car insurance premiums from the possibility of a surcharge caused by your teen. Experts often tell you to buy as much car insurance as you can afford.

That’s probably not helpful unless you know the basics on how auto insurance works and which coverages you can’t skimp on. Here are the 8 main things you must know. Add Your Teen to Your Insurance.

It is usually less expensive to add your teen to your policy than for them to get their own. Age is one of the main variables used to determine insurance rates. Teens.

Based on that assumption, it is easy for parents to believe there are limited options when it comes to insuring their young driver. That is why we have compiled a list of the top four things parents should know (but often don’t) about car insurance for teens. Adding Your Teen. A teenager doesn’t have to own a car in order to get separate car insurance from his parents. Typically, a teen becomes eligible for his own policy the moment he receives a driver’s license and operates a vehicle.

However, just because a teen can get his own policy doesn’t mean he should.

List of related literature:

Parents may favor criteria such as insurance costs (the additional cost for insuring a teenage driver) in addition to accident, death, and driving­while­intoxicated rates.

“Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning Pearson eText” by Carl Patton, David Sawicki, Jennifer Clark
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These policies list each authorized driver, and premium costs for families with young drivers are high, because young drivers get into more accidents than experienced drivers.

“Financial Literacy for Millennials: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Financial Life for Teens, College Students, and Young Adults: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Financial Life for Teens, College Students, and Young Adults” by Andrew O. Smith CFO
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Insurers charge higher rates for teens because age and experience are strong factors in claims.

“Personal Finance” by Vickie L. Bajtelsmit
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Here’s a sample conversation between Mom and teen on car insurance.

“Parenting Teens with Love and Logic: Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood” by Jim Fay, Foster Cline
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Younger Drivers, Part 1: Insuring younger drivers can push up the cost of insurance substantially.

“KILL BILLS!: The 9 Insider Tricks You'll Need to Win the War on Household Bills” by Joel Gibson
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If it’s a teen, perhaps the cost of insurance is foremost on their minds — if the safety features of a particular model lend to receiving better insurance rates, you may want to bring that up.

“Sales Closing For Dummies” by Tom Hopkins
from Sales Closing For Dummies
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Car insurance premiums for young drivers are consequently skyhigh (£6,000 as an average premium for a 17 year old).

“Financial Services Marketing: An International Guide to Principles and Practice” by Christine Ennew, Nigel Waite, Roisin Waite
from Financial Services Marketing: An International Guide to Principles and Practice
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However, a typical teen who lives with their parents may not need to purchase any additional insurance unless he or she purchases a car.

“The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers and College Students” by Tamsen Butler
from The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers and College Students
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■ Require insurance plans to cover young adults (under the age of 26) on parents’ policies.

“Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives E-Book” by Cheryl Jones, Steven A. Finkler, Christine T. Kovner, Jason Mose
from Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives E-Book
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Car insurance premiums for young drivers are consequently sky-high (£6000 as an average premium for a seventeen year old) Careful drivers were essentially funding the irresponsible.

“Financial Services Marketing: An International Guide to Principles and Practice” by Christine Ennew, Nigel Waite, Roisin Waite
from Financial Services Marketing: An International Guide to Principles and Practice
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  • I live in California and will be getting my permit next year. My grades are perfect. Quick question, will having a 4.0 gpa get me more discounts than a 3.0 student? And what do you think my monthly cost will be and the best insurance company? Also, I want a Toyota 86 as my first car so will it increase my monthly payment? Thanks.

  • Hi Mark! Me and my family just moved to the US (Orlando, FL) and bought two cars, which we insured immediately, after doing some shopping, since rates were enormous at first. Now my son (15) and my daughter (17) are getting their FL driving permits and want to drive. We contacted our current insurance co. and let me just say that they are out of their mind. What can I do??

  • As long as the vehicle is insured anyone with a valid driver’s license can drive it. There is no need to add teen drivers to your insurance, it’s a scam from the insurance companies to steal your hard earned money.

  • Hello! I’m getting a 2003 lancer evo, but I’m only 20.. so insurance is crazy on it. I was wondering what my best options would be or a recommended company. I think my best bet would just insure it for half a year and store it during the winter. I live in Minnesota by the way. Thanks!

  • Hi Mark, I wanted to let you know how helpful this video was, and it is a really good introduction to the world of insurance. However, I have a few questions. I am 16, and going to get my license really soon, and my situation is a bit different than others. I live in Madison, Wi by the way. However, my parents are divorced, and I live with my dad in a town some 35 miles from Madison, but I live with my mom in Madison. My dad bought me a car, a Ford Focus 2007 and I am going to use it to drive to school mostly. Consequently, most of the time I live with my mom, so I don’t need to drive to much, but on the days when I am with my dad, I will have to take longer drives. I am able to apply for the good grade and driver’s ed course discount, but insurance being insurance, and my parents money situation not being super flexible, what are other methods of discounting?
    Also, my mom has Progressive insurance, and my dad has Allstate. Would it be best to apply myself with either of those, or … find a different company (like Erie, which is supposedly one of the cheapest in the Midwest, but it is still pretty pricey at around $198 a month) and talk with their agent and try to communicate a good deal.
    Thank you for your time, and thank you for helping people like me,

  • I don’t get how this ended with The mother charged for killing her psycho husband that Was trying to kill her and problably The kids too… she just saved herself and her daughters! If It was on purpuse or not, It shouldn’t matter. And who Was The officer driving there? Peter Griffin? That would explain how It took so long for The police to arrive there

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  • Hello….I have an 18 yr old. Who is driving his own car and the car is covered under my insurance but not him. I’m ready to add him on. Which insurance you recommend? I live in Phoenix AZ

  • YES GLAD CHARGES WERE DROPPED abusive partners really need to wake up and realise the problem is not the people thier abusing its THEM. They do not own the family that’s being tortured. Its crazy that abusive partners are in a constant mission to control everything around them because they’re losing complete control of themselves, that’s why it’s progressive and gets worse and worse as the more they loose control of themselves the worse the outside control and abuse becomes and it always ends horrifically most times with the death of the person being abused so I’m sorry but I’m glad this time it was the other way round.

  • i hope you see this.. i live in Iowa. i am turning 16 in one week. i got a careless driving ticket and a ticket for being off my route on April 24. my parents dropped my insurance and i will be suspended for 6 months. i want to buy an 09 Chevy Silverado when November or December hits. what do you think would be best for my insurance when i do get that? i am a good driver but i just made a dumb choice and i would like to see what you have to say on what would be best for me

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  • I’m in Colorado and getting my license within the week. Just turned 25 and have had a permit for 2 years. I have also done a few lessons with a driving school bit not the entire course. I will also take my behind the wheel test at the school. What would you recommend with decent coverage and potentially lower rates.

  • Hey I’m 18 years old in North Carolina and I just got my learners permit and I wanna get my drivers license and I’m driving my mothers van at the moment what do you recommend I do as far as insurance goes?

  • Hi. We insure one car currently, and just bought another that we need to also insure. We have a teenage son who turns 17 in October, is about to get his learners permit next week (week of Sep 3). Need your opinion on what we should be doing here… 1) Find another insurance provider for 2nd car, and add my son there only, so that the current first car insurance doesn’t go up? 2) Stick with current insurance provider for 2nd car and add him to 2nd car there? 3) Which insurance companies in PA are good for teen drivers? 4) Other tips? We are currently with Progressive, with whom we have very good rates for our current (first) car. Thanks much!

  • My mother has custody of my 16 year old niece they do I have a vehicle for her to drive she will be learning how to drive-in my truck which is an older paid off truck. I’m her uncle we live in Ohio whats my best options

  • What’s the cheapest auto insurance for 17 year old(Washington state)?? Can my uncle add me to his auto insurance even though he doesn’t live with me????

  • If I’m 16 (wanting to get my license but my dad says I can’t without insurance!) and a female, how much would insurance be on my parents policy with Safeco? Or do you have a better recommendation? I’m in MS!

  • This is just an advertisement for cops being too slow. There shouldn’t have been any charges laid. There should be a new law, if the police are too slow they are also to blame.

  • Hi Mark, great info. 2 Teens 15 and 17 with a restricted and full license respectively. Just got them this past week. We live in Kansas both are great students (discount) and have had paid driver’s ed courses, if that helps. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  • Hi Mark, thank you for your videos… my son is 16 and we received an outrageous quote for him to be on our policy. Esp if we buy a third car. With two cars and him as an occasional driver, it is still over two hundred a month Any suggestions for the Phoenix, AZ area? Thank you.

  • I’m 17 will be 18 in May how much would you think my insurance would be on a 5.0 Mustang 2017 I live in California and what companies do you recommend?

  • Hey man im 17 and in ny and planning for a mercedes c300 under my parents policy (statefarm) what type of increase would u expect?

  • I’m 18 and get my license at the end of the month and thinking about getting a 2020 Hyundai Elantra GT n line what would you recommend?

  • Great video thank you for all you do was wondering my son is 20 years old and has had his license for one year is the year about leasing or purchasing a brand new 2019 Chevy suburban what do you think the insurance cost will be for this vehicle and is this a good vehicle for a new driver we are located in Massachusetts I am legally blind so don’t currently drive more having insurance company only have insurance company for my home in business. Look forward to hearing any input or advice or recommendations thank you again

  • Hi Mark, sorry I have another question. You mentioned having liability-only insurance with the child only and being a non-owner of the vehicle. Are there any possibilities to have liability-only when I own the vehicle and also would that be combined with my parents insurance or my own insurance with another company. Again, thank you for your time,

  • My 19 year old son got his drivers license last month. He will be attending a local college in Fall 2020. My husband has a commercial drivers license and I have a regular license. We are age 55, 52 and 19 Houston TX.

  • im a high school student and im going to be 18 soon and i want to get a dodge charger r/t or an sxt 2014 what would be the cost of the insurance in the state of florida? and what would be the cheapest insurance company for a teenager?

  • It’s true she was a teacher at my old elementary school. I remember sitting at my desk when we heard the news on the loud speak that day.

  • Hey I’m 16 and I’m looking towards getting a used car how do I get insurance for myself considering the fact that no one in my family drives? Is there even a way I could do that? Or should I go ask someone that works for an insurance company in person like set up an appointment or something?

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  • Daughter lives with Dad, she us 16. Dad has dui and speeding ticket on record. He wants her to get her own coverage because of his driving record. This is in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Who would you recommend? She is also a good grade student, needs her car for school and work. She will be 17 the end if September 2019.

  • Hello I will have my license in just a few days I’m 16.. but big question I live with my grandma and she is not my legal guardian as of now would I still be able to be listed as a driver of her vehicle? I live in Cincinnati Ohio’

  • When she said “GET OFF MY MOM” that felt so powerful and amazing like she’s TWELVE and she said that to her FATHER. a little legend

  • I’m getting my license in a month when i turn 16. im female. and i’m looking to buy a 2006 Ford Mustang V6. what do you recommend?

  • Im 18, first time driver and buyer of a vehicle. Im in florida and so far ive gotten rates of over 600 bucks a months. Whats the best route to get to a reasonable rate? Also if I go under parent/guardian’s policy, can I pay my portion of the bill on my own or just pay them the difference via a personal agreement?

  • We are located in KY. They are asking us double the cost of our insurance to add our 17 yr old daughter. Can you give us recommendations for Ky?

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  • HELP! have twin girls 19 years old each have a car paying a lot on insurance we have ALLSTATE now any recommendations we live in Louisiana HELP! thank you

  • Yeah, when you emergency services it feels to calm and collected for what’s going on, like your mind is going at a thousand miles per hour and even questions that make sense for them to ask feel like they don’t understand, but like they do a good job, I really respect that, and they do need to ask questions that seem obvious.

  • I live in N.J. like your video my spouse and i are great drivers and clean license but i have a 21 yrs old with couple of accidents and 2 points on her license. i would like to know which insurance company would be cheaper my actual bill is $600 monthly.

  • Thank you justice system, finally they did something right. Letting the woman go from this horrible man. And letting her live a normal life

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  • I’m looking for a better insurance company. I’m not sure how much insurance I need for my daughter. Currently she’s under my insurance (Horace Mann for educators) full coverage on her 2012 Beetle 2 door hatch back. She drives 10 miles one way to school 2 days a week to college and about a 5 mile radius on weekends. I still owe 8k on her car. My coverage for her right now is 100/300/100. I’m paying 166.00 a month (at least that’s what I was told yesterday by HM) How much coverage does she need? Can you recommend any companies in Sacramento Ca 95843? Thanks so much

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  • This is a great topic to cover and well-timed as some teens take Driver’s Education courses in the summer. Good tips to save money.

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  • Need advice, I have a 15 and 17 yr old just getting their permits. one is an honor student the other isn’t. We are Kansas City Mo residents. I have a 15 passenger van that they will be driving sometimes but my other has a car they like to drive and is smaller. But she has different insurance than I do. I have none but I will be getting some so the kids can drive. My mother doesn’t want to add them on her insurance and mine too. That would be too much to pay. So how to I ensure the kids on both vehicles? FYI both the kids will be working this summer. They are already hired on.

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  • I’m 18 from Pennsylvania I’m looking to get a 2019 Kia Rio S what would you suggest for my scenario? Geico is offering me $433 a month

  • Hey man I’ve been driving for 7 months I’m 16 and my car broke. I wanted to drive a 5600 dollar car. What would be my insurance every month.

  • Hi I’m an 18 year old female, has been driving for almost 2yrs no ticket no accident, and is driving a 2006 Toyota Camry. However, since my brother, who’s turning 16 this year and is about to get his permit, going to drive soon, I’m giving him my car and planning to buy another used car (2016 or up Toyota RAV4). How would the quote be? p/s: I’m on progressive right now

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  • Hey I am 19 years old and just came up from India as an immigrant.I have got a learners permit last week.I live in Oldsmar,FL with my uncle who as some assets.So what do you suggest should I be added to my uncle’s insurance or should a get a new one?

  • We live in Stuart, Florida my husbands niece is 18 about to get her driver license and lives her grandparents. They don’t drive so she will have to get her own insurance. How much do you think it will be and she is getting a used car that she is going to pay 1,500. What type of coverage should she get and she is in college.

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  • Mark: Hi! Appreciate the video. I do have question, we live in Houston TX. If I have a teenager (16 yrs old good student) who will be exclusively allowed to use only one vehicle, would it be better if I get a separate insurance for his car with only he and I on it? The two other vehicles (mine and my wife), I plan to insure on a separate policy with a different company. Those same three cars are with Geico right now and they want to jack up the rate by 1,000/six month just to add him. Any suggestions if that’s a good approach and any suggestions on company to check? Thanks!

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  • This video is hands down the best video I have seen when it comes to tips on insurance discounts. I am currently 15 years old, and I am going to be getting my permit in about a month. I am in CT right now, and if a driver takes an advanced driving course, they can get there license 6 months after they have gotten there permit. So I will most likely have my permit in January of this year, and I will most likely be driving a 2008 Volvo XC70 with about 170,000 miles on it. I have a gpa above 3.0 also. Do you have any recommendations as to what insurance I should go with? I believe my parents are on all state. Thanks

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  • Hi I’m a boy from NJ gonna be turning 17 this November and I might not be able to be under my parents insurance, I’m planning to lease a 19 Honda Civic. Si or buy a used 2012 c300. What insurance would be best for me and how much would I pay?


  • Hey, I’m a 17 year old female in Nebraska with a 2018 Honda Accord sport and I’m getting my license in August. How much do you think it would cost and which insurance company do you recommend?

  • I live in Maryland and I’m 18 years old. I currently drive a 2007 Subaru Legacy 2.5L SE. I’m going to go away to college and it’s more than 100 miles, with “good” grades. What companies do you recommend and should I stick to my parents’ insurance plan since they have a great record and are married? Thank you!

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  • My son just got his permit, so this if VERY helpful, Mark!

    Question: I only have my son every other weekend (2 weekends a month), if my son is on his mom’s insurance, does he still need to be on my insurance to drive with me?

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