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Conversations to avoid with young adult kids There are some topics that parents of young adult kids are better off avoiding unless the young adult kids bring them up first. Respecting privacy and reserving judgement are two skills needed as kids grow into adulthood. Tell it like it is sometimes! Most of the time, grandparents should use the opposite approach when communicating with adult children. The best way to bridge the generation gap is to use tact and to defer to the parent’s right to make child-rearing decisions.

Here are seven guidelines for communicating with your adult childre. When your children are young, there are all kinds of resources at your fingertips to help you communicate with them. Countless magazines and Web sites are devoted, at least in part, to the art of talking to your kids how to teach them responsibility, how to help them express their feelings, how to get them to eat vegetables.

You also might spend a lot of time on the playground swapping war. When your young-adult kids have serious adult-sized problems, the kind that can derail a healthy and productive life, your heart may break, but your child’s choices don’t have to break you. Your child’s regrettable decisions do not make you a bad parent. Even good parents have children. Stop Enabling Your Addicted Adult Child Tough love is a hard, but a valuable language to learn.

Posted Nov 25, 2014. As a psychologist working with children and teens for over 30 years, I have counseled many troubled, overly dependent adult children. It is heart-wrenching to see these young adults in a. The words that follow either of those two don’t matter as the walls have gone up and the mind has shut down in your child. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..

Philippians 4:13. Although unsolicited advice and money are probably the top two issues that cause conflict with parents and their adult kids, there are a few more things to keep in mind when parenting adult children. Don’t interfere with your child’s life unless asked.

When parents and other adults become more of a “partner” and less of a “boss” during conversations, children enjoy communicating with parents and stay interacting longer. Comment and wait. When you make a comment, express what you think and see, without demanding a particular response from your child. @Chrys I don’t read this as encouraging the child to intrude on conversations that is not relevant, but more that if you are having a conversation and the child offers a opinion treat the child as you would an adult.

The nosy neighbor will be gently rebuffed, but I agree with mxyzplk that treat children as persons.

List of related literature:

Questions such as “Have you any children?” complicate making new acquaintances.

“How We Grieve: Relearning the World” by Thomas Attig
from How We Grieve: Relearning the World
by Thomas Attig
Oxford University Press, 1996

By the time children are four or five, they’re already suspicious of the open-ended questions parents use when they’re fishing for intel, for instance, “What did you do today?” or “How was lunch?”

“The Blessing Of A Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children” by Wendy Mogel
from The Blessing Of A Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children
by Wendy Mogel
Scribner, 2008

Without hovering, ask them questions about themselves (kids love talking about themselves).

“Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Devotional: 52 Devotions Every Father Needs” by Meg Meeker
from Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Devotional: 52 Devotions Every Father Needs
by Meg Meeker
Salem Books, 2016

16 There is no such thing as conversation.

“Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations” by Elizabeth Knowles
from Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations
by Elizabeth Knowles
OUP Oxford, 2007
from an early age, talk to your daughter about deep subjects and keep the conversations going as she gets older.

“Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture: 11 Steps to Keep Her Happy, Healthy, and Safe” by Meg Meeker
from Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture: 11 Steps to Keep Her Happy, Healthy, and Safe
by Meg Meeker
Regnery Publishing, 2019

If they’re talking about unfamiliar topics, this isn’t a conversation your teen or young adult should join because he or she will slow it down, making it frustrating and boring for the group.

“The Science of Making Friends, (w/DVD): Helping Socially Challenged Teens and Young Adults” by Elizabeth Laugeson, John Elder Robison
from The Science of Making Friends, (w/DVD): Helping Socially Challenged Teens and Young Adults
by Elizabeth Laugeson, John Elder Robison
Wiley, 2013

We talk about the questions a bit, and I ask the children to think about which ones seem the most intriguing: “Which one would you most like to talk about with someone else?”

“Reading with Meaning: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades” by Debbie Miller, ELLIN OLIVER. KEENE
from Reading with Meaning: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades
by Debbie Miller, ELLIN OLIVER. KEENE
Stenhouse Publishers, 2002

Introduce this session to the children by explaining that they will be learning some new conversation skills that will help them to better initiate conversations with each other, as well as with other children and adults.

“Short-Term Play Therapy for Children, Second Edition” by Heidi Gerard Kaduson, Charles E. Schaefer
from Short-Term Play Therapy for Children, Second Edition
by Heidi Gerard Kaduson, Charles E. Schaefer
Guilford Publications, 2006

The conversation lasted twenty-eight turns, and contained five children’s questions.

“The Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood” by Susan Engel
from The Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood
by Susan Engel
Harvard University Press, 2015

As I got older, I developed categories of conversation and within those categories I had rules about what’s appropriate to talk about and what’s not, what interests people generally and what will turn them off from the start.

“The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships” by Temple Grandin, Sean Barron, Veronica Zysk
from The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships
by Temple Grandin, Sean Barron, Veronica Zysk
Future Horizons, 2005

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  • Actually baby talk or child directed speech can help babies learn language. Might be hard as someone who doesn’t know the kid to know what level/kind of cds is appropriate though. I’ve mostly heard about cds from caregivers though, can imagine it’s not really effective if you don’t know the infant. And ofcourse for older children it’s not a good idea.

  • Yes alright, we can learn from a child..
    I agree that the children are amazing..many lessons that can we take from them..
    The most one is about “patient”

  • Haha I liked it
    You’re just saying what is happening to me, there are no one to speak with me, NO ONE. I live in Brazil and it’s difficult to find someone that know English to practice

  • Hi Mohamed, My names ziad from egypt I’m eight years old, you’re handsome boy and you speak English very good, I’m proud of you

  • Has anyone noticed that either Hank or Rachel are hanging in the Hang in There poster in the background and when they’re both in the episode no one is in the poster?

  • The whole “oh, their immune systems are so weak” hypochondria is BS and the reason why serious allergies are on the rise. Maybe HTA should pass their scripts by their colleague from Healthcare Triage Dr. Aaron.

  • we’ve got a group on whatsapp to practice English and discuss diffrent issues the group is not for beginners only intermediate level

  • نفسي أنهم يسلموا علشان يعرفوا أن في الجنة الكل سيكون بعمر واحد ❤
    وانهم حيكونوا كلهم شباب لأن الجنة لا يدخلوها إلا وهم في سن الشباب وبابهى وباجمل صورة

  • I really like english languege and i allways talk about somethings with my self and that’s funny…. And i really want to learn english and i try to learn but i think english languge is too diffecult

  • It’d be awesome if you could share role plays or example conversations a nanny who’s new to the US could use to start a conversation with a child in the US (maybe between the ages of 6-13). The setting is mostly for tutoring or teaching children in small groups. Thank you!

  • I wish i had the chance to talk to someone younger now. Id probably say life hits you hard mate, keep on going. Some days it will feel like the entire world is against you, and some days it will feel like an achievement to just et out of bed. Whoever needs to hear it, keep going. I love you and you can do it, believe in yourself.

  • I don’t think that kids in Vietnam want to talk at all. they always hold the phone on their hands and don’t want anything interrupt:v

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  • I’m here because i love babies and kids but idk how to take care of them (im still a teen) while most of my friends prolly think im crazy cuz they don’t like kids lmao

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to discover toddlers and tantrums try Panlarko Teaching Toddlers Planner ( search on google )? Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.

  • Thanks so much for this video! I‘m having my Au Pair interview with a lovely host family for the second time tomorrow and I‘m going to skype with their kids. They are two years old and I felt so helpless because I didn‘t know how to talk to them for the first time. Especially when it‘s over Skype. I think with this video I‘m feeling prepared! ����

  • Hank here is such a surprise to me.. I have watched a couple of biology tutorial videos on crash course and I never thought I would see him in such vids.. Cool☺️

  • Today my niece talk to me in English on phone. I somehow managed and cut the call after sometime.
    He is just in 4th class and and I’m in class 12.It was super awkward for me to talk in English with family members.Whole my life i only talk in regional language (not even national language) with my family.. But now the world is globalizing. Some country managed to maintain their own language like china, japan, Russia. But not my country. I don’t know I should happy about it or not.

  • Hey!
    I just posted a new video about my challenge to be fluently in english in 3 months
    Check this out, and help me with tips to improve my english <3

  • Hello. I have put subtitle in Persian language for your video. it seems that it needs your verification to be seen. It would be great if you verify it.

  • At work, I needed to get the attention of a 4-year-old girl that was running around in the store, and all I could think of to say to her was, “ma’am, um ma’am, excuse me ma’am.” XD Which is a bit strange, but I felt too weird about calling her “sweetie” or something cutsie like that, cause it felt creepy and I also would not call her by that if she was an adult. Was there anything less dumb to call her?

  • I’m going to be interacting with kids from middle school and high school and relating to them on some level may be a different conversation. Is there a video from Chelsea on this?

  • That was fine but her exaggerated excitement interactions would be pretense and condescension. I hate that. Going back to her comment about not talking down to a kid, there is no reason to talk to a kid differently than anybody else. If it’s good then it’s good, if it’s bad then it’s bad. I hate pretense.
    Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  • I honestly didn’t know that other people have this same problem of not knowing how to talk to children. I thought it just came natural to other people. Good tips.

  • Speaking to young kids is hard and frightening. If I’m walking somewhere and see a child coming towards me, I’ll normally turn around and quickly go the opposite way.

  • The problem is when we are young we want to grow fast and when we are grown we wish to be young again.
    We are not satisfied with what we have but want something we don’t.
    Learn to accept, not to expect,
    Because expectation lead to disappointment
    And when we understand the importance of that time it’s too late…

  • perfect, I really like your method for teaching English and that is the most interessting way to explain the issue very simply, thank you very much,,,,,,

  • Thank you for this video. It helped me a lot with my nervous feelings about meeting my siblings foster children. I have always been pretty good with kids and this video reinforced for me that I already know and do the basics right while offering some more nuanced perspective.

  • I treat my 12-year-old brother and his friend like I do to adults. But why are they so mean?
    They probably don’t know any better.
    …………Actually I think they do. Maybe I should put my foot down like I would to a mean adult.

  • Hey Miss Ceema you r looking fab. I have seen u 2yrs ago… on YouTube. Bug these days u r killing. Love u keep teaching us. God bless u

  • What I think of being young is not having information in our brain
    It’s like empty hard disk that can be filled with endless possibilities
    But when we grew up, we make our own believes, fears, choices and due to experience, we feel lot of things repetitive…

  • Baby talk thing is so true. I coo at babies, sure. It’s hard not to. �� But I have vivid memories of how much I hated being talked down to by adults when I was a child. My parents didn’t!

  • “If they want to talk about princesses, talk about princesses.” OK but what if I really don’t want to have a conversation on a topic about which I know nothing, or a topic for which I have no interest? What if my niece’s passion for Disney princesses makes me very uncomfortable? One time, I told her, “You know, you don’t have to wait for prince charming.” Somehow she took that to mean that he would never ever come. I’m very bad at this…

  • This is why I’ve stayed in my severely underpaid job for so long. Yesterday I built a rocketship for dinosaurs, played Mario Kart, and had a discussion about why different balls are used for different games.
    Working as a Play Specialist means I get to just hang out and be silly all day long.

  • Dear Parents,

    You hear the word “quarantine”
    and automatically hear the long list of things we’re not allowed to do these
    days. But perhaps you should think of all the opportunities this slower
    lifestyle offers. As parents, instead of sitting around worrying about
    coronavirus or feeling lonely, use your downtime to learn new skills to teach
    your KIDS to speak and read in an early age, come on!!!

    For more information, visit the links
    below, Good Luck!!!




  • Nowadays, not all kids are able to speak well even in their own language. Otherwise, Mohamed’s English is brilliant. Ronnie, your advice may be useful if I travel to an English-speaking country, which is quite expensive, but where can I find an English-speaking child in my country?

  • Really refreshing video with wonderful advice that couldn’t have come at a better time! I was just admitting my worries with my ld partner at how I’m no good with people around 16 and under (don’t know what to do/say with them) and the prospect of meeting her close family most of whom have kids that are below that age and three of whom she sees/looks after on a daily basis was quite terrifying. I’ll try and remember these tips when I go!

  • I realized I didn’t know how to interact with babies and really little kids until one of my best friends had baby and once he turned 1 and was walking around like a real little human, I was like ‘wait, how am I supposed to talk to him?’ His parents were like we just talk to him like another adult, which was good because that was my default guess. I still was surprised when I asked if he wanted help opening a granola bar and without looking up he said “no, I’ve got it.” Kids really are smarter and more capable than we’re lead to believe.

  • Be careful you do not speak with kids in the street cause police get you wrong sure try to speak with kids when thei parents alowed it in a park or bus station or some friends kids ok byeee

  • This helps I grew up an only child I did not realize how bad I am around kids until some kids came to a birthday party at my house and all of the older adults (my parents) left the kids with me. I just had them playing video games, tablets, etc so I could keep them distracted lmao. I feel like I shouldn’t pollute their innocent minds wit technology just yet

  • When I take your lessons before my exams I am clear with them.
    And you are the best teacher ever
    I wish you were in Pakistan, Karachi. I live in Karachi.

  • I seem to do okay with the neighbour’s little girl who is fascinated by my cats and wants to tell me about hers, but for the most part… well, I chose not to have kids for a reason. We don’t all think infants are adorable and irresistable, for the record. I’m just as happy not touching or holding. Doesn’t mean I’d ever let any harm come to one, I just find my maternal instincts only trigger over, say, orphaned kittens, not humans. But thank you for the suggestions. I may have little interest in kids, but I do remember feeling misunderstood and awkward and would rather not inflict that on anyone of any age.

  • My brother’s a dick to me lol.
    Now how do I become a nonintrovert?

    Edit: imagine having to tell adults how to speak to children.
    I mean, I have to watch this because I’m horrible at interacting with my 5yo brother
    But like. Imagine a 20yo not being able to speak to a 1yo normally

  • Is the free book an audiobook perchance? I’m a mother of littles and one tween bonus daughter. I don’t have much time to myself yet to read, or at least I would get interrupted shortly starting. Just wondering.

  • I’m crying, the video is very strong when you know that you stopped being a child to be an adult and that you have less time to grow old and in the end die…

  • Ciertamente, el o los niños son fáciles para absorber todo aprendizaje y realmente uno aprende mucho con ellos. Recuerdo que mi primo ya una persona madura practicaba su ingles con un sobrino que tenia de apenas 4 años

  • Watch immediately the best way to make bread dough and hawawshi at the same time with the distinctive ground meat filling

  • I feel like maybe this is a Canadian thing but practically every one I’ve ever known takes off their shoes inside the house, babies or no babies… How’s that weird at all?

  • I’d love to be able to goof off with kids, since you just don’t get to do that with many adults. But the fear of looking weird in front of other adults is too much for me to overcome. I even feel awkward holding kids or crouching down to say hi if there’s other adults watching. I’ve considered working around kids since it seems like so much fun, so I’d love some help overcoming my fear of looking nuts.

    Me after I watched the video: Oh, I did most of these things she suggested, so I actually did ok!!:D

  • Super amazing helpful advice Chelsea!! This reminds me how much I appreciate being spoken to as an adult by my parents when I was little. I honestly think that helped me to have much more advanced language skills than my peers early on in school.

  • Alright, you can’t say “Talk to them like adults” in step one and then go on in all the later steps to give examples that are clearly not following that rule.

  • The dude had someone he loved and chose not to replace her even after she died.
    Sir you are the man one should strive to be like.

  • hello i’m a brazilian 17 years old boy, and i want to practice my english with a native speaker no matters if you are male or female i just want practice my english and help you with portuguese if you want just answer this coment… thanks for yours attencion

  • this video made me cry, idk i just need maybe to talk my little self and say heeey pls “you’re worth it and u have nothing to worry about, ilove you”

  • My dream job is working at Disney and I dislike small children. But I hope that changes in the next 2 years before I apply to work there. ����

  • Is this only me or everyone can sense the situation as it’s looking like a time travel and they both are the older and younger self of their own selves.

  • I didn’t know how much I needed this XD I’m great with kids aged 1-3, but the older kids I’m super awkward around. I’m already an awkward and shy person, and then when talking to kids I don’t have as much of a “script” to follow to ease my anxiety like I do with other people my age. This was helpful!

  • i thought it was really cool that that kid faced the fear of sticking out his hand for the man to shake. thought that was interesting, and really cool.

  • as 14 year old girl that distant herself from others it makes me think im not really enjoying my life that much i always worry about other peoples opinions that it takes away my fun in life im afraid to connect to someone cause im afraid to get hurt its hard to trust someone well at least for me i feel so lonely and sad i Wanna have friends but im afraid to connect to someone got any advice for me? its ok if not…just need little help…

  • There is nothing wrong with telling a girl that she is beautiful.
    I rather she hears that from close family and friends than strangers.

  • I forget that outside of america, taking off your shoes in someones house is automatic and without question….do Americans really wear shoes inside?

  • 1.Children are humans just like you.
    2.When going to someone’s house,follow the etiquettes given in the video.
    3.Speak to them at eye level
    4. Don’t only comment on appearance.
    5. Keep a sense of humour.

  • With “Go with they are.” Yes ask them about school (they may or may not be interested in talking about that) ask them about a toy you see in the area, are they wearing a graphic t-shirt, or shoes with a design? Ask them about that. Walk through a toy section and look at the ones based on TV or movies for pop culture references. Also hi-fives? Yes, I work in retail and I have gottwn kids out from behind their parents and smiling by aaking for a hi-five or fist bump.

  • Thank you for being on my team. Raising a tween by myself so communication with my daughter is very important to me. These topics are great to talk about with her:)

  • Dr Paul, I didn’t see the link for the video on how to talk about sex with kids? Thanks! Would love to see a video with your kids and grandkids,showing a healthy family dynamics to all of us here:) last but not least, can you please do a video for expecting parents with some specific advice on those first years,how the couple is affected, etc? Thanks again

  • A tip from god this is a pretty good video to help all those pedos out there to make it easier to lure children gl guys make sure to send me a blessing and tell me how it went. “God out”

  • Whenever I talk to kids, I forget that I’ve grown up and then I get really silly. Not good if you’re supposed to be looking after them and making sure no one eats a crayon…

  • -Hello! How can I help you?

    -Hello! I would like a table for four,please.

    -Of course. Please follow me! Here is a table for four.

    -Thank you! Could you give us the menu, please?

  • You talked about not touching a baby uninvited or respecting kids’ personal space, but I have the exact opposite problem. People want me to hold their baby and I am NOT comfortable with that, what do I do? And kids always want to touch me and hug me and I am also not comfortable with that but I don’t know how to tell them to stop without sounding mean.

  • Thank you soo much! I’m gonna see my younger cousin (5) again after a year and my baby cousin who I’ve never met. I’m really exited and I’m only sixteen so you’d think I know how to talkbto kids but I’m super self concious so this really helped me a lot.

  • Yes I always talk to my mom but she’s did want.. and I said.. why you always tell me to speak english so I can improve my English skills.. and she said always not now.. so I just always talk to the mirror… ������.. By the way she always serching how to speak english well.. and she said your so so good.. she love your video.. thank you��������

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    I’m your new viewer.
    I wana talk you live.
    if you talk with me?
    that’s my imo no.+18801910806514.
    please contact with me on imo.
    please beautiful and little sweet girl.

  • This is great, very informative. I have just created a channel and posted a video on this subject, anyone that might be interested: @

  • So hilarious!!!! Currently binge watching the “how to adult” series. So practical and also so funny. I can’t stop laughing. Thanks for all the great advice!

  • Not baby-talking infants and toddlers is such a good tip and it’ll make you cringe when you meet a kid for the first time and have to stay silent about their parents baby-talking them.

  • I’m one of those adults who relates too much to preteens and teenagers such that I have accidentally made comments about when all your friends are getting married to them and they’re like… I’m 12. But when we’re talking about common interests (and when teenagers now watch Drag Race) it just feels like talking to friends. Overall, I thought working at a children’s theatre (and staying appropriate) would be harder, though.

  • omg they are so sweet talking to each other, the innocence of the child talking to him and you can feel the experience every time the men talks to him, this is amazing.