35 Honest Postpartum Encounters Shared by Real Moms


Moms Share Childbirth Horror Stories

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World Mental Health Day: These Mothers Share Their Experiences of Postnatal Depression

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Moms Answer Childbirth Questions You’re Afraid To Ask

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POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION || A Mother’s Experience On How To Fight It

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Mother shares experience with postpartum depression

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Verywell. To give a stronger voice to the postpartum experience and share some honest tips on how to navigate this important first step of motherhood, we turned to the real moms of our Verywell Family Facebook community.Here’s just a sampling of what they said to expect after giving birth and the important lessons they learned since becoming a mom. 35 Honest Postpartum Experiences Shared by Real Moms The good news is that more and more mothers are talking about this. Multiple first-person accounts of postpartum rage have been published in the media. Below, real moms share a new kind of motivation — one that shifts the focus from the end result to embracing all bodies and going at your own pace.

Work your “mom bod” confidence. 10. Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore shared this three-week postpartum photo after giving birth to her and husband Marc Daly’s daughter, Brooklyn. She captioned, “I was cut twice.

Yet still, we tend to glamorize the postpartum period without telling the honest stories of our postpartum experiences. We ignore the physiological and hormonal changes, the pain, the stitches. On the whole, our society emphasizes maternal/baby bonding far more than the mother’s physical recovery and life. Knix is selling underwear, but the brand is also creating real change with a project called The Life After Birth Project, which saw 250 photos of real moms exhibited in an NYC gallery before rolling into Knix’s hometown, Toronto, Canada, this week. The photos are refreshingly real and exactly what women need to see in 2019.

Moms Share Their Postpartum Depression Experiences by Christine Coppa To let you know you’re not alone, we asked some real-life moms to share their postpartum depression stories and how they pulled themselves out of. Mom’s honest postpartum selfie is making the rounds on Facebook. It’s funny that there is so much talk about “post-baby bodies,” because anyone who’s given birth knows that the state of your body is the last thing you’re thinking about during that postpartum time. One mom took to Facebook to show what a body. And that’s why Lee wanted to share the photo, even though it proved difficult.

She wanted to give other new moms and moms-to-be a “real” look at what pregnancy can do to a woman’s body—and to. These real-life moms are sharing their own parenting journeys publicly—from the difficult challenges to the joyful moments that make up modern-day motherhood. 35 Honest Postpartum Experiences Shared by Real Moms.

Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD Best Hands-Free Podcasts to Listen to as a New Mom.

List of related literature:

Every mum (even those seasoned pros you doubtless eye with envy) feels in over her head in those early weeks, especially when postpartum exhaustion – teamed with nightly sleep deprivation and the recovery from childbirth – is taking its toll on her, body and soul.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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But pushing thirty left me with fewer acceptable responses, and the truth—that I’m absolutely, inexplicably terrified of motherhood—was too embarrassing to speak aloud.

“A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband 'Master'” by Rachel Held Evans
from A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband ‘Master’
by Rachel Held Evans
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Because my experience was so positive, it was easy for me to be a little judgmental of women who didn’t breastfeed, given the long list of benefits for both mother and baby.

“The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby's First Year” by Alice Green Callahan
from The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year
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What I said to her then is what I want to share with you now: it’s interesting how we immediately start these postpartum conversations with criticism and comparisons— by saying “I only have one baby” or “I just have two kids.”

“Birth Without Fear: The Judgment-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum” by January Harshe
from Birth Without Fear: The Judgment-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
by January Harshe
Hachette Books, 2019

Still, when you seek out stories of moms in your area who had positive birth experiences, it’s worth asking them questions about their caregivers.

“Natural Hospital Birth 2nd Edition: The Best of Both Worlds” by Cynthia Gabriel
from Natural Hospital Birth 2nd Edition: The Best of Both Worlds
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There was even a WebMD article on what being a good mom is!

“Mom Up: Thriving with Grace in the Chaos of Motherhood” by Kara-Kae James, Jamie Ivey
from Mom Up: Thriving with Grace in the Chaos of Motherhood
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Mothers experiencing none of the steps were 8 times more likely to have stopped breastfeeding before 6 weeks postpartum.

“Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician” by Marsha Walker
from Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician
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NICE (2007a) Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health.

“Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care” by Ian Peate, Karen Wild, Muralitharan Nair
from Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care
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This thorough postpartum visit should include a full assessment of physical, social, and psychological well-being.

“AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing” by Kathleen R. Simpson, Patricia A. Creehan
from AWHONN’s Perinatal Nursing
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I was “mom-ing” hard and loving it, yet felt an ache for something more, a yearning to explore what was beyond poopy diapers, and that’s when a second baby—my blog Siriously Delicious—was born.

“Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook” by Daly, Siri
from Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook
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  • hai mansi thankq for this informative vedio.i am falowing all ur videos nd not using powder and kajal to my 5 mnts baby girl.and sharing this infomation to my frnds and family.i have one question i am using daipers to my baby frm 3rd mnt now i have observed that daiper area become black i am worrieing about it.plez give me some tips

  • My biggest fear would be the pain meds, I hate feeling like I’m not in control of my body so to be paralysed from the waist down sounds like the most terrifying thing in the world

  • Brittany has become my favourite YouTuber and I found her probably 2 months before both of us gave birth. I love how our babies are the same “age” and we are both going through the same things:D Thank you for the down-to-earth momma videos Brittany!:D

  • I am suffering and am very uncomfortable this time so I see your video I feel very comfortable mam thank you so much but kyun hota h ye

  • One tip for everyone reading this: It is possible that those around you don’t umderstand. Maybe your partner either isn’t aware, or doesn’t get it if he is insensitive, or has this condition too because he is too sensitive. Maybe Mansi ji here is blessed to have understanding elders as she mentions, but you most likely have a typical mother-in-law with (convenient) selective memory loss of her own young motherhood, or ignores your condition to ensure you enter the kitchen, or brainwashes your husband that you are ”abnormal’. Maybe your friends despite being educated are not aware of this either. In which case 1. SOMEONE you know has gone through this and is sensitive enough to listen to you. Reach out. 2. Shed the guilt. Even if you don’t bond yet, you love your baby (and have created a beautiful ome!). 3. Regardless of everyone else… You are loved. You are special. You have the permissio to ONLY care for you and your baby right now. Not the kitchen, the boss at the other side ofnur maternity leave, the parasitic elders who can fend for themselves but don’t. You even have the permission to stop being the perfect wife for now. Be happy, be you and love yourself….that is also the best gift for your baby

  • Shashank anand sakha Successful overcome from deppression Method BODY MIND SOUL FILL THE EMOTIONAL allighted person who cure disease by atma nu from rishicase in one week believe me insomnia Axiety Sleeping rishicash find on YouTube deppression shashant anand sakha science had no any treatment don’t waste your time from doctors

  • Mujhy ye 5 sal pehly hoa beta Mera 5 sal ka hae shru me sab symptoms ai medical checkup me sab clear a gya I m ok normal but kisi ne is tarf dheyan nhi Diya me abhi Tak is me hun Kya krun��

  • I am 32 weeks now and just got to learn about it. Your video made so much senses and im so going to watch it again and would share my own experience if i face this in my channel too. God bless you and your little one. Stay strong. ����

  • Hi mansi it was needed as I suffering after postpartum depression is i don’t think sumone had really hv gone in to blank n it s really effecting till now in terms of my health on my baby so wants to request to all mothers pls be happy nothing is important more than ur health n baby seriously typing msgs n crying just tears in my eyes I know u don’t share abt ur in laws help but exactly i can say with was with me just my mother n my husband was there n in my baby case he was not sleeping in nights I was nt getting massages even my baby dint get n i was c section mother can’t say more still suffering hv nt slept from last 16 months

  • Have u tried the BIBS pacifiers yet? I LOVE THEM! An they come in the cutest colors and BPA FREE and closest to the moms breast, I LOVE THEM

  • Meri beti abhi 6 mths ki hai…main akele hi uska saradin care karti hoon…childbirth k suru se hi sirf mere husband ne help kiya mujhe…ajkal main bahut tired feel karti hoon…jab beti soti hai to akele depressed lagta hai mujhe…chirchiri bhi ho gayi hoon…kya 6 mth k baad bhi postpartum depression aa sakta hai

  • I get so excited every time I see you post a video!!���� I was due with my first only a couple days before you were due. It’s been so fun to follow along on your journey at the same time with you. Your videos are always a fun distraction while breastfeeding!����❤️

  • Very good video for this topic i have same experience because my husband is in abroad and am alone with my baby and am same do things you say I love dark �� and am enjoying further any bothering and am very happy

  • Very very good vedio mam ��.. i hd gone through this during first 5 months of my pregnancy.. it was difficult for me to hv control over my emotions.. n after delivery it was just irrigation..because of so many things people say to do that a new mother suppose to do..that irritate me sometimes.. lot of enger and crying.. but i engaged myself in taking care of my baby n watching ur vedieos.. ur vedieo not olny helped me to take care of my baby but to take care of myself too.. thanks a lot ��☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • my mama was going through labor and my pops said he needed to get his haircut so he was lookin’ “good and fresh for the baby”(me) and made it back in time for my birth��������in them baby pictures he do be lookin’ clean tho✌��

  • I’m not that scared about tearing or pain but omg I’ll never let my husband watch me poop on the table..that’s too embarrassing ��

  • Very informative video..thank you..I am a 9 th month baby mom..I have a doubt that I don’t have periods till this month now also I breastfeeding is their any problem.

  • Very informative video but I would have loved it more of they would have used more medically accurate termes, like for the C-section for example, they don’t shave nor cut your vagina, the vagina being the inside part, they shave and cut your pubis. That’s really the only thing that bothered me.

  • Thank you for sharing. It would inspire many that when such an active, positive, balanced person as you can undergo this and SHARE it, so can they. I have a 5 month young baby, I love him and my life, yet I am more vulnerable than ever. Thank you.

  • Great Video, Informative too��. Kindly Check my son’s page https://youtu.be/rAe4ChqUwQo. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE

  • When I was born I inhaled some gross fluid by accident & my little brother ended up going into a weird pose and my mom had to get a c section ;-; (fun fact: I’m adopted!!!)

  • Are there any Mom’s or Future Mom’s that have Costochondritis and are pregnant or Have been pregnant? Has that been manageable for anyone or safe for the baby? I’ve had Costo since August 2018 & the recurring Flare up’s of chest pain along with a Pregnancy scare me so I’m terrified of the whole thing. I’m young & 23 ��

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  • Helo mam my baby is 8mnths old
    I just wanna ask that
    Din me kitni baar me use feed karu
    Right now
    I used to give him
    Apple puree in mrng
    Then ragi or or upma or rice porridge in lunch
    And then kichdi in dinner adding sm veggies
    Like bottle gourd then sm day potato like wise
    So pls tell me this is ok
    Or mujhe use aek do baar aur khilana xhahiye is se extra
    And solids k saath BM bhi chal raha hai
    So pls do rply
    Looking forward

  • I was suffering from PP depression. There is an herbal tea “relaxing mama prenatal and postnatal tea” that helped immensely in getting me out of this overwhelming anxiety and stress. go to http://secretsoftea.com to learn more.

  • My baby is 2 months old nd I’m experiencing the same.i don’t feel the bond with my baby she keeps on crying nd i feel nothing.i don’t feel like to go out,no work,all empty. Sumtimes I’m afraid that something is going to happen to me nd wat will happen to my baby nd my family.worse condition never felt like dis… Don’t know how to deal with dis…I m always getting negative thoughts nd jst bcoz of dis my baby is not getting enough care nd love…Plz help me

  • Thank you for making this video and creating awareness.. Postpartum depression is not a myth, it’s a reality and new mothers definitely need a lot of understanding and support from family/spouse..

  • Hi Thnkx a lot I m big fan of urs channel posting first tym comment on ur video this video is really v helpful for me, my baby is 1.5 month nd i m going through this my situation is very bad now…. my baby doesn’t sleep for 8 hrs in a day..no one understand me what i m going through

  • She’s too cute!!! This is also funny to me because I have a husky named Aero and for a nick name I’ve always called him my squishy ��

  • Thanks mansi, very informative video, even I was suffered from post partum depression, my husband understands it & helping me to came out of it but my monther in law, did not trying to understand my condition, even she start staying to everyone that ” muu banae baithi rhte hai, khush nhi hai, ldki hue hai sayad islye ” & that make me feel more depressed, that was such a hard time I felt ever in my life.

  • Okay…so…apparently I pooped in my mom AND was born sunny side up. My nose was slightly broken. They also thought that I had something wrong with my heart, but…it was hiccups. So…yeah…You’re welcome.

  • Hai mam very informative video…my going through all those symptoms which you have spoken post after 7months of delivery since two weeks…and I’m feeling so cold during my afternoon sleep and during mid night also..not able to sleep properly

  • Due September 30th and have been following your journey ever since I found out I was pregnant back in January. Love your videos! Also that aerie outfit is super cute! Still don’t know if I should wait to buy postpartum clothes until after I have the baby, or get some things now…

  • Damn your schedule looks like a DREAM!! I have a 7 week old and he doesn’t nap during the day! He will pass out for an hour tops every other day. It amazes me that he can stay awake! ����‍♀️����‍♀️�� Love, one tired momma!!

  • Hi Mansi ma’am….m also going through the postpartum depression still my baby is going to complete 4 months. But abhi Thoda Kam ho raha h…par hot zarur h…baby ki har 6oti 6oti cheese ko leke tension…and work pe vapas jaungi tab in laws k pas baby ko 6odne ka tension….
    Now a days what is happening that my baby awake every 20 minutes or 10 minute from her sleep….even in the afternoon…so I can’t take proper sleep…n may b because of this I feel very low….very negative… don’t like to talk with anyone.please help me out….m a working woman…n from August I have to start my work again..then how will I manage if I can’t manage my mind��…Muje ku6 b a6a ni lag raha..

  • I know I’m late but I also kinda sorta had some bowl movements in my mom’s stomach �� I was also about 1 week late. I’m so grateful for her❤ shoutout to all mothers and fathers adoptive or biological

  • I’m a Full Spectrum Doula (Fertility, Birth & Postpartum) specializing in Holistic Care. I make it a point ti educate my clients on misinformation surrounding birth, our birth rights (yes you have those) as well as protecting them from the abuse of the medical system (a lot of which you hear in this video).
    Find me on IG & FB: @AGoddessGardenBirth

  • Honestly I’m afraid with all that pain if your body can take all those injections, all those inducement like damn, I’m just afraid! Woman body are made for that but oh god, some woman die from giving birth as well

  • I’m currently 10 days overdue (being induced this week if she doesn’t come naturally before!) and I have just loved watching your videos sooo much and now seeing your baby girl

  • Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH������ I want my own kids but then I don’t want to physically give birth aaahhhhh!!

  • If giving birth is such a horrible thing, then why women did it all over the history.
    I think it’s not the right thing to do by showing such vedio talking only about the negative parts of child birth because it just create the fear inside other woman who never gave birth and it makes them decides not to have children for the rest of their life which is a huge decision to make, we need women to talk about the bright side of such experience becsuse everything in life has 2 faces.

  • Haha if there’s anything I love about mothers, is the filter completely vanishes and nothing scares them or makes them feel awkward!

  • Hi Mansi,
    Thanks a ton..!! I went to this situation too hope ur video was there on my bad days…
    My son is suffering from cold in this summer, he is sweating a lot while slping,can I make him slp in A.C? although he is wear soft cotton clothes now adays still he sweats..plz suggest

  • I feel like labor and cramps and lady stuff in general are so different for everyone. I get terrible cramps, just awful. My grandmother and mother had this as well. My grandmother said her period cramps were literally worse than giving birth. And she gave birth vaginally without an epidural.

  • I’m 7 weeks now and ran across your channel, before my pregnancy, during the last trimester of your pregnancy and now I get to go through my own journey ❤�� I’m so excited and happy

  • Am facing the worst part of my life, even I born my first child ��. I really couldn’t get this why an my husband too. Thx a lot for the information ��

  • For cradle cap I just put baby oil in his hair let it sit over night and it’ll come straight off when you comb it xx
    I love how real and raw your videos ��

  • This is hilarious. As a mom and a nurse, this is amazing to see women sharing all the things we go through to have our beautiful babies. Give babies all the love they need then let them fall asleep to some beautiful sounds on my channel.

  • I gave a all natural birth to a 10 lbs baby lol. The contractions weren’t bad and I fell asleep during labor I was sleepy. I didn’t
    know I tore until my doc told me. I think it depends on the person because birthing a baby was easy for me

  • Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to help with contractions, drinking it from 30 weeks pregnant. Also, jasmine massage oil and clary sage massage oil, massaged on the tummy, and lower back help with labour pains make up these bottles before labour.

  • Hi…I am getting lumps in my armpits since the 4th day post delivery…I had a normal delivery…I contacted lactation consultants n they said it’s clogged milk ducts n suggested my pumping along with breastfeeding…also massaging during bath n sometimes hot packs..I have been doing all this but they are not disappearing…could you please suggest some remedies to cure them?

  • helloo mansi…i love ur videos…but i have a video request on the topic…that if babies fall from bed or get hurt in head by falling down…then what should be the first step and next…
    actually my 6.5 mth baby fell down yesterday from bed…thank god she didn’t get any injury…we rushed to the doctor…but still now i am very scared…so please mansi do a video on my request and make other parents aware too…

  • Thanks for sharing your experience.Even i had several depression like you,and my main concern now is am unable to feed my son now.He is 7month old unfortunately my bm is reduced completely last two month and i have started giving formula milk.Is there any possibilities to reproduce bm do i need to consult doc…but all elders were telling its common is tat true…

  • Would you do a video about baby sleep? Curious if you co-sleep, if Arrow aways sleeps in her crib… etc. I have a baby a week older than Arrow.

  • Nice video and i want to share please involve ur self in some comedy scenes I felt it 2 months and I must sAy i watched friends daily as I was at home full time n it went Automatically after a month

  • Very very informative. My doc had instructed the same without my query about the problem. Followed all. But still feeling the same.
    By watching this video I understood as it is a depression.
    My baby is now 9 months old n I am facing the same problem. Tried my level best but going on.

  • I just had my baby girl 5 months ago (vaginally) and tore from vagina to butthole. I didn’t have an epidural so I felt the tearing and that actually hurt more than the contractions that I had.

  • My first son was frank breech bum first I had him naturally no meds no gas no needles and I prefer bum first I have had 4 babies and head first hurts ��