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How to Plan Your Maternity Leave in 10 Steps 1. Learn About Your Employer’s Maternity Leave Policies. The first thing you want to do is learn about your employer’s 2. Look At Your Paid Time-Off. If you plan to take any additional days off, you may want to calculate the amount of paid 3. Review.

10 Steps To Planning Your Maternity Leave. 1 Tie up all the loose ends at work. Especially if you’ve been in your job for some time, leaving your role in the hands of someone else can be 2 Look into your finances. 3 Consider your return-to-work plan.

4 Confirm your partner’s working. The first step in planning your maternity leave is to understand your rights and benefits. You’ll need your employee handbook to look up their leave policy, like if they offer any paid leave for childbirth. But at a minimum, expectant mothers are protected by several federal laws in the U.S. Paid sick time or medical leave through your company; Paid vacation time through your company; Unpaid leave covered by state laws for family leave; Maternity leave benefits through your union; Preparing documents.

As you organize your leave, put your paperwork in a folder. Keep copies of everything, including any forms you submit. FMLA application(s).

Make sure you get in writing what your company policy is regarding maternity leave, including if you have the ability to negotiate a longer leave if you want. 2. Plan your partner’s time off as well. Many companies today offer some paternity time (even if it is limited), but it may be a benefit your partner isn’t aware of.

You are taking 10 weeks unpaid maternity leave. You need to budget for 10 weeks of maternity leave + an additional 2 weeks in case of bed rest (= 12 weeks, or 3 months). You have determined your budget during maternity leave to be $3,750/month x 3 = $11,250.

Health Insurance maximum out-of. How to Budget for Maternity Leave in 10 Easy Steps! How to budget for Maternity Leave.

Maternity leave is a tricky time. Your salary is likely to drop or you’ll fall on to statutory maternity pay. Yet at the same time, you’ll have loads of spare time to amble around the shops and enjoy a coffee here and there. Plan ahead.

It goes. How I designed my maternity leave handover plan. Aaina. Follow. Mar 26, When and for how long — as we started to discuss the steps to put a parental leave policy in place, I started to.

I’m going to walk you through 10 steps that I take to prepare for maternity leave, so that I can be fully present with my little one, and then I’m going to end this episode with some bonus advice for you, some free advice, the things that I learned that I didn’t do so well along the way. Whatever the goal, we’ll cover the steps to take and things to know to reach your next financial milestone, all in one place. Begin Your Maternity Leave Transition Plan.

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  • Lovely video! Wishing you a smooth transition back to work Bri ��
    My tip is, if you’re new to your neighbourhood join your local mother’s or playgroup. I joined a mother’s group even though I was a second time mum and it was so nice to make mama friends in the area as we have no family near us ��

  • I had a year off, then got pregnant during month 11 of mat leave and then only had to work9 and a half months to get another year off.  I went back to work and after 3 months took 3 weeks vacation.  It was great.  Also no hospital bills in Canada and I had extra insurance through work so I had a private room.

  • great tips! I am struggling getting dinner together while working 4 days a week w/an 8 month old. Do you have any hacks on this topic? Thanks! Your kiddos are adorable!

  • My partner earns 20,000 per year I earn 31000. I do not know how I can ever have a baby. My rent alone for a 1 bed is 1100 monthly!!!!

    I feel quite low and starting to feel depressed as I feel I cannot afford to ever by a mother. I feel stuck

  • Brianna! Quick question!! Did your heartburn go away after you gave birth? I am 35w and my heartburn is terrible.. it’s to the point where I don’t think it will ever go away! Lol

  • I have missed you so much too! And Landon! More Landon! ��❤️❤️❤️ welcome back! So excited for new content! Hope your routine is smooth now!

  • Women in America definitely need more time with there newborn. For the babies health & the mothers health. It would be great to have paid maternity leave for 6 12 months.

  • I went back to work a week after my c section because I unfortunately work for family which is most of the time worse than working for someone else lol I wish I could put this video to use. Sounds amazing

  • I wish could do me time without feeling mommy guilt. I hate how anything that I do for myself I always end up feeling guilty for not including my baby. Now pregnant with baby #2 is even worse. �� I need help lol

  • God I wish I would’ve watched this video before I had my baby 6 months ago. Especially regarding the pads. The plastic lined pads are AWFUL to use during postpartum healing! My husband and I plan on having another child in two years, so I’ll definitely keep the Lola brand in mind. ��

  • You need to work for money not get it because your a woman and it your “god given right” to someone else’s money. Also, a lot of women get a job just for the maternity pay they do three weeks of work get pregnant and they take a year off them take a year off with ” depression” then get pregnant again. Its a waste of a job and money.

  • This might be a really strange question, but your couch looks SO INCREDIBLY COMFY. Where did you buy it? It seriously looks like a place I’d like to live.

  • I recently started back to work after 7 weeks off because I didn’t not yet qualify for FMLA and only had 6 weeks of disability. I would love tips about how to handle leaving and going back to work.

  • Jesus! 12 weeks maternity leave is CRAZY! How on earth is this possible in one of the richest country on the planet…well apparently.
    In England you get 9 months, although pay depends on your employer, and usually isn’t great. Meanwhile all post-communist countries get at least 12 months full paid leave, including my country of origin: Poland ��

  • 12 weeks Maternity leave, I couldn’t imagine. I’m Canadian and we’re lucky enough to get 12 months.
    Great tips!
    Girls night, yay! We definitely need those once in a while eh ��

  • I would love some videos on decluttering and organizing around the home. Your house always looks so great and would love some tips! So excited for more videos! You look great and hope your family is doing wonderful after P has arrived! ��

  • you are so inspiring! Most of youtube moms are stay at home, but it’s nice to also work and stay active. Btw here in my country (Romania, Europe) we have 2 years of maternity leave. Love your videos! <3

  • Im due to have my first baby this February but where I live February is really cold, there’s usually lots of snow (we had a blizzard last February) so idk if taking the baby outside is going to work for us. I mean I suppose I could bundle baby up but just thinking about it makes me nervous.

  • Omg Brianna thank you so much for this video super helpful. Sometimes I don’t make time to get out of the house and I feel crazy when I don’t.

  • I would really love to see a video about your experience with lash extensions as a mom and how you take care of them. Can you wash your face like normal and remove eye makeup etc?

  • Wow 12 weeks sounds tough to me. In Germany you can take up to 3 years, and get almost fully payed for 12 months or even longer if you are willing to take losses of your income…

    Love your videos!!!!!

  • Hi I’m Ashley I’m new here to show you love and support thank you for sharing this important information I was thinking about this my self I want another baby let’s connect

  • Hi I left work in a care home bcz of the fear of having miscarriage when I was 4weeks pregnant. Then after 3 weeks I started self employed. But now in 26 weeks and I cant carry on my work as suffering from back pain. No body knows what should I apply whether its maternity leave or maternity allowance. Any advice pls x

  • What kind of stroller do you have? Maybe you can do a video on essentials or things we don’t need. I just found out I’m pregnant with #2. My first is 7 years old now. Honestly, I thought we were done and I feel like I forgot everything. I’m super nervous to start over again but excited about a new baby!!!! Looking forward to seeing how you handle two kids.

  • I am so amazed that there are so short maternaty leaves in other countries. Here in Norway we have 54 weeks�� I am super grateful for having so long time with my children, and would wish others to have the same opportunity

  • I’m currently on maternity leave, I get 39 weeks paid leave. I live in Northern Ireland. I couldn’t imagine going back to work so soon! ��

  • Thanks for this video! Am from the US but incredibly grateful to have lived and worked in Europe for 11 years. Will get about 11 months between paid and unpaid leave and annual leave. Have worked very hard for my company for a decade and am extremely grateful people on my team and on the company respect mothers and fathers and encourage people to take their leave. Honestly at the core I left the US because my immediate family is not reliable and felt I could do better elsewhere… but dang it applies to national policy too! Got to do so much amazing stuff the past 10 years at work but this is my favourite benefit x 50:)

  • Just ordered a box of 18 from MyLola for $4 with free shipping. I would say I’m excited to try out the product, but that would be kinda weird LOL

  • Such a great video. I have been watching your pregnancy updates with Presley since I just recently found I’m expecting. It’s been nice to see your journey. Love that Lola box so cute. ��❤

  • pffftt must be nice to get all that time off. I have to work up to my due date then go back to work in 4 weeks cause my maternity leave is unpaid and minimum wage won’t cover the cost of living…

  • Love your videos!
    Can you make one about tips for having 2 little ones at home? I’m about to have my second and they will be similar in age as yours. I’m not sure how we will be able to handle them both. Did you make any changes to Landon’s routine?

  • Cleaning routine now that you have a baby. I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old and a soon to be 4 month old and I don’t know about you all mommys out here but I am so ready for school to start lol ��

  • Love the videos! Can you please do a video on push presents? I believe I saw you mentioning it back in one of your earlier videos:)

  • Love this! Recently found out I’m expecting #2 and one thing I’m so glad I did to prep for maternity leave was freezer meals to throw in the oven or crockpot! Such a time saver when you have a little one attached to your chest with cluster feeds. I noticed your stroller, what kind is it? I couldn’t tell if it was one for a toddler and infant or not. That’s a good idea for a video, for whats worked with you having a toddler and newborn. Thanks for sharing!

  • I also think meal planning/prepping helps. Even if it is buying a few pizza gift cards to use once the baby/babies arrive, it can be a help! Having dinner delivered once in a while is fun for any other kiddos you might have and it usually is a smaller clean up for mama.:)

  • Great tips! I love your videos and I’m happy you’re getting back into the swing of things, those first couple months are so hard! I’d love a DITL when you get back to work since I’m looking to go back to work soon too:)

  • Great tips! Also, this is random but I love your approach on sponsorships. The products you choose are things I could actually see myself using and the way you talk about them seems so genuine. A lot of you tubers who do sponsored videos seem so fake and scripted. Enjoy the rest of your maternity leave!! �� I’m from the Cleveland area as well. Hopefully our dang weather gets better soon and we get some sunshine!!

  • I love your videos! I’m also on leave right now with a toddler and a 1 month old. I’d love to know what kind of a daily routine you have for yourself and the kiddos while your hubby is at work. Thanks for making great videos!