10 Good reasons to Keep Twins Together within the Same Class


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Melissa says although her twins are in the same class, they have their own friendship groups at school and go to different clubs. “They are very. It could free up space to focus on other things. In a season of being overwhelmed, having twins in the same class could lighten your mental load enough to make you a more present parent. Think about it: only one homework assignment to keep track of. Tests and quizzes are all on the same day.

During the 12 years I spent as a classroom teacher, twins were frequently placed in the same classroom. I had an adorable set of twin girls in my first grade classroom one year. They did great in the same classroom, which is one reason why I always planned to keep my own twins together. I saw from a teacher’s perspective how being in the same.

Parents who want to keep their twins in the same class site several reasons. First of all, twins (or siblings) will compete at school regardless if they are so inclined. If you separate their classes, they’ll simply compare what they are doing at home. Should you keep your twins together or separate them in school?

Separating twins in school is a timeless debate that can have very real consequences for your family. There are many pros and cons when it comes to separating your twins in school. While there has been some research on this topic, the decision often comes down to your personal preference. I am a identical Twin I say No No Not in the same class! So many reasons why not to!

I will state number 1twins are to independent on each other and very competitive! It’s a complex life to be a twin rewarding but exhausting! You don’t want to be the twin not as good in a. However, I would suggest that when twins are in the same class that they sit far apart to avoid even an appearance, of collaboration. More on this topic can be found in the journal Twin. Twin Research and Human Genetics, vol. 8, no.

4, 2005, pp. 384-391. Webbink, Dinand, David Hay, and Peter M. Visscher. “Does Sharing the Same Class in School Improve cognitive Abilities of Twins?” Twin Research and Human Genetics, vol. 10, no. 4, 2007, pp.

573-580. Related Articles. 5 Steps To Advocate For Your Child In School. When it comes to multiples starting school, the main question every parent has to consider is “should they be in the same class, or should they be separated”. These are the reasons that we decided to keep our twins together for the first year of school.

“Yes” Alanna McGinn, mom of two. Before my kids, Lila and Duncan, were even out of diapers, I was fielding the question every parent of twins is asked endlessly: “When they start school, will you keep them in the same class?” While my husband and I understand the reasons twins are often separated, my gut has always told me to keep them together—and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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One may sing; the other may dance — that’s what makes twins so much fun — the differences!

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The most important principle is to assist the parents in recognizing the individuality of the children, especially monozygotic (identical) twins.

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One twin helps the other; one triplet helps another.

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There are now, in the late twentieth century, usually only two possible fates for conjoined twins: separation, with the attendant dangers it poses for the children’s physical and emotional wellbeing; or isolation from society, either through institutionalization or through a kind of selfimposed segregation.

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  • This video was kind of pointless. First, of all they look alike. Second, why did he say most twins look the same. Plenty of fraternal twins look completely different whether in gender, skin color, height, etc. Some don’t even look alike in the face.

  • this lady had IDENTICAL twin girls but they had different dads she slept with two different men at the same time and got pregnant by both

  • In the photos of them as young adults and the photo of them as babies and little girls, Lucy is lighter and Maria is a little darker, but, TO ME they DO LOOK VERY MUCH ALIKE!!!

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  • I dnt know wht hes talking about they DO LOOK alike… ��️����️SISTERS & ALIKE, HE KEEPS SAYING THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT & MARIA’S NOT DARK…..��️ SMH ��

  • They are not African American, they also are not black! The word”black” is actually racist, and I don’t identify myself with it, especially when my skin is a brownish tone. I’ve never seen anyone actually the color black either! I’ve seen some skin tones extremely dark, still not the actual color black. I have a albino niece, her skin is the lightest tone I’ve ever seen, blonde hair, blue eyes, still she isn’t white! Her skin isn’t the actual color of white. Stop and think people, what’s really going on out there???? Open your mind wider. �� love and peace to all. ��

  • omg noo why are they making fun of crybaby WhEn TheRe iS LitTerALy BluE PeopLe!!! although i do feel her pain because i get bullied all the time for having a gap Btw this is my 5th time watching this and my computer died twice

  • I agree that class placement of twins should be a conversation between schools and families, and this has certainly been my experience. However, as long as they aren’t distressed, I think separating twins gives them the best opportunity to strike out on their own paths. My twins have been separated since Kindergarten and will even be going to different schools next year. Both are completely comfortable with this and are even looking forward to it.

  • This is basically me and my bff omg, we have the same name, we’re 4 days apart, we met at school at the age of 4 and were in the same class but we were never in the same class again until last year and this year O.o

  • I have met 2 sets of twins where one is black and the other one is white with blonde hair. It does happen when the parents are mixed.

  • Our oldest are 4 months apart (adopted) but my daughter looks to my son for direction, he also looks out for her so we kept then together in kindergarten

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  • Growing up I was like this with my friends of all nationalities and we were all colours in primary school here in Australia which is kindergarten to grade 6,and it was great I loved it all got along.Then I noticed in high school I stayed the same but noticed a lot of the kids went off into their nationality groups.But I remain hopeful and hope kids like this will stay the course and remain friends for the future.

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  • My kids are not twins at all. My son has bright red hair with freckles, and my daughter is a brunette with hazel eyes, no freckles, which she’s upset about ��. But they’re both about the same skin tone as these beautiful young ladies. I LOVE how genetics work. It’s very fascinating.

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  • This was exactly me and my best friend in year two! We literally thought we were identical twins!
    and we would SCREAM if one was without he other. Literally.

  • This is kinda dumb since there different from each other and have different mothers, just because they have the same birthday does mean there twins likeuse the most important organ you have

  • Many states in the US have laws that allow parents to make the decision about whether twins are in the same class or different classes. Schools must work with families to determine what’s best in each situation. In most situation it works well.

  • See what happens when u just let GOD do what he do. You were not created to hate! These girls are absolutely adorable and I hope they remain life long friends and twins ��

  • Angels… why can’t we all live and love this way…why should color matter?! Adults could learn about happiness from their own children!

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  • They’re adorable. But the way to tell them why they aren’t technically twins is to explain that twins come from the same mommy on the same day. Having different skin color isn’t impossible for real twins and is an invalid argument for why these girls “can’t be twins”. That being said, I think it’s precious that these girls are so close they’re like twins and think they are. I hope that friendship lasts and stays wholesome and isn’t tainted by society’s racial expectations in the future.

  • i’m going through a tough time, but recently (4 days ago) i discovered Melanie Martinez through a spotify suggestion and after listening the 1st song, i became a fan of her and now i’m here watching the movie! and oh god! it’s so great and i’m really loving her colourful pastle style and her songs are really helping me trough my depression..

  • This spoke levels to me. As an identical twin it’s been hard to find myself apart from my twin. This makes me want to pursue who I am without her so much more then precious to watching this video. Thank you❤️